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“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

Sunday Marathon Day Traffic Alert: Watch For Chicago Marathon Street Closures This SundayMetra Adds ServiceGetting To The Marathon By CTA; Dangerous Heat, Snow, World Records, Controversy And The Year It Was Canceled: 40 Chicago Marathon Moments - Chicago Tribune; Rahm: We Are Prepared For Chicago Marathon After Attack In Las Vegas - DNA Chicago

Bicyclist Hits Pedestrian On 606, Leaves Woman Unconscious - DNA ChicagoChicagoist; Danger Of Reckless Biking In Cities Is Just Now Being Studied - Gothamist

Rahm May Raise Taxes On Ride Hailing Services, As City Loses $40M On Ride Share Arrangements - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago’s Ticketing Policies Cause Spike In Bankruptcies; And It’s Hurting Black Neighborhoods The Most - Illinois Policy Institute

With Its License In Jeopardy, Lincoln Towing Says 464 Complaints Over Two Years A ‘Miniscule’ Number - DNA ChicagoThis Complaint Alone Should Warrant A License Suspension

Plan For Steep Hike In Tire/Waste-Dumping Penalties Sails Through Committee - Chicago Sun-Times

Cook County Judge Removed From Traffic Death Case Last Year Is Removed From Another Case - Chicago Tribune

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, October 2nd, 2017

Overnight Lane, Ramp Closures Scheduled At Stevenson/LSD Interchange - Chicago Sun-Times

Out-Of-State Drivers Need To Watch Out For Chicago’s Greedy Speed And Red Light Camera Shakedowns - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; The Red Lie Camera - Illinois Policy Institute

IL Tollways Could Be Cashless In Two Years - CBS 2 Chicago

Opinion — Oil Fracking Wrong For Illinois - Crain’s Chicago Business

Dozens Of Chicago Party Buses, Valets Cited In City’s Crackdown - NBC 5 Chicago

Luxury Condo Project In River North To Have 11 Units, 11 Parking Spaces - Curbed Chicago

Emanuel, Rauner Meet Privately To Discuss Amazon Bidding - NBC 5 Chicago; Amazon (And Rahm) Shouldn’t Overlook McKinley Park, Alderman Says - DNA Chicago; Amazon Forces Illinois, Missouri To Work Together To Attract New Headquarters - Belleville News-Democrat

Illinois Needs To Win Toyota-Mazda Auto Factory: Crain’s Editorial - Crain’s Chicago Business

Downtown Office Vacancy Up For Fourth Straight Quarter - Crain’s Chicago Business

Rat Complaints Jump In Chicago’s Densest Neighborhoods. Is Yours One Of Them - Chicago Tribune

Study: Pushing Back Illinois School Start Times Could Lead To Reduction In Car Crashes Among Drowsy Student Drivers - Illinois News Network

Police: Man Died Of Suspected Overdose In O’Hare Bathroom - Chicago Sun-Times

Speeding, Yellow Light Violations On Busse Road In Mount Prospect Need More Attention - Chicago Daily Herald

Buffalo Grove Overzealous In Parking Enforcement - Chicago Daily Herald

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, September 29th, 2017

West Side Residents Reject CDOT’s Vision Zero Anti-Car Measures Like Heavy Reliance On Police Ticket Writing, Arbitrary Reduction Of Speed Limits, Bike Lane Gentrification, And Poorly Designed/Sited Speed Bumps And Other Traffic-Impeding Infrastructure - Chicago Streetsblog; Incredibly, According To CDOT Commissioner/Car-Hater-In-Chief Rebekah Scheinfeld, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A TRAFFIC ‘ACCIDENT,’ And Thus Drivers Are Always Automatically At Fault, Regardless Of The Actual Facts

Last Thing Chicago Needs Is More Ticket Writers - Illinois Policy Institute

Taxpayer Leeches At Active Transportation Alliance Applaud Critical Mass And Its Illegal, Dangerous Traffic Blockades In Chicago - Active Transportation Alliance

DUI Crackdown Coming Downtown This Weekend - DNA Chicago; DUI Checkpoint Planned In Grand Crossing This Weekend - DNA Chicago

Filming Of A Car Commercial Is Scheduled To Shut Down Clark Street Saturday Morning In The Loop - DNA Chicago

