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Two Proposed Ordinances Will Change City Sticker Enforcement

A car in Wicker Park sports both last year and this year's Chicago city sticker.

A car in Wicker Park sports both last year and this year’s Chicago city sticker.

Two newly introduced ordinances at Wednesday’s City Council meeting could give city drivers more leeway when it comes to city vehicle sticker enforcement.

One ordinance, introduced by Aldermen Ed Burke (16th) and Mary O’Connor (41st), will give a break to drivers who forget to display their city stickers.

Under current law, vehicle owners must both purchase and display their city sticker on the car’s windshield. However, sometimes drivers buy their city sticker but forget to put it on their windshield and get hit with a $200 ticket.

Unfortunately, drivers cannot contest this expensive ticket by saying they just forgot to display it.

This ordinance proposes to allow residents in this situation to raise this defense and present their paid city sticker receipt as evidence and have the ticket dismissed.

Trib’s Problem Solver Helps With City Sticker Confusion

An elderly lady owns a Honda Civic.

When she went to City Hall to renew the city sticker for her vehicle, when she got home she noticed the sticker had the correct license plate and VIN, but the wrong year and model of car. It was listed as a 2013 Honda del Sol according to the Chicago Tribune–a car which has been out of production for 7 years.

The lady called the City Clerk’s Office to try to resolve the problem, as she feared parking ticket punishment for the mismatch, but couldn’t get a call back after leaving multiple voice mails.

So she contacted Jon Yates, the Problem Solver columnist at the Chicago Tribune.

Drivers See Long Lines On ‘Last Day’ Of City Sticker Sales

Lines to buy Chicago city stickers flow out the door of the city payment center at 2550 W. Addison St. Friday morning.

The line to buy a Chicago city vehicle sticker flowed outside the Chicago Department of Finance Office at 2550 W. Addison St. and down the length of the strip mall where the office is located.

Hundreds of Chicago vehicle owners patiently queued up Friday morning, the last business day to buy a city sticker before last year’s stickers expire on Sunday.

The same scenario was playing itself out at City Hall and other finance department and City Clerk satellite locations across the city Friday, with some people waiting up to two hours according to city employees.

“I didn’t know the lines would be this long,” Northwest Side resident Oscar Smith said as he waited to buy his sticker at the Addison office. “I think it’s kind of crazy.”

“This is disgusting,” railed Santo Pompilio, who also lives on the Northwest Side. “After all the money they get from city stickers we have to deal with this? I have five cars with the City of Chicago. All they want is money, money, money.”

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2013 Chicago City Sticker Sales Start Early

Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza listens to a question about city sticker sales on Wednesday.

City Clerk Susana Mendoza announced an early start to sales for Chicago’s annual city vehicle sticker Wednesday at City Hall.

“We are now open for business!” said Mendoza. “We are starting about two weeks before the traditional June 1 kickoff date.”

Mendoza said that 1.3 million city sticker renewal notices had already been mailed, the online sales website was live and ready to take orders and drivers who wanted to purchase their stickers in person could do so at any sales location.

However, this will be the last year for the long-lived tradition as Mendoza’s office will transition to a year-round model, which begins in June 2014.

“This will be the last year you will buy a city sticker on a June to June basis,” she said. “Two years into my term we are changing to a year-round system and I say good riddance.”City Clerk Susana Mendoza announced an early start to sales for Chicago’s annual city vehicle sticker Wednesday at City Hall.

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Year-Round City Sticker Plan Cruises Through Committee

City Clerk Susana Mendoza testifies about changing city stickers to a year-round sales model Wednesday at City Hall

After selling vehicle stickers the same way for more than 100 years, it looks like Chicago is ready to change.

The City Council’s Licensing Committee on Wednesday approved City Clerk Susana Mendoza’s proposal to change to year-round vehicle sticker sales.

“The Cubs and city stickers have something in common,” Mendoza said. “The Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908 and we haven’t changed the city-sticker sales process since 1908.”

Chicago vehicle owners now must renew their city stickers from June 1-30 every year, but have until July 15 until the city starts writing $200 tickets for expired or missing stickers.

