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“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday April 21st, 2017.6

Editorial: Chicago’s Street, Infrastructure ‘Men u’ Program For Aldermen: 50 Ways To Waste Your Money - Chicago Tribune; Aldermen Revolt At Watchdog’s Idea To Take Away Street Paving Money - Chicago Tribune; Emanuel Shoots Down Stripping Aldermen Of Control Over Menu Money - Chicago Sun-TimesChicago Tribune

Streetsblog Perpetuates The Myth That Distracted Pedestrians Are Not A Traffic Safety Concern - Chicago StreetsblogHard Facts Show Otherwise; In The Same Breath, Streetsblog Urges The Use Of Controversial Technology To Snoop On Drivers’ Cell Phones To Find Texters, But Ignores The Constitutional Elephant In The Room With That Technology

IDOT Keeps Route Oakbrook Red Light Camera Activation On Hold - Chicago Tribune

City May Add, Remove Local Red Light Cameras On NW Side - Nadig Newspapers

Letter: Chicago Has Better Uses For Its Money Than New Street Lights - Chicago Sun-Times

Opinion: Putting The Brakes On Party Bus Violence - Chicago Sun-Times

Letter: Street Musicians Are The Heart Of This Loud, Bold City - Chicago Tribune

Letter: No Excuse For Delay In Fatal DUI Trial - Chicago Tribune

Illinois Police Warn Teens Going To Prom About Safe Driving - Chicago Daily Herald

Ohio Street Ramp On Kennedy To Close For Bridge Work Sunday - Chicago Sun-Times

Irving-Central Starbucks Decision Delayed For Traffic Study, Alderman Says - DNA Chicago

Watch Out For Runners And Street Closures During Ravenswood 5K Sunday - DNA Chicago

Geico Raises Illinois Auto Insurance Rates - Crain’s Chicago Business

Trump, City Sued By Bike Courier Hit By Falling Concrete Near Trump Tower - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, April 20th, 2017

New York City Marks The Completion Of A Six Year Project To Transform Times Square Into An Ill-Conceived, Traffic-Clogging Pedestrian Mall - Gothamist; Approved By Two Different Mayors (One A Nanny-State Authoritarian, And His Successor A Cop-Hating Communist), And Conceived By A Tyrannical Car-Hating-Crank Transportation Commissioner, The Times Square Project Has Been An Epic FAIL, As It Became An Embarrassing, Lawless Outdoor Peep-Show, And Left Manhattan With Permanent Traffic Gridlock

Bad Meets Worse: City Inspector General Joe Ferguson Proposes Taking Infrastructure Funds Away From The Shameless Crooks In The City Council, And Giving Them To The Pathological Liars At CDOT - Chicago Sun-Times

Longmeadow Parkway Will Eventually Happen, Despite Bumblebee Injunction - Chicagoist

Construction Season Means High Costs For Illinois Taxpayers - Illinois News Network

I-90 And Elmhurst Road ‘Diverging Diamond’ Interchange Now Set To Open In June - Chicago Daily Herald

CDOT Commissioner Scheinfeld Joins Call For Unconstitutional, Warrantless Electronic Snooping On Drivers’ Cell Phones To Catch Texters - Chicago Sun-Times; Sneed: Big Drop In Texting-While-Driving Citations Is Puzzling - Chicago Sun-Times

Lake County Sheriff Begins Distracted Driving Campaign - Chicago Daily Herald

Active Transportation Alliance Survey Tries To Figure Out Why Commuters Are Abandoning The CTA - Chicago Streetsblog

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, April 19th, 2017.

