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French Prankster Pokes Fun At Speed Cameras

Europe has a lot of speed cameras.

Where red light cameras are the most used type of automated camera enforcement method used in the U.S., speed cameras are the cams dujour in Europe.

And people don’t like them.

Some set fire to them. Others knock them down or use spray paint to obscure the camera lens.

But video prankster Remi Gaillard just mocks the cameras by dressing up in a big box that resembles a speed cam unit and setting off a flash when cars drive by.

And, to paraphrase Chicagoist who tipped us off to this video, it’s all fun and games until the cops show up.

Watch and laugh.

Anti-Camera Protest Returns To Near West Side Saturday

Scott Davis hands out anti-red light camera fliers to interested drivers at a recent protest.

Scott Davis hands out anti-red light camera fliers to interested drivers at a protest over the summer.

Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras, the local organization opposed to both red light and speed camera enforcement, is making a return trip to the 27th ward this Saturday.

The group has spent the past year protesting at traffic camera sites located in the wards of city council members who voted for the city’s speed camera program.

The group’s first protest this year was in Alderman Walter Burnett’s 27th ward. Burnett was a supporter of speed cameras.

But with the announcement that Burnett, Chairman of the Committee for Pedestrian and Traffic Safety will hold hearings about the problems with Chicago’s red light camera program, the group felt it appropriate to return.

South Side Speed Camera Protest Set For Saturday

Red light  camera protest signIt’s supposed to be rainy Saturday.

But a little rain won’t be enough to deter the Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras from protesting Saturday afternoon on the city’s South Side.

The group, which has held quite a number of protests against both red light and speed cameras at locations across the city the past year and a half.

Saturday they’ll be holding signs and handing out fliers at the intersection of 63rd and Martin Luther King Drive from 11 AM until 2 PM.

The group wants area drivers to know Willie Cochran, the alderman for the 20th ward where the cameras are located. As a member of the Chicago City Council, Cochran voted for the speed cameras two years ago.

Their hope is they can convince the alderman to sign their pledge to repeal the city’s lucrative red light and speed camera programs.

Lower Than Expected Speed Camera Tickets Hurting City Budget

The good news is: Wary Chicago drivers are slowing down near speed cameras.

The bad news is: the lower than expected fines from speed cameras is hurting Mayor Emanuel’s ability to balance the budget according to CBS 2 News.

Group Plans Thursday Protest Of Controversial Speed Camera

Scott Davis hands out anti-red light camera fliers to interested drivers at a recent protest.

Scott Davis hands out anti-red light camera fliers to interested drivers at a recent protest.

Southwest Side drivers say the speed camera on Archer Ave. near Ashland Ave. is about protecting children or pedestrians but just about making money.

The location has outraged residents in the area as well as Alderman George Cardenas (12th) because of the lack of both children and pedestrians near a small, little used playlot not within view of the speed cam. Cardenas wants the city to move the camera to a more effective location–one with more kids and pedestrians.

But now the uproar has got the attention of Citizens to Ban Red Light Cameras, a group dedicated to eliminating both red light and speed cameras from Chicago’s streets.

ABC 7: Speed Cameras Issues Mayor’s Motorcade 8 More Tickets

Despite a pledge his motorcade drivers would slow down and obey the law in late spring, ABC 7 News is reporting the vehicles used to transport Mayor Rahm Emanuel have racked up another eight more red light or speed camera violations.

Four months ago ABC 7 reported the Mayor’s two vehicle motorcade had been ticketed nearly two dozen times for speed camera, red light camera and parking tickets.

At the time the Mayor said that no one was above the law and that he is instructing his drivers to slow down. But less than an hour after he uttered those words one of his vehicles was caught on camera near Douglas Park going 12 miles over the speed limit.

Here’s ABC 7′s full report, “I-Team: Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s motorcade caught by city cameras – again.

Money or Safety? Drivers Complain About Speed Camera Placement


It’s that ol’ speed camera “revenue versus safety” argument being discussed in this piece by NBC 5.

One driver complained, despite driving as she describes as “extra, extra slow” she was hit with five speed camera tickets in less than a month near Legion Park in the 3100 block of West Peterson.

Ald. Beale Proposes Raising Speed Limit To Combat Speed Cameras

50,000 drivers have received speed camera tickets near 127th Street and Eggleston–the site of Major Taylor bike trail.

Ald. Anthony Beale (9th) and other residents believe the large volume of tickets being issued there can be attributed to what they say is an abrupt change in the speed limit between where drivers exit the Bishop Ford Expressway where the limit is 35 mph and where the speed camera is located a few blocks away where the limit drops to 30.

Residents, Alderman Say South Side Speed Camera A Ticket Trap

Residents of the McKinley Park neighborhood say a new speed camera is not only a blatant speed trap to generate revenue, but is not near a park or school.

According DNA Info, the Mulberry Playlot Park can’t be seen from Archer Avenue, but that didn’t stop the city from installing a red light camera there.

To make things even worse, the speed limit on this busy thoroughfare is set at just 25 mph–five mph lower than the standard city speed limit of 30 mph. Just for reference, the vast majority of main four lane city streets and residential or side streets is 30 mph.

30-Day Warning Periods Begin At 4 New Speed Camera Sites

A sign warns drivers of speed camera enforcement ahead.

A sign warns drivers of speed camera enforcement ahead.

Speed cameras at three new locations will begin issuing warning notices starting Friday, September 5th according to the Chicago Department of Transportation.

The 30-day period will begin for recently installed speed cameras located near Taft High School (5739 N. Northwest Hwy. and 6510 W. Bryn Mawr Ave.), Frazier Elementary School (4042 W. Roosevelt Rd. and the 1100 block of S. Pulaski Rd. and Mulberry Park (6510 W. Bryn Mawr Ave.).

Earlier in the week on Tuesday, September 2nd, a speed camera near Benito Juarez High School (1440 W Cermak Rd.) also began it’s 30-day warning phase.