No I-PASS Transponder In Your Car? You’re Going To Pay Double In 3 Months - Chicago Daily Herald

Illinois’ Next Tax Hike Could Mean Pain At The Pump - Illinois Policy Institute; State Senator Opposes Gas Tax Hike - Illinois Policy Institute

Uber’s Chicago Drivers Earned $210M Through August, Company Says - Chicago Sun-Times; Company May Face More Regulations Here, Unless Rahm Runs Interference (Again) For His Brother/Uber Principal Investor, Ari Emanuel - Chicago Sun-Times

City Council Won’t Make Obama Promise Anything For His Jackson Park Public Land Grab - DNA Chicago

Old Town Tower To Have 405 Apartments, Retail, 416 Parking Space Garage - Curbed Chicago

Landscaped Mall Proposed For Site In Mayfair Next To The Edens Expressway To Have 516 Parking Spaces - DNA Chicago; Issues To Be Sorted Over Traffic, Bike And Pedestrian Connections

River North Parking Lot One Of 2 Sites For Possible Redevelopment - Crain’s Chicago Business

Jefferson Park CHA Housing Plan Won’t Get State Funding - DNA Chicago

Chicago Are Man Has One Of The Most Important Classic Car Collections In The US - Crain’s Chicago Business

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, September 28th, 2017

RIP To Chicago Icon Hugh Hefner – Who Got His Honorary Street Sign In 2000

Watch Out: New Red-Light Cameras Coming To Jefferson Park This Week - DNA Chicago

Study: Traffic In U.S. Cities Will Cost Commuters Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars Over The Next Decade - Denver Post

Lake Shore Drive/Stevenson Ramp Project Finally Nearing The End - DNA Chicago

Madigan May Be Planning To Violate The Illinois Lockbox Amendment, Which Makes It Illegal For Any Unit Of Government To Raid Funds Intended To Be Used On Transportation Projects — Madigan Reportedly Wants To Take $100 Million From IDOT Construction Funds And Funnel It To The Obama Museum - NBC 5 Chicago

Chicago Attorney Launches Parking-Ticket Resistance Campaign Online, Alleging Inadequate Notice Of Street Cleaning - ABA Journal

Instead Of Budget Reform, AlderDope Ray Lopez Wants City To Fix Its Fiscal Woes With More Tickets For Parking, Snow Shoveling Violations - Chicago Sun-Times

Don’t Drive On Marathon Day Next Sunday — Chicago Marathon Viewing Areas Easily Accessible CTA - NBC 5 Chicago

Streetsblog Pushing More Traffic Choking Bike Lanes For Already Congested Streets in Edgewater - Chicago Streetsblog; Shouldn’t New Bike Lanes Be Built In Areas That Have Zero Bike Lanes, Or Is Streetsblog Just Paying Lip Service To Concerns Over Bike Lane Equity

‘The Bridges Of Cook County’: See The Chicago Fall Bridge Lift Schedule: Schedule Runs September Through November, Wednesday And Saturday Mid-Mornings - Chicago Loop Bridges

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

WHO VETTED THESE JERKS?? Executives At Chicago’s Speed Camera Vendor, American Traffic Solutions, Regularly Ignore Their Own Photo Tickets And Dodge Process Servers - The NewspaperPattern Of Ticket Scofflaw Behavior With American Traffic Solutions Goes Back For Years

AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH: US Census Says Biking In Chicago Is Declining, But Streetsblog Is In Denial - Chicago Streetsblog; Funny How Streetsblog Treats Census Bike Data As Infallible Gospel Truth When It Supports The Streetsblog Talking Points, But Streetsblog Rejects That Very Same Data When It Doesn’t; So Why Does The City Continue To Lavish Spending On A Declining 1% Of Commuters Who Bike To Work, While Screwing Over Everybody Else?

