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ABC News Fixer Gets Chicago Driver Parking Ticket Justice

Photo courtesy of Tim Sturm and ABC News.

Photo courtesy of Tim Sturm and ABC News.

Even ABC News is getting into the parking ticket advice industry.

ABC News’ Stephanie Zimmerman aka The ABC News Fixer, is a reporter on consumer affairs who helps viewers solve frustrating money related problems.

Recently, Zimmerman, who’s based in New York, got a letter from a Chicago driver begging for advice on how to deal with an improperly issued parking ticket and tow.

Uber Driver Gives A How To On Fighting Tow Zone Parking Ticket

Le Wang, aka Wangle, drives for Uber.

This past Christmas Eve he was dropping off some passengers at Midway when a ticket writer for the city told him to move his car or be ticketed.

Vanity Plate Causes Parking Ticket Headaches For Suburban Man

His car rarely leaves the garage, and has never been driven on the streets of Chicago. But one suburban driver is getting all sorts of parking tickets for places he’s never been.

The problem?

A vanity license plate that reads “FINANCE” according to NBC 5.

Tribune Problem Solver Solves City Sticker Ticket Problem

Drivers all over the city are arming themselves with razor blades to do battle with the dreaded Chicago city sticker.

If you move outside the city, don’t forget to take off your old city stickers to avoid getting tickets.

A couple moves from the city to the suburbs this spring.

They go to the Illinois Secretary of State to  change the vehicle registration and their driver’s license  to their new address.

But one day after they’ve moved while visiting the city, their car gets nailed with a $200 city sticker violation.

They fight the ticket by mail and provide documentation of their new lease and a copy of their updated registration.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not surprisingly, the  Department of Administrative Hearings upholds the ticket and tells the couple to pay up.

Luckily, Tribune Problem Solver columnist Jon Yates rides to the rescue.

Last Day To Buy Your Chicago City Sticker Online

Chicago vehicle owners have until July 15th to purchase and display their 2014-2015 city sticker.

Chicago vehicle owners have until July 15th to purchase and display their 2014-2015 city sticker.

Breathe a big sigh of relief all you city sticker procrastinators.

There’s still time to order your Chicago city vehicle sticker online to get it by the end of the grace period on July 15th.

According to the Chicago City Clerk’s office, their staff is working so efficiently, you can order using the Clerk’s EZ>BUY system by anytime Monday, July 7th and still have your sticker mailed to you in time.

“In the past, we have recommended against buying your Chicago City Vehicle Sticker online after June 30, but, this year, our turnaround times have been so fast that we are moving that recommended deadline to Monday, July 7,” City Clerk Susana Mendoza says in an e-mail blast.

Close to 250,000 drivers have purchased their city stickers online this year.

If a vehicle does not have a city sticker displayed by July 15th, a ticket will cost drivers $200. In addition, vehicle owners will have to pay a $60 late fee in addition to their city sticker fee.

Snow Covered Cars Are Parking Ticket Targets

Chicago has been pounded with snow this winter.

And it’s because of all this snow that many motorists who don’t drive their car very often risk an expensive $75 ticket.

Chicago motorists are required by law to move their street parked vehicle every seven days. Otherwise you can be ticketed and ultimately towed for Chicago municipal code violation #09-80-110(a)–or in English,”Abandoned Vehicle: 7 Days or Incapable of Operation.”

NBC 5 Helps Senior Citizen With City Sticker Ticket Mistake

A 75-year old woman thought it was just a mistake.

She opened her mailbox to find a Notice of Violation for a city sticker violation.

This was confusing since she says she had the city sticker on her windshield since she purchased it in June.

Scooter Owner Tries Schooling Parking Ticket Writers

After being given parking tickets while parked legally over and over again, one Chicago scooter owner is trying to educate poorly trained ticket writers.

According to News Radio 780, a Lakeview woman parks her scooter in a Residential Permit Parking zone in the South Loop neighborhood.

Now, according to city municipal code, it is perfectly legal to park motorcycles or scooters in an RPP zone.

Woman Tasered By Chicago Cop Gets $55,000 Settlement

Remember Tiffany Rent, the pregnant woman who got tasered by the policeman last year?

Well, she’s getting a $55,000 settlement from the City of Chicago according to the Sun-Times.

The woman, who was 8 months pregnant, wasn’t just innocently minding her own business when the cop used his taser to subdue her.

If you recall, she was parked illegally in a handicapped parking spot at a South Side Walgreens, when a police officer issued her a parking ticket. She ripped up the ticket and threw it in the officer’s face.

Driver Angered Over Legit Parking Ticket Ruling

People like to complain about Chicago parking tickets.

Lately, many drivers have been complaining to the Chicago Tribune’s Jon Yates–the Problem Solver columnist.

In the most recent episode, a driver remembered at the last minute, his license plate sticker was about to expire. He logged onto the Illinois Secretary of State’s website and renewed. Understanding the sticker doesn’t magically appear, he posted his receipt on his dashboard with the hope it would deter ticket writers.

Not surprisingly, it did not and he received two $60 parking tickets.

He contested both by mail.