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Columnist Tries To Decipher Confusing Truck Parking Rules

UPS TruckChicago’s rules controlling truck parking is perhaps one of the most frustrating and confusing arcane sections of Chicago’s municipal code.

A driver trying to divine what type of truck (semi, junk, commercial or pickup) on what type of street (business or residential) in what part of the city or ward can go insane.

It was this truck parking issue that came to the attention of Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown.

A contractor who parked his truck on a residential street while trying to work on a customer’s home got hit with a $75 ticket recently.

Indiana Ranks First In Out-Of-State Chicago Parking Tickets

Parking Ticket 101 photoDNA Info has been crunching the numbers on Chicago parking tickets recently.

And after going through info on nearly 5 million Chicago parking tickets issued over the past two years, they keep digging up interesting tidbits of data.

In their most recent revelation, they focused on out-of-state drivers.

According to the data, 90% of the tickets issued were to vehicles with Illinois plates with the other 10% going to out-of-state vehicles.

The City’s Top 10 Most Ticketed Fire Hydrants

877 drivers who parked in front of Chicago's most dangerous fire hydrant at 1025 W. 63rd Street were ticketed in the past two years. Photo credit: Tanveer Ali/DNA Info.

877 drivers who parked in front of Chicago’s most dangerous fire hydrant at 1025 W. 63rd Street were ticketed in the past two years. Photo credit: Tanveer Ali/DNA Info.

Which fire hydrant produces the most Chicago parking tickets?

It’s in front of a liquor store in Englewood located at 1025 W. 63rd Street according to an analysis done by DNA Info.

Over the past two years,  cars at this hydrant have been ticketed 877 times–that’s an average of more than a ticket a day. The expensive $150 tickets allowed the city to generate over $48,000 in revenue from all the tickets.

And that’s more than twice the tickets of the second place hydrant located at 5558 W. North Avenue in the Austin neighborhood which racked up a paltry 372 tickets for drivers who dared to park there over a two year period.

Bicyclist Protest Parking In Bike Lanes Using Twitter Hashtag

One local bike rider is using Twitter to try to get some illegally parked cars ticketed.

Clement Robinson, who goes by the Twitter handle @CJettR, has been tweeting photos of motor vehicles parked in designated bike lanes using the hashtag “#enforce940060″, according to RedEye.

The hashtag refers to municipal code 9-40-060 which prohibits cars from parking or standing in a bike lane.

IG Reports Bad Blood Between Police & Parking Enforcement

PEA back on the ticket beat

PEA back on the ticket beat

The cops and parking enforcement workers don’t seem to like each other according to a report released by the Chicago Inspector General Office.

A public screaming match between a Chicago police officer and a parking enforcement aide (PEA) has received the attention of the city’s IG, which after investigating, found what they call a widespread animosity between the two departments.

According to the report issued today there’s a perceived rivalry between the two departments.

“In general, there is a perception of a rivalry between PEAs and police officers; a perception shared by both sides and supported by online commentary,” the report said. “PEAs believe that CPD police officers are unnecessarily targeting PEAs for abuse. PEAs asserted that CPD officers are adversarial to PEAs in certain or all districts. Police officers, for their part, felt that PEAs unnecessarily saturate areas with enforcement.”

Drivers Face Long Lines For Last Day Of City Sticker Sales

Drivers faced relatively short lines at City Hall this morning waiting to purchase their city sticker.

Drivers faced relatively short lines at City Hall this morning waiting to purchase their city sticker.

Procrastinating drivers have just hours to purchase their 2014-2015 Chicago city vehicle sticker before risking an expensive parking tickets and late fee.

July 15th is the last day of the grace period the city allows for drivers to buy and display their annual city sticker. Vehicle owners have until midnight to comply or risk a $200 parking ticket–for every day they don’t have a sticker.

“These tickets and fees are very steep,” said City Clerk Susana Mendoza. “Please, go on social media, call your friends and family and do what you can to tell people you know that they need to make sure they purchase and display the new 2014 vehicle sticker – it’s the pink one – on their windshield. If not, they could wake up Wednesday to some expensive tickets and late fees.”

Alderman Ervin Discusses Ideas For Parking Ticket Relief

28th Ward Alderman Jason Ervin has some problems with some of the city’s parking ticket policies including the $200 fine for failure to purchase and/or display a Chicago city sticker and payment plan options for drivers who can’t afford to pay their tickets. He discusses a few of his ideas in this short interview.

Ban Or No Ban? Parking Confusion Reigns In West Loop

Remember the daytime parking ban in the West Loop?

The one to stop the problem of “day trippers” parking for free just west of downtown and walking or using public transit to work or play downtown?

It seems after the six month pilot test, local groups and businesses complained and the ban was dropped according to DNA Info.

Residents and visitors were told the ban was no longer in effect so they could park wherever and whenever they wanted.

But according to CBS 2 News, while the ban ended in December the signs which prohibit parking from 1:30 to 3:30 are still up and some people are still receiving tickets. In addition, at least one person had their car towed due to an allegedly non-existent ban.

Woman Sues To Halt License Suspension Due To Parking Tickets

Tons of Parking Tickets 3A woman, who allegedly owes the City of Chicago nearly $9000 in parking tickets from the ’90′s filed a lawsuit to halt the suspension of her driver’s license by the Illinois Secretary of State.

The Chicago Tribune reports Elaine McKinnes allegedly racked up 60 parking tickets between 1995 and 1996 and now owes $8,891.80 according to a notice from the city she received in February. And now she’s filing a lawsuit against the city and the Secretary of State to prevent her license from being suspended.

The city can ask the Illinois Secretary of State to suspend a vehicle owner’s driver’s license for 10 unpaid parking and/or red light camera and/or speed camera tickets.

But while the city has always contended there’s no statute of limitation on parking tickets, McKinnes’ attorney Robert A. Habib believes differently.

When reached by phone late Monday, he said there’s a general tenant of the law that puts a limit on the time an individual or entity has to take civil action against another individual, company,or organization. In general, ten years is the longest statute of limitation allowed so Habib says the city has taken too long to act.

Edison Park Chamber Of Commerce Buys Parking Lot To Help Shoppers Avoid Meters

Shoppers in Edison Park now have another way to avoid paying the meters with the purchase of a new parking lot by the area's chamber of commerce. Photo credit: Heather Cherone/DNA Info.

Shoppers in Edison Park now have another way to avoid paying the meters with the purchase of a new parking lot by the area’s chamber of commerce. Photo credit: Heather Cherone/DNA Info.

Here’s a unique way to avoid having to feed the parking meter–buy your very own parking lot.

That’s what the Edison Park Chamber of Commerce did recently when the group spent $174,000 to buy a 26-space parking lot according to DNA Info.

In recent months Edison Park business owners were enraged when ticket writers for Chicago Parking Meters, LLC wrote parking tickets to drivers who did not feed their meter.