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Trib Problem Solver Gets Driver Parking Ticket Justice

You gotta give it to the Chicago Tribune’s Jon Yates.

He gets things done.

That’s probably why he’s called the Problem Solver.

In his most recent column, Yates takes up the parking ticket dilemma of a local driver who very carefully parked on a metered side of a northside street where meter enforcement ends at 6 PM.

After working out at a local gym, he returned to his car to find a parking ticket on his windshield for an expired meter issued at 6:03 PM.


Turns out, directly across the street, metered parking ends at 9 PM. Confusing to be sure, but a mistake on the part of the ticket writer.

Chicago Magazine Wants Your Meter Receipts

They settle between dashboard and windshield, slip under seats, and coalesce on the floor of your car’s passenger seat.

If you drive and park often on metered Chicago streets, those damn white with green parking meter receipts will infest your car if you’re not careful.

But now, instead of sticking your expired meter receipts into the trash, Chicago Magazine wants you to send your old parking meter receipts to them.

What the hell for you ask?

Motorists’ Wallets Will Suffer In New Year

When local governments are broke, motorists should hide their wallets.

Car owners always seem to be the fall guys when local governments can’t balance their budgets.

Perhaps in no year is this more true than in 2012 when drivers will see an avalanche of fees, fines and cost increases to help bring in much needed revenue to cash starved government.

Here’s The Expired Meter’s roundup of the many cost increases drivers should expect to see when we ring in the new year.

Drivers May Keep Expired Meter Grace Period

Waguespack To Extend 5-Minute Grace Period Beyond April 1

With just a few weeks before Mayor Daley’s five minute grace period for expired meter violations quietly sunsets on April 1st, 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack has jumped in to help drivers by introducing an amendment to make this ordinance permanent.

Smarting from a constant barrage of criticism over his handling of the privatization of Chicago’s parking meter system, Daley introduced an ordinance early last year that would give drivers parked in a metered space a 5-minute grace period to save them from a $50 ticket if they were a few moments late returning to their car.

Man Gets Ticketed While Paying For Parking

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcchicago.com/video.

Poor Scott Larsen.

All he wanted to do was pay for his parking downtown on the first day of $5 per hour meter rates.

Parking Meter Politics Heat Up Mayoral, Aldermanic Races

From a political perspective, this year’s mayoral and aldermanic elections in Chicago may hinge on the normally innocuous issue of parking meters.

After Chicago’s parking meter system was privatized by Mayor Daley in December 2008, and created a slew of problems that have left eight out of ten Chicagoans angry over the deal according to a Chicago Tribune poll conducted in July, parking meters make interesting politics this election cycle.

Parking Meter Pay Boxes Pop Up On Touhy

It certainly seemed to be a Halloween trick to businesses in the 50th ward.

After years of free parking, a parking meter pay boxes were installed in the 2900 block of N. Touhy on October 31st according to a report by Newsradio 780.

It seems that some pay boxes have recently been removed from nearby Devon Ave. But under the new Chicago parking meter lease deal, metered spaces cannot just be removed by the alderman like in the old days–they must be moved to another location–or the city has to pay a penalty to Chicago Parking Meters, LLC.

August Marks 75th Anniversary Of World’s First Expired Meter Parking Ticket

Augusts are hot in Oklahoma City, and August of 1935 was no exception.

The Reverend C. H. North, of Oklahoma’s City’s Third Pentecostal Holiness Church, drove his automobile downtown, and parked at a spot in front of one of those new-fangled devices called the Park-O-Meter the newspapers had been talking about.

Park-O-Meters, the brand name of the first parking meters were just recently invented, and the first batch of 150 had just been installed the month before creating sort of a hub-bub around town over those past few weeks.

North stepped out of his car, and wiping sweat from his forehead stepped into the hot and dusty street. He walked to the curb where the meter was planted in cement just in front of his automobile, and read the gadget.

It demanded 5 cents to park there.

The good Reverend checked his right pocket, and then his left. A few pennies, a dime, a quarter and a few silver dollars, landed in the palm of his hand. But there were no nickels.

Parking Meter Bike T-shirt…What?

Confused why there’s still old school, single head parking meters still hanging around on some streets despite the fancy new pay boxes Chicago Parking Meter, LLC installed all over the city?

No, it’s not a trick to confuse you into paying the meter twice.

Actually, the biking community liked the old style meters because they could safely secure their bicycle to the meter with a Kryptonite style U-lock.

But, when the new pay boxes started going in, the biking community had a massive hissy fit, whining and crying until they convinced the city to strong arm CPM to keep some of the meters (sans payment mechanisms) so the bike riders had places to lock their bikes. Whew!

Friday Funny Foto: Pummeled Parking Meter

Now that’s what I call an “inoperable parking meter!”

Ouch! That had to hurt.