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Fatal Crash Near School Has Residents Asking For Speed Camera

A memorial for Jose Medina sits in front of Goethe Elementary School. Photo credit: Darryl Holiday/DNA Info.

A memorial for Jose Medina sits in front of Goethe Elementary School. Photo credit: Darryl Holiday/DNA Info.

61-year old Jose Medina was killed by a motorist near Goethe Elementary school in May.

Now residents working with Ald. Joe Moreno (1st) are using this incident to bring a speed camera to the side street adjacent to the school according to DNA Info.

The 20 people who met with a representative of the Chicago Department of Transportation discussed a battery of solutions including traffic bump outs, speed bumps and a speed camera on Rockwell the street where parents drop off and pickup their children each day.

Electric Traffic Signal Celebrates 100th Anniversary

An advertisement for an early two-color traffic signal.

An advertisement for an early two-color traffic signal.

Green means go. Red means stop.

That universal truth recognized by every motorist around the world celebrated its 100th birthday this week.

According to History.com, the very first traffic signal was installed at the intersection of Euclid Avenue and East 105th Street in Cleveland, Ohio August 5th, 1914.

While African-American inventor Garrett Morgan is generally credited with inventing the modern three position traffic signal, it was a design patented by James Hoge which was first used by Cleveland 100 years ago.

Hoge’s design had just two lights–green and red–no yellow. Hoge’s invention consisted of a red and green lights mounted on poles at each corner of the intersection. The lights were wired to a booth, which allowed a police officer to control the flow of traffic from inside.

National Stop On Red Week Starts Sunday, But Not In Chicago

Stop.On_.Red_.Week_.Web_.Button.2014Red means stop.

That’s the main message for motorists to remember during National Stop on Red Week which kicks off Sunday, August 3rd and runs through Saturday, August 9th.

The annual event spends the first week in August every year reminding drivers of the importance of stopping at traffic lights when the light is red and the dangers in ignoring red lights.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) over 8.700 people were killed in the last decade in intersection-related accidents and according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) red light running is one of the leading causes of urban crashes.

Truck Driver Takes Illinois State Trooper To Task For Unsafe Driving

A truck driver recently captured video of getting pulled over by an Illinois State Trooper for honking his horn at the law enforcement officer.

The truck driver takes the trooper to task explaining he honked because the trooper was speeding on a wet road while talking on a cell phone up to his ear.

The trooper, his feelings hurt, says he’s going to ticket him for “improper use of a horn.”

New LED Traffic Signals Obscured By Snow Buildup Across City

Drivers all over Chicagoland were experiencing snow covered traffic signals after the early morning snowstorm Wednesday according to CBS 2 News.

It turns out 2,200 of the city’s 3,100 traffic signals have been changed to energy efficient LED lights. The downside to this energy savings is that the when a blowing snowstorm hits the city, the snow can build up and obscure the traffic signals. The LED signals are so energy efficient they don’t emit enough heat to melt the snow and ice like traditional incandescent traffic lights do.

When this happens, obviously it’s a major traffic safety issue.

Video: Newton’s Laws Of Motion Vs. Red Light Cameras

Brian Ceccarelli and Dr. Joseph Shovlin are physicists.

But, these two scientists may hold one of the keys to undermining the red light camera industry.

Motorist Groups Debut New Anti-Red Light Camera Video

The National Motorists Association or NMA debuted a new video early this week taking aim against red light camera enforcement.

The video makes the 30-second case that red light camera enforcement doesn’t improve safety in towns where they’re deployed, but do certainly generate revenue.

The NMA’s Gary Biller said the inspiration for the video came from a member.

Cameras Catch Amazing Expressway Pileup Outside Milwaukee

Raw: 30 Car Pileup in Milwaukee by associatedpress

Listening to a Milwaukee talk radio station, we heard about this amazing multi-car pileup that happened outside Milwaukee during Sunday’s snowstorm.

Wisconsin DOT cameras caught the action on Highway 41 & 45.

Even more amazingly, no one died although three other people died in storm related accidents in the area Sunday.

Here’s more photos and story at WTMJ Radio, “Video captures Highway 41/45 pileup as it happens.”

Speed Cams Issue 2,700 Violations In First Weeks Of Ticketing

A speed camera near Douglas Park watches for speeders on Roosevelt Road.

In the first few weeks of active ticketing, a handful of Chicago’s speed cameras have issued a total of 2,700 speeding violations according to the Chicago Department of Transportation.

Nine cameras near four city parks (Gompers, McKinley, Garfield, and Marquette) began issuing speed camera tickets with monetary fines between $35 and $100 between October 16th and October 22nd.

According to CDOT, speeding events have dropped by nearly two-thirds between the first of warnings and the third week in ticketing.

After the cameras were first installed back in late August and early September, warnings were issued for a period of 30 days. CDOT says each camera issued an average 507 warnings per day in the first week of operation. But by the third week of issuing tickets, violations for exceeding the speed limit by 10 mph or more had dropped to just 175 per day.

Speed Camera Tickets Begin At 3 Locations Monday

7 More Speed Cam Locations Start Ticketing By End Of Month

A sign warns drivers of speed cameras on Roosevelt Road near Douglas Park.

Three new speed camera locations at Washington, Douglas and Legion Parks began issuing tickets with monetary fines beginning Monday according to the Chicago Department of Transportation.

The three locations had issued warning notices for a 30 day period which was followed by a two-week period where no warnings were issued to insure all warnings were received in the mail by speeding drivers.

Although the law allows for $35 tickets to be issued for vehicles exceeding the speed limit between 6-10 miles per hour, and $100 fines for going 11 mph or more, the city will initially only issue tickets for drivers going 10 mph over the limit. The city says this speed threshold will gradually be lowered but gave no time frame for this.

CDOT also announced another four speed camera locations will start their ticketing phase by the end of November. This includes cameras at Abbott Park which will begin issuing violations next Monday, November 25th and at Humboldt, Major Taylor Park and another location in Douglas Park will start ticketing Saturday, November 30th.