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IDOT Opposing Bill To Enhance Traffic Safety?

Senator: Agency Against Longer Yellow Light Times At RLC Locations Despite Proof Of Safety Gains

The evidence is overwhelming.

At least according to Illinois State Senator Dan Duffy (R-Barrington).

That’s the reason Duffy says he introduced Senate Bill 3504–to try to improve the safety of Illinois intersections by adding one second or more of yellow light timing to traffic signals at red light camera locations.

Introduced February 8th, SB 3504, or the One Second For Safety bill, simply mandates municipalities or counties utilizing red light camera enforcement, use nationally recognized standards to determine yellow light timing for an RLC intersection and then tack on an additional second.

But, for some reason, according to Senator Duffy, the Illinois Department of Transportation, a state agency that has overseen impressive reductions in traffic accidents and deaths over the past decade through aggressive legislation, programs and initiatives promoting driving safety, is opposed to Duffy’s bill–despite a dearth of evidence to support such a measure.

“IDOT has come out and opposed the bill for ‘safety concerns’,” says Duffy. “I say that is an outrageous claim considering all studies show increasing yellow light times by one second drastically reduces red light running. I haven’t seen one study that refutes this. It’s mind boggling IDOT would oppose something that improves safety.”


More Outrage In Parking Ticket Tax, Refund Move

Chicago parking tickets from as long as 20 years ago are still coming back to anger and frustrated Illinois taxpayers.

More notices from the Illinois State Comptroller’s office go out informing taxpayers their state tax refund will dry up due to alleged outstanding parking tickets and red light camera tickets, and more people are getting angry.

Chicago fast tracked their program to catch taxpayers before this year’s April 17th tax deadline to grab as much revenue as possible after passing the ordinance recently.

Speed Camera Hijinks At City Council Meeting

Surprise, surprise.

The ordinance for Chicago’s potential speed camera bill did not get introduced at Wednesday’s city council meeting.

Considering how fast Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel shepherded the speed camera through the Illinois General Assembly this fall, it is somewhat of a shock the ordinance didn’t pop up the first City Council meeting after Illinois Governor Quinn signed the bill into law.

But the council members already a pretty full plate, signing the debt recovery ordinance that would allow the city to recover past due parking tickets, red light camera tickets and other municipal debt by attaching the state tax refunds of people and businesses who have outstanding debts.

The ordinance passed 41-8 according to the Chicago Tribune.

However, despite not even being on the agenda, the speed camera bill was the center of attention.

City Adding New Tool To Collect Unpaid Parking Tickets, Red Light Camera Tickets

Suburban Drivers May Feel Impact The Most

Ultimately, it was taxes that undid Al Capone.
Now it may be tax filings that separate drivers with unpaid Chicago parking tickets from their Illinois state tax refund.

So don’t be surprised if your refund check from the State of Illinois is a little less than you originally expected if the City of Chicago gets its way.

Up until now, the City of Chicago had only a few ways to collect money from unpaid parking tickets and red light camera tickets. For larger ticket debts, lawsuits have been commonly employed. Collection agencies are also an avenue for the city. Of course, there’s always the dreaded bright yellow Denver boot.

But back in December, the Local Debt Recovery Program became law in Illinois. The program allows municipalities to have the Illinois State Comptroller withhold state tax refunds from people who owe cities for unpaid parking tickets, red light camera tickets, water bills and the like and hand it over to them to pay off outstanding debt.

Accidents Increase At Kansas City Red Light Camera Intersections?

In 2009 and 2010, car accidents decreased in Kansas City and across the state of Missouri.

But according to the Kansas City Star at most KC intersections outfitted with red light cameras, crashes have actually risen over the past two years. At least that’s what a study released by the Kansas City Police Department says after they studied over 2500 car crashes at RLC intersections within the city.

The story says the police report shows total accidents increased at 11 of 17 RLC intersections in the second year of the camera enforcement program, jumping 18% compared to the year before. KC’s red light camera program began in 2009.

Elk Grove Village Restarting Red Light Camera Program

They’re baaaaaack!

After nearly a year on experimental hiatus, red light light cameras are returning to Elk Grove Village according to CBS 2 News.

River Forest Moves Ahead With Red Light Cameras

Looks like west suburban town River Forest might be a little cash strapped these days.

That’s because the village board voted 5 to 1 to approve a contract with red light camera provider SafeSpeed on August 15th according to Oak Park-River Forest Patch.

SafeSpeed is moving ahead with traffic studies of two intersections, Harlem Avenue and North Avenue and Harlem and Lake Street, to see if it’s feasible to install cameras there. “Feasible” in RLC speak means generate enough revenue.

Both intersections logged 65 accidents in 2009 and 2010 with no fatalities.

Local Towns Participate In National ‘Stop On Red’ Week By Issuing More Traffic Tickets

Just halfway through National Stop On Red Week, and reports are coming in from around the area on how some area towns are participating.

While the City of Chicago, the red light camera capital of the nation, so concerned with improving traffic safety chooses to ignore a week dedicated to encouraging driving safety.

But other local towns “celebrate” the week by not doing educational outreach, running public service ads or announcements but by just issuing more traffic tickets.

At least that’s how north west suburban Cary is choosing to participate according to Trib Local.

Buffalo Grove’s police department is going undercover to issue red light violations during National Stop on Red Week according to Buffalo Grove Patch.

CTA Paid $340,000 In Red Light Camera Tickets


Over the past three years, the Chicago Transit Authority has paid the City of Chicago over $340,000 in red light camera violations according to CBS 2 News.

Red Light Cameras Hot Issue In 2011 Election

Chicago is the red light camera capital of the U.S.

But it’s citizens may not be happy with this designation based on the number of political candidates officially opposed to the city’s RLC program.

Local pro-liberty group, Cook County Campaign for Liberty reports 85% of respondents to the group’s recent survey are opposed to the $100 tickets given out at the select 190 traffic intersections citywide.