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Lake Shore Drive Closes For Bike Event Sunday Morning

Planning an early morning drive along the lakefront on Sunday?

You may have to settle for taking a detour because Lake Shore Drive will be closed for Bike the Drive Sunday morning.

City Announces More Road Closures, Other NATO Traffic Updates

The footprint of road closures related to the NATO Summit continues to grow.

Saturday afternoon, Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management & Communication (OEMC) announced Columbus Drive would be closed from the Chicago River at Wacker Drive to Illinois Street “until further notice.”

The two block stretch is about a block east of Michigan Ave. and two blocks west of Lake Shore Drive.

A few hours later, OEMC announced temporary extension of the closure on Lake Shore Drive on Sunday.

City Begins Michigan Avenue Repaving Project

The Mag Mile is going to be a little less magnificent starting Wednesday, September 28th.

At least for about six weeks.

That’s because Chicago Department of Transportation crews will begin a resurfacing Michigan Avenue from Illinois St. north to Oak St.

In addition, Inner Lake Shore Drive will also be getting a fresh layer of pavement from Oak St. to Division.

CDOT Begins Lake Shore Drive Repaving Project

What’s worse than traffic before a Cubs game on Lake Shore Drive?
Traffic before a Cubs game on LSD when two lanes of roadway are closed for construction.

The Chicago Department of Transportation began a repaving project on Lake Shore Drive between Belmont and Irving Park Road on Tuesday of  last week (May 31st). Both these exit/entrance points are perhaps the busiest two ramps on the entire drive during the summer baseball season.

While of course this road construction will have a traffic impact on LSD, but perhaps traffic impacts could become epic before and after Chicago Cubs games.

ALERT!: Lake Shore Drive Closed Sunday Morning

If you’re on your way to church, or brunch or just want to take a drive along Lake Shore Drive this Sunday morning, you are going to have to find a different route.

That’s because the entire 15 miles of Lake Shore Drive will be closed to motor vehicle traffic for the annual Bike The Drive event on Sunday, May 29th from 5 AM until 10 AM.

Thousands of bike riders will don their helmets, mount their bicycles and ride the length of Lake Shore Drive from 57th Street on the south and Bryn Mawr on the north.

For more info, check out the Bike the Drive website.

Obama Visit Temporarily Close Down Expressways

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are in town to for a taping of the Oprah Winfrey Show today.

But they’re leaving major traffic impacts in their wake.

Lake Shore Drive was closed down in both directions between 31st Street and Soldier Field for a short time Wednesday morning. Portions of the Kennedy, Dan Ryan and the Stevenson Expressways where they feed to LSD, were also closed temporarily to allow the President’s motorcade to make it to Oprah’s west side studio.

Of course, we’ll see similar impacts when the President and First Lady return to O’Hare Airport to fly out of town and head to New York City in the mid-afternoon.

The Obamas will be in the Big Apple to attend fundraisers and screw up traffic there Wednesday evening according to Fox New York News.

What Once Was Lost, Now Is Found

Dude  Stranded On LSD Finally Finds His Car

Around 1000 abandoned vehicles were towed off of Lake Shore Drive after last Tuesday night’s blizzard. Over the course of the last few days, while 99.9% of them were recovered from a handful of parking lots in the last few days, one car went missing.

Drew Siegert, who was one driver who got stuck on LSD during the blizzard, was coming up empty trying to track down his vehicle. He called 311 multiple times, checked the special website the the city set up, but no dice–no car

That is, until today when the city called to tell him his Toyota Camry was up in Lakeview according to CBS Chicago.

Somehow, some way, Siegert’s car found its way into a parking spot at Broadway at Wellington.

Blizzard Driving Update Friday Edition

ABC 7′s I-Team is reporting that some wards in Chicago are getting preferential treatment when it comes to snow removal.

Allegedly, according to an unnamed source from within the Department of Streets & Sanitation, there’s an unwritten clout list where allies of Mayor Daley get more snow removal resources sooner than other wards.

Channel 7 did a spot check of different wards in the city and make a strong case for this theory.

Read Chuck Goudie’s full report, “Intelligence Report: Not all side streets created equal.”

Some Alderman Critical Of Snow Cleanup

In a similar vein, some alderman are publicly critical of the administration’s snow removal efforts in their wards.

Getting Your Blizzard Stranded Car Back

Cars Abandoned On LSD Relocated To Several City Lots

Cars abandoned in Chicago's Blizzard of '67

Update: City has set up an online database for relocated vehicles stranded on LSD. Here’s the webpage.

When the City of Chicago made the decision to close down Lake Shore Drive in the middle a blizzard of historical significance, hundreds of drivers were forced to abandon their cars and flee the drive.

This left Streets & Sanitation with the Herculean task of removing these several hundred vehicles and find a place to park them.

According to OEMC these vehicles have been, and are being relocated to relatively nearby parking lots off Lake Shore Drive at Chicago Avenue, Belmont Avenue, Wilson Avenue, Foster Avenue, Soldier Field, and North Avenue at Wells St.

Lake Shore Drive Closed To Cars Sunday Morning

20,000 Bicyclists Expected For Bike The Drive Event

If you wake up early Saturday Sunday morning, and think taking a drive along the lakefront on Lake Shore Drive, to enjoy the sun rising over Lake Michigan would be a fantastic idea–think again.

Because starting at 5:30 AM on Saturday Sunday morning, the city will be close LSD, from Hollywood all the way to 59th Street for the ninth annual MB Financial Bank Bike The Drive event.