City Yellow Lights Too Short, Judge Says Before Tossing Red Light Tickets

Some of Chicago’s yellow lights are too short, according to an administrative law judge who said he’s thrown out “60 to 70 percent” of red light camera tickets he’s come across recently More »

Trib Says Mayor Got $10,000 In Donations Linked To Red Light Camera Bidder

The Chicago Tribune is alleging the wives of two executives for a company vying for the city’s red light camera program donated $5000 each to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s political campaign. According to More »

Writer Predicts No Other Cities Will Ever Privatize Their Parking Meters

NBC Chicago writer Edward McClelland last week boldly predicted that due to Chicago’s horrible experience with it’s infamous and hated parking meter lease deal, no city will ever privatize their parking meters More »


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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, September 8th, 2017

DUI Crackdown Coming To The Southwest Side This Weekend - DNA Chicago

State, Federal Lawmakers Pave The Way For Self-Driving Cars In Illinois - Illinois Policy Institute

Illinois’ First Fracking Well To Be Drilled By End Of Year - Illinois News Network

Mechanics Union Accuses Dealership Group Of Labor Law Violation As Strike Continues - Chicago Tribune

Kass: Subway Story True Urban Nightmare, One The City Didn’t See Fit To Tell - Chicago Tribune; Editorial: CTA Coverup: A Man Was Pushed Onto The CTA Tracks, And The City Didn’t Alert The Public. Why Not - Chicago Tribune

Goofball Balbo Monument/Balbo Drive Protesters Have Their Facts Wrong - Chicago Sun-Times

Allstate Brings Distracted Driving Simulator To Harold Washington College - Facebook

Chicago Architecture Foundation Is Getting A New Riverfront Center - Chicagoist

This Is The Real Leadership Challenge At Chicago-Based United Airlines - Crain’s Chicago Business

How CDOT Is Lavishing Projects On Bikers, And Screwing Over All Other Road Users In Wicker Park: 2 Bus Stops Removed On Friday To Make More Room For Bikes in Wicker Park - DNA Chicago; Car Turn Lane Removed For Bike Lane - Chicago Streetsblog

Hipster Highway Housing Boom Continues - Crain’s Chicago Business

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Drivers Call Suburban Crestwood Red Light Camera Intersection ‘Confusing,’ ‘A Trap’ (Video Report) - Yahoo News

Protesters Block Part Of Lake Shore Drive After Police Remove Homeless People’s Tents - NBC 5 Chicago; Viaduct Work Needed On North Side, But Where Will Homeless Go - Chicago Sun-Times

Plan To Fingerprint Ride-Hailing Drivers, Curb Surge Pricing Stalls - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago’s Lily-White Vision Zero Car-Hater-Club Gets An Earful From South/West Siders, Regarding Their Support For Overzealous Traffic Enforcement - Chicago Streetsblog

Transportation Funding For Sanctuary Cities/States Like Chicago/Illinois Stripped In Late House Vote - Washington Examiner

Are Northbrook-Based Allstate And Bloomington-Based State Farm Ready For The Back-To-Back Hit Of Harvey And Irma Auto Claims - Crain’s Chicago Business

Illinois Secretary Of State Warns About Flood-Damaged Cars - Chicago Daily Herald

No Public Alert Issued After Man Is Pushed Onto Loop Subway Tracks - Chicago Tribune

The Latest In Nutty Anti-Car Ideas — Make Michigan Avenue One Way To Make Room For Outdoor Dining - Curbed

Rahm Thinks He Can Bring Amazon Here To Chicago; Where Could They Build, And Why Chicago At All - Crain’s Chicago BusinessCrain’s Chicago BusinessCrain’s Chicago BusinessChicago Sun-TimesChicagoistChicago TribuneChicago TribuneDNA Chicago

Obama Foundation Will Hold Yet Another Meeting To Explain Why Cornell Drive Must Be Closed To Make Way For The Obama Sledding Hill - Curbed Chicago

PAWS Chicago Rescued Dozens Of Animals From Houston. Here’s How You Can Help - Chicagoist

