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Slated For Shutdown, Edgewater Red Light Camera Gets Reprieve

The red light cameras at Hollywood & Sheridan originally slated for removal will now remain in place. Photo credit Benjamin Woodward/DNA Info.

The red light cameras at Hollywood & Sheridan originally slated for removal will now remain in place. Photo credit Benjamin Woodward/DNA Info.

With much fanfare, the City of Chicago announced in October it would decommission 38 red light cameras at 18 locations citywide early in 2014.

The city said that this handful of cameras had no reports of red angle crashes at each location over the past 12 months. So because they had done their job the city would remove them from the nation’s largest red light camera enforcement program.

But according to DNA Info, due to the complaints of Alderman Harry Osterman (48th), the Chicago Department of Transportation has changed their minds and is allowing the RLC at Hollywood Avenue and Sheridan (near the entrance to Lake Shore Drive) will now be allowed to remain.

City Vehicles Rack Up Hefty Numbers In Red Light Camera Tickets

red_light_cameraAccording to a Chicago Tribune report on red light camera tickets, since 2007 drivers in city owned vehicles have racked up 11,500 red light camera tickets.

The CTA was the agency leading the way with over 4,500 RLC violations over the past seven years.

While the city worker operating the vehicle at the time of the violation is responsible for paying the $100 fine, CTA bus drivers do not adhere to the same rules. It turns out when the CTA tried to make drivers pay several years ago, their union protested so it’s taxpayers who foot the bill for those fines.

Merry Chicago Camera Christmas

Redlight Camera Christmas

It’s Merry Christmas Chicago-style.

This Christmas card from local public relations firm, Thomas Serafin & Associates, humorously captures the spirit of the season while poking fun at this city’s obsession with automated camera enforcement.

We here at The Expired Meter wish you and your family a blessed and happy Christmas holiday.

Motorist Groups Debut New Anti-Red Light Camera Video

The National Motorists Association or NMA debuted a new video early this week taking aim against red light camera enforcement.

The video makes the 30-second case that red light camera enforcement doesn’t improve safety in towns where they’re deployed, but do certainly generate revenue.

The NMA’s Gary Biller said the inspiration for the video came from a member.

Anti-Red Light, Speed Camera Group Plans North Side Protest Saturday

A group of Chicago drivers opposed to red light camera and speed camera enforcement will be holding a protest on the Northwest Side Saturday afternoon.

Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras is holding a demonstration against the city’s automated camera enforcement programs Saturday November 9th beginning at noon at Gompers Park, 4222 West Foster Avenue–the location of the city’s first speed cam.

“The group will be calling for the immediate removal of all red and speed cameras throughout the city of Chicago,” says Kimberly Robinson via press release. “C.A.R.L.C. believe that the city’s red and speed light camera program is a violation of its citizen’s constitutional rights and is designed solely to increase the city’s financial coffers.”

Xerox Wins $44 Million Contract To Run City’s Red-Light Cameras

A sign on Irving Park Road warns drivers of the red light camera at at Kedzie.

The world’s largest copier manufacturer will now oversee the nation’s largest red light-camera program the City of Chicago confirmed Friday morning.

The Chicago Department of Transportation announced Friday it finalized the $44 million contract with Xerox to run the cameras for the next five years. There are options to renew it three times at two years per extension.

Xerox will move immediately to take over the management of the red-light camera program from Redflex, according to CDOT.

Under the new contract, Xerox will charge the city $1,819 per camera per month, which is substantially less than the $4,300 per month Redflex has been charging under the current contract, CDOT said. Officials said the new contract will save $50 million dollars over the next five years.

“Automated red-light enforcement changes drivers’ behavior to reduce the number of crashes and increase the level of safety for everyone,” said CDOT Commissioner Gabe Klein. “We plan to continue this important program with a new management team that will both improve the technology and efficiency of the program while saving operating expenses.”

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Story updated to reflect correct total contract amount.

CBS 2 Reports On Technology To Prevent Speed Camera Tickets

License plate covers, sprays and GPS warning devices may be methods for drivers to utilize to prevent expensive speed camera tickets.

CBS 2 reporter Brad Edwards looks into which methods may work…or don’t work in his report.

Here’s the full CBS 2 story, “License Plate Covers, Phone Apps Can Help You Evade Speed Cameras.”

Mayor Defends Decommissioning Red Light Cameras

Mayor Emanuel says red light cameras are not needed at 18 city intersections. Photo credit: Ted Cox/DNA Info

Why did Mayor Rahm Emanuel decide to put 36 red light cameras out of commission on Tuesday?

Reporters grilled Emanuel at a press conference in River North Wednesday on his curious, surprise announcement yesterday that the city would stop red light camera enforcement at 18 intersections.

Emanuel says it has nothing to do with the rollout of speed cameras or even the recent Inspector General’s report but only with safety according to DNA Info.

Chicago To Remove Red Light Cameras At 18 Locations

A red light cameras stands watch at Damen & Division in Wicker ParkThe City of Chicago announced it would be removing 36 red light cameras at 18 intersections late Tuesday afternoon.

According to the city, the cameras at these intersections will be decommissioned due to a dramatic decrease in right angle crashes at those locations.

“Automated traffic enforcement, whether through red-light or speed cameras, is about
changing drivers’ behavior,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel via press release. “The cameras at these intersections are now showing a low level of crashes and dangerous angle crashes, which means an enhanced level of safety.”

Illinois Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Chicago Red Light Camera Case

A sign warns drivers of the red light camera at the intersection of Irving Park and Kedzie.

The Illinois Supreme Court will hear a case challenging the legality of Chicago’s red light cameras, giving new life to a 3-year-old lawsuit that was dismissed by a lower court.

Several motorists filed a lawsuit challenging the validity of red light cameras back in 2010. But the case was dismissed by the Cook County Circuit Court in 2011 and that ruling was unanimously upheld by the First District of the Illinois Appellate Court in January.

John Bowman, spokesperson for the National Motorists Association, a group that opposed automated traffic enforcement, says their organization is pleased Illinois’ high court has decided to take the case.

“It seems like the appellate court that rejected the original class action suit had to engage in some pretty twisted logic to come to its ruling, such as its observation that the cameras don’t actually record moving violations since they only capture still images,” said Bowman about the prior court ruling. “We hope the Illinois Supreme Court engages in some common-sense collective thinking when considering the facts of the case.”

Simmons Law Firm filed its petition to be heard by the Supreme Court in May.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.