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The Geek Joins Outside The Loop Radio Thursday Morning

CDOT filled over 150,000 potholes from 2010 through 2012.Outside the Loop Radio‘s Mike Stephen has a real problem with Chicago’s pothole epidemic.

Not surprisingly, so does that idiot the Parking Ticket Geek.

Stephen invites the Geek on today’s episode of Outside the Loop Radio for a bitch session about potholes and to discuss the new ParkChicago app that launched earlier in the week.

Tune in to Outside the Loop Radio at 10 AM on WLUW 88.7 FM or stream it here.

MetroMile to Pay 100 Street Sweeping Tickets; App to Send Cleaning Alerts

ticketsHate street sweeping tickets?

A company called MetroMile has an app it says can help you avoid getting tickets in the future by using GPS to alert you when your car is parked on a street scheduled for street sweeping the next day.

What’s more, the company, which is now offering its miles-based auto insurance in the area, says it will pay the street cleaning tickets of 100 drivers.

On April 23, MetroMile will be outside at 435 N. Michigan Ave. from 8 a.m. until early afternoon handing out a free device called a Metronome. At noon, the first 100 drivers who show up with a 2014 Chicago street cleaning ticket and who have downloaded the MetroMile app will get $60 toward paying their tickets, officials said.

MetroMile offers auto insurance coverage based on the miles a motorist actually drives as opposed to the typical insurance plan that charges based on an estimate of miles driven. The device plugs into a diagnostic port on cars to track miles driven and also pinpoints your car location via GPS.

Read more at DNA Info.

Listen Up! Parking Ticket Geek Joins WBEZ’s Afternoon Shift

The nice people at WBEZ’s Afternoon Shift asked that oddball character the Parking Ticket Geek, to come down to their swanky Navy Pier studios to talk parking issues Tuesday afternoon.

The discussion ranged from the newly launched ParkChicago app, restoring paid Sunday meters, street cleaning and general tips on how to fight Chicago’s parking tickets.

Thanks to Niala, Kathy, Joyce and the entire Afternoon Shift staff for inviting the Geek down. It was a lot of fun.

Have a listen

Ask The Parking Ticket Geek: The Parking Lot ‘Parking Ticket’

Ben shows off a "parking ticket" he received at an LAZ Parking lot in Lincoln Park.

Ben shows off a “parking ticket” he received at an LAZ Parking lot in Lincoln Park.

Dear Parking Ticket Geek,

Last Friday I paid for parking in an uncovered lot managed by LAZ Parking at the corner of Weed Street and North Fremont Street from 7:55 p.m. until 4 a.m. The machine asked me to type the last three characters of my license plate.

When the receipt printed, it did not have any written explanation of where to place it. In fact, it didn’t even say to display it, and neither did the machine that printed the ticket. I assumed this must be why I had to key in my last three characters of my plate.

So I simply put the receipt in my wallet and headed off.

How wrong I was!

When I returned to the lot before 4 a.m., I found a ticket for $50. I contested this ticket with an email that included a photo of both my ticket and the receipt. They responded to my email in legalese saying I still have to pay the parking ticket, but they’ll reduce it to $30.

Am I really liable?


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Parked Blocking A Sidewalk, Driver Invites Geek’s Wrath

Jackass parked on a sidewalkEven the Parking Ticket Geek has limits.

Look, I have a lot of patience with drivers who park, let’s say…creatively.

I don’t think drivers should get dinged with a ticket for parking a foot or two too close to a hydrant or a stop sign. It doesn’t bug me when someone’s in an alley for a few minutes with their flasher on. And I’m not driven to distraction when a car is parked in a no parking zone for a moment to run into a store.

It’s no big deal.

But in the Wicker Park neighborhood Friday afternoon, I came across some jackass’ SUV underneath the Blue Line L tracks parked on a sidewalk blocking the path of pedestrians who wanted to walk down the street.

What the Hell?

Parking Company Reaches Deal With City Over Unfair ‘Tickets’

ABM Parking Services will issue parking tickets to drivers who don't  pay to park at their lots or garages.

ABM Parking Services will issue parking tickets to drivers who don’t pay to park at their lots or garages.

A company that operates parking lots and garages in Chicago has reached a settlement with the city for some allegedly unscrupulous practices according to the Sun-Times.

ABM Parking Services operates 55 parking lots or garages around Chicago. Most locations are unmanned and drivers must use a pay station when they park. However, sometimes motorists will park without paying or their parking time will expire. Enforcement personnel working for the company will issue “parking tickets” to vehicles in these situations.

However, in October 2012, the city began an investigation of ABM after the Sun-Times was contacted by drivers who were issued tickets at a parking lot in River North even though the pay station was inoperable–drivers were unable to pay to park.

Car Pal iPhone App Helps Drivers Avoid Parking Tickets

iPhone app Car Pal helps drivers avoid Chicago parking tickets including street cleaning, expired meter and Winter Overnight Parking Ban tickets. Photo credit: Car Pal.

iPhone app Car Pal helps drivers avoid Chicago parking tickets including street cleaning, expired meter and Winter Overnight Parking Ban tickets. Photo credit: Car Pal.

Varun Goel and Gaurav Goyal don’t drive or own cars, but the two young programmers know how easy it is for drivers to get slapped with parking tickets — especially for parking on the wrong side of the street on street-cleaning days.

So, they decided to build an iPhone app that would let users know when street-cleaning is scheduled on their block.

Car Pal also will let drivers know if their car is parked on a street with a winter overnight parking ban or when it’s time to feed the parking meter.

“It’s definitely a pain to find parking in the city, especially in dense neighborhoods,” Goel said. “This app helps drivers determine whether they’re parking legally or not.”

Both Goel and Goyal were born in India, went to school in the U.S. and ended up meeting after getting jobs as programmers at Morningstar.

Read more at DNA Info.

Meter Enforcement Vehicle Issued Ticket For Parking Illegally

A parking enforcement vehicle gets hit with a parking ticket.

A parking enforcement vehicle gets hit with a parking ticket.

Turnaround is fair play according to our friends at Second City Cop blog.

It seems a vehicle owned by LAZ Parking, the contractor which handles parking meter enforcement for Chicago Parking Meters, LLC, was issued a ticket for ironically–parking illegally.

CPM, which controls the city’s parking meter system for the next 70 years, under their contract can utilize it’s own parking enforcement crews to write expired meter tickets.

As The Expired Meter reported recently, CPM’s enforcement team has written millions of dollars in parking tickets over the past few years.

Even funnier is the fact that the ticket was issued up in Edison Park, according to SCC.

CBS 2: City Parking Ticket Photos Don’t Prove Violation

CBS 2 had an super important expose on parking tickets early this week.

Investigative reporter Pam Zekman looked into the problem of city Parking Enforcement Aides (PEA) taking photos for parking tickets to be used as evidence a violation has occurred. Two drivers who received parking tickets claim the photos did not support a violation and when they contested by mail, the Department of Administrative Hearings upheld the ticket.

Both drivers were outraged.

NBC 5: ‘Polar Vortex’ Causes Huge Drop In Parking Tickets

According to NBC 5′s Carol Marin, after a big bump in parking ticket issuance in 2013, this year is off to a bad start–and the so-called “polar vortex.” is to blame.