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Bogus Parking Ticket Enrages DNA Info Columnist

He parked his car, paid the meter via the ParkChicago app–and even spoke to a parking enforcement aide before he went to eat.

But when DNA Info columnist Mark Konkol came back to his car, and despite having 45 minutes of time left, he found an expired meter ticket on his windshield.

The ticket inspired Konkol to see if he can find out how many “bogus” tickets are written by ticket writers.

Parking Meter Prices Too Low Say Experts

Caught this interesting piece on public radio’s Marketplace on Friday discussing how parking meter rates should be set.

Generally speaking, according to parking experts, parking meter rates are set much too low. This leads to too many drivers circling too many blocks trying to find that under priced metered parking spot.

Crow Poop Wreaking Havoc On Bloomington, Indiana Parking Meters

The BirdsVandals, graffiti “artists” and thieves are the usual threats parking meters face in most cities.

But an obnoxious swarm of crows is making life hard for parking enforcement officers to do their job around the Monroe County Courthouse in downtown Bloomington, Indiana according to the Associated Press.

The droppings from hundreds of crows nesting in trees near the courthouse are coating the meters and making it difficult to keep them clean.


Surprisingly, it’s not shotguns. Instead, the city is re-purposing old street signs to cover the meter heads and protect them from all the crow poop.

Here’s the full story, “Bloomington parking meters besieged with crow droppings.”

Musician Tours All 50 States One Parking Meter At A Time

Pablo Picker plays in the back of his pickup.

Pablo Picker plays in the back of his pickup.

The first thing Pablo Picker does after parking his pickup truck is to feed the meter.

Picker is a Boston based musician who’s taking his music to the streets–literally–playing music from the back of his truck sitting at parking meters in all 50 states.

This day he sits barefoot in the back of a pickup truck parked on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, playing guitar and singing to a constantly changing audience of hipsters, commuters, parents and children walking by.

Picker had been playing in public for years, mainly in Boston’s Harvard Square where he saw many street musicians getting hassled by police for not having a permit. While Picker was smart enough to get his own busker license, he’s always been uncomfortable with the idea that musicians couldn’t just entertain people in public without the formality of a license.

So after recording a new album, he got the urge to get back on the street to share his music, and decided do a tour playing in public in all 50 states. But he was concerned about the possibility of getting on the wrong side of local law enforcement.

So he came up with a brilliant solution–parking meters.

Parking Meter Vigilante Case Goes To NH Supreme Court

Those kooky kids from Keene, NH–they call themselves Robin Hooders–are in the news again.

And this time it involves a legal case which takes the issue of their parking meter vigilantism to the New Hampshire Supreme Court according to Fox News.

The Robin Hooders is a band of do-gooders who follow the town’s three parking attends around and plunk coins into expired meters to save drivers from being hit with outrageously expensive $5 parking tickets.

The enforcement staff doesn’t like the group’s antics and have claimed they’re being harassed while doing their jobs. In some cases, lawyers for the city claim, group members verbally attack the ticket writers saying things like “you should be ashamed of yourself” and the like.

Edison Park Chamber Of Commerce Buys Parking Lot To Help Shoppers Avoid Meters

Shoppers in Edison Park now have another way to avoid paying the meters with the purchase of a new parking lot by the area's chamber of commerce. Photo credit: Heather Cherone/DNA Info.

Shoppers in Edison Park now have another way to avoid paying the meters with the purchase of a new parking lot by the area’s chamber of commerce. Photo credit: Heather Cherone/DNA Info.

Here’s a unique way to avoid having to feed the parking meter–buy your very own parking lot.

That’s what the Edison Park Chamber of Commerce did recently when the group spent $174,000 to buy a 26-space parking lot according to DNA Info.

In recent months Edison Park business owners were enraged when ticket writers for Chicago Parking Meters, LLC wrote parking tickets to drivers who did not feed their meter.

Gapers Block Op-Ed Piece Goes After Parking Meter Deal Remix

An old school parking meter from before the notorious Chicago parking meter lease came into being in 2008 adds its two cents.

An old school parking meter from before the notorious Chicago parking meter lease came into being in 2008 adds its two cents.

With a handful of aldermen finally getting their wish to bring back paid metered parking on Sundays to retail districts in their wards, Gapers Block has an op-ed piece strongly critical of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s remix of the parking meter lease deal.

Writer Rachel Anspach goes after all the usual suspects of unpopular changes in last year’s revision of the much hated deal including the extended enforcement hours and free Sunday parking.

But she also hectors the mayor about his reluctance to join either of the two lawsuits filed against the meter lease deal which are slowly winding their way through the courts.

NerdWallet.com Names Chicago Worst Place To Park A Car

#1 foam fingerGet that big foam #1 finger out of storage Chicago–because NerdWallet.com says its the worst place in America to park a car.

The financial advise website used data from a handful of variables to come up with their rankings. The main factors were the average cost of daily parking and the rate of auto theft in each city.

According to NerdWallet.com, Chicago drivers pay an average $35 a day to park in a lot or garage and the motor vehicle theft per capita is 33% above the national average. When you factor in the city’s dubious distinction of having the highest downtown meter rates in the U.S., Chicago picks up the gold medal for worst place to park a car.

Implausibly, Chicago somehow beat out cities like Oakland, San Francisco, New York and Boston for title of worst of the worst.

NBC 5 Reports On Parking Meter Vandalism Outbreak

NBC 5 reported on the recent outbreak of parking meter vandalism which erupted on the North Side last week and interviewed a few people to get their thoughts.

Not that surprisingly, most people were not very sympathetic. In fact, one gentleman was supportive of the vandals destructive efforts.

Parking Meter Pay Boxes Damaged In North Side Vandalism Spree

An enraged gentleman attacks a parking meter in Lakeview In March, 2009,

An enraged gentleman attacks a parking meter with a chunk of concrete in Lakeview in March, 2009,

A parking meter vandalism spree has erupted on the city’s North Side five years after Chicago’s parking meter system officially transferred into the private control of Chicago Parking Meters, LLC which spurred a similar rash of meter vandalism back in 2009.

The Chicago Police Department reported Thursday at least 13 pay boxes were damaged using a heavy blunt object or tool in the Lakeview, Wicker Park, West Town and Andersonville neighborhoods. The damage has been severe enough to disable the units from working properly.

Back in March of 2009, in what seemed to be an angry reaction to a highly unpopular parking meter lease deal, which caused parking meter rates to quadruple, parking meters across the city were smashed, spray painted and lit on fire.

In the subsequent five years traditional single head parking meters were replaced by multi-space parking meter pay boxes and the mood of drivers cooled. But apparently some motorists may still be harboring frustration with the hated deal and parking meter rates which rank as the highest in the nation.