Study: Chicago Ranks 6th On List Of Cities And Traffic Hotspots, With 2 Of The Country’s Worst Traffic Hotspots Along The Dan Ryan And Kennedy - DNA Chicago; Same Study Also Shows That Efforts To Relieve Congestion Along The I-90 Tollway Are Successful, Despite Car Haters’ Claim That More Lanes Mean More Traffic Congestion - PR Newswire

Evanston’s New Road Safety Signs Are Like A Very Confusing Math Problem - Evanston Now; Sign Is Also Legally Inaccurate Since Both Drivers And Bikers Must Sometimes Yield To Each Other, As Both Have The Same Rights And Obligations Under The Illinois Vehicle Code

Car-Hater Think Tank At The Metropolitan Planning Council Wants Drivers To Pay For Chicago Transit Boondoggles With New Gas Taxes, Motor Vehicle Fees - Chicago Tribune

Editorial: Parents, Think Safety On Car Seats - Chicago Daily Herald

After Debacle Of Evicting Homeless From LSD Viaducts, Chicago Homelessness Can And Should Be A Priority - Crain’s Chicago Business

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

TRAFFIC ALERT: Lake Shore Drive Bridge Over Chicago River To Close Early Wednesday - Chicago Sun-Times

How Electronic Devices Impact Illinois Roadway Safety - National Law Review

Chicago Study Finds Yellow Time Most Effective At Curbing Red Light Running - The Newspaper

Illinois Legislators Discussing Gas Tax In Secret - Illinois News Network

NYC Council Weighs Yellow Cab Bailouts, Restrictions On Uber And Lyft - New York Post; Will Cab Industry Woes Here Prompt A Similar Move?

Still No Answers On How City Can Close Down Busy Cornell Drive For Obama Megalomania-Museum, And Avoid Traffic Disaster - DNA Chicago

As Rahm Targets Amazon, Alderman Throws Wrench Into Deal For Possible Site Along North Branch - Crain’s Chicago Business

CDOT Hosts 3 Meetings This Week On Its Anti-Car, Anti-Driver Vision Zero Program - Vision Zero Chicago

Streetsblog Pushing Another Dangerous Wrong way Bike Lane For Leland Avenue In Ravenswood - Chicago Streetsblog – Despite The Fact That Federal Highway Administration Has Warned: ‘Contra-Flow Bike Lanes On A One-Way Street Are Not Usually Recommended. They May Encourage Cyclists To Ride Against Traffic, Which Is Contrary To The Rules Of The Road And A Leading Cause Of Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Crashes’

Park District Defends 606 Partial Closure For Fundraiser Dinner Friday - DNA Chicago

After LSD Viaduct Tent City Eviction, Activists Demand Spot For Homeless To Erect Tents - DNA ChicagoChicagoist

Rats On Lakeview Street Out Of Control, Residents Say - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, September 25th, 2017

The Majestic ‘Chicagohenge’ Phenomenon Of The Chicago Street Grid Is Back, And You Can See It Tonight - Chicagoist

Alder-Tards Are Joining The Misinformed, Anti-History Crowd, Calling For Renaming Balbo Drive, Removing Balbo Monument - Chicago Streetsblog; Next Steps In This Dance Of Dumbfuckery Will Be To: (1) Follow New York’s Lead By Renaming Columbus Drive/Removing His Statue; (2) Remove Any Statues, And Rename Any Streets, Parks, Schools, And Neighborhoods That Are Named For Presidents Who Held Slaves (Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Van Buren, Harrison, Polk, Taylor And Grant); And (3) Get Rid Of Lincoln Avenue, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square, And Any Lincoln Statues, Based On His Views That Blacks Should Not Have The Same Rights As Whites; Of Course None Of This Crowd Has Any Problem With A Humboldt Park Street Being Named For An Unrepentant Convicted Puerto Rican Terrorist

Neighbors Say ‘NO’ To Traffic Barricade As Part Of City’s Newest Bike Lane Boondoggle In Uptown - Chicago Streetsblog

Streetsblog Squawks About 606 Trail Being Closed For Private Functions ‘For The One Percent’ - Chicago Streetsblog; Is That Any Different Than Chicago’s Hundreds Of Street Festivals That Block Traffic Every Weekend, During Spring, Summer And Fall?

