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NBC 5 Gets Some TV Ticket Justice For Chicago Driver

Read the signs.

That’s the best advice for all drivers when parking a car.

That’s because parking signs dictate where and when you can park a vehicle. If you follow the signs, you won’t be ticketed. At least that’s the theory.

But Joe Rubinas, who dutifully follows the residential parking permit signs on his street, has been ticketed twice by a ticket writer who seemingly doesn’t know how to read the signs.

NBC 5 Helps Couple Fight 20 Year Old Parking Tickets

In Illinois, there’s four “criminal” acts which have no statute of limitation–murder, rape, arson and…parking tickets.

This fact surprised a suburban couple who recently tangled with the City of Chicago over a pair of parking tickets from 1991 and 1993. The couple, after receiving a recent parking ticket, were informed by the city their car was in danger of being booted for three outstanding tickets according to NBC 5.

NBC 5 Does God’s Work Helps Nun Beat NYC Parking Tickets

Sister Michelle Germanson has never been east of Notre Dame University in her car.

But for some reason, the car this president of Trinity High School in River Forest owns kept on getting parking tickets from New York City.

Somehow her vanity license plate from Wisconsin which spells “TRINITY” was popping up on NYC parking tickets.

NBC 5 Helps Driver Fight ‘Unfair’ Parking Ticket Rulings

Sam Navin is new to Chicago.

And the city has made him feel more than welcome almost immediately issuing his truck a pair of bright orange parking tickets.

The only problem was that both tickets were issued improperly according to Navin.

The first was for having an expired truck permit, which made no sense to Navin who got his sticker just after he came to town. So he took a photo of his permit sticker, assembled all his evidence including proof of when and where he got his permit and mailed it off with a letter explaining why the ticket was issued improperly.

Unfortunately for Navin, the Administrative Law Judge ruled against him saying in his decision there was no date/time stamp on the photos he submitted as evidence. Puzzlingly, the photo of the truck permit sticker the city provided was unreadable.

Right after that, Navin was issued a ticket for not having a front plate on his vehicle–even though he says it was there. So he dutifully took photos–this time with a date and time stamp and a letter with his defense.

Vanity Plate Causes Parking Ticket Headaches For Suburban Man

His car rarely leaves the garage, and has never been driven on the streets of Chicago. But one suburban driver is getting all sorts of parking tickets for places he’s never been.

The problem?

A vanity license plate that reads “FINANCE” according to NBC 5.

NBC 5 Reports On Parking Meter Vandalism Outbreak

NBC 5 reported on the recent outbreak of parking meter vandalism which erupted on the North Side last week and interviewed a few people to get their thoughts.

Not that surprisingly, most people were not very sympathetic. In fact, one gentleman was supportive of the vandals destructive efforts.

NBC 5: ‘Polar Vortex’ Causes Huge Drop In Parking Tickets

According to NBC 5′s Carol Marin, after a big bump in parking ticket issuance in 2013, this year is off to a bad start–and the so-called “polar vortex.” is to blame.

NBC 5 Helps Senior Citizen With City Sticker Ticket Mistake

A 75-year old woman thought it was just a mistake.

She opened her mailbox to find a Notice of Violation for a city sticker violation.

This was confusing since she says she had the city sticker on her windshield since she purchased it in June.

Lake Shore Drive Would Be A Great Place For Speed Cameras

NBC Chicago Ward Room writer, Edward McClelland thinks Lake Shore Drive would be a wonderful place for speed cameras.

Of course, this is a fabulously idiotic idea.

Because McClelland is painfully uniformed about speed cameras and traffic safety in general, his opinion piece is an exercise of ignorance.

NBC 5 Solves Mystery Of Parking Ticket Mistaken Identity

View more videos at: http://nbcchicago.com.

Wrong guy, wrong car, wrong parking tickets says NBC 5 Chicago.

The City of Chicago, using the recently passed Local Debt Recovery Act, tried to get a gentleman named Joe Lopez to cough up at least a portion of the $3,400 they say he owed by trying to snatch his Illinois state income tax refund.

The problem is, the tickets were not his.