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Illinois Ranks 10th For Speed Traps Says Pro-Motorist Group

NMA Speed trap graphic

Illinois has a lot of speed traps.

According to the National Motorists Association, Illinois ranks 10th in the nation for speed traps with 477 reported locations.

Texas ranked number one in the U.S. with 1,383 speed trap locations followed by California with 1,076.

The NMA compiled the lists of the worst states for speed traps from data reported to their National Speed Trap Exchange for the last five years.

Motorist Groups Debut New Anti-Red Light Camera Video

The National Motorists Association or NMA debuted a new video early this week taking aim against red light camera enforcement.

The video makes the 30-second case that red light camera enforcement doesn’t improve safety in towns where they’re deployed, but do certainly generate revenue.

The NMA’s Gary Biller said the inspiration for the video came from a member.

Chicago 6th Most Ticketed U.S. City

Group Believes Speed Cameras Will Make Ranking Jump

The Second City Is Actually the sixth city.
At least when it comes to speeding and traffic tickets, according to the National Motorists Association, a motorists rights organization.

In the NMA’s recently released bi-annual rankings of America’s top ticketed cities and states, Chicago comes in as the sixth most likeliest city to get a speeding or traffic ticket.

According to the study, Atlanta won the honor of being the nation’s top ticketed city, followed by Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth, Miami and New York rounding out the top five.

From a state perspective, Illinois ranks a lowly 18th. Nevada, Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Maryland make up the top five states for ticket traps.

The Ticket Doctor Helps Out CBS 2 News

On Thursday, a horrific fiery and fatal car crash killed one and injured two on a portion of Devon Ave. that runs through a forest preserve near O’Hare Airport.

CBS 2 News alleges this strip of Devon is by it’s nature, is inherently dangerous and called in Barnet Fagel aka The Ticket Doctor to share his thoughts and expertise.

Fagel, a traffic safety adviser for the National Motorists Association (NMA) backs up CBS 2′s claim saying the road’s heavy forestation and a curvature of the road diminish the ability to see far down the road.

Combining these factors, a lack of a shoulder and a majority of drivers who tend to speed down this portion of Devon, you get perilously dangerous stretch of road according to Fagel.

Read the full CBS 2 report and watch the Ticket Doctor’s contribution to the video report here.

Fagel, is also a frequent contributor to this website.

NMA Tries To Prod, Poke, Cajole, Coax & Pursuade The Chicago Tribune

Gary Biller seems frustrated lately.

Biller, is the head of the National Motorists Association, a motorist advocacy group that has been one of the leading opponents of red light cameras.

His group has been working for years to promote their message that improving traffic engineering and increasing yellow light times at intersections, can do a lot more to reduce red light running and hence, improve safety, than red light cameras can. And that’s without taking millions of dollars a year out of the pockets of drivers.

Biller and the NMA have put a lot of energy into trying to get the word out in Chicago, the red light camera capital of the U.S., by reaching out to the media.

In some cases, the message has been getting through to sympathetic ears in the media. But in the case of the Chicago Tribune, Biller has run into a wall of silence on this issue.

That’s why he’s frustrated.