Prosecutors: Man Points Gun At City Boot Worker Saying, ‘You Better Not Be Looking At My License Plate’ - Chicago Tribune

In Illinois: Fewer Teens Getting Driver’s Licenses At 16 - State Journal Register

IL State Senator Supports Gas Tax Hike - Illinois Policy Institute

Blame Madigan For Killing Idea To Toll I-55 - Crain’s Chicago Business

Ex-Owner Of Company Picked To Install Chicago Charging Stations Gets 2 Years Prison - Chicago Tribune

A Look At Chicago’s First Bridge Lift Of The Season - Curbed Chicago

More Letters On Rahm’s Shameful Eviction Of Homeless From LSD Viaducts - Chicago TribuneChicago Tribune

Mobile Cameras Are Being Used To Catch People Who Illegally Dump Tires, Construction Debris And Other Waste Around The City - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Independent Film ‘Lakeshore Drive’ Gives A Short, Haunting Ride Along The Iconic Roadway - Chicago Now

After Obama Nixes Agreement For His Jackson Park Ego-Compound, Groups Say They Want City Ordinance - Chicago Sun-Times

Alderman Scuttles Proposed 14-Story Transit Oriented Development Along North Avenue, Over Parking And Traffic Concerns - Curbed Chicago

New Senior Housing Complex In Belmont Cragin Will Replace Drive Thru Bank - Curbed Chicago

Critics Hammer Emanuel’s Affordable Housing Plan; Aldermen Advance It - Chicago Tribune

Bike Thefts Point To City-Subsidized Divvy FAIL On South Side - Chicago Sun-Times

Three Reasons Why Amazon Is Turning Emanuel And Rauner Into BFFs - Crain’s Chicago Business; Survey Of CEOs: With Dysfunctional/Corrupt Government, An Unfavorable Tax Climate And Fiscal Challenges At The State Level, Illinois Is A Bad Place To Do Business - Illinois News Nertwork

Letter: Illinois Did Something Right With Roadside Help - Chicago Tribune

Gurnee, Waukegan Mayors Say Red-Light Camera Intersections Seeing Fewer Tickets And Fewer Accidents - Chicago Tribune

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, September 22nd, 2017

1st Fall ‘Boat Run’ Bridge Lift Planned For Saturday On Chicago River - Chicago Sun-Times

Prepare For Traffic Headaches On Sunday With Bears-Steelers And Chicago Half Marathon - Chicago Tribune

DUI Crackdowns On S. SideS.E. Side This Weekend

IDOT Approves Red Light Cameras For Already Safe Intersections - Chicago Tribune

Lincoln Towing Hauls Author’s Car Away From Her Book Launch Party - DNA Chicago

Editorial: Take Highway Work-Zone Safety Seriously - Chicago Daily Herald

Rail Safety Week To See Enforcement, Education Efforts By Police - Chicago Daily Herald

Illinois State Rep. Dan Brady Wants To Hike Gas Taxes - Illinois Policy Institute; Editorial: Gas Tax May Be Pure Pork - Chicago Tribune

New Illinois Auto, New Forfeiture Rules Welcome - Champaign News-Gazette

Citing ‘Racism,’ Petition Says City Shouldn’t Use Police To Enforce New Traffic Safety Plan - ChicagoistSlow Roll ChicagoChange.org; City Tries To Sell Its Anti-Car Vision Zero Program On The West Side - Chicago Reader

Voodoo Traffic Engineering – Active Transportation Alliance Blames Highway Improvement For Job Losses - Chicago Reporter

Make Obama Center Put Its Promises In Writing, Activists Urge City - DNA ChicagoChicago Sun-Times; Jackson Park Golf Course and Obama Center Meetings Both Set For Monday - DNA Chicago

Future Looks Bleak For Cabbies As Rides Dip 41 Percent: ‘The Worst It’s Ever Been’ - DNA Chicago; Suffering Taxi Industry Finds Hope In City’s Cab-Hailing Apps - DNA Chicago

Protesters Erect Tent In Uptown Alderman’s Yard To Blast Displacement Of The Homeless - Chicagoist; Homelessness Is Preventable — If Chicago Invests In The Right Programs - Chicago Tribune

Jefferson Park Car Cater Club Planning To Stack The Vote On Ward Infrastructure - Nadig Newspapers

Susana Mendoza Might Have Just Won Her Next Election, After Confronting Notorious Driver John ‘Quarters’ Boyle In Wild Hit And Run Incident - Chicago Reader

If You’re Late Paying Those Higher Auto Premiums, Allstate Now Will Ding You - Crain’s Chicago Business

Couple Who Launched Nonprofit To Cover Hospital Parking Extend Program To Prentice Women’s Hospital - Chicago Tribune

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

[Otto Mobile Will Be Taking The Day Off Thursday, September 21, 2017, And Returning With The Next ‘Driver’s Side’ Column On Friday, September 22, 2017.]

