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IG Reports Bad Blood Between Police & Parking Enforcement

PEA back on the ticket beat

PEA back on the ticket beat

The cops and parking enforcement workers don’t seem to like each other according to a report released by the Chicago Inspector General Office.

A public screaming match between a Chicago police officer and a parking enforcement aide (PEA) has received the attention of the city’s IG, which after investigating, found what they call a widespread animosity between the two departments.

According to the report issued today there’s a perceived rivalry between the two departments.

“In general, there is a perception of a rivalry between PEAs and police officers; a perception shared by both sides and supported by online commentary,” the report said. “PEAs believe that CPD police officers are unnecessarily targeting PEAs for abuse. PEAs asserted that CPD officers are adversarial to PEAs in certain or all districts. Police officers, for their part, felt that PEAs unnecessarily saturate areas with enforcement.”

Police Lead Surge In Chicago Parking Ticket Issuance For 2013

Parking Ticket bar graphMayor Rahm Emanuel touted the reassignment of hundreds of police officers to the streets as a better way to fight crime.

And while crime did drop last year, the redeployment of officers from desk jobs to beat duty has had another possible outcome: more parking tickets.

After years of steady declines, the number of parking tickets issued in the city went up last year to 2.5 million, a 6 percent increase from 2012, data from the Chicago Department of Finance shows. It was the first time that the number of tickets issued actually increased from the previous year since 2008, when 2.75 million tickets were written.

While several different city agencies and private companies issued the tickets, the biggest jump last year was in the amount of tickets written by police officers, who penned more than 1 million of them in 2013. That’s nearly 170,0000, or nearly 20 percent, more than they wrote in 2012.

Police spokesman Adam Collins insisted police brass did not order officers to write up more parking scofflaws.

Read more at DNA Info.

Driver Tries To Avoid Parking Tickets By Reporting Car Stolen

The story seems a bit convoluted, but according to Tinley Park Police, a driver reported his car stolen in order to get out of paying for some parking tickets.

The Chicago Tribune has a story about a car nearly getting towed out of a parking lot in the suburbs because local police thought it was stolen. Before the car got hooked up and towed away, the driver came back to the car and laid out a crazy story.

The driver, according to the newspaper account, reported this car stolen because the guy he sold it to was racking up tickets on it and he was trying to get the new owner to change the registration.

This story doesn’t make sense. Why would the driver be driving this vehicle if he sold this particular car to a friend?!? It’s all quite confusing.

City Pays Out $85,000 To Wrongly Ticketed Driver

Remember Mark Geinosky?

He was the gentleman who seemed to be the target of some sort of parking ticket vendetta perpetuated by one or more Chicago police officers back in 2007.

He kept on receiving violation notices from the city for parking tickets he never received, at places he never had been.

While he fought and won all the tickets, Geinosky filed complaints with the Chicago Police Department. Initially, the complaints went nowhere until the Chicago Tribune’s Jon Yates, the Problem Solver columnist, stepped in to shine a bright light on Geinosky’s plight.

AAA, INRIX: Drivers Should Leave Early This Thanksgiving

Everything is up for drivers this Thanksgiving holiday.

Traffic is expected to be up, law enforcement will be up and even gas prices are up.

And if motorists want to avoid spending the majority of their holiday stuck in traffic, two automobile related services are encouraging drivers to start their trips sooner than later.

Wednesday–The Great Escape

Car Hit With Over $100,000 In Chicago Parking Tickets

Chicago most ticketed car sits in the city's impound lot at O'Hare Airport

EXCLUSIVE: The Astounding Story Of How A Car Worth $600 Racked Up Over $100,000 In Chicago Parking Tickets

It might just be a world record.

At the very least one particular car has set a City of Chicago record for having been issued the most parking violations ever and having accumulated the most parking fines in the city’s history.

The city claims Jennifer Fitzgerald owes over $100,000 in parking tickets.

No, that’s not a typo or a few misplaced zeros on the end.

The amount is actually 105,761 dollars and 80 cents to be precise.

This is the total mind boggling debt the City of Chicago says the 31 year old, single mother of one, allegedly owes for parking violations on a single vehicle.

It’s a car she claims she didn’t own, drive or park where it racked up 678 bright orange parking tickets over a period of nearly three years according to Chicago’s Department of Finance.

Based on records from the DOF’s  list of the city’s top parking ticket scofflaws, the car in question seems to have set a record in Chicago for having received the highest number of parking tickets as well as accruing the largest fine amounts ever–beating Chicago’s #2 ranked parking ticket scofflaw by $65,000 and over 400 violations!

But now Fitzgerald is fighting back with a lawsuit against the city, her ex-boyfriend and United Airlines which was filed Friday, November 2nd in Cook County Circuit Court.

A Love Story Gone Bad

Cops Accused Of Bogus Tickets Push Back At Hearing

We didn’t do it.

Someone else wrote those parking tickets.

That’s what two Chicago police officers, accused of writing some of the 24 bogus parking tickets issued to motorist Mark Geinosky, contended in their police board hearings earlier this week.

In other words, according to the Chicago Tribune, the two officers became victims of the same scam that targeted Geinosky when another officer or officers stole a handful of tickets from their ticket books to harass Geinosky.

To Ticket Or Not To Ticket? Oak Park Debates Whether Illegally Parked Chicago Cop Cars Should Be Ticketed

Sometimes Chicago police officers who work on the far west side of the city, drive into the Village of Oak Park to grab a bite to eat.

But recently, a reader of local news website Oak Park.com snapped a few photos of CPD vehicles parking illegally on downtown Oak Park streets and wrote a sarcastic letter about the fact that they don’t get ticketed. Of course, non-cops parking illegally in downtown Oak Park face a much different reality.

But after a flurry of heated debate on the subject on Oak Park.com, another reader posted a photo of a police cruiser with a bright orange parking ticket envelope on its windshield.

Hearings Scheduled For Cops In Fake Parking Ticket Case

The wheels of justice move ever so slowly.

Especially in Chicago.

Remember Mark Geinosky?

He was the south suburban man who got 24 Chicago parking tickets in just over a year all the way back in 2007. The problem was, the tickets were phony.

He beat each one, but took the matter to the Police Review Authority. That went nowhere until the Chicago Tribune’s Problem Solver, Jon Yates began reporting about Geinosky’s story.

Three Cops Face Termination For Bogus Tickets

It’s only taken four years, but it looks like three Chicago police officers who wrote Mark Geinosky bogus parking tickets, are one step away from being fired from the police force.

Readers will recall that the Tribune’s consumer help reporter, Jon Yates aka The Problem Solver stepped in to give Geinosky some help fighting a rash of questionable parking tickets that never showed up on his car’s windshield but always showed up in the mail.

But now, according to the most recent Problem Solver column in the Tribune, it looks like Police Commissioner Garry McCarthy is recommending termination for three of the four cops alleged to be involved, while a fourth cop would have faced a similar fate if not for being fired for an unrelated matter recently.