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Time To End Winter Overnight Parking Ban? Aldermen Plan Review

Mayoral candidate Bob Fioretti. (Photo credit: DNA Info).

Mayoral candidate Bob Fioretti. (Photo credit: DNA Info).

After more than 30 years on the books, Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd) says it might be time to freeze the city’s winter overnight parking ban.

The mayoral candidate introduced a resolution at Wednesday’s City Council meeting calling for a hard look at the 34-year-old practice to see if it needs to be revised or even eliminated altogether.

Fioretti’s resolution had four other signers including aldermen Scott Waguespack (32nd), John Arena (45th), Nick Sposato (36th), Brendan Reilly (42nd) and Roderick Sawyer (6th).

Beginning every December 1st and continuing until April 1st, parking is prohibited on 107 miles of what the city considers “vital arterial streets” every early morning from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. — whether there’s snow on the pavement or not.

Thousands of unwary motorists every winter end up at one of the city’s auto pounds to pay the $150 in tow fees and a $20 per day storage fees to retrieve their vehicles, in addition to the $60 parking ticket for violating the ban. Historically, the city tows 8,000 to 9,000 vehicles every season, generating nearly $2 million in fees and fines for the city.

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Tow Trucks Snag 239 Cars On First Night Of Winter Overnight Parking Ban

A towed vehicle exits the Auto Pound at 701 N. Sacramento last year after the first night of Winter Overnight Parking Ban.

A towed vehicle exits the Auto Pound at 701 N. Sacramento last year after the first night of Winter Overnight Parking Ban.

A steady stream of upset drivers flowed into a city auto pound in Humboldt Park Monday morning to shell out $170 to get their cars back.

“I thought someone stole the car,” said Jose Yanqi at City Auto Pound #6, 701 N. Sacramento Ave. “I didn’t see the sign to move the car.”

Yanqi was in a long line of motorists who had their cars towed on the first night of the city’s annual Winter Overnight Parking Ban, which went into effect overnight Monday.

According to the Department of Streets and Sanitation, 239 vehicles were towed overnight — the exact number of cars towed last year.

“It’s a big headache,” said Juan Comacho, who lives in Portage Park. “My kids got to school late. Where are people supposed to park on a busy street? I have to drive around for an hour to find parking. This is just going to make it worse.”

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Local Shop Sells Custom Made Dibs Christmas Tree Ornament

Replica Chicago's dibs Christmas tree ornament. Photo credit: DNA Info.

Replica Chicago’s dibs Christmas tree ornament. Photo credit: DNA Info.

In a tribute to Black Friday we bring you the perfect Christmas gift for the hardcore Chicago driver in your life–the dibs Christmas tree ornament.

This iconic folding chair ornament design will look great saving space on any Christmas tree and successfully keeping other ornaments from finding parking space on that particular branch.

And don’t even think about moving it out of the way and replacing it with another decoration!

The ornament is available for $12 from Replica Chicago located at 4425 N. Milwaukee Ave. in the Jefferson Park neighborhood.

H/T to DNA Info’s Chicago’s Ultimate Neighborhood Gift Guide.

City’s Winter Overnight Parking Ban Starts At 3 AM Monday

Chicago Winter Overnight Parking Ban SignIt’s that time of year again.

Every December 1st, hundreds of drivers will be surprised to find their car has mysteriously disappeared overnight.

No, their vehicle hasn’t been stolen or repossessed but towed away by city tow trucks for violating the city’s annual Winter Overnight Parking Ban which starts at 3 AM on Monday, December 1st.

The ban effects 107 miles of what the city considers “critical arterial streets” from December 1st and April 1st each year and is in effect between the hours of 3 AM and 7 AM each early morning–regardless of snow on the ground.

Car owners will have to pay a minimum $150 towing fee, $20 storage fee per day to get their car released from the city auto pound and still have to pay a $60 parking ticket. Towed vehicles will be brought to either Auto Pound 2 located at 10301 S. Doty or Auto Pound 2 located at 701 N. Sacramento.

Move Your Crap, City Starts ‘Dibs’ Junk Removal Monday

Dibs--RefreshingGet your crap off the street or the city will remove it for you starting Monday.

With the weather warming up and much of the snow melted from city streets, Streets and Sanitation crews will start collecting the junk people use to “reserve” street parking spaces according to DNA Info.

With the extreme amount of snow piling up on streets this winter, this practice or reserving spaces or ‘dibs’ has grown more pervasive than in normal winters.

Department of Streets and Sanitation spokesperson Molly Poppe told DNA Info crews will hit the streets Monday morning to start collecting the chairs, buckets, tables and many other items littering city streets.

Dibs ‘Thief’ Rids Chicago Neighborhoods From Street Junk

The Dibs "Thief" calls this photo "Chicago Dibs Sculpture Garden #1". Photo credit: Curtis Locke/Flickr.

The Dibs “Thief” calls this photo “Chicago Dibs Sculpture Garden #1″. Photo credit: Curtis Locke/Flickr.

A man, a van and a camera.

According to Curbed Chicago, an upright citizen is doing the job the Department of Streets and Sanitation should be doing.

And that’s removing the junk from residential streets that’s being used to save parking spaces after a big snow–in other words “dibs.”

The Dibs “Thief” collects the chairs and other stuff and assembles them in his yard and other locations around his residence as quasi art installations.

Fight Back Against Dibs & ‘Dump The Junk’

Are you sick of all the junk on your street?

Are you tired of the lawn furniture, milk crates, buckets, two by fours and other random crap neighbors are placing on the street to “reserve” the parking space they dug out for their car?

Do you hate the idiotic “tradition” of dibs?

Us too.

So The Expired Meter is resurrecting our  “Dump The Junk!” campaign.

It’s our effort to try and cure Chicago of this queer “tradition” of using and other junk to save a parking space in front of your house after digging out from a snowstorm.

This winter has been so rough, and side streets are still snow packed and difficult to park that more drivers than ever are embracing dibs.

This practice is selfish, filthy and idiotic–and needs to stop.

Video: ‘Dibs’ Hustler Pokes Fun At Chicago Winter Tradition

Two local improv comedians have put together a humorous take on the winter tradition of ‘dibs’ in a video which debuted Saturday on YouTube.

Produced by Alonzo Alcaraz and starring Jessie David Perez, who plays Juan Jose the human, gang-banging version of a dibs place holder, essentially intimidating drivers from snagging the spaces he protects.

DNA Info has a more in-depth report on Alcaraz and his video, “‘The Dibs Hustler’: Comedian Tackles Chicago Parking Tradition in New Video.”

No Truth To Rumors Of ‘Dibs’ Crackdown By City

No, the rumors are not true–the City of Chicago is not cracking down on people who are taking ‘dibs’ with side street parking spots.

According to the city, local media outlets erroneously reported last week the city was not going to honor the long standing tradition of drivers using household junk to reserve freshly dug out parking spots.

Woman Tired Of ‘Dibs’ Shovels Out Entire Block

Jamie Lynn Ferguson is awesome.

This Humboldt Park woman took the day off from work to clear the street of snow for an entire block so drivers could park more easily and not have to use junk to save their parking spots. Ferguson told WGN News she was tired of tradition of “dibs” but also concerned about the elderly woman on the street who are physically unable to shovel snow.