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Chicago Gas Prices Drop Just in Time for Fourth of July

Chicago drivers are seeing healthy declines in gas prices just in time for the Independence Day holiday.

Local motorists are in for a treat this Independence Day when they fill up their gas tank to head out of town.

Chicago gas prices have dropped dramatically in the last four weeks, by more than 50 cents a gallon since early June, according to ChicagoGasPrices.com and AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report.

“Gas prices have dropped pretty substantially over the last few weeks — as much as 40 to 50 cents a gallon in some areas,” said AAA spokesperson Beth Mosher. “The refinery issues that pushed prices higher this spring have been resolved. That’s what [is] causing these prices to drop.”

Production issues at area oil refineries combined with the switchover to the more expensive but more eco-friendly summer gas blend pushed Chicago’s gas prices to the highest in the nation this spring. But prices have moderated since then.

In the city, the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded is $4.14, according to the Fuel Gauge Report. ChicagoGasPrices.com shows an average price of $3.95 per gallon for the greater Chicago area.

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Why Are Chicago Gas Prices So High? WBEZ Has Answers

WBEZ Radio reporter Michael Puente asks and answers the question, “Why are gas prices so high in Chicago?” with a video report.

It serves as a decent overview to that very frustrating question, which is essentially high gas taxes and the EPA mandate forcing area gas stations to sell the more expensive and allegedly lower polluting “summer blend” of gasoline.

Puente goes even more in-depth with his written report, “Why does Chicago still have such high gas prices?

Chicago Drivers Paying Highest Gas Prices In The Nation

A recent spike in fuel prices has Chicago drivers paying the highest gasoline prices in the U.S.

Both AAA Motor Club’s Fuel Gauge Report and GasBuddy.com, have given Chicago the dubious distinction of having the nation’s highest gas prices.

“Yes, Chicago is the top dog, number one, top of the heap for gas prices no matter if we like it or not,” said GasBuddy spokesperson Patrick DeHaan, who is based in the Windy City. “The highly coveted, most ridiculously high gas prices of the nation goes to…Chicago!”

Chicago drivers are find they're paying the highest prices in the nation when they fill up their gas tanks.

ChicagoGasPrices.com has Chicagoland pump prices pegged at an average $4.26 for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline while AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report lists the average price within the city limits at a painful $4.36 per gallon. These prices are between $0.75 to $0.85 more per gallon than the national average.

AAA’s Beth Mosher said the Illinois also has bragging rights on the higest state average for gas in the U.S. at $3.95 per gallon.

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Chicago Gas Prices Come In Like A Lion, But Out Like A Lamb?

In like a lion, out like a lamb.

No, not March weather, but local gas prices.

According to AAA, Chicago area drivers are experiencing historically highest pump prices for the start of March–but relief is on the way.

“Gas prices rose almost every day last month,” says AAA spokesperson Beth Mosher. “We’re seeing some of the highest prices for March–ever.”

AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report shows city gas pumps sporting an average price of $4.22 for a gallon of regular unleaded. That’s up 26 cents a gallon higher than a month ago, and 60 cents a gallon more expensive than this January’s prices. February ended the month a quarter per gallon higher than last February–a potentially ominous sign considering fuel prices tend to peak in late March or early April.

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Chicago Gas Prices Jump In January

At gas pumps all over Chicago, local drivers are getting some ominous news–gas prices have jumped dramatically over the past month.

After enjoying four months of declining fuel prices and some of the lowest prices in the last few years, local gas prices have risen over 10% according to two websites which track area gas prices.

According to AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report, the average cost for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in the city has increased from $3.59 to $3.96 a gallon, a 37 cent bump. The price rose 25 cents just in the last week.

ChicagoGasPrices.com, which tracks pricing for the Chicago metro area,  has seen the cost of fuel rise 42 cents a gallon or a 12% increase the past 30 days. Local gas has gone from $3.44 to $3.86 a gallon in the past month and has risen 20 cents in the past week.

Chicago Gas Prices Continue To Drop

After a year of abnormally high and even record breaking gas prices, Chicago drivers have seen a reprieve the past four months.

Since the beginning of September, local gas prices on average, have fallen around 90 cents a gallon for regular unleaded gasoline.

According to AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report, prices have plummeted from $4.48 per gallon to $3.57 per gallon, while ChicagoGasPrices.com has gas declining from $4.37 per gallon in early September to $3.46 a gallon Monday.

In December, fuel prices have dropped around 20 cents a gallon according to both AAA and ChicagoGasPrices.com,  making area gas prices around 17 cents lower a gallon than prices a year ago. Nationally, fuel prices are an average 30 cents per gallon lower than this time last year.

“The reason for the downward trend that started a few months ago is a combination of decreased demand, increased supplies and the switchover to less expensive winter-blend fuels.” said AAA Chicago spokesperson Nick Jarmusz. “It was aided last month by the economic uncertainty resulting from the ‘fiscal cliff’ debate in Washington.”

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Chicago Gas Prices Drop Over Past Month

Gas prices have been dropping around Chicagoland.

Over the past month, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline has fallen about 25 cents a gallon according to two websites which track fuel prices.

AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report
shows prices for the greater Chicagoland area are averaging around $3.52 per gallon, $.24 cents a gallon less than last month. ChicagoGasPrices.com pegs the average price per gallon at $3.55 per gallon, a full quarter cheaper than a month ago.

“Most motorists managed to save a little money on gasoline just in time for holiday shopping,” said Beth Mosher, AAA Chicago spokesperson. “Prices unfortunately did not fall as quickly as most of us would have liked as a result of factors ranging from fighting in the Middle East to optimism over the ‘fiscal cliff.’”

Playing Politics With The Price Of Gasoline

The price drivers pay at the gas pump to fill up their tank has been one of many contentious issues during this year’s election season.

Republicans point out the fact that gas is nearly double what it was before President Obama came to office.

In fact, Americans For Prosperity conducted a bus tour where they would stop at gas stations across the country and give motorists gasoline at the significantly lower 2009 price of around $1.85 per gallon. AFP even made a campaign stop in west suburban Lombard about a month ago.

Chicago Area Gas Prices Dropping, But Still Abnormally High

There’s good news and bad news at the gas pump.

Gas prices in Chicago have dropped 23 cents per gallon over the last 30 days–an approximate 5% decline.

According to ChicagoGasPrices.com, the average price for regular unleaded
gasoline is $4.06 per gallon, down 23 cents a gallon over the past month.

AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report
also shows a decline of 23 cents per gallon over the past month in both the city proper and the greater Chicago metro area.
AAA shows area prices averaging $4.04 per gallon while gas is a bit higher within Chicago’s boundaries coming in at $4.25 per gallon.

Patrick DeHaan of GasBuddy.com, the parent of ChicagoGasPrices.com, says a multitude of factors is putting downward pressure on prices.

Chicago Gas Prices Drop During April

Chicago drivers are breathing a sigh of relief these days as gas prices declined significantly in April, with  the average price of regular unleaded gasoline dropping nearly every day last month.

While Chicago area gas prices are still significantly higher than last year, local gas prices dropped nearly a quarter a gallon for regular unleaded gasoline in April, according to AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report.

“Prices are starting to stabilize a little from the price increases we saw due to the switch over to the summer blend of gasoline,” said Beth Mosher, director of public affairs for AAA Chicago.

It was the end of March when Chicago gas prices reached a record high price of $4.68 per gallon in the city proper and $4.50 per gallon for the Chicago metro area according to AAA.