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Cops Harassed Rideshare Drivers With Tickets, Impoundment

save_uberThe new city law regulating rideshare companies like Lyft, Sidecar and Uber just got passed a few weeks ago.

But, according to a report by RedEye, police officers ticketed and towed the cars of at least 16 people who drive for one of these upstart companies.

According to RedEye, these drivers were hit with a $2,000 fine, a $150 tow fee and a $20-per-day storage fee. Luckily for these drivers, the rideshare companies they drive for stepped up and paid all the fees and fines to get each car released from the auto pound.

A spokesperson for the city says the drivers were ticketed because technically they were “operating an unlicensed public passenger vehicle.”

Ban Or No Ban? Parking Confusion Reigns In West Loop

Remember the daytime parking ban in the West Loop?

The one to stop the problem of “day trippers” parking for free just west of downtown and walking or using public transit to work or play downtown?

It seems after the six month pilot test, local groups and businesses complained and the ban was dropped according to DNA Info.

Residents and visitors were told the ban was no longer in effect so they could park wherever and whenever they wanted.

But according to CBS 2 News, while the ban ended in December the signs which prohibit parking from 1:30 to 3:30 are still up and some people are still receiving tickets. In addition, at least one person had their car towed due to an allegedly non-existent ban.

Illinois’ Zero Plate Receiving Improper Tickets From Oak Park

OakPark parking ticketA vehicle adorned with the the “0″ Illinois license plate is at the receiving end of a slew of improper parking tickets from the Village of Oak Park according to OakPark.com.

Chicagoan Tim Feddor, received approximately 200 improper Chicago parking tickets a few years ago due to ticket writers testing their handheld ticket writing computers by using “0″ for the license plate. Ultimately, after some media attention, the tickets went away.

But now, it’s happening again. This time, despite Feddor trying his best to get Oak Park to simply toss out the 11 tickets he’s been issued since the make of the vehicle doesn’t match, the west suburban town says there’s no easy solution and seems to be pursuing the innocent driver to pay up.

Boston Parking Ticket Fires Up Local Musician Neko Case


Chicago-based singer and songwriter Neko Case doesn’t take too kindly to parking tickets.

On Monday, Case received a parking violation in Boston and lashed out via Twitter with a photo of the words “Eat Me” scribbled in the comments section of her ticket.

Interestingly, the City of Boston (or at least the person who handles the city’s social media) is a fan of Ms. Case and via Twitter, encouraged her to contest the ticket.

Producers Pay Parking Tickets To Promote New Film

A new film premiering Friday is trying to generate some buzz by paying people’s parking tickets.

The “get your parking ticket paid” contest is a way to promote the film “Friended To Death,” where the lead character is not a very popular guy.

In fact, lots of people hate him.

Geek Talks Snow Related Parking Tickets On Outside The Loop Radio

Snow warning signHas all this snow been driving you insane?

It’s certainly been a challenge for motorists in Chicago.

The Parking Ticket Geek joins Mike Stephen, the host of Outside the Loop Radio, Thursday morning at 10 AM to chat and vent about all the crazy snow related parking tickets and other driving issues.

Listen or stream Outside the Loop Radio on WLUW 88.7 FM at 10 AM.

Parking Meter Company Enforcement Crews Writing Millions Of Dollars In Tickets Every Year

An enforcement vehicle for CPM sits parked at a parking meter in the Wicker Park neighborhood.

An enforcement vehicle for CPM sits parked at a parking meter in the Wicker Park neighborhood.

For the past few years, city parking meter enforcement crews have had a private team of ticket writers helping them do their jobs — and helping fill the city’s coffers with millions of dollars in additional revenues.

The team actually works for Chicago Parking Meters LLC, the private company that took over control of the city’s 36,000 metered-parking spaces in the infamous 75-year deal that jacked up parking rates and lengthened the hours of enforcement all over the city.

But part of the deal the company made with the city gave it the right to help enforce the meters — by writing more tickets than the cash-strapped city’s own parking enforcers could do otherwise.

In fact, the company has very quietly issued hundreds of thousands of tickets for expired meter violations since 2010, city parking data obtained through a Freedom of Information request shows.

Meter teams working for Chicago Parking Meters now write nearly one-third of all tickets issued citywide for expired meter violations, the data shows.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Parking Tickets Continue Despite Broken Street Cleaning Signs

Street cleaning signs in the Tri-Taylor area don't work, but the city continues to issue parking tickets.

Residents in the Tri-Taylor neighborhood are frustrated and confused their cars continue to be ticketed for street cleaning violations despite street signs that are working improperly.

According to residents in this small section of the 25th ward along 13th Street near Western and Ogden Avenues, the city installed metal street signs restricting parking on days when street cleaning was scheduled several years ago.

Department of Finance spokesperson Kelley Quinn explains the lights installed on the top of the sign would flash red on days street cleaning would was scheduled and green all other times. When street cleaning was completed on the street it could be switched from red to green, therefore allowing residents to re-park sooner than the normal 3 PM time listed on the standard orange colored temporary paper signs used to warn drivers the street sweeper was coming.

“This was part of a pilot program from five years ago,” said Quinn. “Red meant sweeping was going on, green meant sweeping was finished.”

On Monday street cleaning was scheduled in the area and a handful of residents were outside scrambling to move their vehicles around 9 AM before the street sweepers start cleaning the streets.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Tribune Exposes South Suburban Parking Ticket Scandal

A group of south suburban drivers have been trying to pay off unpaid parking tickets, but poor bookkeeping and new state legislation has some motorists paying much more than they’re supposed to according to an expose’ in the Chicago Tribune.

Drivers in Blue Island, Crestwood and Chicago Heights have come forward with stories of owing money for unpaid parking tickets, but are being over charged by collection firms.

Alderman Beale Feels Parking Ticket Fine Increases Excessive

Ald. Anthony Beale. Photo credit: Wendell Hutson/DNA Info

South Side Alderman Anthony Beale (9th) isn’t taking kindly to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposal to increase fines on some parking violations and fees for impounded cars.

Beale believes these increases will disproportionately affect residents of lesser means according to DNA Info.

“I understand that we have to get creative to plug this hole but it seems like our creativity is coming off the backs of the poor and middle class,” Beale said. “Increasing rush-hour parking violations to $100 from $60 or storage fees for impounded cars to $20 from $10 is excessive.”