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“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, October 16th, 2017

City Gets Caught Red-Handed Ripping Off Drivers In Wrigleyville, With $4,000 In Illegal Parking Meter Surcharges - Chicago TribuneWATCH FOR PARKING RESTRICTIONS, METER SURCHARGES, STREET CLOSURES TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND THURSDAY NIGHTS FOR NLCS GAMES 3, 4 AND 5

Cicero Avenue Bridge Over Cal Sag Channel To Close For 2 Months - Chicago Tribune

Tribune Editorial; Unsafe At Any Speed: Driving With Facebook On The Dashboard - Chicago Tribune

Transportation Expert Says Transparency Is Critical In Illinois Capital Spending Plan - Illinois News Network

Editorial: The Dangers Of Fundraising On The Roadway - Chicago Daily Herald

What Should You Do When You See A Dangerous High Speed Driver - Chicago Daily Herald

Ald. Wants To Hike Uber/Lyft Fees - Chicago Tribune

The Public Transit Money Flush: CTA Giving Away Millions To Rejected Bidders For Red And Purple Line Modernization Project - Chicago Tribune

$60M Navy Pier Flyover/Bike Ramp Boondoggle Will Now Cost Even More, Take Another Year Longer To Build - Chicago Tribune; Active Transportation Alliance Complains About The Delays In This Mismanaged Project That It Lobbied For - Active Transportation Alliance

Loop Bike Lane Signals Are A Flop, As Bikers, Drivers, Can’t Understand Them - Chicago Bike Report; Bicyclists Need To Learn The Rules Of The Road - Baylor Lariat

Should Chicago Roll Out The Red Carpet For Dockless Bike-Share - Chicago Streetsblog

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, October 13th, 2017

Despite The All Out War On Cars, America’s Car Ownership Rate Higher Now Than Before the Recession - Medium

Unelected Car Haters At Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning Pushing For Soviet-Style Command And Control Over Expressway/Tollway Drivers, With: (1) Penalty Tolls For Driving To/From Work At Rush Hour; (2) Enforced Carpooling; (3) Taking Away Lanes From Drivers For Bus Boondoggles - Chicago Daily Herald

Removal Of Old CTA Station To Close Randolph Street In Loop - Chicago Sun-Times

‘Chicago Fire’ Filming Returns To Logan Square, Prompting Street Closures - DNA Chicago

Letter: Start Enforcing Rules Of The Road For Bikers - Chicago Tribune

Six Injured, Wacker Drive Closed Because Of Loop Hazmat Situation - Fox 32 Chicago

36th Ward To Vote On Infrastructure Projects - DNA Chicago

Write Your Own Joke Here: Rahm Emanuel Adds Reinforcements To War On Rats - Chicago Sun-Times

Who Will Protect Stately Jackson Park Trees From The Obamadoggle - Chicago Sun-Times; City Hall, Use This Delay To Explain The Tiger Woods Project In Jackson Park - Chicago Tribune

Promised North Branch Park Could Be Divided By Street Or Even River - DNA Chicago

Anish Kapoor, ‘Cloud Gate’ Artist: ‘I Call It The Bean Too’ - Chicago Sun-Times

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, October 12th, 2017

2 Weeks Of Dan Ryan Lanes Closures For CTA 95th Street Station Work - DNA Chicago

$16M Federal Grant Will Increase Chicago’s Electric Fleet - Associated Press

Letter: Yellow Light Means Prepare To Stop - Chicago Daily Herald

Chicago Is Dead Broke But Rahm Still Spending On Bike Lanes For The 1% Of Chicagoans Who Commute By Bike - Chicago Streetsblog

Huh? Chicago Ranked As One Of World’s Safest Cities - Crain’s Chicago Business – Really?

Lincoln Avenue/Giddings Plaza Win Great Streets Award From American Planning Association - American Planning Association

Rauner Says Illinois Has ‘Great Chance’ To Snag Amazon HQ - Chicago Tribune; Amazon Second HQ Bid Ignites ‘Sadistic’ Frenzy Across North America - Bloomberg

NFL Owners, Auto Parts Manufacturer Who Brought Jobs To Chicago Takes Aim At Trump - Crain’s Chicago Business

WTF: Man Charged In Blue Line Attempted Murder Can Use CTA While Out On Bail - DNA Chicago; Why Didn’t State’s Attorney Kim Foxx Ask For Suspect To Be Barred From CTA?

