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Circle Interchange Renamed For Former Mayor Jane Byrne

Former mayor Jane Byrne holds a sign for her now namesake interchange. Photo credit: Ted Cox/DNA Info.

Former mayor Jane Byrne holds a sign for her now namesake interchange. Photo credit: Ted Cox/DNA Info.

With family and friends at her side, former Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne was honored by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn renaming the Circle Interchange after the city’s only female mayor on Friday.

DNA Info reports the ceremony was held at the University of Illinois at Chicago Student Center East. UIC used to be called the “Circle Campus” due to its proximity to the interchange.

The now Jane Byrne Interchange, one of the most congested sections of roadways in the nation, is where the Dan Ryan (I-94), Kennedy (I-90) and Eisenhower (I-290) expressways meet at Congress Parkway.

Here’s the full story, “‘Spaghetti Bowl’ Circle Interchange Renamed for Jane Byrne.”

Geek Joins Nick D On WGN Radio Saturday Night

Nick D. on the airHey! What are you doing tonight?

If you’re not out on the town, hanging out in a VIP lounge at some hot nightclub sipping champagne, tune in WGN Radio That parking ticket savant The Parking Ticket Geek makes an appearance on WGN Radio 720 AM tonight.

The Geek joins the always hilarious Nick Digilio at 9:30 PM.

Tune in to AM 720 or stream it live here.

Red Light Doctor Gets 3 More RLC Tickets Dismissed

PrintThere was no army of city attorneys to greet Barnet Fagel Tuesday morning when he went to fight three red light camera tickets this morning.

Fagel, a forensic video expert who helps drivers fight their red light camera and speed camera tickets came up against four lawyers from the city’s Law Department last week and was able to defeat two RLC tickets, but lost three speed camera tickets.

During the hearings Administrative Law Judge Robert Sussman told the city attorneys in the small hearing room that he’s dismissing many of the red light camera tickets he’s seeing.

“We’re having a big problem with these yellow lights,” Sussman said. “Sixty to 70 percent are coming up under three seconds.”

Today, Fagel was victorious again by demonstrating that the city’s own red light camera violation notices exhibit a yellow light time of 2.9 seconds–a tenth of a second under the federal, state, and city minimum for amber times.

According to Fagel the Administrative Law Judge immediately saw the problem and said “the city has failed to make it’s prima facie case,” and dismissed all three in a matter of minutes.

Bicyclist Protest Parking In Bike Lanes Using Twitter Hashtag

One local bike rider is using Twitter to try to get some illegally parked cars ticketed.

Clement Robinson, who goes by the Twitter handle @CJettR, has been tweeting photos of motor vehicles parked in designated bike lanes using the hashtag “#enforce940060″, according to RedEye.

The hashtag refers to municipal code 9-40-060 which prohibits cars from parking or standing in a bike lane.

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against City’s Former Red Light Camera Vendor

A sign on Irving Park Road warns drivers of the red light camera at at Kedzie.

A sign on Irving Park Road warns drivers of the red light camera at at Kedzie.

A Lincoln Park man filed a federal class action lawsuit Thursday seeking to recover the tens of millions of dollars Redflex Traffic Systems made while it was the city’s red light camera vendor from 2003 until early this year.

Matthew Falkner, who received a red light ticket for $100 in January 2013, alleges in the complaint that Redflex was only able to generate the over $100 million in revenue for the past 11 years because of an illegal bribery scheme.

In its allegations, the lawsuit lays out the story of a former employee of Redflex blowing the whistle on an improper relationship between the company and the Chicago Department of Transportation official in charge of the city’s RLC program. The complaint alleges it was the bribes given to the CDOT official which help secure the contract for Redflex.

That CDOT employee, John Bills, who has since left employment with the city, was recently indicted by the federal government for bribery in connection with Redflex. The U.S. Attorney’s office claims Bills received close to $600,000 in cash, gifts, cars, travel and a $177,000 condominium.

The class action lawsuit claims that 20-25% of each $100 fine paid for a red light camera violation went into Redflex’s pockets. Therefore, according to the court filing, due to the illegal nature of how the contract was awarded, these “ill-gotten gains” must be returned to the hundreds of thousands of drivers who paid their fines.

Read more at DNA Info.

Alderman Ervin Discusses Ideas For Parking Ticket Relief

28th Ward Alderman Jason Ervin has some problems with some of the city’s parking ticket policies including the $200 fine for failure to purchase and/or display a Chicago city sticker and payment plan options for drivers who can’t afford to pay their tickets. He discusses a few of his ideas in this short interview.

Ask The Parking Ticket Geek: The Chicago City Sticker Edition

Chicago vehicle owners have until July 15th to purchase and display their 2014-2015 city sticker.

Chicago vehicle owners have until July 15th to purchase and display their 2014-2015 city sticker.

With last year’s Chicago city vehicle stickers expiring and the grace period for the 2014-2015 stickers ending July 15, the rush is on for city vehicle owners to get their stickers purchased and on their windshields sooner rather than later.

So, we’re dedicating an entire Ask the Parking Ticket Geek column to that sticky subject.

Dear Parking Ticket Geek,

So, I am one of those city sticker procrastinators. I just bought my sticker online today (June 27) and it says it could take up to 2 weeks to arrive.

Does this mean I can get a ticket before it arrives in the mail?


Don’t sweat it, Stephanie.

More at DNA Info Chicago.

Critical Mass To Mess Friday Night Rush Hour Traffic

Critical Mass 2

It’s the last Friday of the month–and that means the Critical Mass bikers will take place this evening.

On a beautiful June evening this means hundreds if not thousands of bikers will be on the streets and helping gridlock streets wherever the route may take them.

Be prepared to wait at intersections, much like as if a freight train was going by, for up to 20 minutes for the parade of bikes goes by.

Redflex Bribery Battle Spills Into Federal Court

Redflex logoBy The Newspaper.com

A federal judge last week sided with the former executive vice president of red light camera manufacturer Redflex Traffic Systems who is suing his former employer for wrongful termination. District Judge George H. Wu issued a tentative ruling last Thursday in favor of Aaron M. Rosenberg.

The Australian firm fired Rosenberg after he was caught bribing a top city official in Chicago, Illinois. The company then sued Rosenberg and his wife in an Arizona court. Rosenberg, who lives in Los Angeles, countersued in California Superior Court in February, arguing he was just following orders from the company.

For his suit, Rosenberg served court papers on the Arizona and the California offices of Redflex. Redflex rejected this service, calling the Arizona corporation Redflex Traffic Systems Inc a “sham defendant, which does not exist.” The company insisted on removing the lawsuit to federal court because Rosenberg never worked for a California-based company.

IDOT Pinpoints Source Of Flooding On Eisenhower Expressway

I-290 signIllinois Department of Transportation crews have located the source of the flooding that closed down the Eisenhower Expressway (I-290) at 25th Avenue in Broadview earlier this week.

According to IDOT a collapsed storm sewer discovered by IDOT at 25th Avenue is the culprit.

IDOT is closing down the southbound 25th Avenue ramp to the eastbound Eisenhower (I-290) starting at 7 AM Thursday to repair the sewer. IDOT expects the problem to be fixed and the ramp re-opened later in the day.