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Big Turnout At Pre-Bid Meeting For Speed Camera Contract

About 50 people listen as CDOT representatives outline speed camera program at pre-bid contrat meeting Tuesday

All the big names were there.

Redflex, RedSpeed, Gatso USA, American Traffic Solutions, Optotraffic–and other heavy hitters of the automated traffic enforcement industry–were sitting quietly in Conference Room B waiting for the meeting to begin.

About 50 people representing these, and other potential subcontractors considering a bid to become a vendor for Chicago’s speed camera enforcement program, showed up on the 4th floor of City Hall Tuesday morning to get more information about the contract.

In a nearly packed room, the meeting began with some clarifying words from Joseph Chan from the Department of Procurement and Contracts and then some background on the speed camera plan by Larry McPhillip from the Chicago Department of Transportation.

“Child safety is our primary goal,” said McPhillip before giving attendees the Cliff’s Notes version of the city’s vision for their speed camera program, state law and the city’s municipal code.

Lots Of Questions, Some Answers

Red Light Camera Roundup

GEEK EDITOR’S NOTE: Red Light Camera Roundup, is a breezy briefying of news and information on red light camera enforcement in the greater Chicagoland area and beyond.

Lakemoor Speeds Toward RLC Enforcement

The village board of the Village of Lakemoor, in Lake County, according to the Daily Herald, heard a presentation from red light camera company SafeSpeed, LLC on August 26th.

The trustees will meet again on Thursday, September 9, to vote on whether to hire SafeSpeed to analyze and install RLCs on Route 12 and Route 120 in their town.

According to the article, Route 12 already has many red light cameras throughout Lake County including
Deer Park, Kildeer, Lake Zurich, Wauconda and Fox Lake.

Redflex Rejects Initial Bid For Takeover

Redflex Demands More Cash From Toll Road Firm Macquarie

By The Newspaper

Redflex, the company that has the contract for Chicago’s red light camera program has recently been the target of a corporate takeover by Macquarie, a company that coincidentally operates the Skyway toll road.

Redflex Traffic Systems reported Tuesday to the Australian Securities Exchange that it had rebuffed the $275 million offer from toll road giant Macquarie Bank for outright control of the company. The Australian red light camera maker believes that it can spark a bidding war to drive up the purchase price and enrich shareholders.