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Suburb Votes To Arm School Buses With Traffic Cameras

Suburban Prospect Heights and Prospect Heights School District 23 are teaming up with Red Speed, LLC to install cameras on school buses to catch motorists who illegally pass a stopped bus.

The Prospect Heights city council passed the measure last Monday according to the Daily Herald.

Signed by Governor Pat Quinn earlier in the year, this new law allows municipalities and their school districts to install traffic cameras, much like red light or speed cameras, that would snap a photo of any vehicle that passes a stopped school bus with lights flashing and stop arm extended when loading or unloading students.

Trib Says Mayor Got $10,000 In Donations Linked To Red Light Camera Bidder

The Chicago Tribune is alleging the wives of two executives for a company vying for the city’s red light camera program donated $5000 each to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s political campaign.

According to the story, the Mayor issued an executive order prohibiting city contractors, or people bidding for a city contract or their spouses, from making campaign contributions. But, if the person owns less than 7.5% of the company in question, the contribution is acceptable which seems to be the case in this situation.

Bottom line, Emanuel is not returning the $10,000.

The company, System Development Integration, doesn’t seem to have a lot of experience in red light camera enforcement, although it has millions of dollars in contracts with the city for providing computer technology for different city departments.

Here’s the Tribune’s story, “Emanuel got $10,000 in donations linked to red light camera bidder.”

U.S. Senators Attack Driver Alerting Apps

It all started Monday.

That’s when USA Today ran a story about different smart phone apps that alert drivers about known speed traps, speed camera locations, red light camera intersections and other dangerous intersections.

This list includes Cobra’s iRadar, Trapster, Fuzz Alert and Phantom Alert.

Phantom Alert got special attention in the article due to the fact it kept a list of DUI checkpoints in its database so drivers could avoid those spots.

Someone on Capital Hill read the article Monday, because on Tuesday, a group of 4 U.S. Senators came out with a statement asking Apple, Google, and Research In Motion (RIM) aka BlackBerry, to pull any of these apps with data on DUI or DWI check points off their websites.

CTA Paid $340,000 In Red Light Camera Tickets


Over the past three years, the Chicago Transit Authority has paid the City of Chicago over $340,000 in red light camera violations according to CBS 2 News.

City: No Red Light Camera Tickets During Blizzard

It seems parking enforcement was not the only type of ticket writing that was halted due to the blizzard last week.

According to the Chicago Department of Transportation, the department which manages the city’s red light camera enforcement program, is not going to issue tickets for red light camera violations that occurred at the height of the blizzard between 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 1st to 3 p.m. Wednesday, February 2nd.

CDOT personnel who review potential RLC violations, according to CDOT spokesperson Brian Steele, are going to take weather conditions into account when reviewing all red light camera videos and dismiss any that were related to the weather.

Naperville Stops Right On Red RLC Enforcement

In a surprising 6-3 vote a week ago Tuesday, the Naperville city council decided to put an end to enforcing right turn on red violations at the three red light camera intersections in their town.

According to the Daily Herald, city staff members tried to persuade council members of the benefits from retaining this enforcement. Most of the city council was convinced by statistics, that rolling through a right turn on red does not cause accidents.

Many Suburban Towns Moving Toward Opting Out Of Cook County RLC Program

8 Suburban Villages On Record Opposing County Cameras

The wheels are in motion.

Already eight suburban municipalities are moving toward opting out of Cook County’s proposed red light camera program.

Less than a week after the Cook County board voted to allow municipalities the option to keep county red light cameras out of their town, Buffalo Grove and reportedly Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, Wheeling, Wilmette, Northbrook, Glenview and Deerfield are making all the signs each town will opt out.

Just these towns account for nearly half of the originally proposed 30 possible intersection locations, with 14 intersections within these eight towns.

This comes less than a week after the county board backpedaled a bit on moving forward with their red light camera program, after commissioners started getting angry reaction to the program from many of the municipalities where 20 cameras were planned to be erected.

County Board Let’s Suburbs ‘Opt Out’ Of Red Light Camera Program

Allows Municipalities To Ban RLCs From Their Towns

Cook County board members must have got an earful from their municipal constituents.

Because after approving a contract for two red light camera suppliers two weeks ago to begin erecting cameras at 20 proposed locations on suburban Cook County roads, board members voted to give municipalities to the option to say no to RLCs in their towns.

The board, after some lengthy discussions on the matter, voted 9-4 to approve, with three voting present and one commissioner absent.

The red light camera contract for the county surprised many of the leaders of suburban municipalities when a list of 30 proposed red light camera locations were announced two weeks ago. This prompted many towns, including Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Wilmette and others to begin looking into legal ways to stop  cameras from being erected in their towns.