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15 Cars Parked On Lake Geneva Fall Victim To Weak Ice

Here’s a winter parking tip–don’t park on a “frozen” lake.

Drivers attending a festival assumed the surface of Lake Geneva, just over the border in Wisconsin, was solid and strong enough for them to park on the lake. But 15 vehicles fell victim to warmer than normal winter weather when the ice weakened beneath where the cars were parked Saturday afternoon.

Mayhem then ensued.

Potholes Are Down Due To Mild Winter

There are many upsides to a mild winter, but one positive outcome has been less potholes–a lot less than in the previous two years.

The winters of 2014 and 2015 produced a bumper crop of potholes across the city. But data from the city indicates much fewer potholes popping up this winter.

WLS TV reports CDOT only filled about 40,000 potholes in January. That’s down from 60,000 in January 2015 and a whopping 94,000 in 2014 when the polar vortex gob smacked the city.

Kickstarter Campaign Launched To Fund Anti-Dibs Sign Campaign

Dibs signSome Chicagoans loathe the local custom of dibs–or using junk to save a parking space on the street after a snowstorm.

That list includes Johnathan Pool, a resident who’s launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to secure enough funds to print up anti-dibs lawn signs according to DNA Info.

The Dibs Shame campaign is looking to raise about $1000 to get the signs made–signs which would be placed on or near junk being used to save a parking space. The premise is the sign will embarrass the dibster into changing their behavior.

Snow Plows Help Update IDOT Winter Road Conditions Online Map

The Illinois Department of Transportation wants to give motorists a technological tool to help them survive driving during the winter with the “Winter Road Conditions app on the gettingaroundillinois.com website.

The Getting Around Illinois map is updated 24/7 during winter weather events to provide drivers with the latest road conditions all around the state.

The Winter Road Conditions Map is actually updated based on data reported by IDOT snow plow drivers clearing snow from state roads during a winter storm.

Alderman Wants To Give Drivers A Break From Winter Overnight Parking Ban

Chicago Winter Overnight Parking Ban SignChicago drivers may start getting a break from having their car towed on the first night of the city’s annual Winter Overnight Parking Ban–at least if Alderman Roberto Maldonado (26th) has his way.

Maldonado, according to DNA Info, has proposed an ordinance that would give motorists who forget to move their car off a street that is affected by the winter parking ban, would be first issued a warning citation before they get towed.

It would be much like the city’s speed camera program which sends drivers a warning notice on their first speed camera infraction instead of a ticket with a monetary fine.

ABC 7 News Talks To Drivers Caught In First Night Of Winter Ban

ABC 7 talked to a bunch of irate drivers Tuesday morning outside the city’s auto pound on Sacramento.

One father says his daughter was towed two years in a row on the first night of Chicago Winter Overnight Parking Ban.

That $230 is an expensive lesson. Hopefully she won’t be visiting Auto Pound #6 next December 1st.

200 Cars Towed On First Night Of Winter Overnight Parking Ban

An employee opens the gate at Auto Pound #6 in Humboldt Park for a driver who paid the $170 to get their car back from the first night of towing enforcement of the city's Winter Overnight Parking Ban.

An employee opens the gate at Auto Pound #6 in Humboldt Park for a driver who paid the $170 to get their car back from the first night of towing enforcement of the city’s Winter Overnight Parking Ban.

By car, by taxi, by bus, on foot and by bicycle, a steady stream of upset drivers came to a city auto pound in Humboldt Park Tuesday to get their car back after the first night of the city’s annual Winter Overnight Parking Ban.

“I was on my way to work and came out — and my car was gone,” said Chandra Cleveland, whose car was towed from Milwaukee Avenue in Wicker Park to City Auto Pound #6, 701 N. Sacramento Ave. “It sucks, it really does. ”

The annual ban went into effect at 3 a.m. Tuesday. Cars cannot be parked on designated streets between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. during the winter months until the end of March.

Edward Stokes from Rogers Park, who drove his daughter to the pound to retrieve her car, was more sanguine.

“The signs says cars can’t be parked there on December 1st,” admitted Stokes. “She thought it was midnight tonight instead of last night.”

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Chicago Winter Overnight Parking Ban Starts Tonight

Chicago Winter Overnight Parking Ban SignWhile winter doesn’t begin for another three weeks from a meteorogical perspective, on Tuesday at 3 a.m., winter officially starts on major streets across the city.

Every December 1st, the Chicago begins its winter overnight parking ban which prohibits parking from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. on 107 miles of what are considered critical arterial streets throughout Chicago. The ban continues until March 31st, even if there isn’t any snow on the ground.

The city says the ban is necessary to keep these major thoroughfares clear of cars in order to help in snow removal in case of a surprise major snowstorm, according to Department of Streets and Sanitation spokesperson Jennifer Martinez.

The ban “just helps our crews in their ability to clean up any snow from these crucial routes and help people get to work or school in case there was a big storm,” said Martinez.

Drivers who ignore the ban face an expensive and inconvenient Tuesday morning retrieving a vehicle from one of Chicago’s auto pounds. It will cost a towed motorist $150 for the tow, a $20 auto pound storage fee and a $60 parking ticket — a total of $230.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Did ‘Dibs” Start In Chicago? Maybe Not.

Dibs letter 3In honor of another several inches of snow coating the streets of Chicago today, and the assumption drivers will drag their household junk back outside to “reserve” the spot they shoveled out, we present a history of dibs via DNA Info.

DNA Info city hall reporter Ted Cox researched the subject and says the practice here goes back to the Blizzard of ’67 which crippled the city for days nearly 50 years ago.

But his research seems to indicate that dibs actually began in Pittsburgh as late as the 1950′s and perhaps even before that.

Here’s the full story, “The History of ‘Dibs’: Did It Begin in Chicago?

Is Chicago’s ‘Dibs’ Tradition Turning Violent?

A driver's smashed windshield was probably due to 'dibs'  violence. Photo credit: Ashley Mater.

A driver’s smashed windshield was probably due to ‘dibs’ violence. Photo credit: Ashley Mater.

Is the quaint Chicago tradition of ‘dibs’ turning violent?

Several recent incidents being reported by DNA Info seem to indicate that some people who use household junk to save a parking spot they’ve dug out are becoming increasingly thuggish in enforcing their dibs domain.

Last week DNA Info reported on a Ukranian Village woman who believes her brake lines were cut because she parked in a spot being “reserved” using lawn chairs.

In the same report, a driver in Ravenswood had a threatening note left on her windshield for violating the unwritten rule of the road.

Then on Friday, a Logan Square motorist returned to her car to find it completely vandalized with her windows busted and interior destroyed. The damage is pegged at $5000 or more. In this case, the driver says there was nothing in the street to indicate the spot was being saved but a pair of chairs on top of the curbside snow bank.

Here are the full stories from DNA Info: “Dibs Gets Dangerous as Woman Claims Her Brake Lines Were Cut in Retaliation” and “Another Dibs Attack? The Owner of This Car Wonders Why She Was Targeted.”