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Mayoral Red Light Camera Hypocrisy Doesn’t Bother Columnist

Ray Hanania. Photo credit: Twitter.

Ray Hanania. Photo credit: Twitter.

ABC 7 caught Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s motorcade on the candid camera recently.

The TV station’s investigative reporting found that drivers of the two vehicles assigned to the mayor received 17 red light camera tickets or speed camera warnings over the past two years.

But this doesn’t bother Illinois News Online columnist Ray Hanania.

Hanania loves Mayor Emanuel and believes since he’s such a busy guy and needs to do be going from one important meeting or appearance to another he and his drivers deserve a pass.

“He’s the mayor. Voters elect him and other mayors to represent them,” says Hanania in his column. “They have to be in 100 places at one time all the time. They have very little private life and time with their families. I say give them a break.”

Driver Solicits Donations Via YouTube To Pay Red Light Tickets

Local YouTube video producer Chris Sanders has some red light camera and parking ticket problems–about $900 worth of problems.

Now he’s looking for some help paying off his ticket debt.

CBS 2 Catches Up With Indicted Former CDOT Official At Court

CBS 2 caught up with the indicted former Chicago Department of Transportation manager John Bills and his attorney outside of federal court Wednesday.

Bills is accused of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from Redflex Traffic Systems to grease the skids for the company to land and operate the nation’s largest red light camera program.

Here’s CBS 2′s full story, “Former City Official Arrested In Red Light Camera Scandal.

Mayor’s Office: Police Can Legally Run Red Lights

Since ABC 7 caught Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s motorcade red (light) handed for racking up 17 red light or speed camera violations or warnings, the Mayor’s office has been scrambling to explain this embarrassing, hypocritical and dangerous driving behavior.

But now mayoral spokespeople are changing their tune and, seemingly misrepresenting the law.

Mayoral Motorcade Caught On Cams Running Red Lights, Speeding

Back in 2011, Mayor Rahm Emanuel stepped up to a podium at a press conference at the Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) and spoke eloquently about how cars in Chicago were being driven too fast and endangering the lives of children.

It was time to do something.

And that something was to create Chicago’s speed camera enforcement program.

Now, in the two and a half years since he gave that speech explaining that motorists need to drive more responsibly and safely, ABC 7 News has caught the Mayor’s two car detail of vehicles has racked up nearly twenty red light camera and speed camera violations.

ABC 7′s Bed Bradley reports:

ABC 7 At 10: Mayor’s Car Getting Red Light, Speed Cam Violations

Tonight at 10 PM, ABC 7′s Ben Bradley reports on what seems to be a double standard in vehicular behavior.

ABC 7 has dug up documentation that the two vehicles which drive Mayor Rahm Emanuel around town have been receiving multiple red light camera violations and a handful of speed camera warnings.

Tune in at 10 PM on ABC 7 and also catch a cameo by that goof the Parking Ticket Geek.

Red Light Camera Roundup: St. Charles, Western Springs, Oak Brook Terrace

Here’s a short roundup of red light camera news from around the Chicagoland area.

Western Springs Police Say RLC’s Reduce Accidents, Though Violations Rise

There are some very odd numbers coming out of west suburban Western Springs according to the Doings of Western Springs newspaper.

Western Springs police have data showing that crashes have decreased at two red light intersections there, but alarmingly red light violations have not fallen but are going up!

Illinois Department of Transportation data does show crashes decreased between 2009 to 2012 at the two intersections. However, at least part of the decrease could be attributed to the way IDOT counts crashes which was changed, coincidentally in 2009. But the Western Springs police nor the newspaper mentions this inconvenient fact.

State Senator Silverstein Backs Off Boot Bill

Chicago drivers can breathe a sigh of relief today.

That’s because the bill introduced in the Illinois State Senate in January to allow municipalities to drastically expand the use of the Denver boot to collect unpaid city debts, has been tabled–for now.

According to Illinois Senate President John Cullerton’s (D-Chicago) office, the bill had already been assigned to the Judiciary Committee a few weeks prior. But during Thursday’s session in Springfield, it was withdrawn from its committee assignment and sent back to Assignments by the bill’s sponsor, Illinois State Senator Ira Silverstein (D-Chicago).

While Silverstein did not respond to repeated attempts for comment, staff members in both his Chicago and Springfield offices said they had received many calls voicing opposition after news of the bill was reported in the media. Crain’s Chicago Business broke the story earlier in the week.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Red Light Camera Roundup

Red Light Camera Roundup is a semi-regular update on red light camera enforcement stories in and around Chicago and the suburbs.

Retired Attorney Makes Big Bucks From Adjudicating RLC Tickets

If you’ve ever contested a red light camera ticket in Lake or McHenry counties, you’ve probably met Henry Tonigan III.

He’s a retired judge, formerly Lake Chief Judge of Lake County Circuit Court. But now he spends at least part of his time presiding over cases where drivers fight their red light camera tickets and other municipal violations.

The Daily Herald reports on Tonigan in a recent piece that sheds a sliver of light on the adjudication process for RLC tickets.

But perhaps the most interesting tidbit is how much Tonigan got paid for his work–over $130,000 over two years according to the Herald.

Red Light Camera Tickets Could Endanger Taxi Licenses

Driving a taxi cab in Chicago is hard.

Long hours, little pay, and lots of regulations.

Of course, parking tickets and red light camera tickets are just occupational hazards for most cabbies.

But now, taxi drivers with too many red light camera tickets could face losing their taxi license according to the Chicago Tribune.

The Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, which oversees taxi driver licensing, is getting monthly reports on the number of RLC tickets taxis are receiving.