Hispanic Aldermen Push Latino Hiring Quotas For CTA - Chicago Tribune

North And West Of Loop, Skyline Looking Up - Chicago Tribune

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, October 11th, 2017


Census: Americans Still Prefer Commuting By Car - Business Insider

Climate Change Threatens Midwest Infrastructure, Construction Industry Report Says - Chicago Tribune

Streetsblog Still Beating The Dead Horse Argument For Taking Away Already Crowded East-West Traffic Lanes From Cars, And Giving Them To The 1% Of Chicagoans Who Bike To Work - Chicago Streetsblog

Cook County’s Revolving Door Justice In Action: Biker Charged With Attempted Murder, Accused Of Trying To Kill Stranger By Pushing Him Onto CTA Tracks, Is Released From Jail And Turned Loose On The Public - DNA Chicago

Rahm’s Reckless Debt Scheme Puts City Ownership Of Future Tax Revenues At Risk - Crain’s Chicago Business; Rahm, City Council, Obviously Learned Nothing From The Parking Meter Deal - Chicago Sun-Times

Debate Over Chicago’s Pork Chop Traffic Islands - DNA Chicago

Falling Glass Shuts Down Randolph And Wells In The Loop - Chicago Sun-Times

Cop Haters Block Street In Front City Hall During Afternoon Rush Hour For Anti-Police Protest - Chicagoist; Meanwhile 500 People Have Been Shot Dead In Chicago So Far This Year, Mostly African-Americans On The South And West Side — Where Is The Protest For That?

53rd Street Will Be Torn Up Until April For Water Main Project In Hyde Park - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, October 10th, 2017


Great Chicago Fire Killed 300, Caused Major Damage 146 Years Ago - DNA Chicago; 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Great Chicago Fire - DNA Chicago

How Brazil Out-Chicagoed Chicago To Rig The Olympic Bidding - Chicago Tribune

Pyke: Questions Persist On Tollway’s No-Transponder Fee - Chicago Daily Herald

Lincoln Towing Refunds Author Who Had Car Towed Away From Her Book Party - DNA Chicago

Expert: Ribbon-Cuttings Provide Bad Incentives For Illinois Politicians On Infrastructure Spending - Illinois News Network

Letter: Keep Public Control Of Roads, Parking Meters - Chicago Daily Herald

Streetsblog Wants No Rules For Chicago Developers Who Cheap Out And Dump Their Parking Problems On Neighborhood Streets - Chicago Streetsblog

Critical Massholes Defend Their Traffic Tying Tantrums - Chicago Streetsblog

More Special Snowflake Protected Bike Lanes, To Choke Whatever Traffic Still Moves in The Loop - Chicago Streetsblog

How The 606 Glorified Bike Lane Pushed Long-Time Locals Out Of Their Neighborhood - Chicago Streetsblog

Construction Now In Its 4th Year For $60M Navy Pier Flyover Bike Ramp Boondoggle - DNA Chicago; Alderman Reilly Bungles Announcement On Construction - Chicago Streetsblog

Biker Smashes Window Of Van Driver, Gets A Bloody Beat Down From The Driver, And Then Begs For Cash Online To Fix His Face - DNA Chicago

45th Ward To Vote On Streetscape Projects - DNA Chicago

Chance The Rapper Says Chicago Cops Are Racist, While Live-Streaming Video Of His Traffic Stop That Was Somehow Free Of Any Racist Overtones - DNA Chicago

Chance: Take Lyft, Round Up Fare And Donate Difference To CPS - DNA Chicago

Low Information Losers Rode Their Bikes Downtown To Deface Statue Of Columbus - Chicago Tribune, While Other Uninformed Goofs Try To Shout Down The Columbus Day Parade - Chicago Tribune; The Baseless, ‘Fake History’ Attacks On Columbus - Chicago Sun-TimesDaily Signal; Boos And Rain Greet Mayor De Blasio At NYC Columbus Day Parade - The New York Times

Cops Help Man With Broken Hip Finish Final 2 Miles Of Chicago Marathon - Chicago Sun-Times; Watching Wife Run Marathon Is Husband’s Favorite Spectator Sport - Chicago Sun-Times

