City Yellow Lights Too Short, Judge Says Before Tossing Red Light Tickets

Some of Chicago’s yellow lights are too short, according to an administrative law judge who said he’s thrown out “60 to 70 percent” of red light camera tickets he’s come across recently More »

Trib Says Mayor Got $10,000 In Donations Linked To Red Light Camera Bidder

The Chicago Tribune is alleging the wives of two executives for a company vying for the city’s red light camera program donated $5000 each to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s political campaign. According to More »

Writer Predicts No Other Cities Will Ever Privatize Their Parking Meters

NBC Chicago writer Edward McClelland last week boldly predicted that due to Chicago’s horrible experience with it’s infamous and hated parking meter lease deal, no city will ever privatize their parking meters More »


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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

Studies: Automated Safety Systems Are Preventing Car Crashes - ABC News; Lane Departure Warning: Annoying ‘Turn Signal Nanny’ Or Proven Life-Saver - Forbes

Letter: This Is How Illinois Welcomes People Home — With Maze Of Traffic Tickets - Chicago Tribune

Clark Street Bridge Reopens After Seven Months Of Construction - Chicago Sun-Times; Adams Street Bridge Closing Over The River This Week For Work - Chicago Sun-Times

Obama Gets Even More Grabby With Public Land In Jackson Park - Chicago Sun-TimesCrain’s Chicago BusinessCurbed ChicagoDNA ChicagoChicago Tribune; How Can Dead Broke Chicago Afford Obama’s Museum Demands - Chicago Sun-Times

City Council Should Shut Up About Self-Driving Cars - Chicago Sun-Times

New Proposed Ordinance To Put Noise Monitoring Equipment On Lake Shore Drive - CBS 2 Chicago

Food Truck Owners Say Regulations In Chicago, Other Cities Taking Bite Out Of Business - Chicago Tribune

Transit Oriented Developments Being Opposed In Scarce Parking Neighborhoods - DNA Chicago

Merchandise Mart Owner Wants To Build An Apartment Tower On A Parking Lot It Owns Across The Chicago River - Chicago Tribune

Anti-History Kooks Will March To Tear Down Balbo Monument, Rename Balbo Drive - ChicagoistChicago Sun-Times; Emanuel Panders To PC Protesters - Chicago Sun-Times; This Confederate POW Monument/Grave Marker In Chicago Cemetery Should Remain - Chicago Tribune

Panel Of Chicago Bikers Discusses 2 Wheeled Jerks On The Road - Chicago Streetsblog; Bicyclists, Please Follow The Rules - Chicago Tribune

Toyota-Mazda Looking At Illinois For New Auto Plant, Chamber Says - Crain’s Chicago Business

Did Illinois Plan At All For Post-Eclipse Traffic - Chicago Tribune

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Consumer Watchdog Backs Banning Robot Cars in Chicago Until Feds Act on Safety Regulations - Business Insider

CDOT Presenting Plan For Removing Cornell Drive In Jackson Park Wednesday - DNA Chicago; Activists Have Objections - Chicago Sun-Times

After Viewing Eclipse Downstate, Long Trip Back Home Anything But Stellar - Chicago Tribune; Others Made The Trip By Train - CBS 2 Chicago; WGN’s Tom Skilling Had The Eclipse Feels - Chicago Sun-Times; Thousands Head To Chicago Parks For Solar Eclipse - Curbed Chicago; Solar Eclipse Time-Lapse At North Avenue Beach - Chicago Tribune; Car Companies Jump On The Solar Eclipse Brand-Wagon - Fox News

Chicago-Area Mechanics Strike Causing Confusion For Customers - Chicago Tribune

Now She Can Use The Carpool Lane: Pregnant Woman Delivers Her Own Baby On Side Of Tollway - NBC 5 Chicago

Another CTA Track Death: Man Found Dead On Brown Line Tracks At Addison - Chicago Sun-Times

Letter: If Chicago Can Choose To Ignore Federal Immigration Law, Why Shouldn’t Drivers Be Allowed To Ignore Traffic Laws - Chicago Daily Herald

State Rep Proposes Rent Control To Solve Chicago Gentrification - DNA Chicago

Shuttered Carson’s Ribs On Ridge Closer To Becoming A Starbucks Drive-Thru - DNA Chicago

Decatur, IL City Council, Police Discuss Options To Combat Distracted Driving - NBC 17 Decatur

Muncie, Ind. Auto Factories To Be Made Into Apartments - U.S. News & World Report

Aurora Set To Hire DUI Prosecution Firm - Chicago Tribune

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, August 21st, 2017

Lincoln Avenue Closed Wed.-Fri. To Install Construction Crane - DNA Chicago

Nanny Burke — Ban Self-Driving Cars To Avoid ‘Back To The Future’-Style Craziness - DNA Chicago

Column: What You Don’t Know About The Mechanics’ Strike May Surprise You - Chicago Tribune

Obama Foundation Revises Plan, Will Build Presidential Center Garage Itself - DNA Chicago

EDITORIAL: Chicago’s S. Side Tiger Woods Golf Course Could Be Too Big For Your Wallet - Chicago Sun-Times

Homeless Group Close To Suit Over Bike Path Plan In Uptown - Chicago Tribune; Brown: Homeless Tent City Residents Given 30 Days To Scram - Chicago Sun-Times

Do Chicago Bike Activists Have A Whitesplaining Problem - Chicago Streetsblog

2 Mayfair Developments Raise Parking Concerns - Nadig Newspapers

Construction Underway On Greektown TOD - Curbed Chicago

New Chinatown Shopping Complex Will Include 40 Small Retail Bays And 74 Parking Spaces - Curbed Chicago

After Englewood Abe Lincoln Statue Vandalized Again, Ald. Wants To Move It - DNA Chicago

More On The Moronic Monument Misinformation Movement In Chicago - Chicago Sun-TimesChicago Sun-TimesChicago TribuneChicago ReaderChicago Tribune

Are There More Rats In Chicago This Summer - Chicagoist

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, August 18th, 2017

Metra Extends Service For Chicago Air And Water Show - Patch Chicago; CTA Increases Service For Air & Water Show - ABC 7 Chicago; If You Insist On Driving, WATCH FOR PARKING RESTRICTIONS, STREET CLOSURES, OR YOU MAY BE TOWED!

WOOF! MEOW! — PAWS Is At Capacity & Urgently Needs Foster Families For Dogs & Cats - Chicagoist

Eclipse Traffic Jams? States Have Been Working For Months To Avoid Them - Chicago Daily Herald; 10 Things You Need To Know About The Solar Eclipse While Being In Chicago - Chicago Now; Chasing Eclipses Across The Globe Is A Way Of Life For Some - ABC News; Lean Back And Watch The Eclipse From Your Volvo — Volvo Created Eclipse Viewers That Attach To The XC60′s Moonroof - Engadget; Is It Safe To Remove The Glasses? Solar Eclipse Eye Safety 101- Chicago Tribune; Can Taking Eclipse Photos Damage Your Smartphone - Chicago Tribune

Crackpot Campaign Against Historic Monuments Comes To Chicago - Chicago Sun-TimesChicago Sun-TimesChicago Tribune

Chinatown Beautification Tax Ripped By Opponents But Supporters Forge Ahead - DNA Chicago

Controversial Developer Who Bought Wilson Men’s Hotel Refuses To Discuss Relocation Plans, Residents Say - Chicagoist

2 More Depressing Statistics For Chicago-Area Homeowners - Crain’s Chicago Business

Vehicle Crashes Into Chicago Bulls Practice Facility Near United Center - NBC 5 Chicago

CTA Fails Miserably In Response To Tuesday’s Fatality On Red Line Tracks - Chicago Tribune

After 30 Years Of Cubs Night Games, CTA Decides Just Now To Launch A Program To Reduce Crowding On Game Nights - Chicago Tribune

CTA Has No Plans To Extend Green Line To Jackson Park For Obama Museum - Curbed Chicago

Man Shot On CTA Red Line Train At Jackson Stop, Police Searching For Gunman - Chicagoist

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Despite Fatally Flawed Analysis Of State-Level Data On Speeding, NTSB Final Report Pushes For Lower Speed Limits, Photo Radar; Demands That States Repeal Laws Restricting Camera Enforcement - The Newspaper

Overdoses On The Road: Drugged Driving Rises As A Menace - Los Angeles Times

Lake Street Bridge To Close Early Friday For Testing - Chicago Sun-Times

Lane Closures Scheduled For Monroe Starting Monday In Loop - Chicago Sun-Times

Uber Is Giving Out Refunds For Surge Pricing During Tuesday’s CTA Stoppage - DNA Chicago

Stamford, CT Officials Eye Legislation That Would Outlaw ‘Distracted Walking’ - CBS 2 New YorkShould Chicago Finally Face This Issue

Illinois Secretary Of State Jesse White Running For Re-Election - Chicago Sun-Times

Taxpayer Supported Car-Hater Lobbyists At Active Transportation Alliance Flubs Their Vision Zero/War On Cars Summit - Active Transportation Alliance

Will Rahm Rename Washington Park, Remove The Statue Of The Father Of Our Country, To Placate The Anti-History/Know-Nothing Crowd - The Hill; Will Chicago Be Next Battleground Of The Idiots’ Crusade For Mindless Destruction Of Historical Monuments - DNA ChicagoDNA ChicagoChicago Sun-TimesChicago Sun-TimesChicago TribuneChicago TribuneChicago NowCurbed Chicago; Alderman Says 100 Year Old Abraham Lincoln Bust In West Englewood Burned - Chicago Daily Herald; The Irony Of It All — While Local Morons Debate Whose Monument Should Be Removed, Chicago Just Recently Named A Street For A Convicted, Unrepentant Terrorist; NY Governor Asks Army To Reconsider Confederate Street Names After Charlottesville - The Hill; Dem To Introduce Bill Forcing Pentagon To Change Confederate Base, Street Names - The Hill

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Lakefront Traffic Alert: Air And Water Show This Weekend – Watch For Street Closures, Parking Restrictions - CBS 2 Chicago

Distracted Driving Related Crashes Are Up In The US - CBS 4 Miami

Humboldt Park Drunken Driving Target Of Police Crackdown - DNA Chicago

Unelected, Sanctimonious Metropolitan Planning Council Plays The Race Card, When Neighbors Raise Issues Of Parking, Density - Chicago Tribune

New Illinois Law Allows Ambulances To Take Police Dogs For Emergency Treatments - Illinois News Network

Anti-Trump Protesters Block Loop Traffic - NBC 5 Chicago

Misinformed Anti-Racism Protesters Arrested For Blocking The Street Near Criminal Court Building - Chicago Tribune

37 Unit Transit Oriented Building Proposed For Bucktown - DNA Chicago

Logan Square TOD Developers Promise To Replace Historic Facade - DNA Chicago

Will Yet Another Overpriced TOD Replace A Historic Edgewater Building - Curbed Chicago

How Jefferson Park Alderman Greased The Wheels For CHA Housing Project That Residents Oppose - Nadig Newspapers; Outside Agitators Trying To Force Public Housing On Jefferson Park - Chicago Reader

CTA Will Re-Open Madison/Wabash Station 8/31, After 2 And A Half Years Of Loop Street Closures For Construction, And Extravagant Overspending On A Roof That Adds Zero Functionality To The $75 Million Project - Chicago Streetsblog; CTA, CDOT Also Cheer The Slow Motion Loop Link Bus Fiasco, And The Flagrant Abuse Of The Transit Oriented Development Ordinance, Which Allows Cheapskate Developers To Dump Their Parking Problems On Neighborhood Streets

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

National Safety Council: Motor Vehicle Deaths Dip Slightly In 2017 - Business Insider; But Illinois Deaths Climb - Chicago Tribune

77% Of Chicago Pedestrian Deaths This Year Occurred Mid-Block – Chicago StreetsblogIs It Time For Chicago To Finally Take Jaywalking Seriously

Chicago’s New Law On Trucker Side Guards - Chicago ReaderBut Safety Guards May Not Prevent Accidents Where Bikers Pull Out In Front Of Trucks

CTA Trains Halted After Man Jumps Into Path Of Train At Fullerton- Chicago Tribune; Uber, Lyft Implement Predatory Surge (‘Gouge’) Prices — Fare For Trip To Loop Soared To Over $100 - DNA ChicagoYou Can Thank Rahm For The Regulatory Handjob He Gave His Brother, Uber-Investor Ari Emanuel; City Spokesman Says (With A Straight Face) That Lyft, Uber Somehow ‘Took Advantage’ — By Following The Flawed Ride Share Rules That Rahm Wrote And The City Council Passed; Casual Divvy Use Doubles On Tuesday After Trains Stopped During The Morning - DNA Chicago; Uber & Lyft: We Tried To Get More Drivers On Road After Major Morning Commute Price Surge - Chicagoist

PC Runs Amok: Streetsblog Wants Balbo Drive Renamed, Monument To Aviator Removed - Twitter; Does This New Assault On History Mean That We Have To Remove Any Statues, And Rename Any Streets, Parks, Schools, And Neighborhoods That Are Named For Presidents Who Held Slaves (Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Van Buren, Harrison, Polk, Taylor And Grant)? Do We Have To Get Rid Of Lincoln Avenue, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square, And Any Lincoln Statues, Based On His Views That Blacks Should Not Have The Same Rights As Whites?

How Can New Ideas Help Illinois Fix Its Rickety Bridges By 2050 - Chicago Tribune

Opinion: Build The Franklin St. Connector Between Day-Ryan, Lower Wacker - Chicago Now

New Jackson Park Golf Course May Have Many Hidden Costs For Road Closures, Bridges, Parking, Metra, And Pedestrian Underpasses - Chicago Sun-Times

Adler Planetarium Hosting Giant Block Party Next Monday For Solar Eclipse - Alder Planetarium

Opinion – If Illinois Wants 4,000 New Auto Jobs, Rauner Needs To Approve Tax Credit Plan - Chicago Tribune

WI Senator Says Illinois Should Share $3B Cost Of Foxconn Plant Since Illinois Workers Will Get Jobs Too - U.S. News & World Report

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, August 14th, 2017.

History Channel Debuts Series On The Cars That Made America - History Channel

Chicago Is One Of The 15 US Cities With The Absolute Worst Traffic - Business Insider

Adams Street Bridge Closing Over The River Tuesday For Repairs - Chicago Sun-Times

Clark Street Bridge To Close Tuesday For Bike Lane Project - Chicago Sun-Times

Construction Nightmares? Depends On Your Route To Work - Chicago Daily Herald

Letter: Tollway Speeding Fines Could Settle State Debt - Chicago Daily Herald; Letter: No One Enforcing Speed Limit On I-90 - Chicago Daily Herald

The Illinois Department Of Transportation Is Offering To Donate The Historic Ford City Drive Bridge Over Pulaski Road Near The Ford City Mall - Chicago Tribune

Chicago: Pedestrian Death Surge Continues With 27 This Year, Data Shows - DNA Chicago

We Don’t Wanna Do Rahm’s Dirty Work: Streetsbloggers Oppose Using Bike Lanes To Give Uptown Homeless The Bum’s Rush - Chicago Streetsblog

Suit: Uber Driver Used App To Find Customer’s Home, Beat Him - Chicago Sun-Times

More Discipline Problems For Teen Suspect In Uber Driver Murder: Official - Chicago Tribune

Intersection Of Damen, Elston, Fullerton Avenues Reconstructed Into 3 Separate Intersections - ABC 7 Chicago

Streets In River North Should Be Tidier With Resumption Of A Weekend Street Cleaning Program - Loop North News

Eating Disorder Facility Gets Zoning Permit To Operate At 1 East Erie Despite Neighbors’ Traffic Concerns - Loop North News

Don’t Let Traffic Eclipse Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity - Chicago Daily Herald; Southern Illinois As Ready As It Can Be For Next Week’s Eclipse - Illinois News Network; ‘We Gotta See This’: Nothing Can Deter Some Suburbanites From Seeing Eclipse - Chicago Daily Herald; ECLIPSE ‘Biggest Driver Distraction Of The Century.’ Officials Brace For A Solar Eclipse Traffic Nightmare - TIME

Alleged Driver Of Car That Plowed Into Charlottesville Crowd Was A Nazi Sympathizer - Washington Post; Street Protests In Chicago - Chicago Tribune

SlutWalk Chicago Devolves Into Anti-Semitic Travesty - Chicagoist

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, August 11th, 2017.

Traffic Alert: Evening Concerts At Wrigley Field Friday (Billy Joel) And Saturday (Florida Georgia Line) — Watch For Street Closures, Parking And Traffic Restrictions, Jacked Up Parking Meter Rates

Distracted Pedestrians Are On The Rise: What To Do About Them - Lytx

Lane Closures On Dan Ryan Bridge Over Chinatown Feeder On Saturday - Chicago Sun-Times

Madison To Close This Weekend In Loop As CTA Construction Continues - Chicago Sun-Times

DUI Crackdown Coming To Lincoln Square, Uptown, Andersonville Saturday - DNA Chicago

Mechanics, Dealers Still Don’t Have Deal After All-Day Talks - Chicago Daily Herald; Vote On Contract Saturday - Chicago Tribune

No Love For Parking Lot Tow Dudes - Chicago Tribune

Which Chicago Mega Development Needs To Happen The Most - Curbed Chicago

Letter: Give Chicago’s Southeast Side Community What It Deserves With South Works Site - Chicago Tribune

Park District, CDOT To Hold 8/23 And 8/24 Meetings, To Tell South Siders Why Obama Needs To Close Down The Roads They Drive To Get To Work For - Chicago Tribune

8/22 Meeting In Lincoln Square Will Discuss Transit Oriented Projects Dumping Their Parking Burdens On Neighborhoods - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, August 10th, 2017.

Traffic Alerts: Bears Versus Broncos At Soldier Field Thursday Night; Evening Concerts At Wrigley Field Friday (Billy Joel) And Saturday (Florida Georgia Line) — Watch For Street Closures, Parking And Traffic Restrictions, Jacked Up Parking Meter Rates

Editorial: Abolish The Cook County Soda Tax - Chicago Tribune; Time For Repeal - Chicago Tribune; State Rep. Urges Repeal - Illinois News Network; Illinois Could Lose $87 Million In Federal Food Stamp Funding Over Cook County Soda Tax - Chicago Tribune; County Board Will Vote On Repeal September 13 - CBS 2 ChicagoIllinois ReviewSuburban Chicagoland; Imagine What Will Happen, Once Soda Distributors Tell Their Drivers To Stop Bringing Taxed Beverages Into Cook County: ‘Oh, Sorry. Looks Like Youse Guys Are Only Gettin’ Yer Dasani And Fiji Waters Dis Week. Da Coke AndDa Resta Da Pop Musta Been Left Back Dere At Da Distributor. If Youse Soda Jerks Wants Yer Coke Or Pepsi, Youse Needs Ta Drive Out To DaJewel’s Dere In Napersville.’

Letter: For Chicago Drivers, Illegal Aliens Disappear After The Accident - Chicago Tribune; Letter: Why Should Chicago Shelter Criminal Illegal Aliens - Chicago Sun-Times

Wells Street Bridge To Close Early Friday In Loop - Chicago Sun-Times

Community Meeting Set On Downtown Edgebrook Traffic Issues - Nadig Newspapers

10th Ward To Vote On Infrastructure Spending - DNA Chicago

City’s Anti-Car Vision Zero Program Not Only Wages Tax Dollar Supported War On Cars And Drivers, It Gives Short Shrift To South, West Side - Chicago Streetsblog

Debbie Downer: Rachel Dratch Gets Chicago Parking Ticket Notice From 1997 - DNA Chicago

Drunken Drivers Targeted In The Gresham District Friday - DNA Chicago; Column: Sobriety Checkpoints Are A Necessary Hassle For Safer Roads - Chicago Tribune