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Clerk’s Office: City Sticker Grace Period To End By 2016

The design for Chicago city stickers is changing to accomodate year-round sales.

Chicago 2014 city sticker.

With Chicago city sticker sales poised to begin the transition to year round sales this spring, the City Clerk’s office announced some other changes to the program including doing away with the traditional 15-day grace period before enforcement begins.

As Chicago drivers are well aware, from time immemorial Chicago city stickers had to be purchased between May and the end of June. With city stickers officially expiring on June 31st of each year, drivers were always allowed a 15-day grace period to come into compliance before they could be ticketed for not having a city sticker on their car’s windshield. Tickets for failure to purchase and/or display a city sticker is $200.

City Clerk Mendoza Explains Year Round City Sticker Sales

Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza just released a new video explaining how year round city stickers will work in 2014.

City sticker sales will remain the same as previous years, but the Clerk’s office will use this year to educate drivers about the changes next year to hopefully make sales next year as painless as possible.

Parking Taxes Changes, Year-Round City Sticker Sales Pass City Council

The design for Chicago city stickers is changing to accomodate year-round sales.

This weeks Chicago City Council saw the passing of two ordinances that will affect the vehicle owners in Chicago.

Year-Round City Sticker Sales

City Clerk Susana Mendoza’s proposal to dramatically change Chicago city sticker sales from one month out of the year to year-round sales sailed through the City Council with overwhelming approval.

While city sticker sales will begin in mid-May, the transition to a year-round model similar to the state’s model for renewing license plate stickers will begin in 2014. City stickers will have to be renewed annually six months after the month a vehicle’s state license plate sticker expires.

Chicago City Stickers Will Go To Year-Round Sales In 2014

Chicago's city sticker boasts a new look for 2013.

Say goodbye to standing in long lines to buy your City of Chicago vehicle sticker.

The annual tradition of a million-plus city car owners rushing to buy their city stickers over the course of several weeks in May and June is coming to an end.

Starting next year, the City Clerk’s Office will transition to a year-round sales process — one similar to how drivers renew their State of Illinois license plate stickers in the same month every year.

City sticker renewals will be required six months from when a vehicle’s state registration is renewed. For example, if your license plate is renewed in January, your city sticker must be renewed in July.

The summer 2013 city vehicle sticker will be the last time most residents receive a June-to-June sticker renewal, City Clerk Susana Mendoza said. The June-to-June renewal schedule will remain for people over 65 years old.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Vice Magazine Pulls Leg Of Chicago City Clerk’s Office

If you’re not familiar with Vice Magazine, you’re not alone.

Vice is a hipster jackass magazine that is read by cooler than thou twenty somethings who essentially think that, (beyond the few thousand people who actually read the publication) everyone else in the world is contemptibly and tragically uncool.

While snark tends to be the lifeblood of this publication, it’s humor can range from unfunny juvenile exploration of all things scatological to purile but hilarious, well written pieces which induce spasms of fall of the couch laughter.

Recently, a Chicago-based contributor to Vice named Fred Sasaki, for some unknown reason, puts the Chicago City Clerk’s office in his comedic crosshairs and engages someone in that office in a series of emails.

City Stickers Moving To Year Round Renewal

Over the course of just a few weeks every spring and summer, the Chicago City Clerk’s office sells over 1 million city vehicle stickers.

In person lines for city stickers are often long, patience is tested and in some cases tempers flare.

But this once a year tradition of purchasing a city sticker looks like it might end soon–perhaps as early as next year.

Wednesday, during City Council budget hearings, Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza told City Council members her office was working toward going to a year round sales model similar to how the Illinois Secretary of State’s office handles license plate renewals.

“…Next year, we’re looking to go to year-round city sticker sales,” said Mendoza in her opening remarks. “This is an ambitious undertaking, but everything we’ve learned up to this point demonstrates that it’s not only achievable, but will be a more convenient customer experience
with a positive budget impact. We’re confident that with your support and feedback, we can make this happen.”

City Clerk’s Office Writing More Parking Tickets

Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza has been getting tough on city sticker scofflaws.

The City Clerk’s enforcement division is reporting a healthy 58% increase in the total number of parking tickets it issued in the six week period following the end of city sticker sales.

One of the City Clerk’s responsibilities is to administer Chicago’s city vehicle sticker program–selling close to 1.3 million each year.

Even though the Chicago Police Department and city Parking Enforcement Aides write most of the city’s parking violations,  the Clerk’s office also has an enforcement arm.  This enforcement team consisting of six full time investigators with supplemental enforcement coming from five privately contracted enforcement staff, patrols the streets of Chicago focusing on catching scofflaws who haven’t purchased a city sticker for their vehicle.

The Clerk’s office announced their enforcement team has written 5,696 parking tickets from July 16 through August 24–the six week period immediately following the July 15th city sticker grace period. This compares to the 3,602 tickets issued over the same period last year–a more than 2000 ticket increase.

CBS 2 Rides Along With City Sticker Enforcement Crew

CBS 2′s Jim Williams rides along with Chicago City Clerk enforcement crew looking for city sticker scofflaws.

It’s no surprise they write a lot of tickets on Monday.

Here’s CBS 2′s full story, “Crackdown Begins For Chicago Motorists Without City Stickers.”

Increased Fine, Focused Ticketing Means More Painful City Sticker Enforcement

At the toll of midnight, the ticketing began.

The 15-day grace period for Chicago vehicle owners to purchase and display their 2012-2013 city sticker expired at midnight, Monday July 16th.

While Chicago Police officers, according to reports, began writing tickets for failure to display city vehicle stickers as soon as was legally possible, the bulk of the many thousands of violations began in earnest Monday morning when the first shift of city Parking Enforcement Aides hit the streets looking for violators.

It is no surprise, that the bulk of city sticker violations for the year are written in the weeks immediately following the July 15th deadline each year.

But this year will be the first post-city vehicle sticker grace period with the new and much higher fines.

Higher Fines Make It More Painful On Scofflaws

City Sticker Ward Sales Off To Strong Start

It’s a city sticker season tradition.

Every year during Chicago’s annual city vehicle sticker season, each of the city’s 50 aldermen, host a one-day sale to give their constituents the convenience of purchasing their sticker close to home.

“Our City Vehicle Sticker sales in each ward office are always very popular,” says City Clerk Susana Mendoza. “I’m proud to partner with each Alderman to offer this convenient service, Like last year, this year I will be going to each ward sale to see our operations first-hand and hear ideas from Chicago drivers on how we can improve our sticker sales and services to constituents.”

Ward office sales kicked off successfully Wednesday with over 300 city stickers purchased at the 48th Ward office of Alderman Harry Osterman located at 5533 N. Broadway.