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New Transportation Aggregation App RideScout Debuts In Chicago

Ex-CDOT Commissioner Signs On As Advisor For App Startup

RideScout screenshot. Photo  credit: RideScout.

RideScout screenshot. Photo credit: RideScout.

A new smartphone app called RideScout, which aggregates transportation options for its users, has just debuted in the Chicago area.

The company says RideScout allows Chicagoans to pick and choose many transportation options from a single platform. The app allows people to connect with CTA buses and trains, METRA, PACE but also view other transportation options like Zipcar, Divvy, rideshare companies like SideCar, and even  helps users  locate parking.

“Chicago is known for its public transportation and, with the multitude of alternative ride options as well, people need a way to quickly and easily compare their options,” said Joseph Kopser, Co-Founder and CEO of RideScout. “RideScout brings much needed transparency to Chicago’s transportation ecosystem and we are excited to add this this city as part of our rapid growth and expansion plan.”

In conjunction with RideShare’s expansion into Chicago, the firm has brought on former Chicago Department of Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein to aide them as a member of its Board of Advisors says the company.

Mayor Emanuel Appoints New Commissioner Of Transportation

Rebekah Schoeinfeld. Photo courtesy of the City of Chicago.

Rebekah Schoeinfeld. Photo courtesy of the City of Chicago.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Tuesday, his appointment of Rebekah Scheinfeld to become the city’s new Commissioner of Transportation.

Scheinfeld will take over for the freshly departed Gabe Klein who left as head of the Chicago Department of Transportation at the end of November after two and a half years at the department’s helm.

“In two and a half years, Chicago has become a national leader in expanding transportation options and rebuilding infrastructure,” said Emanuel in a statement. “Rebekah will continue to build on our successful record and ensure that every Chicagoan has access to world-class transportation systems. Her strong management and planning skills will bring a lot to the agency as it continues the critical work of making sure Chicago has a strong, vibrant, accessible transportation network.”

Scheinfeld is coming over from the CTA where she is currently the Chief Planning Officer and a Senior Vice President.

Speed Cams Issue 2,700 Violations In First Weeks Of Ticketing

A speed camera near Douglas Park watches for speeders on Roosevelt Road.

In the first few weeks of active ticketing, a handful of Chicago’s speed cameras have issued a total of 2,700 speeding violations according to the Chicago Department of Transportation.

Nine cameras near four city parks (Gompers, McKinley, Garfield, and Marquette) began issuing speed camera tickets with monetary fines between $35 and $100 between October 16th and October 22nd.

According to CDOT, speeding events have dropped by nearly two-thirds between the first of warnings and the third week in ticketing.

After the cameras were first installed back in late August and early September, warnings were issued for a period of 30 days. CDOT says each camera issued an average 507 warnings per day in the first week of operation. But by the third week of issuing tickets, violations for exceeding the speed limit by 10 mph or more had dropped to just 175 per day.

Speed Camera Tickets Begin At 3 Locations Monday

7 More Speed Cam Locations Start Ticketing By End Of Month

A sign warns drivers of speed cameras on Roosevelt Road near Douglas Park.

Three new speed camera locations at Washington, Douglas and Legion Parks began issuing tickets with monetary fines beginning Monday according to the Chicago Department of Transportation.

The three locations had issued warning notices for a 30 day period which was followed by a two-week period where no warnings were issued to insure all warnings were received in the mail by speeding drivers.

Although the law allows for $35 tickets to be issued for vehicles exceeding the speed limit between 6-10 miles per hour, and $100 fines for going 11 mph or more, the city will initially only issue tickets for drivers going 10 mph over the limit. The city says this speed threshold will gradually be lowered but gave no time frame for this.

CDOT also announced another four speed camera locations will start their ticketing phase by the end of November. This includes cameras at Abbott Park which will begin issuing violations next Monday, November 25th and at Humboldt, Major Taylor Park and another location in Douglas Park will start ticketing Saturday, November 30th.

Guest Opinion: A Thank You Letter To Gabe Klein

Outgoing CDOT Commissioner Gabe Klein. Photo credit: City of Chicago.

By Moe Torrist

Dear Gabe:

On November 1, 2013, you announced your resignation as Chicago’s Transportation Commissioner. In the wake of that announcement, you have received the heartfelt thanks from those who seek to eliminate cars from the streets of Chicago.