Illinois Volunteers Who Drove Down To Texas With Harvey Relief Supplies Get Rude Reception - New York Post

This Massive Noble Square Mural Might Be Just What Chicago Needs Right Now - DNA Chicago

Chicago Street Fairs Weekend - Redeye

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

‘SmartRoad’ Technology Debuts On Jane Addams Tollway - Chicago Daily Herald

Cubs’ One-Time Friday Night Game Plan Approved By City Council; Wrigley Neighbors Get A Friday Night Traffic/Parking Mess - Chicago Sun-Times

Letter: Obama Museum May Not Draw Enough Traffic To Justify A Garage, Shutdown Of Streets - Chicago Sun-Times

RTA Will Begin To Feel State Sales Tax Grab From Madigan Budget Scheme - Chicago Daily Herald

Illegal Alien Protest Shuts Down Loop Streets For Tuesday PM Rush Hour - Chicago Tribune

Emanuel To Drop The Other Shoe On Fly-Dumpers Who Leave Tires, Other Waste, And Then Run - Chicago Sun-Times

Lawrence Sears Redevelopment With 59 Units, 91 Parking Spaces, Plus Retail, Gets Zoning OK From Ald. Pawar - DNA Chicago

Developer Seeks Permission To Build 10 Story, 69 Unit Building Near Union Station, On Site Of Surface Parking Lot, But Avoid Building The Required Number Of Parking Spaces - Curbed Chicago

Four Tower Redevelopment Plan Next To Chicago Tribune Printing Plant Breaks Cover; Food Truck Plaza, River Walk With Boat Launches Included –Curbed Chicago

Former Edgewater Auto Showroom Being Eyed As A Weekend Venue For Parties And Events - DNA Chicago

City’s Top B&B Closing Because Guests Are Scared Of Bronzeville, Owner Says - DNA Chicago

Daley Plaza For Rent: City To Allow Private Events, Weddings By The Picasso - DNA Chicago

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Good News: National Safety Council Grades States On Traffic Laws — Illinois Gets An ‘A’ - Forbes; Bad News: Illinois Opiod Epidemic Raises Road Safety Hazard - National Safety Council

Mechanics Strike Drags On But Some Cutting Solo Deals With Union - Chicago Daily Herald; The Union’s Perspective - Chicago Sun-Times

Sorry, Ald. Beale. Regulating Uber And Lyft Surge Pricing Would Hurt Consumers - Chicago Tribune

Labor Day Weekend Travel Made Pricier By Illinois’ Gas Taxes - Illinois Policy Institute

No Transponder? I-PASS Users Could See Tolls Double In 2018 If They Buck The System - Chicago Daily Herald

Sidewalk To Nowhere Over Addams Tollway - Chicago Daily Herald

IDOT Is Looking For ‘Snowbirds’ To Drive Plows, Spread Salt This Winter - WGN 9 Chicago

Buses On I-90 ‘Flex Lanes’ - Chicago Tribune

Illinois Needs An Infrastructure Plan - Crain’s Chicago Business

EDITORIAL: Lesson Of Houston: Don’t Water Down Chicago’s Flood Rules - Chicago Sun-Times

Illinois Seeking One More Real ID Extension For Drivers Licenses - Peoria Journal Star

Hundreds Join Labor Day March For $15 Minimum Wage - DNA Chicago; Are Labor Day Parades On The Decline - Chicago Tribune

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, September 1st, 2017

Texas AG Warns Gas Stations Against Raising Prices In Harvey Aftermath - The Hill; Harvey Has Many Asking: How Hard Is It To Evacuate A Major City - Governing; Rescued Animals Begin Trek From Storm-Ravaged Texas To Tinley Park - Chicago Tribune; Why Flooded-Out Cars Are Likely Total Losses - Yahoo News; Ford U.S. Sales Fall 2.1%, GM Sales Up 7.5% As Harvey Hits Auto Sales - The Detroit Free Press; Hurricane Harvey May Have Destroyed 1 Million Cars — And Changed US Car Market - Mashable

Thursday Marked 20 Years Since The Infamous Paris Car Crash That Took The Life Of Princess Diana - Washington Post

