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Ask The Parking Ticket Geek: The Parking Lot ‘Parking Ticket’

Ben shows off a "parking ticket" he received at an LAZ Parking lot in Lincoln Park.

Ben shows off a “parking ticket” he received at an LAZ Parking lot in Lincoln Park.

Dear Parking Ticket Geek,

Last Friday I paid for parking in an uncovered lot managed by LAZ Parking at the corner of Weed Street and North Fremont Street from 7:55 p.m. until 4 a.m. The machine asked me to type the last three characters of my license plate.

When the receipt printed, it did not have any written explanation of where to place it. In fact, it didn’t even say to display it, and neither did the machine that printed the ticket. I assumed this must be why I had to key in my last three characters of my plate.

So I simply put the receipt in my wallet and headed off.

How wrong I was!

When I returned to the lot before 4 a.m., I found a ticket for $50. I contested this ticket with an email that included a photo of both my ticket and the receipt. They responded to my email in legalese saying I still have to pay the parking ticket, but they’ll reduce it to $30.

Am I really liable?


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Angry Over Parking Ticket Decision, Man Arrested After Posting Video Threatening A Judge

One of the approximately 2 million parking tickets issued every year in Chicago.It’s never a good idea to threaten someone–especially a city worker.

And it’s a worse idea to provide evidence of your threat by posting a video of it on YouTube.

According to RedEye, that’s what a 40-year old Country Clubs Hills man did recently and it landed him in jail.

The man was angry with the Administrative Law Judge who ruled against him and upheld a parking ticket he was issued on Milwaukee Avenue.

Instead of just paying the ticket, he uploaded a profanity laden, racist and homophobic 11 minute video to YouTube asking viewers to bomb the city hearing facility, blow up the ALJ’s car, and attack Parking Enforcement Aides and other ticket writers.

Then he mailed a letter with the link’s web address to the hearing officer.

Ask The Parking Ticket Geek

Billy stands next to the parking meter pay box on Damen Avenue in Wicker Park where he was paying to park while his car was getting ticketed.

Billy stands next to the parking meter pay box on Damen Avenue in Wicker Park where he was paying to park while his car was getting ticketed.

Mr. Parking Meter guy,

This morning I parked my car at Damen off North Avenue to get a cup of coffee before heading to work.

I parked my car and walked almost a block to the parking meter box to see two people ahead of me paying to park. I patiently waited in the frigid cold for about two minutes before my turn came up to pay. I put in 25 cents to pay for 10 minutes, got my receipt, walked to my car and BOOM: orange ticket on my car!

The parking ticket was issued at 9:31 a.m. but my parking meter receipt says 9:33.

Is this legal? how can they get away with this?


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Woman Contests & Beats 53 Chicago Parking Tickets

Dismissed-ticket-horizontalBoy, I really dig this woman.

Loreen Targos fought and beat the 53 parking tickets she was issued for parking her motorcycle in a legal parking spot on Randolph Street near State Street.

The spot in question, according to the Chicago Tribune’s Problem Solver column, was un-metered and was not marked with any signs prohibiting or restricting parking.

Initially, she only won 51 of the 53 tickets she contested through the Department of Administrative Hearings. On two of the tickets she was found responsible. But, being the feisty woman she is, Targos she filed an appeal to the Cook County Circuit Court which is not an inexpensive process.

Ask The Parking Ticket Geek

Dear Mr. Geek,

Can I get a ticket for no city sticker if I am legally parked at a meter?


Of course you can be ticketed for a city sticker violation parked at a meter Sagar.

Being legally parked at a meter does not magically project an invisible force field over your vehicle that repels ticket writers from issuing you tickets for other violations.

If your car’s license plate is expired, missing a front plate, parked over 12″ from the curb or not sporting a valid city sticker on the windshield you can be ticketed–even if you have time on the meter.

Frustrated Driver Creates Anti-Ticket Video

Seemingly inspired by an unjust parking ticket, one Chicago driver tries to exact some video revenge.

Ask The Parking Ticket Geek

Hi Geek,

I got a ticket at 7 am for parking in a spot that clearly states its a 30 minute standing zone only from 10 am – 8 pm. I will contest this ticket by mail. Should I submit a photo? I don’t have a good printer so doing so would be a bit extra work for me.


Please, PLEASE provide photos Chan.

Photos are perhaps the very best way for a driver to illustrate the parking environment when the violation was issued. It allows the hearing officer to see what you saw on the street at the time the ticket was given.

Otherwise, it’s just your word against the ticket writer’s word. And guess what? Without the photos, the word of the ticket writer is going to carry more weight and most likely, you’ll lose.

Take the extra time and effort to do this or you risk losing.

The Geek

Hello Parking Ticket Geek,

I got a ticket during the week , the reason for my ticket says “VIOLATION OF WHEEL TAX STICKER” what exactly does this mean?


NBC 5 Shares Tips For Fighting Parking Tickets

View more videos at: http://www.nbcchicago.com.

NBC 5′s Lisa Parker is back on the parking ticket beat.

First she helps a driver ticketed while his car was parked in a garage in the suburbs get some ticket justice.

Then, she shares research from successful parking ticket defenses on how to beat parking tickets.

Check out her full story at the NBC 5 website.


Ask The Parking Ticket Geek

Parking Ticket Geek,

Do you know anything about this law firm that collects money for the City of Chicago, Arnold Scott Harris?

I was garnished after I got on a payment plan and they claimed it was a “system” error. I am embarrassed at my job now and could scream! I can never get through to them and when I do, different people tell me different things, they always contradict themselves that is assuming I can understand what they say, some of them can barely speak good English.

Is this place legit?


I feel your frustration Mike.

Ask The Parking Ticket Geek

Hi Geek,

Do you know if you can contest a parking ticket via email or online?

I have the supporting documentation to show they ticketed me while I was parked legally. I have the ticket showing the issue time of 3:08PM and I have the ticket from the meter showing that it did not expire until 3:41PM.

I also have the transaction from my bank debit card showing the fee paid to LAZ. I’d like to email something right to Bea as well to complain…got her email address?

Best regards,


Maybe in the future, but currently tickets cannot be contested online Mr. Angry.