But please don’t think that Chicago’s motorists are ungrateful for all that you (along with Mayor Rahm Emanuel) have done, in your brief two and a half year stint as Transportation Commissioner. To that end, we, the motorists of Chicago, would like to offer our sincere thanks for all of your good works. In particular, we would like to sing your praises for all of the following accomplishments…

CDOT Announces Plans For 50 New Speed Camera Locations In 2014

CDOT Commsioner Gabe Klein testifies at City Council budget hearings Wednesday.

On Wednesday at City Hall, Commissioner Gabe Klein went through his last Chicago Department of Transportation city budget hearings.

Klein announced his resignation late last week and will leave his post at the end of this month.

So during the nearly eight hours of hearings City Council members praised, questioned and sometimes scolded Klein and his staff about a range of transportation related issues including the city’s brand new speed camera program.

Klein and CDOT Deputy Commissioner Scott Kubly both said the first 50 speed camera locations will finished being installed in early 2014. This would be followed by the installation an additional 50 speed camera enforcement sites by the end of 2014 according to CDOT documents prepared for aldermen.

This will give Chicago a total of 100 speed enforcement locations with over 200 speed cameras, making the city’s automated speed camera enforcement program the largest in the U.S. by the end of next year. Washtington DC, where Klein previously served as Director the DC Department of Transportation, currently operates the nation’s largest automated speed enforcement program with close to 150 cameras.

Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein Announces Resignation

Chicago Transportation Commisioner Gabe Klein unveils CDOT's Pedestrian Plan in 2012

Gabe Klein will ride his bicycle into the sunset as the city’s Commissioner of Transportation at the end of November.

Klein, announced his resignation Friday, leaving a position he held for two and a half years to rejoin the public sector according to the Chicago Tribune.

Klein was hired by Mayor Rahm Emanuel to push a heavy, pro-bike, pro-pedestrian, alternative transportation agenda which included the Divvy bike sharing program, restarting the Bloomingdale Trail project and overseeing Emanuel’s promise to build 100 miles of protected bike lanes by the end of his first term.

But Klein had raised the ire of many Chicago drivers by spearheading the city’s new speed camera enforcement system–a program that looks to generate tens of millions of dollars a year. Despite the lack of corroborating crash data to substantiate the need for speed cameras, supporters bought into Klein’s claim it would reduce pedestrian crashes–in particular juvenile pedestrian crashes.

Chicago Tonight Explains Chicago’s Speed Camera Program

Channel 11′s Chicago Tonight has a solid run down on the start of ticketing at the city’s first speed cameras.

Interestingly, they report Alderman Anthony Beale (9th) is questioning if one of the city’s first Southside locations is a legitimate location for a speed camera.

First Speed Cam Tickets Begin At 6 AM Wednesday

Construction works get ready to secure the base of the speed camera pole in the 5100 block of north Pulaski back in August.

Chicago’s first two speed cameras will begin issuing $35 and $100 fines starting Wednesday at 6 AM according to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office.

The two cameras, at 4100 W. Foster Ave. and 5100 N. Pulaski Road,  both adjacent to Gompers Park,  were installed back in August and after a 30 day warning period and subsequent grace period, the two cameras are finally ready to start mailing out tickets with monetary fines.

The city says all drivers are entitled to one more speed camera warning before a ticket with a fine attached is mailed.

200,000 Speed Camera Warnings Issued In First 40 Days, $100 Tickets Start Wednesday

A new sign warns drivers they are nearing automated speed camera enforcement zone by McKinley Park. Photo credit Casey Cora/DNA Info.

The city got a taste of how prolific its new speed cameras could be, revealing Friday that 200,000 speeders were nabbed in a 40-day warning period, five times more than the speed camera vendor had ever seen from a set of cameras.

The warning period comes to end Wednesday near Gompers Park on the North Side. Live tickets will begin to be issued Wednesday to drivers caught going more than 11 mph over the limit. Those tickets will cost lead-footed drivers $100.

But despite have the legal ability to do so, the city will indefinitely delay issuing $35 fines to drivers who are caught going 6-9 mph over the limit. Drivers going 10 mph over will still face the $35 fine. The threshold for the $35 fine will be incrementally lowered over time according to CDOT’s Scott Kubly. But he couldn’t give a firm date when this will start.

“Basically, we wanted to focus on the outset on the most egregious speeders,” explained Kubly.

The law requires warnings to be issued to drivers for 30 days after a speed camera is installed. Fines could technically start on the 31st day, but last week the city announced it will delay all fines for two to three weeks to ensure everyone issued a warning has ample time to receive it.

The cameras adjacent to Gompers Park, at 4100 W. Foster Ave. and 5100 N. Pulaski Road, were the city’s first two speed-enforcement cameras when they were installed back in August.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.