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Court: Palatine Parking Tickets Don’t Violate Privacy Rights

GavelAfter five years and a multitude of court appearances, a federal court in Chicago has upheld Palatine’s parking tickets do not violate driver privacy rights according to the AP.

Back in 2010, a driver received a $20 parking ticket in Palatine. The driver felt the ticket was in violation of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act because the ticket, left on the windshield of his car for anyone to see, inexplicably listed his name, address, license number, birthdate, gender, height and weight.

The U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week Palatine’s tickets do not violate the DPPA.

Waukegan Offers Ticket Amnesty, Makes It Easier To Get Booted

What the boot!?Carrot and stick.

That’s the strategy the City of Waukegan seems to be using on north suburban motorists according to the Chicago Tribune.

First the carrot.

The town is offering it’s third parking ticket amnesty since 1994 to try to get paid on about $3 million in unpaid tickets. Although the city has many tickets on their books that have increased with fines and penalties due to non-payment, Waukegan is willing to let scofflaws pay the original ticket amount plus 17%.

TV Commercial: Eat Taco Bell, Avoid Parking Tickets

Feed your parking meter or use your spare change to buy something taco-riffic from Taco Bell?

That’s the conundrum the fast food restaurant poses for viewers in a new TV commercial where a young man tries to order one of the chain’s new menu items and still get back to his car before the parking enforcement officer writes him a ticket for an expired meter.

Parking Enforcement Aide Suspended For ‘Discourteous’ E-Mail


A group of Parking Enforcement Aides get some training and instruction in Lakeview.

A dust up between members of the Chicago Police Department and a pair of city Parking Enforcement Aides resulted in a suspension for one PEA according to according to a recent report from the Office of the Inspector General.

The more recent IG report says a PEA received a 29-day suspension for sending an e-mail to a CPD District office threatening retaliation in the form of parking tickets issued to the personal vehicles of police officers.

City Council Bans Limos From Residential Street Parking


Chicago’s message to limousine owners?

Don’t park on our residential streets.

The Chicago City Council passed a law prohibiting limousines from parking on residential streets on Wednesday according to the Chicago Tribune.

Limos join the list of other vehicles banned from parking on most streets including taxis, trucks, buses, motor homes, vans, RVs (longer than 22 feet), and semis.

Parking Meter Vigilante Case Goes To NH Supreme Court

Those kooky kids from Keene, NH–they call themselves Robin Hooders–are in the news again.

And this time it involves a legal case which takes the issue of their parking meter vigilantism to the New Hampshire Supreme Court according to Fox News.

The Robin Hooders is a band of do-gooders who follow the town’s three parking attends around and plunk coins into expired meters to save drivers from being hit with outrageously expensive $5 parking tickets.

The enforcement staff doesn’t like the group’s antics and have claimed they’re being harassed while doing their jobs. In some cases, lawyers for the city claim, group members verbally attack the ticket writers saying things like “you should be ashamed of yourself” and the like.

Cops Harassed Rideshare Drivers With Tickets, Impoundment

save_uberThe new city law regulating rideshare companies like Lyft, Sidecar and Uber just got passed a few weeks ago.

But, according to a report by RedEye, police officers ticketed and towed the cars of at least 16 people who drive for one of these upstart companies.

According to RedEye, these drivers were hit with a $2,000 fine, a $150 tow fee and a $20-per-day storage fee. Luckily for these drivers, the rideshare companies they drive for stepped up and paid all the fees and fines to get each car released from the auto pound.

A spokesperson for the city says the drivers were ticketed because technically they were “operating an unlicensed public passenger vehicle.”

Ban Or No Ban? Parking Confusion Reigns In West Loop

Remember the daytime parking ban in the West Loop?

The one to stop the problem of “day trippers” parking for free just west of downtown and walking or using public transit to work or play downtown?

It seems after the six month pilot test, local groups and businesses complained and the ban was dropped according to DNA Info.

Residents and visitors were told the ban was no longer in effect so they could park wherever and whenever they wanted.

But according to CBS 2 News, while the ban ended in December the signs which prohibit parking from 1:30 to 3:30 are still up and some people are still receiving tickets. In addition, at least one person had their car towed due to an allegedly non-existent ban.

Illinois’ Zero Plate Receiving Improper Tickets From Oak Park

OakPark parking ticketA vehicle adorned with the the “0″ Illinois license plate is at the receiving end of a slew of improper parking tickets from the Village of Oak Park according to OakPark.com.

Chicagoan Tim Feddor, received approximately 200 improper Chicago parking tickets a few years ago due to ticket writers testing their handheld ticket writing computers by using “0″ for the license plate. Ultimately, after some media attention, the tickets went away.

But now, it’s happening again. This time, despite Feddor trying his best to get Oak Park to simply toss out the 11 tickets he’s been issued since the make of the vehicle doesn’t match, the west suburban town says there’s no easy solution and seems to be pursuing the innocent driver to pay up.

Boston Parking Ticket Fires Up Local Musician Neko Case


Chicago-based singer and songwriter Neko Case doesn’t take too kindly to parking tickets.

On Monday, Case received a parking violation in Boston and lashed out via Twitter with a photo of the words “Eat Me” scribbled in the comments section of her ticket.

Interestingly, the City of Boston (or at least the person who handles the city’s social media) is a fan of Ms. Case and via Twitter, encouraged her to contest the ticket.