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“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, February 23rd 2017.

Kass: Rahm’s Redflex Reward Proves That Crime Pays In Chicago - Chicago Tribune

Chicago River Bridges Scheduled For Trial Closures Through April - Chicago Sun-Times

Illinois Distracted Driving Laws Reminder - WXXQ 98.5 FM Rockford

After Cyclist’s Death, Bill To Tighten Penalties For Crosswalk Scofflaws Advances - Chicago Daily Herald

O’Hare Western Access Gets Congressional Allies - Crain’s Chicago Business

Old Tollway Coin Buckets On Their Way Out - Chicago Daily Herald

New Bronze Plaque Will Grace Bronzeville’s New 35th Street Bridge - DNA Chicago

Green At The Chicago Auto Show - Chicago Now

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, February 23rd 2017.


The American Commute Is Worse Today Than It’s Ever Been - Chicago Tribune

Why Vision Zero Is A Flop - News Works

Auto Show’s 2018 Cars And Trucks - Chicago Tribune

Rauner Backs Tollway In O’Hare Access Flap - Crain’s Chicago Business

North Side DUI Crackdown Set For Friday Night - DNA Chicago

Erie Street Closure Planned For Weekend On Near North Side - Chicago Sun-Times

Crash Survivor Trying To Track Down Nurses Who Helped Her After Crash With Bus On Michigan Ave - CBS 2 Chicago

Ald. O’Shea To Pump Your Gas To Raise Money For Police Bulletproof Vests - DNA Chicago

More Ways To Waste Money In Illinois — Obama Expressway — Part Of I-55 Could Be Named For Former President - DNA Chicago; Or Should It Be I-294 - Chicago Sun-Times; Rauner: OK On Obama Day, But No One Gets To Skip Work - Chicago Tribune

Street Sign Honoring Convicted FALN Terrorist Leader Is Appalling - Chicago Sun-Times

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, February 22nd 2017.

Gas Prices In Chicago Could Hit $3.50 Per Gallon This Year, Analysts Say - DNA Chicago

Creeping Communism Alert: As Cook County Rolls Out Its Extortionate Soda Tax, A Cautionary Tale From Philadelphia About The Harsh Economic Consequences Of Confiscatory Tax Policy - ABC News

Trump Protesters Arrested For Blocking Loop Street Tuesday - Chicago Tribune

Shameful City Council Honors Convicted Terrorist Bomber With A Street Sign - DNA Chicago; 9 Aldermen Vote No - Chicago Sun-Times; Aldermen To Go On Honorary Street Diet After One Last Binge - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago City Council Votes To Reduce Food Cart Vendor Licensing Fees - Illinois News Network

Street Musicians Get A Reprieve After ACLU Says Ban Is Unconstitutional - DNA Chicago; Chicago’s Street Performers Should Get The Hook - Chicago Tribune

Active Transportation Alliance Declares War On Parking In Wicker Park, To Make Way For More Traffic Choking Bike Lanes - Active Transportation Alliance

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, February 21st 2017.

Suck On It, Car-Haters: Drivers Log Record-Breaking Miles On US Roads In 2016 - The Hill

Surge In Chicago Pedestrian Deaths Shows No Sign Of Slowing: Data - DNA Chicago

Is Texting To Blame For 2016′s Increase In Vehicular Deaths - Extreme Tech

Drivers Should Not Count Winter Out Yet - Chicago Tribune

Fix The Dangerous Lake Street Corridor, Local Business Group Demands - DNA Chicago

Don’t Honor A Terrorist With Honorary Street Naming - Chicago Sun-Times

Active Transportation Alliance Offers Low Information Analysis Of Ike Widening Project - Active Transportation Alliance

Trump Protesters Block Loop Streets Monday - Chicago Sun-Times

Pulling A Fast One To Raise Speed Limit To 75 Mph - Peoria Journal-Star

Illinois Automatic Voter Registration Of Drivers Is Flawed - Chicago Daily Herald

‘Chicago PD,’ ‘Chicago Fire!’ Filming This Week Downtown - DNA Chicago; Parking Restricted

Streetsblog Wants To Cut Already Scarce Parking In Wicker Park For More Bike Lanes - Chicago Streetsblog

Streetsblog Irresponsibly Second Guesses The Jury In Fatal Crash Case, Based On Unsworn, Out-Of-Court Hearsay - Chicago Streetsblog

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, February 17th 2017.

[The Driver’s Side Will Return Next Tuesday, February 21, After The President’s Day Holiday]

Lake Shore Drive Ramps to Wacker Temporarily Closed Saturday - DNA Chicago

A Look At The 2017 Chicago Auto Show - Chicago Now

Is This Your Pet Ferret — Good Samaritan Driver Trying To Reunite Lost Critter With Its Owner - DNA Chicago

Expensive Chicago Parking Tickets Contribute To Huge Bankruptcy Filings - Medill Reports Chicago

Anarchy On Argyle Streetscape Is Now A Science Project - DNA Chicago

Chicago Alleys Are Full Of Utilitarian Wonder - Chicago Reader

Jefferson Park Neighbors Oppose Projects Over Traffic Concerns - DNA Chicago

4th Ward Candidates All Support Improved Biking, Walking And Public Transportation Infrastructure - Chicago StreetsblogBut Candidate Gerald Scott McCarthy Also Urges Balancing Bike Lanes Against Traffic Congestion

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, February 16th 2017.

