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City Sticker Winners Honored At City Hall

Herbert Pulgar poses with his winning city sticker artwork

Herbie Pulgar was four when a candle caught his shirt on fire, burning a good portion of his body.

“I was all on fire and I was all burnt up,” explained this year’s winner of the City Clerk’s annual city sticker design contest. “My mom and the firefighters saved my life and I’m thankful for that right now.”

Pulgar spoke of his earliest first hand experience with the fire department during a short speech at City Hall Thursday morning after receiving his $1000 saving bond for his winning design honoring firefighters, policemen and all of Chicago’s first responders.

“It’s so coincidental that our grand prize winner has this background,” said City Clerk Susana Mendoza about Pulgar.

Purple Heart Veterans To Receive Free City Stickers

Purple Heart Veterans can never really ever be thanked enough.

But the City of Chicago is going to try to pass on a little appreciation to these brave men and women in the form of free city stickers.

Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza along with Aldermen Timothy Cullerton and James Balcer co-sponsored legislation to make this token of thanks a reality on Wednesday.

The Purple Heart is awarded to U.S. military who have been wounded or killed while serving with the U.S. Military. Disabled veterans and former prisoners of war already are eligible for free city stickers.

And The Winner Is…

Freshman Student Wins City Sticker Design Contest

Lawrence Hall Youth Services freshman Herbert Pulgar's winning city sticker design

While just a freshman, Herbert Pulgar, a student from Lawrence Hall Youth Services walked away as the winner of Chicago’s 2012-2013 city sticker design contest.

This is the third time in the 17 years of the contest that a student from Lawrence Hall has won the annual competition.

Over 18,000 people voted for the designs of ten student finalists last week online and via a computer kiosk at City Hall.

“This city is very special to me, which is why I chose to create a heart filled with both our skyline and the Chicago flag, explained Pulgar about his artwork. “From the top of the heart, I wanted convey the diversity of our great city and its emergency personnel by using four different hands and the three first response symbols. Thank you for the great opportunity to share my artwork with the citizens of Chicago.

City Sticker Fees To Increase For All Vehicles

Most Cars Will See Stickers Increasing From $75 to $85

Ten bucks

That’s how much more a city sticker will cost for the vast majority of Chicago drivers according to a compromise reached by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and city council members.

Originally, Mayor Emmanuel had proposed raising the price of city stickers just for cars categorized as larger vehicles. But the Mayor was proposing lowering the weight threshold from the current 4500 pounds to just 4000 pounds–a move that would have added over 184,000 vehicles to this category as originally reported here.

Experts Weigh In On Mayor’s SUV City Sticker Math

With Mayor Rahm Emanuel desperately trying to figure out any possible way to generate more revenue for a cash starved city, he proposed the brilliant idea of raising the cost of city stickers $15 on heavier passenger vehicles last week.

On the surface, it was easy to shrug off the notion because only people with those evil gas guzzlers would be affected. But what the Mayor failed to make clear was that the city would also lower the weight for this heavier vehicle classification from the current 4500 pounds to 4000.

This added a whole heckuva lot more cars to the SUV class with nearly 200,000 more vehicles paying almost double of what they paid this year. Cars like the Ford Taurus, the Ford Explorer and mini vans like the Toyota Sienna.

The main argument the city made in defense of this proposal was that heavier vehicles–even ones as light as 4000 pounds–are more damaging to city streets because of their weight.

Annual City Sticker Design Contest To Honor Chicago’s First Responders

Suthida Lestpanichphan stands before her winning 2011-2012 city sticker design

Chicago firefighters and policemen who will grace the front of next year’s Chicago city sticker, when the winner of the 2012-2013 City Sticker Design Contest is announced.

The competition, sponsored by the City Clerk’s office every year, is now accepting design submissions from Chicago high school students, which if selected will make it onto the windshield of 1.3 million motor vehicles registered in the city. This year’s theme is “Chicago’s Heroes”, to honor this city’s first responders.

“I encourage all Chicago high school students to create a sticker that would honor our brave men and women who protect our communities every day,” said Clerk Mendoza. “Our annual vehicle sticker contest is a great way to participate in our city’s government and showcase the immense artistic talent our students have. Last year’s contest drew nearly 400 entries from 50 schools and I hope to increase those numbers this year!”

City Sticker Sales On The Road At Ward Offices

City Clerk Susana Mendoza seems to be on a perpetual road trip for the entire month of June and the first half of July.

Mendoza has committed to personally visiting all 50 neighborhood aldermanic offices over Chicago’s city sticker season to assist her merry band of City Clerk staffers ward office sales.

Ward sales are scheduled throughout all of June and the first two weeks of July, to make it more convenient for drivers who don’t want to drive to City Hall, other city locations, local Currency Exchanges or order their city sticker online.

Buy Your Chicago City Sticker Online & Win Lunch With City Clerk Mendoza

Clerk’s Office Launches Contest To Promote Online Sales

City Clerk Susana Mendoza is trying to make city sticker sales more fun.
No one enjoys the drudgery of having to cough up 75 bucks every spring for that tiny rectangular decal on the passenger side windshield.

So Mendoza hopes promote online sticker sales and inject some enjoyment to the process by sponsoring a contest to win lunch with the Clerk.

The Clerk’s office is offering drivers who purchase their city sticker online, a chance to win a catered lunch and tour of City Hall hosted by Clerk Mendoza.

A total of 10 motorists will win a spot at the catered event.

Online City Sticker Sales Off To Strong Start

UPDATE: Clerk’s office spokesperson Kristine Williams says they broke a one-day record for online sales on Wednesday.

The Clerk’s website sold over 20,000 city stickers online between Tuesday night and close of business Wednesday.

This jumped up online city sticker sales to over 64,000–also a new record.

The Chicago City Clerk’s webpage for city vehicle sticker sales hasbeen live less than a week, and it’s already racking up some impressive numbers.

The site was unofficially open for business Monday, May 16th, but was in a “soft launch” mode until last Friday. That’s when the Clerk’s office made it public to drivers the website was indeed active.

But in the few days since, the website has been very busy, jumping from about 2,500 in sales Thursday night to over 44,000 as of late Tuesday.

Aldermen To Tackle Residential Permit Parking

Residential permit parking has become a major headache for Chicago.

Especially in the more parking challenged wards in the city.

Ald. Tom Tunney (44th) and Ald. Vi Daley (43rd) are looking to do something about RPP and today proposed creating a Residential Parking Permit Zone Task Force to address these and other related parking issues.

“The proliferation of the permit parking areas has caused more strain on the already scares commodity of available on-street parking , and, as a result, many businesses near the restricted parking zones have seen a negative impact on their businesses by a decrease in customers and business…” states the resolution the two signed today.

Tunney and Daley’s adjacent wards represent the brunt of Lakeview and Lincoln Park, easily two of the most vehicle congested areas of the city, and account for a good portion of the individual residential parking permits issued each year.