Road Construction Under Way Despite Lack Of Illinois Budget - Illinois News Network

How A Bumblebee That Stalled Longmeadow Parkway Project Might Bring Road Projects To A Halt In 13 States - The Newspaper; Dubious Injunction Granted Even Though Bumblebee’s Problems Are Related To An Outbreak Of A Fungal Disease, Not Road Construction

New Study Identifies Nine Of The Worst Highway Projects Across The Country — $10 Billion In Taxpayers Dollars Wasted – IL Rt. 53 Project Makes The List - United States Public Interest Research Group; Route 53 Opposition Filling A Void Of Information - Chicago Tribune

Husband Of Woman Killed While Riding Bike In Mt. Prospect Pushes State Bill, Strengthening Penalties On Drivers Who Disregard Crosswalk Signals - Chicago Tribune

Sen. Durbin Says He Is Willing To Work With President Donald Trump And His Administration On Infrastructure - Crain’s Chicago Business

Alder-Nanny Burke Wants To Allow High Tech Snooping On Cell Phones After Collisions To Catch Texters - Chicago Sun-TimesHow About A High Tech Device That Detects When Streets And Sanitation Trucks Plow Snow Off Burke’s Street Over And Over, While Every Other Street Goes Untouched

City Council Passes Rahm’s Streetlight Shell Game, With Still Unanswered Questions On FinancingUnresolved Issues Traffic Hazards Posed By LED Lights, And A Price Tag Twice What New York Paid For A Similar Project - Chicago Sun-Times; City Has Better, More Attractive Alternatives For Street Lights - Chicago Sun-Times

City Council Votes For Yet Another Party Bus Crackdown - DNA Chicago

City Council Approves ID Cards For Illegal Aliens, Felons — What Could Go Wrong - DNA Chicago

Raise Your Hand If You Think City Aldermen Need More Power - Crain’s Chicago Business; For Once, City Council Votes For Ethics - Chicago Sun-Times

It’s Bridge Lift Season – Watch For Lifts Wednesdays at 11:00 AM, Saturdays At 9:45 AM - Chicago Loop Bridges

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, April 18th, 2017.

US Drivers Distracted By Their Phones On 88% Of Trips - Yahoo Finance

Move Over to Protect Police, Fire, and EMS Personnel - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Little Village Neighbors Say ‘No’ To Traffic Congestion, Parking Problems, Created By CDOT’s Poorly Designed Protected Bike Lanes; Streetsblog Offers The Patronizing Explanation That Residents Would Have Liked These Lanes If CDOT Had Made Its Presentations In Spanish - Chicago Reader

CDOT Complains About Not Getting Traffic Accident Data From IDOT - Chicago Streetsblog; Ironic That CDOT Has A Long History Of Using Phony Accident Data To Justify Speed CamerasOffer Phony Rationales For Shady Street Shutdowns

Annual Battle Against City Potholes Begins In Earnest - DNA Chicago

Semi-Automatic Guns, Drugs Found On Party Bus In South Loop, Police Say - DNA Chicago; Emanuel Cracks Down Yet Again On Party Buses - Chicago Sun-Times

Latest North Branch Plan Would Tangle Traffic, Ignores Need For Park: Group - DNA Chicago

Police Riding All-Terrain Vehicles On ’606′ Spark Cheers, Jeers - DNA Chicago

Redeveloping The State Street Corridor: An Update - South Side Weekly

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, April 17th, 2017.

Legislators, Including Dem Gov Candidate Biss, Shamelessly Grandstanding, After Dubious Report On Auto Insurance Rates For Minority Neighborhoods - Chicago Sun-TimesTwitter- Daniel Biss

Officials Tweaking New IL Licenses Plates To Make More Legible - Chicago Sun-Times

Drunken, Unlicensed CDOT Worker Who Crashed Into Parked Cars On Duty Gets Fired - DNA Chicago; Employee’s Demeanor During Termination Appeal Hearing Speaks Volumes About Culture Of Arrogance And Entitlement At CDOT

Ban Guns From Party Buses, Rahm Says After Latest Arrests On Board - DNA Chicago

Public Trash Cans Aren’t For Your Home Garbage, Alderman Warns; Violators May Be Fined, Vehicles Impounded - DNA Chicago