Gas Prices Surging In Chicago, Nationwide In Harvey’s Wake - Chicago Sun-Times; Gas Prices Jump For Labor Day Travelers. Here’s How To Save - Nightly Business Report

Police Announce Increased DUI Patrols For Labor Day Weekend - Chicago Sun-Times

1.7 Million Flyers At O’Hare, Midway Airports For Labor Day Weekend: City - DNA Chicago

Editorial: The Jackson Park Golf Project? Slow Your Swing, Mayor - Chicago Tribune

More On The Monument Moron Movement - Chicago Tribune

Investor Unloading Dozens Of Lakeshore East Parking Spaces - Curbed Chicago

Exciting Boring News: Mile-Long Albany Park Tunnel Drilling Complete - DNA Chicago

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Despite Harvey’s Texas Exit, Over 400 Roads Still Flooded In The State - Equipment World; Will Harvey Lead To New Thinking About Houston Development - Houston Chronicle; Houston Isn’t Flooded Because Of Its Land Use Planning - Strong Towns; What Chicago Is Doing — And Can Do — To Prevent A Disastrous Flood - Chicago Magazine; Texas Governor — Most Of Those Killed In The Storm And Flooding Have Died While Driving Through Water - CBS News; A Half-Million Flooded Cars And Trucks Could Be Scrapped After Harvey - Nightly Business Report; Harvey To Impact Car Sales, Prices After Flooding Thousands Of Vehicles - Fox Business; Harvey Shuts Down Major Pipeline Supplying Gasoline, Heating Fuel To East Coast - The Hill; Harvey Drives Up Gas Prices For Labor Day Weekend - Chicago Tribune

Auto Theft Crackdown To Exempt Airport Rental Car Agencies - Chicago Sun-Times

RTA Chair Dillard Urges Drivers To Use Mass Transit - Chicago Sun-Times

City Gives Cubs Extra Night Game — Neighbors Get Friday Night Headache - DNA Chicago

The Ultimate Act Of A Political Hack: Obama Museum Will Impose Political Litmus Test For Contractors - Chicago Sun-Times

CDOT Will Try To Peddle Its Anti Car Vision Zero Program At West Side Meetings Next Month - Vision Zero Chicago

New CDOT Milwaukee Avenue Bike Lanes A Flop In Terms Of Significant Safety Improvement - Chicago Streetsblog

Will The Stretch Of Milwaukee Between Logan Square & Avondale Finally Be Pedestrian-Friendly - Chicagoist

With Zero Data, Taxpayer Supported Active Transportation Alliance Blames Uber, Lyft For Chicago Traffic Congestion, CTA Ridership Decline - Active Transportation Alliance

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

Harvey Is Pushing Gasoline Prices Higher, Even As Oil Remains Cheap - Chicago Tribune; Senate Democrat Asks Feds To Tap Emergency Oil Reserve - The Hill; Largest Oil Refinery In US To Shut Down Due To Harvey - The Hill; Chicago-Based United CEO Munoz To Offer $1 Million Relief For Staffers Hurt By Harvey - Crain’s Chicago Business; Houston Airports Reopening After Harvey - The Hill; United, American Prepare To Resume Some Houston Flights Thursday - Chicago Tribune; UPS, FedEx Halt Delivery To Major Areas Of Texas, Louisiana Amid Storm - USA TODAY; Right Before Harvey, Trump Nixed A Rule Designed To Protect Cities From Flood Risks - Slate; More Zoning Wouldn’t Have Protected Houston From Harvey’s Fury, But Less Sprawl Would Have Helped - New York Magazine; Houston Drainage Grid ‘So Obsolete It’s Just Unbelievable’ - Chicago Tribune; Baby Deer Rescued From Flooded Houston Road - NBC 8 Tampa; Up To 250,000 Cars From Harvey Could Be Sold Without Flood Labels - Car Buzz; Seven Ways To Tell If A Used Car Has Flood Damage - The Car Connection; Drones In Houston Would Be A Force Multiplier For Rescue Efforts ? So Why Is The FAA Telling Them To Stay Away - Fox News; Federal Highway Agency Doles Out $25M For Emergency Harvey Repairs - The Hill; Experts — Houston Evacuation Would Have Left Drivers Stranded On Flooded Highways - ABC News; CNN Reporter Dramatically Rescues Driver Caught In Harvey’s Floodwaters - Yahoo News; Trapped Motorists Call 911 Center In Houston - Washington Post; 6 Found Dead In Van Swept Away By Flooding, Bringing Harvey Death Toll To 19 - ABC News; Houston Imposes Curfew After Police Arrested Crew Of Armed Robbers Who Were Hijacking Vehicles - Governing; 100 Stranded Texas Cats Headed For Chicago Shelter — But It Needs Your Help - DNA Chicago; Every Disaster Needs A Viral Hero Heartthrob - Daily Mail