National Safety Council: Legalized Pot Sparks Worry About Motorists Driving Stoned, Survey Says - DNA Chicago

Former Obama Aide Fined $90,000 For Illegally Lobbying Emanuel On Uber’s Behalf - Chicago Tribune

Oberweis Pushing For 75 MPH Speed Limit On Some Suburban Interstates - Chicago Tribune

New App Allows Drivers To Pay Tolls Without Having I-PASS - Illinois News Network

Immigrants’ Rights Protesters Block Loop Streets - DNA Chicago

Best Argument Yet For Terminating Chicago Honorary Street Program — Man Whose Father Was Killed In A New York City Bombing By The FALN Lashed Out At Chicago Aldermen Thursday For Honoring Oscar Lopez Rivera - Chicago Sun-Times; Program Already Being Curtailed - Chicago TribuneDNA Chicago

Our Litigious Society: Chicago Judge Says Blind Man Can Sue McDonald’s Over Drive-Thru-Only Ordering - Chicago Tribune

Chicago Auto Show: Mermaids, Mayors And Other Funky Photos - DNA Chicago; What Is The Best Driving Position When There Over A Dozen Seat Settings - Chicago Tribune

Throwback Thursday: Milwaukee Avenue At Turn Of Last Century - DNA Chicago

Illinois Civil Asset Forfeiture Critics Complain Innocent People Pay When Cars, Other Property Is Seized - NPR Illinois

Obama Visits Chicago, This Time Without Shutting Down Loop Streets And Expressways At Rush Hour - Chicago Tribune

Driver Uses Vehicle To Push Through Rioters Blocking Traffic

This is how drivers should handle rioters who block streets or highways.

Protesters, when they leave the sidewalk (the place where pedestrians are allowed) and enter the street to block traffic are breaking the law. While everyone should support robust protest as protected by the U.S. Constitution, protesters should not break the law. Once a protester stops peacefully protesting and begins breaking the law, they should not be considered protesters but instead, called what they are–criminals.

Drivers should not be forced to stop when using the public way when blocked by rioters.

This particular driver handled it perfectly. He or she did not run over the rioters blocking the car’s path, but instead, gently and slowly pushed into the crowd until the car was through.


That driver gets a shiny gold star from The Expired Meter.

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, February 15th 2017.

AAA: Young Millennials Top List Of Worst Behaved Drivers - American Automobile Association

In Illinois And Nation, More Cars On The Road Add Up To More Motor Vehicle Deaths: Report - Chicago TribuneNightly Business ReportThe Hill

Illinois Department Of Transportation Is Asking For Additional Input From The Public In Developing Its Long Range Transportation Plan - IDOT

Illinois Secretary Of State Is Backing A Measure That Would Require Seat Belts On School Buses - Champaign News-Gazette

What Do Illinois Police Expect Of You In A Traffic Stop - ABC 16 Rockford

NBC 5 Chicago Reports On Chaos Created By Poorly Designed Loop Link Lanes, Which Were Designed Without Giving Drivers The Ability To Make Turns, Or To Access Buildings For Passenger/Package Drop Offs And Pickups - NBC 5 Chicago

Streetsblog Cheers Wicker Park/Bucktown Plan Loaded With Anti-Car Nonsense, Including A 20 Mile Per Hour Speed Limit, Prohibition Of Turns By Cars, Removal Of Parking Spaces For Street Junk Installations, And Restricting The Use Of Vehicle Loading Zones - Chicago Streetsblog

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, February 14th 2017.

Editorial: More Troopers On Expressways Can’t Come Fast Enough - Chicago Sun-TimesWashington PostCrain’s Chicago Business

ICE Raids Target Illegal Aliens Convicted Of DUI, Nationwide And In Chicago - NPRChicago Tribune

Bigly Isn’t Enough; Infrastructure Must Be Built Smartly, Too - Crain’s Chicago Business

Rahm In DC Looking For Federal Dollars To Rehab CTA Green Line - Crain’s Chicago Business

Streetsbloggers Pitching A Hissy Fit Over Grand Avenue Being Widened 4 Feet, Even Though The Project Adds Bike Lanes - Chicago Streetsblog

Crash Between CPD Officer And Bike Is A ‘He Said, She Said’ Over Whether Biker Ran The Stop Sign, Ignored Sirens And Lights - Chicago Reader

33rd Ward Street Projects - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, February 13th 2017.

Illinois Appellate Court Won’t Hear City’s Appeal In Red-Light Camera Lawsuit - Chicago Sun-Times

More News On Proposed Statewide Red Light Camera Ban - Chicago Daily Herald

Illinois Senate Bill Would Offer Options Between Real IDs Or Noncompliant -Driver’s Licenses - Quincy Herald-Whig

Illinois Lawmakers Pitch Automatic Driver Voter Registration Again - State Journal Register

Emanuel In Washington For Meetings On Crime, Infrastructure - Chicago Sun-Times; Emanuel’s New Infrastructure Projects Could Create 40,000 Jobs - NBC 5 Chicago

Is The Skyway Worth The Five Bucks - Chicago Tribune

Grand Avenue Reconstruction Moves To Stretch Between Chicago And Pulaski - DNA Chicago

City Worker Killed In Sauganash Trench Collapse - DNA Chicago

After Rejecting Manor Avenue Traffic Barricade, 333rd Ward Will Vote On Infrastructure - DNA Chicago

Black Lives Matter Activist’s Protest Shuts Down Lake Shore Drive - DNA Chicago

Full Moon Protest Over Trump Tower - Loop North News

Master Chicago Bridge Builder Ralph Modjeski Subject Of New Film - Chicago Tribune

Things To Drive At The 2017 Chicago Auto Show - Chicago Tribune; Indoor Tracks Showcased At The 2017 Chicago Auto Show - Chicago Tribune; 25 Vehicles To See And Things To Do At The Chicago Auto Show - Chicago Now; Which New Cars Will Be Future Classics - Chicago Tribune