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Public Weighs In On Rehabbing Lake Shore Drive At Meeting

Cars back up at rush hour at the Belmont Avenue exit on northbound Lake Shore Drive. Photo credit: NorthLakeShoreDrive.org

Cars back up at rush hour at the Belmont Avenue exit on northbound Lake Shore Drive. Photo credit: NorthLakeShoreDrive.org

Tuesday July 8th, the Drake Hotel played host for a meeting to “Redefine The Drive” to elicit the public’s input on what changes should be made on a planned $1 billion facelift of North Lake Shore Drive.

The Illinois Department of Transportation in conjunction with the Chicago Department of Transportation plan a dramatic rehab and perhaps reinvention of the seven mile stretch of LSD between Grand and Hollywood. The agencies say due to the age of the roadway it will need to be rebuilt.

The project wouldn’t even break ground until 2019 or even 2020, with costs estimated to be around $1 billion–a hefty sum for a city and state which are both close to insolvency.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, all sorts of ideas were suggested including: a double-decker configuration with an upper and lower LSD; a light rail line down the middle of LSD; or dedicated express bus lanes.

2-Mile Extension Of South Lake Shore Drive Officially Opens

A contingent of prominent pols help cut the ribbon for the opening of the new Lake Snore Drive extension. Photo credit: Tanveeer Ali/DNA Info.

How many politicians does it take to open the new two-mile extension of South Lake Shore Drive?

Apparently, a lot as evidenced by the ribbon cutting ceremony which took place Saturday morning.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin and Alderman John Pope (10th) were some of the bigger name pols who showed up to officially open a new span of Lake Shore Drive between 79th and 92nd according to DNA Info.

South Lake Shore Drive Extension Opens Sunday Morning

A two-mile extension of South Lake Shore Drive opens to motor vehicles Sunday morning at 9 AM according to the Sun-Times.

US Route 41 aka Lake Shore Drive got moved several blocks east, adjacent to the old U.S. Steel plant.

The new extension starts at South Shore Drive and 79th and ends near 92nd.

Here’s the full Sun-Times report, “Two-mile South Lake Shore Drive extension to open over the weekend.”

Major Accident Closes Southbound Lanes On Lake Shore Drive

A city Department of Streets and Sanitation truck flipped over on southbound Lake Shore Drive at Walton around 2 PM Wednesday afternoon.

Lake Shore Drive Lane Closures For Resurfacing To Start Monday Night

Avoid the Drive — at least at night.

That’s the message the Illinois Department of Transportation is telling drivers, as a resurfacing project begins Monday night and continues overnight for the next five weeks.

The project will close two and sometimes three lanes in both directions between North Avenue and Balbo Drive from 8 p.m.-6 a.m. Monday through Thursday nights, according to IDOT.

Drivers will face long delays, and IDOT is recommending drivers allow extra time if they travel on that portion of Lake Shore Drive or avoid it altogether.

“Motorists should expect delays and are encouraged to take alternate routes,” said IDOT spokesman Paris Ervin.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Airplane Makes Emergency Landing On Lake Shore Drive Sunday

Drivers must have been shocked Sunday morning to see a small plane temporarily turning Lake Shore Drive into an airport landing strip.

Lombard resident John Pedersen was taking a small airplane for a spin when he started having problems with the plane’s tail. He radioed mayday. But Midway and O’Hare were too far away. Former Mayor Daley unceremoniously and illegally closed Meigs Field back in 2003, so that option was out.

Concrete Falls From LSD Overpass, Closes North Avenue Exit

CDOT workers clean up fallen concrete from the underpass at North Avenue Tuesday. Photo credit Kyla Gardner/DNA Info Chicago.

Concrete fell from the North Avenue overpass below Lake Shore Drive late Tuesday afternoon, causing the Chicago Department of Transportation to close the exit there and a portion of LaSalle Drive right before rush hour according to DNA Info.

No one was injured.

Lake Shore Drive had gone through a major resurfacing project last fall.

The exit ramp there remained closed as of 7:40 PM according to the report.

Here’s DNA’s full report, “Concrete Falls from Overpass at LSD North Avenue Exit, Street Closed.”

Lake Shore Drive Would Be A Great Place For Speed Cameras

NBC Chicago Ward Room writer, Edward McClelland thinks Lake Shore Drive would be a wonderful place for speed cameras.

Of course, this is a fabulously idiotic idea.

Because McClelland is painfully uniformed about speed cameras and traffic safety in general, his opinion piece is an exercise of ignorance.

Redefine Lake Shore Drive Meeting Turns Out Many Points Of View

A woman shares her suggestions at a Redefine the Drive meeting Wednesday night at Truman College.

About 150 people turned out Wednesday evening at Truman College to weigh in on potential changes to North Lake Shore Drive.

A full contingent of staff from the Chicago Department of Transportation and Illinois Department of Transportation were on hand interacting with Chicago residents who drive, bike and walk on or along LSD. Posters outlining the challenges and process hung on white boards, while tables with maps from sections of the drive lay on tables. Attendees were encouraged to use Post-It Notes to write comments and stick them near points along the drive they felt needed attention or changing.

A group of tables were set aside to allow people to write suggestions which they could stuff into a handful of  large suggestion boxes. While in another room, a short video about Lake Shore Drive and the pending project played every 30 minutes.

Chicago Tonight Panel Tackles Lake Shore Drive Redesign

A panel of guests, including CDOT Deputy Commissioner Luann Hamilton, MarySue Barrett, President of the Metropolitan Planning Council, and Ron Burke, Executive Director of the Active Transportation Alliance discuss possible changes to North Lake Shore Drive with Chicago Tonight’s Phil Ponce.