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Chicago City Stickers Will Go To Year-Round Sales In 2014

Chicago's city sticker boasts a new look for 2013.

Say goodbye to standing in long lines to buy your City of Chicago vehicle sticker.

The annual tradition of a million-plus city car owners rushing to buy their city stickers over the course of several weeks in May and June is coming to an end.

Starting next year, the City Clerk’s Office will transition to a year-round sales process — one similar to how drivers renew their State of Illinois license plate stickers in the same month every year.

City sticker renewals will be required six months from when a vehicle’s state registration is renewed. For example, if your license plate is renewed in January, your city sticker must be renewed in July.

The summer 2013 city vehicle sticker will be the last time most residents receive a June-to-June sticker renewal, City Clerk Susana Mendoza said. The June-to-June renewal schedule will remain for people over 65 years old.

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CBS 2 Rides Along With City Sticker Enforcement Crew

CBS 2′s Jim Williams rides along with Chicago City Clerk enforcement crew looking for city sticker scofflaws.

It’s no surprise they write a lot of tickets on Monday.

Here’s CBS 2′s full story, “Crackdown Begins For Chicago Motorists Without City Stickers.”

Last Week To Get Your Chicago City Sticker

The end is near.

There are exactly seven days left until Chicago vehicle owners need to purchase and display their Chicago city vehicle sticker on their windshield or face heavy fines and/or late fees.

The 2011-12 city sticker expired on June 30th, but the Chicago City Clerk’s office always gives drivers a 15 day grace period to comply. This year, July 15th falls on a Sunday.

But the last minute rush for city stickers may be less hectic than in past years. Because based on city sticker sales numbers released by City Clerk Susana Mendoza’s office, many more city stickers have been sold this year.

Get Out The Vote For Next Year’s City Sticker

10 Student Finalists Announced For Sticker Design Contest

Gage Park Senior Michael McCray artwork is one of 10 finalists in this year's city vehicle sticker contest

Since it’s going to be stuck to your car’s windshield for 12 months, you might as well cast your vote.

Now is the time to do it as voting opened Sunday for the public to choose the design for the 2012-1013 Chicago city sticker.

Each year, the Chicago City Clerk’s office gives drivers a chance to vote to choose one of the ten design finalists in its annual City Vehicle Sticker Art Design Contest. The winner will become next year’s city sticker.

In its 17th year, which allows Chicago high school students a chance to see their artwork on nearly every car registered in the City of Chicago, had nearly 240 entries this year from 44 different schools.

“The art contest is a great way for our students to be involved in their city government,” said City Clerk Susana Mendoza “Last year more than 20,000 Chicagoans voted on their favorite city sticker design. Each of our students worked very hard on their creations and I hope all Chicagoans take a minute to visit our website and cast a vote for their favorite city vehicle sticker!”

City Clerk Moves Ahead With City Sticker Sponsorship

Advertising messages are everywhere.

Not just on TV, in publications or on billboards, but on more uncommon objects or places, like the side of trains, on sidewalks, the facades of vacant buildings or even in public restrooms.

In the spirit of this creeping commercialism, advertising sponsorship on your Chicago city sticker is one step closer to reality for next year.

The City Clerk’s office has issued a Request for Information (RFI) through the city’s Department of Procurement, the first step in the process of securing a sponsor for the windshield decal.

Video: How To Remove Your Chicago City Sticker

City Clerk Susana Mendoza Shows Drivers How To Get That Darn Sticker Off Your Windshield

With Chicago city sticker season coming to an end, The Expired Meter thought it might be helpful to readers to produce an instructional video on how to get last year’s city sticker off your windshield.

We tried to find an expert on this matter so we contacted the Chicago City Clerk’s office–the city agency in charge of selling the 1.3 million city stickers sold every year to see if City Clerk Susana Mendoza could help us out.

The Procrastinator’s Guide To Last Minute City Sticker Purchases

Tips For Staying Out Of Long Lines For Friday’s Deadline

The Friday, June 15th deadline is looming and thousands of Chicago drivers still have not purchased their 2012 city sticker.

City drivers caught without a Chicago city sticker starting July 16th, risk a $120 ticket per day, in addition to a $40 late fee on top of the $75 fee for the sticker.

And don’t think your chances for being caught are low. Au contraire, mon frère!

According to the Department of Revenue, ticket writers wrote just under 70,000 tickets for failure to display a Chicago city sticker in the six weeks following the July 15th deadline in 2008, and just slightly less the following year with a total of 68,798 in 2009. That’s roughly 31% of all tickets for a city sticker violation in that six week period between July 15th and August 31st.

The trick now, with just days and hours before the city sticker deadline hits, is to avoid the long lines that come every year at this time.

Here are some tips for the procrastinating drivers still in need of their 2012 city sticker.

Better Get Moving! City Sticker Sales End Friday

Enforcement Begins Saturday With $120 Tickets

Lines for city sticker purhases at 2550 W. Addison

The Chicago City Sticker sales seasons enters its last and final week, with sales officially ending Friday at midnight.

City sticker season began this past June 1st and runs six weeks until July 15th to allow every driver with a car registered in Chicago to purchase the $75 vehicle sticker. Larger vehicles, over 4500 pounds pay $120.00.

City Clerk officials are bracing for long, long lines at City Hall and the Clerk’s two satellite offices, as well as Department of Revenue payment centers around the city. Procrastinators are encouraged to go sooner than later to avoid brutal lines at the end of the week.

“While we are slightly ahead of sales this year, we always anticipate long lines
as the deadline to purchase city stickers nears,” says City Clerk spokesperson Kristine Williams. “No matter how many options we provide for people to buy their sticker early and avoid the long lines, there will always be people who wait until the last minute.”

Horrors! Daley, Del Valle Still On New City Sticker

When you get your new city sticker, you’ll notice ex-Mayor Richard Daley’s and ex-City Clerk Miguel del Valle’s name are still on the front.

Most people would say “who gives a crap?” Some might be puzzled. “Isn’t Rahm Emmanuel and Susana Mendoza in office now?”, they’ll say.

Many others, probably understand that it takes time to print anything–especially 1.3 million city stickers. Printing something as complex as a city sticker takes months, a process that would have to begin well before the February elections even took place.

Internet City Sticker Sales Start Early

Website Opens 2 Weeks Ahead Of In-Person Sales

Go ahead.

Cut in line Chicago drivers.

The City Clerk’s website is officially open for online city sticker sales, nearly a week earlier than last year and nearly two weeks before in-person sales for city stickers begin June 1st.

“More than 1.3 million vehicle stickers are sold each year. I want to continue to work to make the process of buying your city sticker as easy as possible,” says newly minted Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza. “Purchasing it online is simply the most convenient way to buy your sticker – it only takes a few minutes and there is no additional fee to buy your sticker online.”

Online sales actually began quietly this past Monday to make sure the newly updated website was working properly. So far, over 2000 city stickers have been purchased via the City Clerk’s website.