LAKESHORE DRIVE TRAFFIC ALERT: Bears Final Pre-Season Game Against Cleveland At Soldier Field Thursday Night

Price-Gouging Concerns Stall 21% Fee Hike For Private Booters - Chicago Sun-Times

ISP Pushes Labor Day Traffic Safety - CBS 12 Southern Illinois

Dealership Group Accuses Striking Mechanics Of Labor Law Violation - Chicago Tribune

Northbrook-Based Allstate Works To Eliminate Distracted Driving With ‘Reality Rides’ Simulator - Fox 5 Atlanta

Trucks To Spray For Mosquitoes In City For First Time This Year, Targeting Far South Side - Chicago Sun-Times

Surge Pricing Crackdown Would Stop Crazy Fares During CTA Outages, Storms - DNA Chicago

Obama Museum Giveaway Of Public Land Stinks - Chicago Sun-Times

CDOT’s Latest War On Cars Road Diet Proposed For Howard Street - DNA Chicago

Taxpayer Supported Active Transportation Alliance Reiterates Its Car Hating Creed, Vows More Lobbying To Marginalize Drivers - Active Transportation Alliance

Not Only Does CDOT’s Vision Zero Declare War On Cars/Drivers, It Adopts An All-White Model For Decision Making - Chicago Streetsblog

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

How Hurricane Harvey Is Affecting Gas Prices - CBS News; Gas Prices In Chicago To Hit 2 Year Highs - CBS 2 Chicago; Exxonmobil Refineries Damaged In Harvey, Releasing Hazardous Pollutants - Chicago Tribune; On Day 3 Of Harvey, Houston’s Transportation Remains Paralyzed - Houston Press; Underwater Metropolis: Photos Of Houston Before And After Historic Flooding - Nightly Business Report; Airlines Turned To Plan B To Avert Brunt Of The Storm — United Sent Extra Planes To Houston Ahead Of The Storm To Handle Backlog Of Delayed Traffic When Flights Resume At Its Second-Busiest Hub - Wall Street Journal; United Airlines Issues Travel Notice Following Airport Closures - Nightly Business Report; United Airlines Is Seen Taking $265 Million Hit From Harvey - Chicago Tribune; 6 Family Members Feared Dead After Trying To Escape Harvey Floods In Vehicle - CBS News; Police Officer Drowns In His Car In Houston - The Hill; AutoNation CEO Expects Snapback In Car Sales After Harvey Because ‘That’s The American Way’ - Nightly Business Report; Illinois Based Allstate And State Farm May Have Big Auto Losses - Chicago Tribune; Massive Texas Vaults Ready To Truck Cash To Harvey-Devastated Areas, Says Ex-Dallas Fed President - Nightly Business Report; Streetsblog USA Uses Harvey Disaster As Excuse For Its Asinine Arguments About Highways - Streetsblog USA; A Modern Day Dunkirk: ‘Cajun Navy’ Races From Louisiana To Texas To Rescue Flood Victims, Using Boats To Pay It Forward - Chicago TribuneRed Cross Donations For Harvey Disaster

The Many Faces Of Rahm – First An Anorexic Ballerina/Dr. Frank-N-Furter Doppleganger — Now A Bike Riding Climate Change Warrior - Guardian

Mechanics Strike Over At Some Chicago-Area Car Dealerships Breaking From Bargaining Group - Chicago Tribune

