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Saturday Crosswalk Enforcement Stings

Be careful running your Saturday morning errands drivers. Don’t run over any pedestrians.

The Chicago Department of Transportation and the Chicago Police Department will be teaming up to stage crosswalk enforcement stings between 8 AM and at least 1 PM this Saturday.

This enforcement is part of the city’s Crosswalk Enforcement Initiative and essentially has cops posing as pedestrians who attempt to walk across the street at a crosswalk.

If drivers don’t come to a complete stop and allow the fake peds to cross, you can expect to see blue flashing lights behind you a few seconds later.

Here are the three locations:

Crosswalk Stings Slated For Thursday, Saturday

Stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk drivers!

Crosswalk enforcement stings are back again this week.

Tonight CDOT and undercover police officers posing as pedestrians will be in the Wicker Park neighborhood starting at 7:30 PM. as part of the Crosswalk Enforcement Initiatives program.
Then Saturday morning, enforcement crews will be on the near South and West side.

If a real or fake pedestrian steps into the crosswalk at an intersection, drivers should make sure their cars come to a complete stop and allow the person to complete crossing the street.

If you don’t at one of these intersections being enforced, you could be fined $50 to $500.

Here are the enforcement locations:

Crosswalk Stings Hits NW Side Saturday Morning

Pay attention Saturday morning drivers on the Northwest Side.

The Chicago Police Department and Chicago Department of Transportation is conducting three crosswalk enforcement initiatives Saturday morning. “Crosswalk enforcement initiative” is nice way to say “sting operation.”

Here’s how it goes down.

Undercover cops posing as pedestrians step off the curb at a marked crosswalk.

If you, the driver doesn’t stop and allow them to completely cross the street, you can be fined $50 to $500.

Here are the three locations:

ALERT!: Crosswalk Enforcement At 3 Locations Saturday

Watch yourself driving Saturday morning.

The police department will be out doing crosswalk enforcement at select intersections starting at 8 AM.

The Crosswalk Enforcement Initiatives program is a form of driver education which teaches motorists via hefty fines, that they must always stop to allow pedestrians to cross the street at intersections.

Cops, acting like pedestrians will step off the curb and into the crosswalk to ostensibly reach the other side of the street. If you don’t stop and let the “pedestrian” completely cross the street, you will be fined anywhere from $50 to $500. Ouch.

Here’s where enforcement teams will be on Saturday, May 21st: