City Yellow Lights Too Short, Judge Says Before Tossing Red Light Tickets

Some of Chicago’s yellow lights are too short, according to an administrative law judge who said he’s thrown out “60 to 70 percent” of red light camera tickets he’s come across recently More »

Trib Says Mayor Got $10,000 In Donations Linked To Red Light Camera Bidder

The Chicago Tribune is alleging the wives of two executives for a company vying for the city’s red light camera program donated $5000 each to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s political campaign. According to More »

Writer Predicts No Other Cities Will Ever Privatize Their Parking Meters

NBC Chicago writer Edward McClelland last week boldly predicted that due to Chicago’s horrible experience with it’s infamous and hated parking meter lease deal, no city will ever privatize their parking meters More »


“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, May 13th, 2016

LaSalle Street Bridge Will Close Monday For One Week - Chicago Sun-Times‎

Commentary: From An Economic Standpoint, NFL Draft Imposed Undue Burden For Chicagoans Denied Access To Streets And Grant Park, While NFL Got A Free Ride - Chicago Tribune

Northbrook Based Allstate Refreshes Brand Tagline for Younger Audience Of Car Insurance Consumers - Ad Age

Classes Offer Seniors A Chance To Brush Up On Their Skills Behind The Wheel - DNA Chicago; Senior Drivers Confront Proliferation Of New Car Technology - Chicago Tribune

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective


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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Grace Periods Ending For Chicago City Stickers - ABC 7 Chicago

Sun Times Editorial Board Endorses Automatic Voter Registration At Drivers License Offices - Chicago Sun-Times

Clout Company Gets $60M Towing Contract To Maintain City Stranglehold - Chicago Sun-Times‎

As Chicago Prepares For Smart Tech, Concerns Arise Over Infrastructure Hacking Threats, How To Handle Driverless Cars, Non-Wired Neighborhoods, Privacy - Chicago Tribune

New Rules For Wrigley Plaza Expand Game Day Use, Limit Special Events - DNA Chicago

Residents Of 35th Ward Vote For Traffic, Pedestrian Safety Improvements - DNA Chicago

LaSalle Street Bridge Repairs Begin Monday

CDOT logoThe LaSalle Street Bridge will be closed for repairs starting Monday, May 16th according to the Chicago Department of Transportation.

The bridge will be closed to all traffic from 9:30 AM until 3:30 PM for about a week. CDOT says crews will replace a center lock that has been out for repairs since last year.

According to CDOT, the repairs need to be completed before the final phase of the Riverwalk project is completed before it opens in the fall.

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Dense Fog Reduces Visibility During Wed. Morning Commute - Chicago Sun-Times

Metropolitan Planning Council: Vote Yes For A Transportation Fund Lockbox - Metropolitan Planning Council; Letters: Taxes Levied To Repair Roads Must Really Be Used To Repair Roads Chicago Sun-Times

Uber, Lfyt Could Face New Obstacles From Chicago City Council - Chicagoist

Solar Panels, Larger Shoulders Could Be Part Of Oak Park I-290 Plan - Chicago Tribune

Parking Crunch An Issue In Downtown Oak Park - Chicago Tribune

Overnight Closures Begin Friday Under East River Road Bridge On Kennedy - Chicago Sun-Times

Overnight Lane Closures On Reagan Tollway To Begin Wednesday - Chicago Sun-Times

Lanes Shut As 138-Year-Old Water Main Being Replaced On Harrison On Near West Side - DNA Chicago

Illinois Rakes In Millions In Late Fees In License Plate Renewal Debacle

illinois-plateThe State of Illinois has some severe financial problems.

But, due to a series of unfortunate incidents, Illinois motorists have inadvertently contributed over $3.5 million in late fees for not renewing their license plate stickers on time according to the Illinois Policy Institute.

The story starts back in the fall when, due to the state’s budget impasse, the Secretary of State’s office decided to stop sending license plate renewal notices to Illinois drivers because there wasn’t enough money to afford the $450,000 per month in postage.

The net result was that tens of thousands of drivers forgot to renew their vehicle registration to get the annual sticker to place on their back license plate.

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Proposed I-290 Deck To Be Further Studied By Oak Park Park District – Chicago Tribune

Protesters Block Entrance To Citadel Dearborn Street Headquarters In Loop; 23 Arrested – CBS 2 Chicago‎

City Council Urged To Deregulate Cab Industry, Not License Uber – Chicago Sun-Times

Tunney Stands His Ground Against Cubs Patio License Squeeze Play – Chicago Sun-Times

Major Water Main Projects In Logan Square Could Disrupt Service, Traffic – DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, May 9th, 2016

Illinois Motorists Have Paid More Than $6.5 Million This Year For Failing To Renew Vehicle License Plates On Time, More Than Double The Amount Collected In The Same Four-Month Span Last Year - Illinois Policy Institute

Illinois Bill Seeks Limits On Cell Phone-Tracking Technology - State Journal Register

Sun-Times Editorial Disses Lock Box For Transportation Funds, Despite Repeated Raiding Of Gas Tax Funds To Plug Budget Holes - Chicago Sun-Times

Cubs Slam Tunney In Letter To Neighbors About Wrigley Plaza Liquor License - DNA Chicago

The Uber Drivers Lament: $9 An Hour - Crains Chicago Business

Laura Washington: Uber Solves My Hailing While Black Problem - Chicago Sun-Times

City Stickers Save Glimpses Of Time - Chicago Daily Herald‎

Chicago Car Show Calendar - Chicago Daily Herald

Letter: Illinois Bikes, Cars Must Both Obey Safety Rules - Chicago Daily Herald; Letter: Pedestrians Must Think Safety, Too - Chicago Daily Herald

John Bills, Convicted In Redflex Bribery Scandal, Delayed Until September

Gavel LawbookBy The

The wheels of justice continue to turn slowly in the Redflex bribery scandal in Chicago.

John Bills, the former Chicago, Illinois deputy transportation commissioner who took bribes from the Australian company is now receiving “mental health counseling” as he awaits sentencing.

On Monday April 25th, Bills, 55, returned from Naples, Florida where he attended a wedding over the previous weekend.

Redflex is trying to convince a judge to dismiss its former executive vice president, Aaron M. Rosenberg, from a lawsuit he filed on behalf of the city of Chicago to recover up to $383 million from the ticketing firm because it lied in official documents. Rosenberg’s attorneys and the city insist that his insider perspective is essential to making the case against Redflex.

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, May 6th, 2016

Gas Tax Lockbox Constitutional Amendment To Appear Before Illinois Voters This Fall - Chicago Tribune‎

Illinois Collects Another $1.6M From Late-Vehicle Fines - Chicago Daily Herald

Police Ticket Budget Protesters For Blocking West Loop Intersection - CBS 2 Chicago

Letter: Gas Price Fluxuation More Than Baffling - Chicago Daily Herald

Uptown Streets Getting Residential Parking Restrictions - DNA Chicago

Give The Ricketts Racketeers An Inch, And They Grab For A Light Year: Cubs Apply For Outdoor, Midnight Liquor License, After City Talks Stall -Crains Chicago Business

Plaintiff’s In Red Light Camera Lawsuit File Motion To Reinstate Case

GavelIt ain’t over till it’s over.

After their lawsuit challenging the City of Chicago’s legal authority to operate its lucrative red light camera program was dismissed on April 1st, plaintiff’s have filed a motion to reinstate the case Friday morning.

In their motion, the plaintiffs are claiming Circuit Court Judge Rita Novak took what they say is an unprecedented step of dismissing the case it its entireKata Mot Reconsideration May 6ty, with prejudice, the first time it was considered. They also believe, as a result of her ruling, Judge Novak created three new rules of law that challenge legal precedence on how local laws must be in concert with the state constitution and that the city could shorten the duration of yellow lights in Chicago to fractions of a second and the red ligth tickets would still be valid.

Lead attorney for the case, Patrick Keating of Roberts McGivney Zagotta LLC, had strong words challenging the court’s ruling a few weeks ago.