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City Clerk Announces New Push To Nab City Sticker Scofflaws

Roscoe Village resident Chris Courtney puts his new 2015 city sticker on his windshield in the parking lot of a currency exchange after midnight Wednesday morning.

A driver  puts his new 2015 city sticker on his windshield in the parking lot of a currency exchange earlier this year.

City sticker scofflaws beware…Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza is coming after you.

Tuesday, Mendoza outlined many new ideas for the City Council during annual budget hearings at City Hall–including one to find and fine Chicago drivers who don’t buy their city stickers.

During her remarks Mendoza contended the transition to year round city sticker sales went relatively smoothly and will end up increasing revenues by $10 million by the end of 2014.

However, now that the transition to year round sales is complete the clerk’s database is being updated every month by the Illinois Secretary of State’s vehicle registration database. According to Mendoza this gives the Clerk’s office the ability to track down those vehicle owners who refuse to cough up the annual wheel tax–an estimated $5 million in revenue.

City Clerk Mendoza Discusses City Stickers On Chicago Tonight

On the eve of the last mad rush for Chicagoans to buy their Chicago city vehicle sticker, City Clerk Susana Mendoza sat down with Chicago Tonight’s Phil Ponce for a chat.

Mendoza talks about the new year round sticker sales system, explains to drivers who have not received their sticker in the mail yet on what to do, details on enforcement and how the the over $100 million collected from the wheel tax are used for the upkeep of city streets.

It’s an informative chat.

Tribune Problem Solver Solves City Sticker Ticket Problem

Drivers all over the city are arming themselves with razor blades to do battle with the dreaded Chicago city sticker.

If you move outside the city, don’t forget to take off your old city stickers to avoid getting tickets.

A couple moves from the city to the suburbs this spring.

They go to the Illinois Secretary of State to  change the vehicle registration and their driver’s license  to their new address.

But one day after they’ve moved while visiting the city, their car gets nailed with a $200 city sticker violation.

They fight the ticket by mail and provide documentation of their new lease and a copy of their updated registration.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not surprisingly, the  Department of Administrative Hearings upholds the ticket and tells the couple to pay up.

Luckily, Tribune Problem Solver columnist Jon Yates rides to the rescue.

Clerk Mendoza Shows Drivers How To Remove A City Sticker

Yeah, yeah we know…this video is two years old.

Ask The Parking Ticket Geek: The Chicago City Sticker Edition

Chicago vehicle owners have until July 15th to purchase and display their 2014-2015 city sticker.

Chicago vehicle owners have until July 15th to purchase and display their 2014-2015 city sticker.

With last year’s Chicago city vehicle stickers expiring and the grace period for the 2014-2015 stickers ending July 15, the rush is on for city vehicle owners to get their stickers purchased and on their windshields sooner rather than later.

So, we’re dedicating an entire Ask the Parking Ticket Geek column to that sticky subject.

Dear Parking Ticket Geek,

So, I am one of those city sticker procrastinators. I just bought my sticker online today (June 27) and it says it could take up to 2 weeks to arrive.

Does this mean I can get a ticket before it arrives in the mail?


Don’t sweat it, Stephanie.

More at DNA Info Chicago.

City Clerk Officially Kicks Off Chicago City Sticker Season

City Clerk Susana Mendoza stands next to an enlarged copy of the 2014 Chicago city sticker at a press conference Monday.

City Clerk Susana Mendoza stands next to an enlarged copy of the 2014 Chicago city sticker at a press conference Monday.

With drivers already standing in line behind her to purchase their 2014 city vehicle sticker, City Clerk Susana Mendoza officially kicked off the start of Chicago city sticker season at a short press conference Monday afternoon.

According to Mendoza, her office has started the city sticker sales season about two weeks ahead of the normal June 1st start date.

“We’re ahead of schedule,” said Mendoza. “We’re getting a two week jump on sales to help eliminate long lines.”

Mendoza announced this year was going to be a “monumental change” to in how city stickers are sold by transitioning to a year round sales model–just like how vehicle owners renew their Illinois license plate stickers.

2014 City Stickers Now On Sale, Moving To Year Round Renewal

2014sticker640The city’s move to a rolling, year-round vehicle sticker renewal program is kicking off, with renewal notices set to arrive next week and stickers already on sale.

The changeover means that the century-old tradition of Chicago drivers battling long lines to buy a city sticker during a small window of time once a year is nearing an end.

That’s because after this year’s city sticker season officially ends June 30, sales will convert to a year-round system much like how the Illinois Secretary of State handles vehicle registration sticker renewals.

Starting this year, your expiration date will be pegged to your license plate, with the city sticker expiring six months after your plates so you don’t have to pay both at the same time.

“We’ve had a soft launch of the city sticker sales program this week,” says City Clerk office spokesman Patrick Corcoran. “Roughly 1.3 million renewal forms should be arriving in mailboxes early next week.”

Read more at DNA Info.

NBC 5 Helps Senior Citizen With City Sticker Ticket Mistake

A 75-year old woman thought it was just a mistake.

She opened her mailbox to find a Notice of Violation for a city sticker violation.

This was confusing since she says she had the city sticker on her windshield since she purchased it in June.

Two Proposed Ordinances Will Change City Sticker Enforcement

A car in Wicker Park sports both last year and this year's Chicago city sticker.

A car in Wicker Park sports both last year and this year’s Chicago city sticker.

Two newly introduced ordinances at Wednesday’s City Council meeting could give city drivers more leeway when it comes to city vehicle sticker enforcement.

One ordinance, introduced by Aldermen Ed Burke (16th) and Mary O’Connor (41st), will give a break to drivers who forget to display their city stickers.

Under current law, vehicle owners must both purchase and display their city sticker on the car’s windshield. However, sometimes drivers buy their city sticker but forget to put it on their windshield and get hit with a $200 ticket.

Unfortunately, drivers cannot contest this expensive ticket by saying they just forgot to display it.

This ordinance proposes to allow residents in this situation to raise this defense and present their paid city sticker receipt as evidence and have the ticket dismissed.

Ask The Parking Ticket Geek: What Happened To My ‘Free’ Sunday Parking?

Mindy gives her nemesis, the parking meter paybox a hug despite getting an expired meter ticket last Sunday.

Dear Geek,

On Sunday I parked on Halsted Street between Division and North Avenue.

As I was returning to my car, I noticed tickets on most of the cars and yes, there was one on mine. I’m a stickler for making sure I’m parked in nonrestricted areas and pay the meter, even if I’m going to be gone for 5 minutes.

The reason I didn’t pay the meter yesterday is because it was Sunday. I thought all meters were free on Sunday. There should be a visible sign posted indicating parking must be paid on Sundays. Right?

What are my chances of getting this dismissed if I contest it?


Sorry Mindy, unfortunately there’s no such thing as “free Sunday parking” in that part of Lincoln Park.

Read the rest of the answer at DNA Info Chicago.

If you have a question about parking, speed camera, or red light camera tickets or driving in the city, e-mail the Parking Ticket Geek at: info@theexpiredmeter.com