Driver Survival Seminar

Local car owners know driving in Chicago has many challenges—traffic, parking, red light cameras, parking tickets and sometimes, unfortunately the Denver boot.

Now, with the help of some of Chicago’s aldermen, civic leaders and community groups, The Expired Meter presents the Chicago Driver Survival Seminar.

The Chicago Driver Survival Seminar is a FREE, two and a half hour motorist education boot camp to arm Chicago drivers with the basic tools of avoiding and fighting parking tickets, understanding and avoiding red light camera and speed camera tickets, dealing with speeding and other traffic tickets, keeping the Denver boot off your car and keeping drivers up to speed on recent changes to driving laws.

The publisher of the Expired Meter, the Parking Ticket Geek will discuss how to deal with parking ticket issues, the National Motorist Association’s Barnet Fagel will speak to drivers about red light cameras and speeding tickets.

Want to bring a Driver’s Survival Seminar to your community or wish to be a sponsor of one of our events?

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