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ABC News Fixer Gets Chicago Driver Parking Ticket Justice

Photo courtesy of Tim Sturm and ABC News.

Photo courtesy of Tim Sturm and ABC News.

Even ABC News is getting into the parking ticket advice industry.

ABC News’ Stephanie Zimmerman aka The ABC News Fixer, is a reporter on consumer affairs who helps viewers solve frustrating money related problems.

Recently, Zimmerman, who’s based in New York, got a letter from a Chicago driver begging for advice on how to deal with an improperly issued parking ticket and tow.

The Geek Hangs Out With Nick D On WGN Radio Saturday Night

old-radioGather the family  around the AM radio and tune in WGN 720 AM Saturday night to listen to the Nick Digilio Show.

While Nick D’s show is always humorous and fun to listen to, nothing could be more “entertaining” than hearing some chump called the Parking Ticket Geek blather on about parking tickets, red light cameras, city stickers and other Chicago driving and parking issues.


The Geek will be on from 8:30 to 9:30.

Call in and hassle him (or get some ticket advice) at 312-981-7200.

Tune in at 720 AM or stream WGN Radio live.

Ask The Parking Ticket Geek

Mike Stephen from Outside the Loop Radio sits atop his nemesis--the fire hydrant.

Hey Geek,

A few weeks ago my dad had cataract surgery Downtown. I had his car and picked him up outside on Wabash. I pulled in front of a fire hydrant but stayed in the car with the engine running. The nurses and my mom brought my dad down in a wheelchair, got him into the car, and I drove them home.

He got a ticket in the mail for a hydrant parking violation. I guess there must have been a parking meter employee who walked by and took a picture of the car in front of the hydrant.

He’s planning on contesting it by including documentation from the eye place that he had surgery. He also has handicapped plates and included the handicapped placard as part of his case. Anything else he should do?


Hey Mike, most ticket writers or police officers would have given an illegally parked driver a heads-up and told him to move his vehicle before writing a ticket. But the person who issued your ticket didn’t, and then didn’t even have the nerve to hand you the ticket.

But here’s the good news: you were not parked illegally.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Got a parking ticket or driving question for The Parking Ticket Geek? Please email your question to: askthegeek@theexpiredmeter.com

Saturday Night Live With Nick D. & The Geek

Noted local doofus, nitwit and alleged expert on Chicago parking tickets, driving and transportation issues, the Parking Ticket Geek will be on WGN Radio 720 Saturday night.

The Geek joins WGN’s hilarious provocateur and man about town, Nick Digilio from 11 PM to midnight to talk all things driving and parking.

Tune in the Nick D. Show on WGN Radio 720 AM or listen online here.

Local Lawyer Doles Out Parking Ticket Advice

Read Tickets Carefully for Grounds to Contest: Beach: MyFoxCHICAGO.com

If The Expired Meter is not enough parking ticket fighting info for you, local attorney Charlie Beach was recently on Fox Chicago’s morning program to dish out some ticket fighting advice.

While he generally has the right idea, some of his information is mildly inaccurate.

Ask The Parking Ticket Geek

Hi Geek,

I recently received a ticket for parking in front of a driveway.

I parked there after it had snowed and the space was unrecognizable as a driveway since it had not been shoveled and at the building line there is a 7 foot chain link fence across the driveway from one building to another.

A few days later I returned to a ticket.

With the snow melted it was a little more clear I was in front of a driveway. At first I was surprised that the car had not been towed but considering the circumstances I now assume the driveway was not in use. Should I try to fight this ticket? Is there a chance for it to get dismissed?



I think you’re in kind of a grey area here Evan.

But, you should definitely fight it.

Ask The Parking Ticket Geek

Dear Parking Ticket Geek,

On Friday my family & I visited the Shedd aquarium and fed a meter $5 to park until 4:01 p.m.

At 3:45 we made our way out of the aquarium, but as we were walking past the lockers heading out of the accessible exit, my 2 year old grabbed a door and shook it – and got her thumb pinched between the doors. She instantly shrieked and a blood blister appeared on her thumb. We sat, calmed, consoled, and bandaged as quickly as was humanly possible.

We grabbed our stuff and walked as briskly as you can lugging a 2 year old and a 5 month old, and just as we rounded the odd fountain with the man holding a fish, we could see flashing lights, and my watch read 4:01.

By the time we hit the crosswalk we could see him at our car, and when we reached our car at 4:04 we had a ticket that read 4:03. BAH.

I know since it’s a meter we don’t fall under the 5 minute grace period, but is it worth pleading our sob story? We’ve NEVER had a parking ticket.


Ask The Parking Ticket Geek

Dear Geek,

Last night when going out with my girlfriend we left her car parked and fed the parking meter but we overstayed for 6 mins (paid until 8:48pm, ticketed at 8:54….9:00 p.m the time you don’t have to feed a meter anymore on that area).

She got a $50.00 ticket and she was really upset, we read the 5-minute grace period note at the bottom of the ticket but we are thinking that it will not apply (as it was a 6 min overstay).

1) Do we call the 312 number listed on the ticket and try to negotiate with whoever answers for a 6 minutes grace instead of 5?

2) Do we pay it :( ?

3) Do we not pay it and see what happens? She never gets tickets but I’m a bit hesitant recommending her not to pay it as I’ve heard horror stories about the yellow boot in the city. Do you think that she can get a yellow-boot if she does not pay this ticket?

4) Do we contest it? (the ticket was issued correctly so I’m not sure if we have a shot)

Thanks for your response Geek,


Ask The Parking Ticket Geek

Hello Parking Geek,

I really annoyed by a parking ticket that I just received, it is for violation 9-64-110 (g) Park in Underpass.

So I have three questions:
1) Why is it illegal to park in underpass?
2) Why is this violation valued at a $75 fine?
3) Do I have a chance to contest it?

I am a diligent driver and parker and always look for parking signs. I avoided parking in the yellow curb area and I was far away from the hydrant. There were no signs posted anywhere regarding no parking or tow away.

So, after checking the area I thought it was a legal place to park.

I was not aware that this type of violation existed. I took pictures to show that there were no signs posted. Do I have a chance to fight this, and if so will I have a chance to win if I do it by mail? I can’t believe this is a $75 fine, way too much in my opinion!

Please advise.

Thank you,

Pissed off for Parking in Underpass

Ugh. I think you’re screwed here POFPIU.

Ask the Parking Ticket Geek

Hello Geek,

I let a friend borrow my car and he got a parking ticket.

I have gotten several letters about it saying it needs to be paid and I give them to him. After the last one he claimed he paid it and then left town. Now I just got another letter saying it isn’t paid and it will be going to collections.

My questions is if I contact the city and give them this license information (which I have) will they transfer it to him?

I am wondering this because if he had gotten a ticket while driving it would be under his name not not mine. Do I have any hope of this or am I going to have to eat the cost of this and use it as a valuable lesson in friendship?

Always Delivery

Dear Always,