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For some unknown reason, sometimes people in the media want to hear the moronic ravings and thoughts of The Parking Ticket Geek.

Here’s a collection of videos, podcasts, weblinks of the Geek in the news.

The Geek talks about red light cameras with NBC 5′s Lauren Jiggets


WGN podcast logo

The Geek talks to WGN Radio 720 ‘s Pete McMurray, filling in for Steve Cochrane on the morning show to discuss the hundreds of erroneous expired meter tickets being issued to drivers using the new ParkChicago app. Listen here! 7/8/14



On Outside the Loop Radio, the Geek and Mike Stephen talk about how all the snow the city has been receiving could turn into a parking ticket if drivers are not careful. Listen here! 2/20/14






The Geek talks to WBBM 780′s Regine Schlessinger about how snowed in drivers are getting tickets for not moving their cars for 7 days on 2/18/14.






Listen to Mike Stephen and the Geek talk winter driving tips on Outside the Loop Radio 1/9/14


The Geek joins WGN Radio’s Mike McConnell on 1/3/2013.


Here’s the Geek on WBEZ’s Curious City series talking about pickup truck restrictions.


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The Geek and the SpotHero boys joins Nick Digilio again on 3/24/12

Here’s the Nick D. podcast.

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The Geek is in the WGN Radio studios on the Nick D. Show 2/5/12. Here’s the podcast.

Mr. Geek chimes in on an NBC 5 investigation on 10/19/11

View more videos at:

TimeOut Chicago has a meter related question for the Geek in the 2/5/11 issue.

Geek joins Melissa Forman on WCIU’s You & Me In The Morning on 11/30/10

WGN podcast logo

WGN’s Nick Digilio has The Parking Ticket Geek on for an hour on Sat. 11/27/10. Here’s the podcast.

Chicagoist Podcast host Karl Klockars talks to the Geek about street cleaning in Chicago 4/5/10

Listen to the Smart Mouth podcast with the Reader’s Mick Dumke & the Geek 3/28/10

The Expired Meter’s first joint reporting effort with Fox News Chicago 3/8/10

The Geek joins Good Morning Chicago on Fox 32 to discuss RLC issues 3/4/10

The Geek discusses Mayor Daley’s alleged 5-minute grace period 2/16/10

OTLradio 2

Outside The Loop Radio invites the Geek back to talk parking 1/18/10

Medill Reports journalist Marla Friedman interviews the Parking Ticket Geek 1/14/10

The Geek talks red light cameras with Luis on Vocalo 1/11/10

Note: Geek’s interview starts at approx. 114th minute.


Kevin O’Neil from the CTA Tattler & The Parking Ticket Geek on ChicagoNow Radio 1/9/10


The Trib talks to the Geek about meter rate increases 12/31/09

New rates are coming, the Geek talks with FOX 32 News 12/30/09

Garrard McClendon talks to the Geek on CLTV’s Garrard McClenndon Live 12/22/09


Listen to the podcast of the Geek on WGN’s ChicagoNow Radio 12/12/09

The Geek joins WGN TV News to discuss frozen parking meters 12/10/09

Sun-Times logo

Sun-Times reporter Chris Fusco ask the Geek about ticket writing TMAs 12/5/09

WGN podcast logo

Bob Sirott talks to The Geek on WGN Radio, Part 1 and Part 2 on 12/2/09

Fox 32′s Nancy Pender interviews The Geek about winter parking ban 11/30/09

OTLradio 2

Listen to The Geek crash Outside the Loop Radio’s 3rd anniversary party 11/26/09

The Geek teaches Vocalo listeners “How To Beat A Parking Ticket.” 9/29/09

The Parking Ticket Geek makes his first appearance on Chicago Tonight February 2009

4 Responses to Geek Media

  1. Wgn | Wugez says:

    [...] wgn [...]

  2. Sotheavy says:

    I had received a ticket for $200 for inproper/no city of chicago sticker. I live in Northlake, IL and my car is register in Northlake and I have a city sticker for Northlake. I went to contest the ticket in person and the judge found me guilty because my mother was the co-signer and her name is the second name on the registeration(which will be removed to prevent further tickets.) But I’m the only one on the car title. I was told since she resides in chicago I need to purchase a city of chicago sticker also. Regardless of where my car is registered I need to purchase one for Chicago because one name on the registeration is a resident of Chicago. How can you purchase a city sticker without being registered there, since you need a registeration ID card to purchase a city sticker. Can you be registered in two cities? I searched online but there is no information regarding same stated registrations. But the information I found stated you need to register your car where you reside. Which is what I’ve done. Yet I have to pay City of Chicago $200 for not having a Chicago sticker even though I don’t live or is registered in Chicago.

  3. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    That’s a big bunch of CRAP! You’re a Northlake resident, with the vehicle registered in Northlake.

    The Administrative Law Judge is a MORON! Please email the name of the judge to:

    Your plight has ruined my day.

    Personally, I would NEVER pay that ticket. But that’s just me.

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