Fullerton Down To One Lane Overnight For Lincoln Common Construction - DNA Chicago

Norwood Park Gas Work To Squeeze Traffic At Devon And Harlem - DNA Chicago

Albany Park Tunnel Looks So Cool, Too Bad It’s Underground - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, October 6th, 2017

[Otto Mobile will be taking the day off on Columbus Day, Monday October 9 — ‘The Driver’s Side’ Returns On Tuesday, October 10]

Chicago Marathon 2017: Map, Road Closures And Spectator’s Guide - Chicago Tribune

An Insider’s Guide To Getting To Wrigley Field For The NLDS By Car, Train, Bus - Chicago Daily Herald

Watch For Lakes Shore Drive Traffic Monday Night For Bears/Vikings Games At Soldier Field

Van Buren Bridge Over Kennedy Expy. To Close For Circle Interchange Work - DNA Chicago

Opposition Intensifies To Obama Library Road Closures, Lost Parkland - Chicago Sun-Times

Why Chicago Should Hope It Loses Bid For Amazon’s HQ2 - Chicago Tribune; Emanuel, Rauner Will Hold Amazon Pep Rally Monday - Chicago Sun-Times; Several Suburbs Offering Sites For Amazon’s Second Headquarters - Chicago Daily Herald; Team Assembled For Northwest Indiana’s Amazon Headquarters Bid - The Times Of Northwest Indiana; Shopping Malls Battered By Online Retailers May Be Offered To Amazon As HQ2 Sites - Chicago Tribune

Apple Michigan Avenue Store Likely To Go Without Rooftop Logo - Chicago Tribune

Seven-Story Office Development Fulton Market District Will Have 45 Space Parking Garage - Curbed Chicago

S. Loop Tower To Have Covered Porte Cochere Driveway - Curbed Chicago

Wrigleyville Building Boom Pits Quirky Past Against Future: ‘Change Is Going To Happen’ - Chicago Tribune

Marie’s Classic Car Show Sunday Will Be A Blast From The Automotive Past - DNA Chicago

Chicago’s Rats Are Out Of Control - Chicago Tribune

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Farewell To ‘Lake Shore Drive‘ Songwriter Skip Haynes; His Ashes May Be Spread on LSD: Report - DNA Chicago

University Study Finds Removal Of Photo Radar Had No Negative Impact On Traffic Safety - The Newspaper

Las Vegas Shooting Prompts More Security For Chicago Marathon - Crain’s Chicago Business; Where To Eat And Drink Along The 2017 Chicago Marathon Route - Chicago Tribune; Chicago Prepares Security For Cubs Playoffs Vs. Nationals At Wrigley Field - Chicago Tribune

Streetsblog Celebrates Critical Massholes And Their Illegal Traffic Blocking Temper Tantrums - Chicago ReaderOnly A Matter Of Time Until Critical Mass Antics Provoke The Wrong Driver

What Would A 500 Year Storm Do To Chicago Streets - Loop North News

Illinois Is A Medium Risk State For Driver To Hits A Deer - Belleville News-Democrat

Long-Awaited Updates At Ridge-Rogers-Touhy Intersection Finally On The Way - DNA Chicago

$500M Willis Tower Overhaul Will Reshape Streetscape - Curbed Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Road Closures Begin In Advance Of Chicago Marathon; Jackson Closed Columbus To Lake Shore Drive, Balbo Closed From Columbus To Michigan; Columbus Closures Start Thursday Morning From Roosevelt To Congress, And Then Expand North Friday And Saturday; Monroe Closes On Saturday Between Michigan And Lake Shore Drive; Michigan Avenue Closes Sunday - Chicago Sun-Times; The 40th Chicago Marathon This Sunday: Everything You Need To Know - DNA Chicago

MONDAY NIGHT TRAFFIC ALERT — Bears Versus Vikings At Soldier Field

Street Closures Announced For Cubs Home Games During Playoffs - DNA Chicago

Senator Duckworth — How Trump’s Budget Will Make Your Commute Worse - Crain’s Chicago Business

Madigan And Cullerton Trying To Stick Illinois Taxpayers With $100M Bill For Obamadoggle Infrastructure - Chicago Sun-Times; Plan Is To Raid Road Funds Funded By Gas Tax To Pay For Shutting Down Commuter Arteries On Cornell Drive And Marquette Drive; Will This Move To Steal Road Funds For Road Destruction Be Challenged As A Violation Of The Illinois Lockbox Amendment?

