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Mayor Proposes Parking Ticket Fines, Fee Increases In New Budget

With higher parking meter rates as a result of the 2008 parking meter lease deal and the launch of speed camera enforcement in 2013, it’s been a rough few years for Chicago drivers.

But now Mayor Rahm Emanuel is proposing fee and fine increases that will make things a bit more financially uncomfortable for local vehicle owners.

Emanuel, in an attempt to fill a city budget hole just north of $300 million, is looking to raise another $10 million by increasing the cost of some parking violations and by increasing the cost of storage fees at city owned auto pounds according to the city. Some of these fines have not been raised in over 20 years the city says.

The mayor proposes raising the fine for street cleaning violations from $50 to $60, adding $10 to the fine for parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant from $100 to $110, increasing rush hour tickets from the now $60 to a whopping $100, and moving the $25 fine for parking a taxi, truck, bus or RV on a residential street to $75.

Illinois Tollway Announces New Smart Phone App

The Illinois Tollway unveiled Monday a new mobile application for I-PASS users to access their account info using the browser on their smartphone.

“More than 81 percent of our customers manage their I-PASS accounts online, so we’ve made enhancing access to our website one of our top priorities,” said Illinois Tollway Executive Director Kristi Lafleur via press release. “Now, our customers can easily check on their I-PASS balance and update their account information with a few taps on their mobile device.”

This new mobile option is not a downloadable app, but rather an optimized mobile website that allows users running a mobile web browser to use it on any smartphone platform including Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

After accessing the main site, users need to click on the Mobile I-PASS Management icon and log in from there.

Illinois Tollway Fines Family $27,000 For $210 In Missed Tolls

If you think loan sharks are bad, try the Illinois Tollway Authority.

According to a CBS 2 Investigation, the Illinois Tollway Authority assessed $27,000 in fines for $210 in missed tolls.