Mendoza said the stickers were started as a licensing system for horse-drawn carriages and eventually carried over to autos. Mendoza said when she first came into office, she questioned why sticker sales always occurred in June.

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City Stickers Moving To Year Round Renewal

Over the course of just a few weeks every spring and summer, the Chicago City Clerk’s office sells over 1 million city vehicle stickers.

In person lines for city stickers are often long, patience is tested and in some cases tempers flare.

But this once a year tradition of purchasing a city sticker looks like it might end soon–perhaps as early as next year.

Wednesday, during City Council budget hearings, Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza told City Council members her office was working toward going to a year round sales model similar to how the Illinois Secretary of State’s office handles license plate renewals.

“…Next year, we’re looking to go to year-round city sticker sales,” said Mendoza in her opening remarks. “This is an ambitious undertaking, but everything we’ve learned up to this point demonstrates that it’s not only achievable, but will be a more convenient customer experience
with a positive budget impact. We’re confident that with your support and feedback, we can make this happen.”

How To Remove A Chicago City Sticker–The Video

With city sticker season rapidly coming to an end, we offer readers this video on how best to remove your city sticker with an expert in the field–City Clerk Susana Mendoza.

This video is a more polished version of the DYI version we put together last season.

Get pen and paper and take note!

City Computers Crash, City Stickers Sales March On

Clerk Mendoza Blasts State Of City’s Computer Network

City Clerk Mendoza poses next to Chicago's 2012-2013 city vehicle sticker

Neither rain nor snow, nor sleet nor City of Chicago system wide computer network crash shall keep this year’s city stickers from being sold.

Even though the city’s entire computer infrastructure suffered a paralyzing failure on Thursday, June 7th, where city business essentially ground to a halt, the Chicago City Clerk’s office was able to keep on selling this year’s city stickers at its three locations.

The City Clerk’s office had developed a manual backup system in anticipation of just such an event, ironically, as a result of a series of similar computer network outages almost exactly a year before.

Because the City Clerk’s office’s electronic sales system is dependent on the city’s computer network, last year city sticker sales stopped too when the city’s computer system goes down.

“Last year the City’s computer system crashed four times during our busiest sales period and we had no way of selling city vehicle stickers to thousands of customers,” said City Clerk Susana Mendoza. “That was unacceptable to me. And when I couldn’t be reassured that this would be fixed in time for our sales period this year, I had our staff create a back up in person sales system that could be launched within minutes of any issues with the City’s computer system.”

City Sticker Ward Sales Off To Strong Start

It’s a city sticker season tradition.

Every year during Chicago’s annual city vehicle sticker season, each of the city’s 50 aldermen, host a one-day sale to give their constituents the convenience of purchasing their sticker close to home.

“Our City Vehicle Sticker sales in each ward office are always very popular,” says City Clerk Susana Mendoza. “I’m proud to partner with each Alderman to offer this convenient service, Like last year, this year I will be going to each ward sale to see our operations first-hand and hear ideas from Chicago drivers on how we can improve our sticker sales and services to constituents.”

Ward office sales kicked off successfully Wednesday with over 300 city stickers purchased at the 48th Ward office of Alderman Harry Osterman located at 5533 N. Broadway.

In-Person Chicago City Sticker Sales Begin Today

City Clerk Mendoza poses next to Chicago's 2012-2013 city vehicle sticker

One month earlier than in past years, City Clerk Susana Mendoza has opened sales for Chicago city vehicle stickers a full month early starting today.

City stickers are available at all three City Clerk office locations, all four Department of Revenue payment locations and also at over 400 neighborhood Currency Exchanges.

Historically, in-person city sticker sales began June 1st for the month of June, but then drivers were given a 15 day grace period from July 1st to July 15th to buy and get their sticker onto their car’s windshield.

“We’ve made a number of changes to this year’s vehicle sticker sales process,
including extending the sales period to help reduce in person wait times and allow ample time for people to purchase their sticker,” said Clerk Mendoza. “We’ve already seen a dramatic increase in our online sales, with nearly 13,000 more stickers sold in the first week of online sales compared to last year.”