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WGN TV Spotlights Chicago’s Parking, Camera Ticket Debt Crisis

WGN TV focused their news cameras on Chicago’s parking debt crisis Tuesday, a story The Expired Meter broke several months ago.

Drivers owe the City of Chicago over $1.3 billion in unpaid parking tickets. When you add over $250 million in unpaid red light camera and speed camera tickets the totals top off at over $1.5 billion.

The worse news is that debt has been growing on average of $1 million a week since Mayor Rahm Emanuel took office.

Parking, Camera Ticket Debt Soars To $1.5 Billion Under Emanuel

Chicago's parking, red light and speed camera ticket debt has risen to a combined $1.5 billion under Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Chicago’s parking, red light and speed camera ticket debt has risen to a combined $1.5 billion under Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

From when he first took office, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has taken a hard line
on recovering money owed to the city — particularly when it comes to parking ticket
scofflaws or those who rack up red-light or speed camera tickets.

But under his administration, the amount of unpaid tickets and fines have continued
to grow — to a staggering $1.5 billion, according to data obtained through a Freedom
of Information Act request by The Expired Meter. It accrues at a pace of $1 million a
week, documents show, far more than what the city collects from tickets it issues.

Anti-Cam Protest Planned For Belmont & Lake Shore Drive

Jeff Black (foreground) and Scott Davis (background) pass out fliers attacking Ald. Tom Tunney (44th) for supporting speed cameras at a protest earlier in the summer.

Jeff Black (foreground) and Scott Davis (background) pass out fliers attacking Ald. Tom Tunney (44th) for supporting speed cameras.

The red light camera an Belmont and Lake Shore Drive is one of the city’s highest volume RLC intersections.

A combination of poor traffic engineering, a confusing multi-street intersection and an allegedly short yellow light, the red light camera there caught over 18,000 violators in 2012 and generated more than $1.5 million in revenue.

So the members of Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras thought this was a perfect place to hold a protest to bring their message of ridding the city of red light and speed cameras to motorists Saturday, August 16th.

Demonstrators will be there passing out fliers and holding up signs from 11 AM to 2 PM. Other interested motorists are invited to attend.

Red-Light Camera Protesters Claim Police Intimidation At Rally

Activists against the city’s red-light cameras are accusing the Chicago Police Department of trying to “bully” and “politically intimidate” them during a recent protest at 119th and Halsted streets.

Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras posted a video online recently which shows a police sergeant calling protesters’ signs blasting the camera program and local politicians “slanderous” and then threatening to arrest at least one demonstrator.

According to group member Scott Davis, about 25 to 30 protesters were standing on the sidewalks at the four corners of the intersection holding signs and passing out fliers opposing red-light and speed cameras last month.

One hand-lettered sign said, “Got Tickets? Blame Austin,” referring to Ald. Carrie Austin, whose 34th Ward is where the intersection is located. Other signs called out Ald. Howard Brookins (21st), Ald. Anthony Beale (9th) and Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The group had selected the intersection because it was one of the many with cameras that showed sudden spikes in tickets that the city could not explain, according to a recent Tribune story. The city inspector general is reviewing the findings.

Read more at DNA Info.

Mayoral Red Light Camera Hypocrisy Doesn’t Bother Columnist

Ray Hanania. Photo credit: Twitter.

Ray Hanania. Photo credit: Twitter.

ABC 7 caught Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s motorcade on the candid camera recently.

The TV station’s investigative reporting found that drivers of the two vehicles assigned to the mayor received 17 red light camera tickets or speed camera warnings over the past two years.

But this doesn’t bother Illinois News Online columnist Ray Hanania.

Hanania loves Mayor Emanuel and believes since he’s such a busy guy and needs to do be going from one important meeting or appearance to another he and his drivers deserve a pass.

“He’s the mayor. Voters elect him and other mayors to represent them,” says Hanania in his column. “They have to be in 100 places at one time all the time. They have very little private life and time with their families. I say give them a break.”

Driver Solicits Donations Via YouTube To Pay Red Light Tickets

Local YouTube video producer Chris Sanders has some red light camera and parking ticket problems–about $900 worth of problems.

Now he’s looking for some help paying off his ticket debt.

CBS 2 Catches Up With Indicted Former CDOT Official At Court

CBS 2 caught up with the indicted former Chicago Department of Transportation manager John Bills and his attorney outside of federal court Wednesday.

Bills is accused of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from Redflex Traffic Systems to grease the skids for the company to land and operate the nation’s largest red light camera program.

Here’s CBS 2′s full story, “Former City Official Arrested In Red Light Camera Scandal.

Mayor’s Office: Police Can Legally Run Red Lights

Since ABC 7 caught Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s motorcade red (light) handed for racking up 17 red light or speed camera violations or warnings, the Mayor’s office has been scrambling to explain this embarrassing, hypocritical and dangerous driving behavior.

But now mayoral spokespeople are changing their tune and, seemingly misrepresenting the law.

Mayoral Motorcade Caught On Cams Running Red Lights, Speeding

Back in 2011, Mayor Rahm Emanuel stepped up to a podium at a press conference at the Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) and spoke eloquently about how cars in Chicago were being driven too fast and endangering the lives of children.

It was time to do something.

And that something was to create Chicago’s speed camera enforcement program.

Now, in the two and a half years since he gave that speech explaining that motorists need to drive more responsibly and safely, ABC 7 News has caught the Mayor’s two car detail of vehicles has racked up nearly twenty red light camera and speed camera violations.

ABC 7′s Bed Bradley reports:

ABC 7 At 10: Mayor’s Car Getting Red Light, Speed Cam Violations

Tonight at 10 PM, ABC 7′s Ben Bradley reports on what seems to be a double standard in vehicular behavior.

ABC 7 has dug up documentation that the two vehicles which drive Mayor Rahm Emanuel around town have been receiving multiple red light camera violations and a handful of speed camera warnings.

Tune in at 10 PM on ABC 7 and also catch a cameo by that goof the Parking Ticket Geek.