Ald. Beale Backs Off On Fingerprinting Uber And Lyft Drivers - Chicago Sun-Times; Uber, Lyft Can Surge All They Want As City Crackdown Put On Hold - DNA Chicago; Alderman: Raise Fees For Uber, Lyft Rides To Help Balance Budget - Chicago Tribune

Wrigley’s Most Dramatic Change — Its Outdoor Plaza — Continues To Evolve; Ald. Tunney Wants To Boost Scarce Supply Of Parking In The Neighborhood - Chicago Tribune

Broadway Businesses Lost $1.5 Million From Horribly Mismanaged Water Main Construction: Chamber - DNA Chicago; Only The Chicago Marathon Schedule Forced The City To Get Its Act Together And Finish The Project

Pedestrian Refuge Islands At 6 Corners Removed After Recently Being Installed Incorrectly - Nadig Newspapers

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

Sunday Marathon Day Traffic Alert: Watch For Chicago Marathon Street Closures This SundayMetra Adds ServiceGetting To The Marathon By CTA; Dangerous Heat, Snow, World Records, Controversy And The Year It Was Canceled: 40 Chicago Marathon Moments - Chicago Tribune; Rahm: We Are Prepared For Chicago Marathon After Attack In Las Vegas - DNA Chicago

Bicyclist Hits Pedestrian On 606, Leaves Woman Unconscious - DNA ChicagoChicagoist; Danger Of Reckless Biking In Cities Is Just Now Being Studied - Gothamist

Rahm May Raise Taxes On Ride Hailing Services, As City Loses $40M On Ride Share Arrangements - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago’s Ticketing Policies Cause Spike In Bankruptcies; And It’s Hurting Black Neighborhoods The Most - Illinois Policy Institute

With Its License In Jeopardy, Lincoln Towing Says 464 Complaints Over Two Years A ‘Miniscule’ Number - DNA ChicagoThis Complaint Alone Should Warrant A License Suspension

Plan For Steep Hike In Tire/Waste-Dumping Penalties Sails Through Committee - Chicago Sun-Times

Cook County Judge Removed From Traffic Death Case Last Year Is Removed From Another Case - Chicago Tribune

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, October 2nd, 2017

Overnight Lane, Ramp Closures Scheduled At Stevenson/LSD Interchange - Chicago Sun-Times

Out-Of-State Drivers Need To Watch Out For Chicago’s Greedy Speed And Red Light Camera Shakedowns - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; The Red Lie Camera - Illinois Policy Institute

IL Tollways Could Be Cashless In Two Years - CBS 2 Chicago

Opinion — Oil Fracking Wrong For Illinois - Crain’s Chicago Business

Dozens Of Chicago Party Buses, Valets Cited In City’s Crackdown - NBC 5 Chicago

Luxury Condo Project In River North To Have 11 Units, 11 Parking Spaces - Curbed Chicago

Emanuel, Rauner Meet Privately To Discuss Amazon Bidding - NBC 5 Chicago; Amazon (And Rahm) Shouldn’t Overlook McKinley Park, Alderman Says - DNA Chicago; Amazon Forces Illinois, Missouri To Work Together To Attract New Headquarters - Belleville News-Democrat

Illinois Needs To Win Toyota-Mazda Auto Factory: Crain’s Editorial - Crain’s Chicago Business

Downtown Office Vacancy Up For Fourth Straight Quarter - Crain’s Chicago Business

Rat Complaints Jump In Chicago’s Densest Neighborhoods. Is Yours One Of Them - Chicago Tribune

Study: Pushing Back Illinois School Start Times Could Lead To Reduction In Car Crashes Among Drowsy Student Drivers - Illinois News Network

Police: Man Died Of Suspected Overdose In O’Hare Bathroom - Chicago Sun-Times

Speeding, Yellow Light Violations On Busse Road In Mount Prospect Need More Attention - Chicago Daily Herald

Buffalo Grove Overzealous In Parking Enforcement - Chicago Daily Herald