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Parking Enforcement Aide Suspended For ‘Discourteous’ E-Mail


A group of Parking Enforcement Aides get some training and instruction in Lakeview.

A dust up between members of the Chicago Police Department and a pair of city Parking Enforcement Aides resulted in a suspension for one PEA according to according to a recent report from the Office of the Inspector General.

The more recent IG report says a PEA received a 29-day suspension for sending an e-mail to a CPD District office threatening retaliation in the form of parking tickets issued to the personal vehicles of police officers.

IG Reports Bad Blood Between Police & Parking Enforcement

PEA back on the ticket beat

PEA back on the ticket beat

The cops and parking enforcement workers don’t seem to like each other according to a report released by the Chicago Inspector General Office.

A public screaming match between a Chicago police officer and a parking enforcement aide (PEA) has received the attention of the city’s IG, which after investigating, found what they call a widespread animosity between the two departments.

According to the report issued today there’s a perceived rivalry between the two departments.

“In general, there is a perception of a rivalry between PEAs and police officers; a perception shared by both sides and supported by online commentary,” the report said. “PEAs believe that CPD police officers are unnecessarily targeting PEAs for abuse. PEAs asserted that CPD officers are adversarial to PEAs in certain or all districts. Police officers, for their part, felt that PEAs unnecessarily saturate areas with enforcement.”

Scooter Owner Tries Schooling Parking Ticket Writers

After being given parking tickets while parked legally over and over again, one Chicago scooter owner is trying to educate poorly trained ticket writers.

According to News Radio 780, a Lakeview woman parks her scooter in a Residential Permit Parking zone in the South Loop neighborhood.

Now, according to city municipal code, it is perfectly legal to park motorcycles or scooters in an RPP zone.

Ticket Writer Charged With Taking Bribe To Make Parking Ticket ‘Disappear’

The wheels of justice move very slowly.

While the Chicago Sun-Times’ gossip columnist Michael Sneed is reporting about Parking Enforcement Aide Jamila Judkins recently charged with taking a $20 bribe in the form of a personal check to make a parking ticket disappear, the original alleged incident of bribery is nearly three years old.

The alleged bribe took place in March, 2009 in the West Rogers Park neighborhood and was originally reported on Ken’s Blog a week after the original incident with all the juicy details.

This site had reached out to the young man who wrote the $20 check in May, 2009 to get more information and try to confirm some of the details. He responded, and asked for us to keep his name out of any story.

Ultimately, when we didn’t get a response from the driver after tendering some followup questions to the original email, and therefore unable to confirm what we thought were crucial details, we decided against publishing the allegations at the time.

But here’s what he said in his email to our original inquiry.

“I was parking on Devon Ave. to go to the bakery. When I got out of the bakery I saw a meter maid giving me a ticket for not paying the meter. When she saw me she said, “since I went in and out of the bakery in five minutes she wasn’t going to give me the ticket”. I told her thank you and began to get into my car. She then said that when she let’s people off she usually gets a little something in return a small fee to her for $20.00. I told her I did not have any cash, and that I only had a check book. She then said I should go into my car and to write the check out to her name. So I went into my car and wrote her the check. She then walked off to go to the bank. When I got home I told my father what happened and he immediately canceled the check. We then went to the police station to file a report. The investigator then called me a few weeks later and had me pick out her picture.

Parking Enforcement Back To Work Tuesday

PEA back on the ticket beat

After nearly a week off due to the Blizzard of 2011, city Parking Enforcement Aides hit the snow laden streets of Chicago to begin writing parking tickets again this morning at 9 AM.

The same went for boot crews, who were back in their camera enhanced vans patrolling the streets of Chicago searching for scofflaw vehicles deserving of a bright yellow Denver boot.

Virtually all parking enforcement was put on hold, and all booting halted when last week’s huge blizzard began this past Tuesday afternoon.

While the city tried to keep the enforcement stoppage under wraps, this website broke the story Friday morning. Later in the day, the city was admitted it had stopped enforcing parking violations, including expired parking meters.

Parking Ticket Rage Inspiration For Cling N’ Go

By Diana Novak

Think the overzealous diligence of Chicago’s parking enforcement aides is annoying?

Do you get angered when you’re a bit late in getting back to your car, just to see a bright orange envelope mockingly peeking up from the windshield wiper?

But nothing compares to the explosive rage you feel after paying for parking, dutifully placing the receipt in your car’s windshield, yet still getting a ticket because the paper flipped over, slid off the dashboard or was simply missed by the PEA.

Brad Kramer knows that rage.