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Move Your Crap, City Starts ‘Dibs’ Junk Removal Monday

Dibs--RefreshingGet your crap off the street or the city will remove it for you starting Monday.

With the weather warming up and much of the snow melted from city streets, Streets and Sanitation crews will start collecting the junk people use to “reserve” street parking spaces according to DNA Info.

With the extreme amount of snow piling up on streets this winter, this practice or reserving spaces or ‘dibs’ has grown more pervasive than in normal winters.

Department of Streets and Sanitation spokesperson Molly Poppe told DNA Info crews will hit the streets Monday morning to start collecting the chairs, buckets, tables and many other items littering city streets.

Dibs ‘Thief’ Rids Chicago Neighborhoods From Street Junk

The Dibs "Thief" calls this photo "Chicago Dibs Sculpture Garden #1". Photo credit: Curtis Locke/Flickr.

The Dibs “Thief” calls this photo “Chicago Dibs Sculpture Garden #1″. Photo credit: Curtis Locke/Flickr.

A man, a van and a camera.

According to Curbed Chicago, an upright citizen is doing the job the Department of Streets and Sanitation should be doing.

And that’s removing the junk from residential streets that’s being used to save parking spaces after a big snow–in other words “dibs.”

The Dibs “Thief” collects the chairs and other stuff and assembles them in his yard and other locations around his residence as quasi art installations.

Fight Back Against Dibs & ‘Dump The Junk’

Are you sick of all the junk on your street?

Are you tired of the lawn furniture, milk crates, buckets, two by fours and other random crap neighbors are placing on the street to “reserve” the parking space they dug out for their car?

Do you hate the idiotic “tradition” of dibs?

Us too.

So The Expired Meter is resurrecting our  “Dump The Junk!” campaign.

It’s our effort to try and cure Chicago of this queer “tradition” of using and other junk to save a parking space in front of your house after digging out from a snowstorm.

This winter has been so rough, and side streets are still snow packed and difficult to park that more drivers than ever are embracing dibs.

This practice is selfish, filthy and idiotic–and needs to stop.

Video: ‘Dibs’ Hustler Pokes Fun At Chicago Winter Tradition

Two local improv comedians have put together a humorous take on the winter tradition of ‘dibs’ in a video which debuted Saturday on YouTube.

Produced by Alonzo Alcaraz and starring Jessie David Perez, who plays Juan Jose the human, gang-banging version of a dibs place holder, essentially intimidating drivers from snagging the spaces he protects.

DNA Info has a more in-depth report on Alcaraz and his video, “‘The Dibs Hustler’: Comedian Tackles Chicago Parking Tradition in New Video.”

No Truth To Rumors Of ‘Dibs’ Crackdown By City

No, the rumors are not true–the City of Chicago is not cracking down on people who are taking ‘dibs’ with side street parking spots.

According to the city, local media outlets erroneously reported last week the city was not going to honor the long standing tradition of drivers using household junk to reserve freshly dug out parking spots.

Woman Tired Of ‘Dibs’ Shovels Out Entire Block

Jamie Lynn Ferguson is awesome.

This Humboldt Park woman took the day off from work to clear the street of snow for an entire block so drivers could park more easily and not have to use junk to save their parking spots. Ferguson told WGN News she was tired of tradition of “dibs” but also concerned about the elderly woman on the street who are physically unable to shovel snow.

Complaints Of Slow Snow Removal Piling Up Say Aldermen

Many snow covered side streets remain unplowed according to residents and some aldermen. Photo credit: John O'Brien/DNA Info.

Many snow covered side streets remain unplowed according to residents and some aldermen. Photo credit: John O’Brien/DNA Info.

Five days after  snow from a major storm stopped falling, some Chicago aldermen and residents are charging the city has done a poor job clearing snow from side streets.

Thursday, Ald. Roderick Sawyer (6th) initially claimed a “salt shortage” has led to “dangerous” conditions in his ward. Sawyer contended in a news release he thought the “crippled” side streets in his ward would be cleared as temperatures rose on Thursday, but was “shocked” to learn of a salt shortage that allowed trucks to dump only one load of slush-melting salt onto side streets.

But a spokeswoman for the city’s Department of Streets and Sanitation denied that the city was facing a salt shortage and said that as temperatures rise, the existing salt on the roadways will start working better.

“We have more than 100,000 tons of salt, and our supply is being replenished daily. We have multiple vendors and will have enough salt for the winter season,” said the spokeswoman, Molly Poppe.

Ald. Scott Waguespack (32nd) said his office is hearing complaints — “two to three hundred calls over the past few days.”

Waguespack said he believe that city plows waited too long before starting on the side streets so by the time the trucks got off the main routes the hard-packed snow had turned to thick ice.

Read more at DNA Info.

UPDATE: By early evening, Sawyer had softened his position according to ABC 7 News.

Two Aldermen Come Out Against ‘Dibs’ Parking

A chair guards a parking spot on Wolcott in Wicker Park.

A chair guards a parking spot on Wolcott in Wicker Park.

Aldmermen Rey Colon (35th) and Scott Waguespack (32nd) are discouraging constituents to not engage in taking “dibs” with parking spots they’ve shoveled out according to DNA Info.

The news website also reports that Ald. Colon’s office is hearing from constituents about altercations between residents on snow streets in his ward.

Dibs is the Chicago tradition of using household junk to save a parking space after digging out a vehicle from heavy snowfall. The practice is technically illegal according to the city’s municipal code but it is rarely, if ever enforced. The Department of Streets and Sanitation crews are typically too preoccuppied dealing with snow removal to enforce this law.

CBS 2 Says Big Snowfalls Brings ‘Dibs’ Back To City Streets

It’s official.

Junk, crap, garbage…it’s all coming back to Chicago’s residential streets as drivers dig their cars out from the many inches of snow that have blanketed the city over the past several days.

CBS 2 has the full report, “‘Dibs’ Returns With Massive Snowfall.”

Newsradio 780′s Mike Krauser also has a radio report on the tradition, “With Major Snow Comes Chicago Tradition: Chairs, Orange Cones — Anything — To Mark ‘Dibs’.

Tips For Drivers To Survive Chicago’s Cold Winter Weather

Add some Heet or other products which keep your fuel lines from freezing up in this cold weather.

Add some Heet or other products which keep your fuel lines from freezing up in this cold weather.

From the looks of this year’s nasty start of cold weather season, it looks like Chicago is in for a particularly long and tough winter.

Here’s some tips and reminders to make sure your car starts on the coldest mornings and you get from here to there and back safely.

Keep Your Gas Tank Full

The first thing I did was top off each vehicle’s gas tank. Keeping your tank at least half full or more will make starting your car on mornings easier on your battery.

Use Fuel Line Anti-Freeze Treatment

After filling up the gas tank, I pulled out a bright yellow bottle of Heet to add to the gas tank.

When you know the weather is going to be really cold, add a bottle of Heet, or any similar fuel line anti-freeze treatment to a full tank of gas. These products help remove water from your gas tank and fuel lines so they don’t freeze up when it gets really cold.

While there are many generic brands of fuel line anti-freeze on the market, Heet is Chicago born, bred and manufactured by Gold Eagle Products on the South Side–and we like to support our local Windy City businesses.