Several Downtown Bridges Closing This Week For Testing - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Half Marathon Brings LSD/Street Closures, Parking Restrictions To South Side Sunday

Gov. Rauner Urges Cuts, Not Tax Increases, To Fund Construction Projects - Illinois News Network

Why Flood-Damaged Cars Are More Dangerous Than You Think, Even In Chicago - Market Watch

Uptown’s Tent City Homeless Face ‘Disarray,’ Uncertainty After Eviction From LSD Viaducts - DNA Chicago; Homeless Near Uptown Viaducts On The Move Again - Chicago Sun-Times; What Uptown Tent Cities Were Moved For - Chicago Tribune

Gov. Rauner Signs Changes To Illinois’ Asset Forfeiture Law, Limiting Ability Of Prosecutors To Seize Cars And Other Assets - Illinois News Network

Rep. Gutierrez Arrested In NY For Blocking Traffic During Trump Tower Protest - Washington Post

Illinois Medical District To Get Largest Ambulance Garage In Cook County - Crain’s Chicago Business

New Residence Hall And Academic Center On UIC Campus Will Replace Surface Parking - Curbed Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Chicago On Pace To Surpass 800 Carjacking Incidents This Year — More Than Double The Number In 2014 And 2015 Combined - CBS 2 Chicago

Recent Death Of Motorcyclist Raises Concerns About Dangerous Motorcycle Riders On The Kennedy Expressway - Nadig Newspapers

Illinois Looking At Gas Tax Increase - Illinois News Network

Taxpayer Supported Active Transportation Alliance Teaches Car Haters How To Misdirect Even More Taxpayer Funds For Anti-Car/Anti-Driver Pet Projects - Active Transportation Alliance

Brown: Uptown’s Homeless Fold Their Tents Under LSD Viaducts, City Covers Its Eyes - Chicago Sun-Times; Chicago Exploring Pilot ‘Tiny Houses’ Project To Help Homeless - Chicago Sun-Times

Will Obama’s Jackson Park Mega Land Grab Include His Final Resting Spot - Chicago Sun-Times

Little Italy Neighbors Object To New City Library/Public Housing Project, Over Traffic And Parking Issues; Their Objections Are Joined By Objections From Local ABLA Public Housing Residents,? Who Aren’t Happy With City’s Stonewalling Either - DNA Chicago

West Town Project To Have 15 Apartments, 9 Parking Spaces - DNA Chicago

Huge Megamall Replacement Project Shrinks As XSport Fitness Drops Out - DNA Chicago

Why Chicago Shouldn’t Want Amazon’s Second Headquarters – Opinion - Crain’s Chicago Business; The Amazon HQ2 Deal Could Sell Chicagoans Down The River - Chicago Reader; Illinois State Economic Development Agency Says Chicago Is Top Competitor - Crain’s Chicago Business; With Amazon In, Online Grocery Shopping Taking Off In Chicago - Chicago Daily Herald; Oak Brook To Bid For Amazon Headquarters At McDonald’s Site -Chicago Tribune; Gary Leaders Making ‘Far-Fetched’ Pitch For Amazon Expansion - Chicago Tribune; Will Amazon Set Up Shop In The Brooklyn Bubble - Bloomberg; Will Chicago’s Weather Be A Plus For Amazon - Chicago Sun-Times; How Pundits Handicap The Amazon Race - Crain’s Chicago Business; Kohl’s To Start Accepting Amazon Returns At Some Stores In Chicago, LA - Chicago Tribune

Chicago Startup Is Trying To Disrupt The Consumer Auto-Insurance Business - Crain’s Chicago Business

Riot Fest Still Causing Problems With Neighborhood Traffic, Parking - DNA Chicago

Taft Food Truck Fest In Norwood Park Aims To Lure Parents, Neighbors Thursday - DNA Chicago