Chicago Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Boosted By VW Settlement - Chicago Sun-Times; VW To Invest $300M In Hundreds Of EV Chargers Across The US - CNET; Proposed $800 Million VW Diesel Settlement Vexes Companies, Activists - San Jose Mercury News

Lake Street Closed In Loop After Problem Reported With Scaffold On High-Rise - Chicago Tribune

Smart Road Technology To Ease Congestion And Keep Drivers Safe On I-90 - Illinois News Network

Anti-Car Metropolitan Planning Council Sticks By Its Questionable Conclusion That Segregation Is The Cause Of All Chicago’s Problems - Crain’s Chicago Business

Anti-Trump Tax Protesters March In Loop Streets Saturday - Chicago Sun-Times, Other Marches Around The Nation - Chicago Tribune

Streetsbloggers Up In Arms Over Police ATV Patrols On The 606 Trail - Chicago Streetsblog

Low-Speed Electric Bicycles And Low-Speed Gas Bicycles Are Permitted On The Lakefront Path – Mopeds And Motorcycles Are Not - Chainlink

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, April 14th, 2017.

IDOT Launches New Mobile Friendly Website - FOX Illinois

Madison Street Bridge To Close For Repairs Saturday - Chicago Sun-Times

Saturday Street Protests In Downtown Chicago, Beyond To Push Trump To Release Tax Returns - Chicago Tribune

Hundreds March For Peace In Englewood On Good Friday - Chicagoist

Gladstone Park Gas Work, Street Resurfacing Could Spell Traffic Nightmare - DNA Chicago

Just How Much Horsepower Does A Car Need - Chicago Tribune

Chicago Will Install Equipment To Listen For Noisy Motorcycles Along Lake Shore Drive, If A Bill Approved By The Illinois House Of Representatives Is Passed By The Senate - Loop North News

Somehow, With A Straight Face, Streetsblog And Chainlink Say Special Snowflake Cyclists Aren’t Single-Issue Supporters Of Rahm - Chicago StreetsblogChainlink

Bikers Object When Fellow 2 Wheelers Ride The Wrong Way In The Bike Lane - Chainlink; But Somehow They Fail To See The Problem That Drivers Face With Dangerous Wrong Way Bike Lanes, Let Alone Bikers Who Ride The Wrong Way Down Narrow One-Way Streets Where No Bike Lane Exists

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, April 13th, 2017.

Today In History, A Lesson On Infrastructure: 25 Years Ago Today, Basements Of Buildings Throughout The Loop Flooded After The Breach Of An Old Freight Tunnel Under The Chicago River; The Flood Closed Many Businesses For Days Or Weeks, And Caused $1B In Damages And Business Losses; The Kicker — The City Was Made Aware Of The Problem By A Sharp Eyed Cable Installer, Who Provided The City With Video Of The Leak Three Months Before The Flood Occurred — But The City Ignored The Problem Until It Was Too Late - Chicago Tribune

Police: Mercedes Speeding 135 MPH When Family Fatally Struck; Mercedes Blocking Efforts To Examine Car’s Black Box - Chicago Daily Herald; Mercedes May Want To Play Ball Rather Than Get Dragged Into Cook County Circuit Court, With A Judge Already Mad At Them For Stonewalling

Smart Street Lighting Project Advances, Despite Financing Questions, Concerns Over Cost - Chicago Sun-TimesChicago Tribune; Better Government Association: Chicago Light Overhaul To Cost Double That Of New York’s

Party Bus Crackdown Advances But More Must Be Done, Alderman Says - Chicago Sun-Times

Grocery Co-Op Wants To Make Its Home At Building That Was Part Of CTA’s Gold-Plated, $200M Sistine-Chapel Level Restoration Of Wilson Station - Chicago Tribune

‘How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Rahm’ – Chicago Bikers And Their Fatal Attraction To Corrupt Tiny Dancer - Chi.Gov.com

Chicago’s SpotHero Buys Rival Parking Panda - Crain’s Chicago Business

Drive Through Starbucks At Six Corners Raises Ruckus Over Traffic Safety - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, April 12th, 2017.

