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Good Samaritan Returns Denver Boot To City

Denver boot returned to city

A goodhearted Chicago driver decided to return a Denver boot back to the city–at least according to this recent photo posted on Facebook.

Our theory is, someone from the city “accidentally” affixed a boot on their vehicle so the driver decided to remove the boot, along with tire from their car.

So the kind motorist, knowing the city is broke, returned the city’s lost boot to the City of Chicago Department of Revenue location at 2006 E. 95th Street.

This photo was posted by Abiola Oluwajimi on his Facebook page.

Hat tip to Elsie V.

Booted Chicago Police Car?

Booted Cop Car

Fake or real?

Unfortunately, we cannot ascertain the veracity of this photograph–but wouldn’t it be hilarious if there’s any truth to the image.

Knowing the state of the internet, there’s a distinct possibility it’s some sort of photoshopped prank.

No matter. Whether faked or truth, it certainly worth a chuckle on a Monday.

Dairy Queen Boot Dispute Shocks North Shore Suburb

global-bootPeople don’t like it when their car gets booted–especially when all they want is an ice cream cone.

A disagreement over a vehicle booted in a strip mall parking lot grew heated and then violent last week when a man parked in the lot, but then walked over to the adjacent Dairy Queen according to Pioneer Press.

Earlier this year, the property management company of a Wilmette strip mall hired Chicago Parking Management, a private booting firm, to enforce parking restrictions on their property. The problem was that drivers would use the strip mall parking lot to park and not to patronize the businesses in the strip mall, but to purchase something scrumpdillicious from the popular Dairy Queen.

Private Booting Expands To More Chicago Neighborhoods

Booting of vehicles on private property is now legal in 28 of Chicago’s 50 wards according to DNA Info.


Private booting is a type of parking enforcement on private property that is an alternative to towing. If a driver parks a car in a parking lot but walks off the property without patronizing one of the property’s businesses, an attendant will place a boot on their car and only release it after paying hefty fines up to $140.

Global Parking Management seems to be the only company in the city engaged in this business and has many client parking lots in Lakeview, Wicker Park and other heavily congested neighborhoods where motorists often abuse parking lots to shop elsewhere.

It’s a controversial practice that, while legal, leaves many motorists very angry.

Private booting is allowed on a ward by ward basis. Some wards allow it, but others do not.

So when the Chicago City Council redrew ward maps with new boundaries that began in 2015, Global Parking Management lost some clients because those businesses were now located in a ward that didn’t allow booting.

Waukegan Offers Ticket Amnesty, Makes It Easier To Get Booted

What the boot!?Carrot and stick.

That’s the strategy the City of Waukegan seems to be using on north suburban motorists according to the Chicago Tribune.

First the carrot.

The town is offering it’s third parking ticket amnesty since 1994 to try to get paid on about $3 million in unpaid tickets. Although the city has many tickets on their books that have increased with fines and penalties due to non-payment, Waukegan is willing to let scofflaws pay the original ticket amount plus 17%.

City Hall Explores DIY Denver Boot Release Program

The Denver boot immobilizes another Chicago scofflaw.

The Denver boot immobilizes another Chicago scofflaw.

Chicago drivers dread getting booted–that is–the bright yellow Denver boot.

But now, getting booted–or at least getting the boot removed may become much easier.

The city has recently issued an RFP (request for proposal) for a vendor to provide some sort of “self-release vehicle immobilization devices,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Unfortunately, city motorists will sometimes come back to their vehicle to find one of these metal vehicle immobilization devices attached to a tire due to unpaid parking tickets.

Police Lead Surge In Chicago Parking Ticket Issuance For 2013

Parking Ticket bar graphMayor Rahm Emanuel touted the reassignment of hundreds of police officers to the streets as a better way to fight crime.

And while crime did drop last year, the redeployment of officers from desk jobs to beat duty has had another possible outcome: more parking tickets.

After years of steady declines, the number of parking tickets issued in the city went up last year to 2.5 million, a 6 percent increase from 2012, data from the Chicago Department of Finance shows. It was the first time that the number of tickets issued actually increased from the previous year since 2008, when 2.75 million tickets were written.

While several different city agencies and private companies issued the tickets, the biggest jump last year was in the amount of tickets written by police officers, who penned more than 1 million of them in 2013. That’s nearly 170,0000, or nearly 20 percent, more than they wrote in 2012.

Police spokesman Adam Collins insisted police brass did not order officers to write up more parking scofflaws.

Read more at DNA Info.

Alderman Beale Feels Parking Ticket Fine Increases Excessive

Ald. Anthony Beale. Photo credit: Wendell Hutson/DNA Info

South Side Alderman Anthony Beale (9th) isn’t taking kindly to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposal to increase fines on some parking violations and fees for impounded cars.

Beale believes these increases will disproportionately affect residents of lesser means according to DNA Info.

“I understand that we have to get creative to plug this hole but it seems like our creativity is coming off the backs of the poor and middle class,” Beale said. “Increasing rush-hour parking violations to $100 from $60 or storage fees for impounded cars to $20 from $10 is excessive.”

Ticket Ninja Helps Drivers Avoid Parking Ticket Late Fees, Boot

One of the approximately 2 million parking tickets issued every year in Chicago.

Milwaukee resident Nick Gartmann wants to save Chicago drivers from one of the worst things about parking tickets — late fees.

Gartmann is the creator of Ticket Ninja, a service which tracks a subscribing driver’s parking tickets and pays them automatically on time, so late fees don’t pile up.

The 24-year old software programmer launched Ticket Ninja in his hometown in June, partially to help his own pocketbook.

Like many drivers, Gartmann would forget to pay his tickets on time, then get slapped with a late fee. He decided to write a computer script which would check the city of Milwaukee’s website daily for parking ticket dates, then automatically pay them on their due date.

“I had a tendency to get parking tickets and forget to pay them,” Gartmann said sheepishly. “The company grew out of my problem.”

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Man Arrested After Taking Blowtorch To Denver Boot

70-year old Michael Ziemba has been accused of trying to use a blowtorch to remove the boot from this car.

“I had to remove it somehow because I have money problems,” Michael Ziemba allegedly told police.

According to DNA Info Chicago, the 70-year old Ziemba was caught by police allegedly attempting to remove the bright yellow Denver boot attached to his front wheel with a blowtorch.

He was charged with criminal damage to property and released on his own recognizance.

Ziemba may also face a separate $750 fine for tampering with the boot by the city’s Department of Finance.

Here’s DNA Info’s full story, “Man, 70, Caught Using Blowtorch on Denver Boot, Prosecutors Say.”