Area Police To Step Up Traffic Enforcement Over Labor Day Weekend - Chicago Tribune

Farmers Almanac Says This Chicago Winter To Be Cold And Snowy - Chicagoist

Unelected Metropolitan Planning Council Wants To Tax Expressway Drivers For Non-Car Boondoggles And Failing Transit Money Pits/Bailouts - Metropolitan Planning Council

Obama Pals Will Be In Charge Of Who Gets Rich From The Obama Seizure Of Public Land In Jackson Park - DNA Chicago; Neither City Hall, Nor Any Private Developer Wanted To Build The Obama Parking Garage - Chicago Sun-Times

Chinatown Meeting Tuesday On Bike, Pedestrian Issues - DNA Chicago

Chicago’s Old Post Office Building Astride Congress Parkway Is Getting Some New Windows — 2,400 To Be Exact - Curbed Chicago

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, August 28th, 2017

Gas Prices Set To Spike As Harvey Pummels Houston - CNN Money; Hurricane Harvey Slams Auto Industry - CNBC; Roads, Cars Submerged In Houston Floods After Hurricane Harvey - CNN; Watch: Man Rescued From Submerged Car In Houston Floods - The Hill; Chicago-Based United Flew Hundreds Of People Out Of Houston In Emergency Evacuations - Houston Chronicle; Naperville Woman Seeks Truck, Driver To Haul Disaster Relief To Texas - Chicago Tribune

No Joy In Strike, Auto Mechanics Say - Chicago Daily Herald

CDOT, Obama Will Ruin Jackson Park, Stick Taxpayers With The Bill - Chicago Sun-Times

City Subsidized New DePaul Arena Means New Headaches For Drivers, With Street Closures, One-Ways In South Loop - DNA Chicago

Rauner Signs Automatic Drivers License Voter Registration Bill - WGN 9 Chicago

Illinois Does Away With Truck-Driver Tests For Some Recently Returning Veterans - Rockford Star-Register

Traffic Clogging Bike Lanes Take Shape In Jefferson Park - DNA Chicago

Taxpayer Subsidized Active Transportation Alliance Cheers CDOT Plan To Cram Bike Lanes Onto Already Overtaxed Milwaukee Avenue In Wicker Park - Active Transportation Alliance

Chicago Could Benefit From Smart Tech - Chicago Tribune

Anti Trump Protesters March In Loop Sunday - CBS 2 Chicago

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, August 25th, 2017

Gas Prices Will Jump In Chicago, Nationwide Thanks To Hurricane Harvey - Chicago TribuneCNN Money; Gulf Production Threatened - Gas Buddy

Instead On Working On Arresting The Troublemakers/Criminals That Have Hurt Businesses On Halsted Strip In Boystown, The City Will Ban Parking Instead, Making Even More People Want To Stay Away - Chicago Pride; Not To Mention That This No Parking Scheme Puts City Taxpayers On The Hook For Parking Meters Not In Use

Streeterville Residents: Ambulance Sirens Too Loud - Chicago Tribune

The Loop’s New Washington-Wabash ‘L’ Station Opens Next Week, After 2 Years Of Construction/Business Killing Traffic Barricades, And Overspending To The Tune Of $75M With An Over The Top Roof Flourish - Curbed Chicago; Public Spaces To Lighten Up Wabash Avenue Planned Under ‘L’ Tracks - Chicago Tribune

Balbo Monument Protesters Using Soviet Union, Taliban Tactics - Chicago Sun-Times

How Alderman Arena Plays Politics With Public Housing In Jefferson Park - Nadig Newspapers

Another Downtown Parking Lot May Become An Apartment Tower - Curbed Chicago

Hyde Park Tower To Have 250 Units, 300 Parking Spaces - Curbed Chicago

Open Thread: Which Chicago Buildings Have The Most Beautiful Interiors - Curbed Chicago

Chicagoans Will Get Stuck Paying For Obama’s Shrine - Chicago Sun-Times; The Streetsblog Pipe Dream That Obama Museum Visitors Will Be Arriving By Public Transit And Bikes - Chicago Streetsblog