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Rejected By City Over Pothole Claim, Driver Considers Lawsuit

Emily Mensching’s car hit a pothole on Peterson Avenue last May blowing out two tires and cracking two rims.

She filed a pothole damage claim with the city expecting to get some sort of compensation for the $1400 in damages her car suffered.

Surprisingly, despite several other pothole complaints at the same location Mensching’s claim was rejected according to NBC 5 News.

Study: Good News For Motorists, Younger People Driving Less

National_Public_Radio_logo.svgGood news for drivers.

National Public Radio reports on a new study from the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute which seems to indicate the number of young people who don’t drive is increasing.

The trend in car ownership and driver’s license holders is decreasing among all age groups but is most dramatically down in younger demographics.

One metric NPR pulls out is that only 69% of 19-year olds had a driver’s license in 2014, compared to 90% in 1983. While driver’s licenses among twenty-somethings is down 13% compared to 30 years ago.

NPR writer David Schaper reports from Chicago and interviews a handful of folks, both young and older, who don’t or have recently given up driving.

Potholes Are Down Due To Mild Winter

There are many upsides to a mild winter, but one positive outcome has been less potholes–a lot less than in the previous two years.

The winters of 2014 and 2015 produced a bumper crop of potholes across the city. But data from the city indicates much fewer potholes popping up this winter.

WLS TV reports CDOT only filled about 40,000 potholes in January. That’s down from 60,000 in January 2015 and a whopping 94,000 in 2014 when the polar vortex gob smacked the city.

Should Drivers Always Stop After Hitting A Pedestrian? Maybe Not

Stop, give aid, call the police, remain at the scene.

That’s what drivers are supposed to do if they ever have the misfortune of striking a pedestrian with their vehicle.

In fact, it’s technically illegal to leave the scene of an accident involving a pedestrian.

But, stopping and remaining at the scene may not be the right decision in all cases–at least according to police officials.

Take a recent tragic incident in Milwaukee.

Did ‘Dibs” Start In Chicago? Maybe Not.

Dibs letter 3In honor of another several inches of snow coating the streets of Chicago today, and the assumption drivers will drag their household junk back outside to “reserve” the spot they shoveled out, we present a history of dibs via DNA Info.

DNA Info city hall reporter Ted Cox researched the subject and says the practice here goes back to the Blizzard of ’67 which crippled the city for days nearly 50 years ago.

But his research seems to indicate that dibs actually began in Pittsburgh as late as the 1950′s and perhaps even before that.

Here’s the full story, “The History of ‘Dibs’: Did It Begin in Chicago?

Is Chicago’s ‘Dibs’ Tradition Turning Violent?

A driver's smashed windshield was probably due to 'dibs'  violence. Photo credit: Ashley Mater.

A driver’s smashed windshield was probably due to ‘dibs’ violence. Photo credit: Ashley Mater.

Is the quaint Chicago tradition of ‘dibs’ turning violent?

Several recent incidents being reported by DNA Info seem to indicate that some people who use household junk to save a parking spot they’ve dug out are becoming increasingly thuggish in enforcing their dibs domain.

Last week DNA Info reported on a Ukranian Village woman who believes her brake lines were cut because she parked in a spot being “reserved” using lawn chairs.

In the same report, a driver in Ravenswood had a threatening note left on her windshield for violating the unwritten rule of the road.

Then on Friday, a Logan Square motorist returned to her car to find it completely vandalized with her windows busted and interior destroyed. The damage is pegged at $5000 or more. In this case, the driver says there was nothing in the street to indicate the spot was being saved but a pair of chairs on top of the curbside snow bank.

Here are the full stories from DNA Info: “Dibs Gets Dangerous as Woman Claims Her Brake Lines Were Cut in Retaliation” and “Another Dibs Attack? The Owner of This Car Wonders Why She Was Targeted.”

ACLU: Major Racial Disparities In Chicago Police Traffic Stops

Uh-OhA new report from the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois seems to show that during traffic stops by Chicago police, black drivers are pulled over and searched more frequently than white ones and minorities in general are targeted for searches more frequently than white drivers.

The report, based on data obtained from the Illinois Department of Transportation, reviews the 100,676 traffic stops made by cops in 2013, and shows African-American drivers made up just under half of all stops (46%). Yet blacks make up only 32% of Chicago’s total population.

By contrast while whites make up about 32% of city residents, white motorists were stopped 27% of the time. Hispanics, which are 28% of the population were pulled over 22% of the time.

The ACLU report contends racial disparity seems more pronounced in predominately white neighborhoods according to their analysis.

CBS 2 Catches Bikers, Drivers & Pedestrians Behaving Badly

Do some bicyclists think they own the road?

That’s the question CBS 2 News wanted to answer and spent eight hours over four days videotaping a downtown intersection to find out.

The Mystery Of The Missing Orange Safety Cones

Who’s stealing the safety cones?

That’s what Ald. Scott Waguespack wants to know.

He’s been using the bright orange cones to mark where the worst potholes are located to warn drivers not to drive directly into one and end up at the closest auto repair garage.

IDOT Ready For Big Snowstorm, Challenging Weather

Driving snowstormWith Chicagoland to be hit with five to 10 inches of snow over the weekend, the Illinois Department of Transportation says its crews are already deployed to handle the severe weather.

The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for snow from 6 p.m. Saturday to midnight Sunday throughout Illinois. The storm will drop most of its snow between midnight and noon on Sunday and winds of 15-30 mph will cause blowing snow to make driving a challenge if not dangerous due to low visibility.