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Winter Overnight Parking Ban Ends

For many Chicago drivers, it’s not the sight of flowers blooming or a robin pulling a worm out of the ground that indicates spring is here.

And even though spring officially began March 2oth, city motorists mark the beginning of spring as April 1st when Chicago’s winter overnight parking ban ends.

This annual ban from December 1st to April 1st every year prohibits drivers from parking overnight from 3 AM to 7 AM on 107 miles of main arterial thoroughfares within the city. Every year thousands of vehicles get towed off these banned streets much to the frustration and chagrin of their owners and putting over $1.5 million in the city’s pocket.

137 Towed On Second Night Of Winter Ban

Seems like drivers are starting to get the message that the city doesn’t like it when drivers park all night on streets affected by Chicago’s Winter Overnight Parking Ban.

On the second night of the ban, only 137 unfortunate motorists ignored the street signs prohibiting parking on 107 miles of critical arterial street covered by the ban according to the Department of Streets & Sanitation. In 2010, a similar 127 got the hook.

The night before, 188 drivers woke up to find their vehicle had been given a free ride to the auto pound.

The winter parking ban lasts from December 1st to April 1st.

Crying, Whining, Griping, Complaining

ABC 7 Shows Aftermath Of 1st Night Of Winter Parking Ban

Break out the Kleenex and the adult sized pacifiers.

It’s the annual TV news coverage spotlight the sob stories of the aggravated drivers, whose cars were swept up by city tow trucks on the first night of the the city’s winter overnight parking ban.

Interesting Tow Numbers, City Snags 188 On First Night Of Ban

City tow trucks snagged 188 vehicles in violation of Chicago’s Winter Overnight Parking Ban, which began promptly at 3 AM this morning according to the Department of Streets and Sanitation.

Last year, 215 cars got the hook on December 1st last year.

But, The Expired Meter did a bit of digging and got a hold of the tow numbers from all of last year’s winter ban season which spans December 1st to April 1st, and we found some interesting things.

More Cars Towed On Weekends Than During Weekdays

Perhaps the most interesting info is that most cars towed for violating the overnight ban are towed for on weekends.

Winter Overnight Parking Ban Starts Tonight

The Facts, Info & Tips To Keep The Tow Trucks Away

With Chicago’s annual Winter Overnight Parking Ban starting late Wednesday night at 3AM (technically Thursday morning), The Expired Meter has the lowdown on what drivers need to know to keep their cars from being hooked up behind a city tow truck.


Thursday, December 1st until April 1st, from 3 AM to 7 AM.

Remember, this really means Wednesday night. Find a safe, legal parking spot on a side street for your car tonight so you can avoid any of this driving drama.


On 107 miles of Chicago’s main arterial streets.

This includes portions of Clark St., Devon, Central, Foster, Kedzie, Milwaukee, Division, Madison, State St., Cermak, Archer, Martin Luther King Drive, Morgan, 60th, Cottage Grove, 78th, 103rd, 106th and Torrence.

Here’s the city’s full listing of streets covered by the parking ban.

If you normally park on a major thoroughfare overnight, double-check the signs along the entire block to see if you can legally park there at night.

Give your alderman’s office a call and double check with a staff member to see where you can legally park and/or what streets near where you live are impacted.

Reference the map below to see if streets where you park are affected.

Early Warning: Winter Overnight Parking Ban Begins Wednesday Night

It won’t matter.

Seriously, no matter what the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation does, it won’t make a lick of difference December 1st when the city’s annual Winter Overnight Parking Ban begins at 3 AM.

No matter, how much PR and public outreach, no matter how many fliers they’ll place on windshields, no matter how many news stories or permanent posted signs, and even though this annual promotional push by Streets and Sanitation began over a week ago, a few hundred drivers will wake up Thursday morning to find the cars they parked on the street the night before have mysteriously disappeared–POOF!

No, it won’t be some mysterious magic trick, but a tow truck that took their car parked on the one of Chicago’s 107 miles of critical thoroughfares designated for Chicago’s annual Winter Overnight Parking Ban.

“The overnight parking ban is in place during the winter to make sure that critical routes are up and running at all hours so that emergency vehicles, buses and other traffic can get through,” said Streets & Sanitation Commissioner Thomas G. Byrne.

The ban runs every night/early morning from 3 AM until 7 AM starting Thursday, December 1st and continues through April 1st.

Aftermath Of Winter Overnight Parking Ban

Joanie Lum of Fox Chicago News reports from the auto pound on Sacramento on the aftermath of the first night of the winter overnight parking ban.

She interviews one guy who escaped the hook by running out to his car in his underwear.

City Tows 215 On First Night Of Parking Ban

While the city slept, a fleet of city tow trucks prowled the streets on the first night of Chicago’s winter overnight parking ban.

Unfortunately for 215 Chicago motorists, Streets & Sanitation tow truck operators took their car for trip to the auto pound.

This year’s first night tow total is down slightly from last year’s 235 vehicles.

The city has spent the last several weeks trying to get the word out via the media and even spent a few days fliering cars along all 107 miles of the streets impacted by the parking ban. But despite the media push and the permanent signs posted, a few hundred drivers still made a very expensive parking mistake.

“We see the same story every year,” laments Streets & Sanitation spokesperson Matt Smith. “For whatever reason some people just don’t get the message or take a calculated risk they’re not going to be towed. The goal is compliance.”

Winter Overnight Parking Ban Begins December 1st

Ban Starts Early Wed. Morning 3 AM, Move Cars Tues. Night

While most non-critical Chicago employees were given the day after Thanksgiving off, some city workers spent Friday and Saturday distributing fliers.

Workers for the Bureau of Traffic Services had the job of leaving fliers on the windshield of every car parked along 107 miles of  Chicago streets impacted by the city’s winter overnight parking ban which starts Wednesday, December 1st at 3 AM.

But despite their efforts, and the best efforts of the Department of Streets & Sanitation to get the word out in the media,  hundreds of drivers will wake up Wednesday morning to find, shockingly, their cars have disappeared overnight.

To the dismay of these drivers, a city tow truck has delivered their vehicle to one of the city’s auto pounds, where vehicle owners get the added insult of having to pay a $160 for being towed with a bonus of a $50 parking ticket.