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Car Hit With Over $100,000 In Chicago Parking Tickets

Chicago most ticketed car sits in the city's impound lot at O'Hare Airport

EXCLUSIVE: The Astounding Story Of How A Car Worth $600 Racked Up Over $100,000 In Chicago Parking Tickets

It might just be a world record.

At the very least one particular car has set a City of Chicago record for having been issued the most parking violations ever and having accumulated the most parking fines in the city’s history.

The city claims Jennifer Fitzgerald owes over $100,000 in parking tickets.

No, that’s not a typo or a few misplaced zeros on the end.

The amount is actually 105,761 dollars and 80 cents to be precise.

This is the total mind boggling debt the City of Chicago says the 31 year old, single mother of one, allegedly owes for parking violations on a single vehicle.

It’s a car she claims she didn’t own, drive or park where it racked up 678 bright orange parking tickets over a period of nearly three years according to Chicago’s Department of Finance.

Based on records from the DOF’s  list of the city’s top parking ticket scofflaws, the car in question seems to have set a record in Chicago for having received the highest number of parking tickets as well as accruing the largest fine amounts ever–beating Chicago’s #2 ranked parking ticket scofflaw by $65,000 and over 400 violations!

But now Fitzgerald is fighting back with a lawsuit against the city, her ex-boyfriend and United Airlines which was filed Friday, November 2nd in Cook County Circuit Court.

A Love Story Gone Bad

Standard Parking Awarded City Airport Parking Contract

Standard Parking has been the primary vendor for parking operations at both O’Hare and Midway airports for nearly two decades.

So, it wasn’t much of a surprise that the company was awarded a new five year, $58 million contract to continue running things at both airports according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Standard beat out LAZ Parking, Imperial Parking and CPS Chicago Parking LLC to win the day.

The Sun-Times points out coincidentally, Standard Parking has made contributions to local politicians over $190,000 over the last few years and claims the firm carries a lot of what Chicagoans call “clout.”