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Lake Shore Drive Would Be A Great Place For Speed Cameras

NBC Chicago Ward Room writer, Edward McClelland thinks Lake Shore Drive would be a wonderful place for speed cameras.

Of course, this is a fabulously idiotic idea.

Because McClelland is painfully uniformed about speed cameras and traffic safety in general, his opinion piece is an exercise of ignorance.

Writer Predicts No Other Cities Will Ever Privatize Their Parking Meters

NBC Chicago writer Edward McClelland last week boldly predicted that due to Chicago’s horrible experience with it’s infamous and hated parking meter lease deal, no city will ever privatize their parking meters ever again.

There’s only good thing about Chicago’s parking meter deal: no other city will ever again lease its parking concession to a private company.

McClelland points to when Pittsburgh flirted with the idea before turning its back on privatizing their meters.

But humorously, just a week after his gutsy prediction, Cincinnati signed away its parking meters for 30 years and a $92 million upfront payment according to the Business Courier.

In addition, it looks like Sacramento is poised to follow the Queen City any day now.

Parking Meter Company A ‘Parasitic Business’?


That’s what  NBC 5′s Ward Room columnist, Edward McClelland, calls Chicago Parking Meters, LLC,  the company which controls the city’s 30,000 metered parking spaces.

In a recent column, McClelland calls CPM a “parasitic business.”

McClelland, references a recent Salon piece by political commentator Michael Lind:

Lind was criticizing what he called the Rentier class — financiers who make money not by selling goods and services, but by “their natural or artificial monopoly power to extract excessive tolls, fees and other recurrent payments from the rest of society, including productive businesses.”

The typical rich American, Lind argued, “should be an innovative industrialist or technologist, not a Wall Street financier or a guy with a parking-meter monopoly.”

McClelland wholeheartedly agrees with Lind saying the 75-year lease for $1.16 billion is essentially a monopoly which CPM will exploit to the tune of billions of dollars over the term of the agreement.

While some of what Lind and McClelland say is undoubtedly true, their blame is completely misplaced.

Companies exist to maximize profit for their owners or investors. For the two writers to be surprised when a company like CPM behave in this way is naive and nonsensical.

Their ire should be directed at former Mayor Richard Daley, his administration and the alderman who voted for the crappy parking meter lease deal in the first place–not CPM for finding and executing a lucrative business deal.

Here’s McClelland’s full piece, “Chicago Parking Meters LLC, Parasitic “Business”.

Local Author Enjoys Throwing Trash On The Street

Anti-dibs flier from two years ago

Normally, people who support tossing junk into the street to save the parking space they’ve shoveled out for themselves, tend to be at the lower end of the IQ spectrum.

At least that’s my impression.

Of course I’m biased.

Because I pretty much think placing lawn furniture or any other type of household crap on the street in front of your house makes you an inconsiderate, selfish dumbass.

That’s why I’m surprised that NBC Chicago writer Edward “Ted” McClelland opposes and openly mocks the efforts of Chair Free Chicago, the freshly launched anti-dibs organization/website.

In fact, McClelland supports this tacky, white trash tradition in a piece posted yesterday over at the NBC Chicago website.