Western Springs Trustee Suggests Eliminating One Red Light Camera - Chicago Tribune

ACLU Still Resisting City Efforts To Curb Downtown Street Noise Pollution - DNA Chicago

Rahm Booed At Street Naming For Javy Baez - Chicagoist

Emanuel In Washington To Speak At Wall Street Journal Breakfast About Infrastructure With The White House Point Person On The Issue; With No Real Ideas Of His Own Other Than Gouging Drivers, Tiny Dancer Backs Huge 10 Cent A Gallon Federal Gas Tax Hike, Raising The Cost For Drivers By Hundreds Of Dollars A Year - Chicago Tribune; Emanuel Advises Trump On How To Sell Infrastructure Plan - Chicago Tribune

Opinion: Advertisements Shouldn’t Be Allowed On Plate Renewal Reminders - State Journal-Register

Streetsblog Mopes About More Off-Street Parking Near Wrigley - Chicago Streetsblog

Streetsblog Can’t Get Behind Any Transportation Project That Doesn’t Line Up With Its Agenda, Punish Drivers - Chicago Streetsblog

More Traffic Tickets, Tows In Jefferson Park As Police Fight Rise In Gun Crimes - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, April 11th, 2017.

Dense Fog Slows Tuesday AM Commute - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Transit Lending Bill Called Bailout, Risky For Taxpayers - Illinois News Network

EDITORIALS – Don’t Use Forfeiture Laws To Target Innocent People With Car, Asset Seizures - Chicago Sun-Times

Time To Start Watching For Motorcycles - Chicago Daily Herald

Metra Adjusting Friday Schedule To Give Commuters A Head Start On Easter Weekend - DNA Chicago

Milwaukee Avenue Street Resurfacing Underway In Norwood Park: IDOT - DNA Chicago

Javy Baez Street Sign Ceremony Draws Hundreds Of Cubs Fans To Humboldt Park - DNA Chicago

Streetsblog Blames Drivers For Poorly Designed S. Side Bike Lanes That Bring Drivers, Bikers And Pedestrians Into Conflict - Chicago Streetsblog

Active Transportation Alliance In Full Panic Mode Over Cuts To Federal Dollars For Their War On Cars - Active Transportation Alliance

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, April 10th, 2017.

Study: Road Rage Incidents Involving Firearms Have More Than Doubled Since 2014 - The Trace

Gas Prices Rise In Chicago, Fueled By Refinery Issues - Chicago Tribune

Rahm’s Wrigley Ripoff For Parking Meters Starts Today - DNA Chicago; The New Wrigleyville: 4 Big Projects Going Up Around Cubs Home, Will Bring More Off Street Parking To The Area - Chicago Sun-Times

Ticket Buster: Service Alerts You When To Move Your Car For Streetsweeping - DNA Chicago

Illinois Moves To Rein In Auto, Property Confiscation Laws - Chicago Sun-Times; The Need For Reform - Quincy Herald-Whig

Illinois’ Poignant New License Plate - Chicago Tribune

IL House OKs Ads On License Renewal Reminders - State Journal-Register

Proposed Tri-State Makeover Could Be Tricky - Chicago Daily Herald

Safer, Faster, Smarter — The Road Ahead For Illinois High-Tech Highway - WBEZ 91.5 FM Chicago

Illinois House Passes Bill On Bike Safety - Ride Illinois

NYC Snowflake Cyclists Cry Foul After Red Light Ticket Fines Mount - Biking

Streetsblog Offers Another Dubious Apples And Cannonballs Comparison, Saying Sleepy Savannah, GA Is A Model That Chicago Should Follow On Bike Infrastructure - Chicago Streetsblog