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Less Construction Means Less Photo Enforcement

Photo enforcement technology in action

Motorists hate road construction.

Most drivers are ecstatic when roadwork finally comes to end.

Now it seems there’s one more reason to be major construction projects declined on Illinois tollways last year.

Less photo enforcement vans.

In fact, State Police re-deployed the photo enforcement van that patrolled Illinois tollways last year, sending it downstate according to a story a few weeks ago by Chicago Tribune transportation writer Jon Hilkevitch.

Speeding Ticket Justice For Chicago Woman

It’s always nice to have someone in the media to go to bat for you.

That’s exactly what Jon Yates, the What’s Your Problem columnist for the Chicago Tribune does.

Consumers come to him with problems they can’t solve themselves, and Yates gets to work–usually with positive results.

This time the issue is a woman who received a photo enforced speeding ticket for going over the speed limit in a construction zone in downstate Sangamon County.

The problem is, she has never been in Sangamon County before, doesn’t own the 2005 Nissan listed on the ticket and doesn’t look like the lady behind the wheel at the time of the ticket.