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Drivers File New Red Light, Speed Camera Class Action Lawsuit

Gavel LawbookA trio of motorists filed another lawsuit challenging the legality of Chicago’s red light and speed camera programs and are seeking class action status, according to the Sun-Times.

This lawsuit takes the unique approach of claiming the City of Chicago is not following the law when it comes to the noticing aspect of the program.

The first problem, the lawsuit states, is that the make (the name of the car manufacturer) is being listed at OTHR on all speed camera violations that have been mailed to lead footed drivers. However, the municipal code explicitly requires a specific make must be listed in order for the violation to be considered proper.

Aldermen Move To Remove Red Light, Speed Cameras By 2018

A sign warns drivers of speed camera enforcement ahead.

A sign warns drivers of speed camera enforcement ahead.

A group of aldermen is hoping to force a vote at Wednesday’s City Council meeting on an ordinance that would spell the end of both red-light and speed cameras by 2018.

The ordinance, introduced by Ald. Roderick Sawyer (6th) in early October, has been languishing in the Council’s Committee on Transportation and the Public Way since then.

But now, Sawyer and a handful of aldermen plan on using a parliamentary maneuver to bring it to the floor of the Council for debate and vote on Wednesday.

“We were hoping we would go through the committee process,” said Brian Sleet, Sawyer’s chief of staff. “While were talking about these other ideas for reforming the cameras, we should discuss a realistic way to address these policies. We want to discuss it and see where our colleagues stand.”

Sleet said Sawyer’s plan is a responsible way to rid the city of the unpopular automated traffic cameras by giving the city time to find alternative streams of revenue to replace the tens of millions of dollars in fines generated every year and allow vendor contracts to expire as scheduled. The aim is to end both the red-light and speed camera programs by 2018.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Hoosiers Contemplating Speed Camera Enforcement For Indiana

Speed camera enforcement may be coming to Indiana.

Legislators in Illinois’ next door neighbor are considering passing legislation to allow speed camera enforcement in construction zones, school zones or illegally passing a school bus according to WTHI TV.

Speed Camera Tickets Parked Car…Four Times

Jennefa Krupinski's parked car has been issued four speed camera tickets.

Jennefa Krupinski’s parked car has been issued four speed camera tickets. Photo credit: Darryl Holliday/DNA Info.

American Traffic Solutions boasts its speed camera technology is the best in the industry.

ATS won the lucrative City of Chicago speed camera contract based, at least in part, on its performance during pilot tests.

But according to DNA Info, a rash of incidents in the Humboldt Park neighborhood brings the performance of its equipment into question.

It seems a camera located in the 3100 block of Augusta Boulevard has issued the same parked car speed camera violations four times–three tickets and one warning. Oddly, according to the vehicle owner, she was issued tickets the first three times and a warning the fourth time. The normal protocol is for the warning to be issued first before tickets begin being issued.

Fake Parking Tickets Challenge Ald. Cardenas, Cause Confusion

A political flier, disguised as a parking ticket   attacks 12th Ward Alderman George Cardenas' record on issues challenging motorists.

A political flier, disguised as a parking ticket attacks 12th Ward Alderman George Cardenas’ record on issues challenging motorists.

An explosion of bright orange “parking tickets” landed on the windshields of cars parked in the McKinley Park, Brighton Park and Little Village neighborhoods recently.

But, according to DNA Info, the tickets were not official city issued parking violations but campaign fliers from Pete Demay, a challenger to Ald. George Cardenas in the race for 12th ward alderman. The faux parking ticket challenged Cardenas on his support of the city’s red light and speed camera programs as well as on his vote to privatize city parking meters back in 2008.

“We thought that people should know George Cardenas’ history as it relates to voting for ordinances that hurt everyday working people,” DeMay told DNA Info.

Mayor’s Motorcade Racks Up 5 More Red Light Cam Tickets

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s motorcade is at it again.

News website Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown reports the mayor’s two car motorcade has been caught by red light cameras running the red five times since November.

List Of Anti-Camera Candidates Swells, As Dozens Sign Pledge

Red Light Camera PledgeSix weeks ahead of Chicago’s 2015 municipal elections, nearly 50 candidates for alderman or mayor have signed a pledge to vote to eliminating the city’s red light and speed camera enforcement programs  if elected.

Anti-camera group, Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras, sent a letter to every candidate running for alderman or mayor in the upcoming election asking them to sign their pledge to “Abolish Unfair Photo Enforcement in Chicago”.

A total of 46 candidates from 30 Wards have signed the group’s pledge which includes six sitting alderman: Bob Fioretti (2nd), Pat Dowell (3rd), Leslie Hairston (5th), Roderick Sawyer (6th), Anthony Beale (9th, Chairman of Transportation Committee) and Toni Foulkes (15th running in 16th).

Warnings Start Wednesday For Gage Park Speed Cameras

A speed camera in Uptown catches speeding cars in the 4400 block of North Broadway Ave.

A speed camera in Uptown catches speeding cars in the 4400 block of North Broadway Ave.

Speed cameras in the Gage Park neighborhood will begin issuing warnings for the next 30-days starting Wednesday,  January 7th according to the Chicago Department of Transportation.

The three cameras are located near St. Gall Elementary School in the 5500 block of  S. Kedzie and 3200 block of W. 55th street.

During the 30-day period notices will be mailed to vehicle owners traveling more than five mph over the 20 mph school speed limit on school days (Monday through Friday) between the hours of 7 AM to 4 PM–but only when children are present.

Anti-Camera Candidate Announces ‘Money Bomb’ Fundraiser

Scott Davis Takes Pledge To ‘Ban The Cams’ If Elected Alderman

Scott Davis hands out anti-red light camera fliers to interested drivers at a summer protest.

Aldermanic candidate Scott Davis hands out anti-red light camera fliers to interested drivers at a protest in the 44th ward this summer.

Scott Davis, candidate for 44th ward alderman, is using Chicago’s red light cameras as a way to raise money for his election campaign.

Davis, who’s been a driving force here to eliminate the city’s speed camera and red light camera programs kicked off his “Ban The Cams Money Bomb” online fundraiser this past Monday.

For the past two years, Davis has organized anti-camera protests all over the city and has spent the last year as an activist Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras.

French Prankster Pokes Fun At Speed Cameras

Europe has a lot of speed cameras.

Where red light cameras are the most used type of automated camera enforcement method used in the U.S., speed cameras are the cams dujour in Europe.

And people don’t like them.

Some set fire to them. Others knock them down or use spray paint to obscure the camera lens.

But video prankster Remi Gaillard just mocks the cameras by dressing up in a big box that resembles a speed cam unit and setting off a flash when cars drive by.

And, to paraphrase Chicagoist who tipped us off to this video, it’s all fun and games until the cops show up.

Watch and laugh.