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“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, January 20th 2016.

Here Are The Biggest Protests Happening In Chicago During Inauguration Weekend - Curbed Chicago

Police To Crack Down On Drunken Drivers On Lake Shore Drive This Weekend - DNA Chicago

Private Security Coming To Broadway And Sheffield With Lakeview East Money - DNA Chicago

Will Chicago Get Any Infrastructure Help From Trump - Chicago Reader

Illinois Supreme Court Rules Chicago Can’t Tax Suburban Car Rentals - Chicago Tribune

Jesse White Wants Ads On License Plate Renewal Reminders To Offset Cost - State Journal Register

Report: Illinois Gets Failing Grade For Forfeiture Policies, As Cars, Other Assets Unfairly Seized - Illinois News Network

Less Parking Planned For 13-Story Building; More Projects Expected Near Jeff Park Transit Center - Nadig Newspapers

Filming To Close Dearborn Street Bridge, 60,000 Ladies To Shutdown Downtown Saturday

Chicago FireThe Dearborn Street Bridge over the Chicago River will be closed Saturday, January 21st for filming of NBC’s television drama, Chicago Fire.

The Chicago Department of Transportation says the bridge will be closed on Dearborn Street from Wacker Drive to Kinzie Street from 7 AM to noon.

CDOT suggests using State Street as an alternate route to get across the river in that area.

The bridge closure will be just a relatively minor inconvenience for drivers compared to the Women’s March On Chicago that will take place Monday morning downtown. The march is a protest aimed at the nation’s new elected leader, President Donald Trump.

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, January 19th 2016.

Springfield Stalemate May Kill Plan For I-55 Toll Lanes - Crain’s Chicago Business

Illinois Law Enforcement Are Cracking Down On Drivers Who Dont Make Way For Emergency Vehicles And Stranded Motorists On The Side Of The Road - Voice Of Muscatine

Letter — A Better Candidate For Tollway Job - Chicago Daily Herald

As City Hall Is Embroiled In Scandal Over Misleading Traffic Camera Notices, Chicago’s Top Lawyer Is Preparing To Depart City Law Department - Chicago Tribune

Bikers Looking To Grab Unclaimed City Tax Rebate Funds For More Downtown Bike Lanes - CBS 2 Chicago

More Cyclists Ticketed For Running Red Lights in Wicker Park Intersection - DNA Chicago; Streetsblog Throws Another Temper Tantrum Over Traffic Laws Actually Being Enforced For A Change For Scofflaw Bikers - Chicago Streetsblog

‘Chicago Fire’ Filming To Close Dearborn Street Bridge Saturday - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago’s Women’s March Estimate Swells To 50,000 - DNA Chicago; Metra, CTA To Add Capacity For Women’s March On Chicago - Chicago Sun-Times

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, January 18th 2016.

Harlem Avenue Red-Light Camera Tickets A Boon For Clouted Company - Oak Park News

Chicagoans Can Now Take Uber Carpools With Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits - Chicago Tribune

Ex-CDOT Commissioner Gabe Klein Explains His Fanatical War On Cars, With A Delusional Diatribe On How Cars Are The Cause Of All Urban Problems - YouTube

Streetsblog Wants To Have It Both Ways: Keep Corruption-Riddled Traffic Camera System, But Somehow Avoid Victimizing Poor Neighborhoods - Chicago Streetsblog

Anti-Trump Protests Planned For Chicago On Inauguration Day - DNA Chicago

Blame Dick Durbin For Higher Cost To Pay With Plastic At The Gas Station - Illinois News Network

Expansion Of Liquor License In Illinois Towns Poses Traffic Risk - Chicago Daily Herald

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, January 17th 2016.

Daily Herald Readers Don’t Like Idea Of Carpool Lane On Ike - Chicago Daily Herald

As Chicago Considers New York Style Anti-Car, Vision Zero Program, And Draconian City-Wide Speed Limit Cramdown, New York’s Vision Zero Program Is A Huge FAIL, As Speed Limit Reduction Fails To Reduce Crashes - New York Daily News

Streetsblog Launches Another One Of Its Venomous Personal Attacks On 26th Ward Alderman Maldanado, For Trying To Help Drivers Navigate City Hall’s Latest Fraudulent And Patently Unlawful Attempt To Collect Red Light Camera Fines - Chicago Streetsblog; Geek Is Interviewed On Chicago’s Latest Shell Game - WGN Radio; Aldermen Call For Federal Investigation Of City’s Law Department - WGN 9 Chicago

Taxpayer Supported Active Transportation Alliance Lobbies For More Traffic Camera Shakedowns - Active Transportation Alliance

Family of Fallen Cyclist Jezniah Smith Plans to File Wrongful Death Lawsuit, Despite Police Department Conclusion That The Driver Had The Green Light - Chicago Streetsblog

Illinois Lawmakers Talk Forfeiture Reform, Following Abuses In Seizure Of Cars And Other Assets - Quad Cities Online

Belmont Flyover Opponents In Lakeview Have A Plan B To Hold CTA’s Feet To The Fire - Chicago Reader

Chicago Transit Authority Bus Ridership Is On The Decline - Crain’s Chicago Business

3 Killed, 1 Injured In Crash On Eisenhower Expressway - CBS 2 Chicago

Fog Slows Tuesday AM Commute - Chicago Sun-Times

Expressway Drivers See This Building On Their Commute, But What Does It Do - DNA Chicago

Troopers Catch Driver Blocking License Plate From Florida Tollway Cameras

At the very least, you got to give you a Florida driver kudos for this ingenuity.

The driver, Joshua Concepcion West had a black colored shield that with a click of a button, he would lower to block tollway cameras from snapping photos of his license plate and thus, save him a $1.25 toll.

The Geek Joins Outside The Loop Radio Saturday Morning

OTL logoThe Parking Ticket Geek is headed to bed earlier than normal Friday night so he can be up early to appear on WGN Radio 720‘s always entertaining Outside the Loop Radio.

The Geek will talk to OTL’s handsome and genial host, Mike Stephen after 6 AM to chat about the city’s latest antics surrounding it’s ethically and safety challenged red light camera program.

Tune in WGN Radio 720 or stream it here.

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, January 13th 2016.

(Otto Mobile Will Return With The Next Driver’s Side Column On Tuesday, January 17th)

Biker Killed In Humboldt Park Crash Apparently Ran The Red Light, As Police Say Motorist Had The Green Light, No Ticket Issued - Chicago StreetsblogSo Much For The Bike Lobby’s Claims That Letting Bikers Run Red Lights Will Promote SafetyThis Is The Second Chicago Bike Fatality In The Last 7 Months Linked To A Biker Running A Red Light

Touhy Will Be Torn Up From Western To Clark Until May For New Water Main - DNA Chicago

Police To Crack Down On Drunken Driving In Wicker, Logan Square Friday - DNA Chicago; Police To Crack Down On Drunken Drivers On The Southwest Side This Weekend - DNA Chicago

What Should You Do During A Traffic Stop - Evanston Now

Police Will Add Patrols Downtown To Deal With Street Robberies, Drag Races - DNA Chicago

With Chicago Reeling From A Record Year Of Violence And Murder, Lame Duck Obama Justice Department Unleashes A One-Sided, Agenda-Driven Attack On Chicago Police Officers - ABC 7 Chicago; Objectivity Seems To Be The Last Thing On The Mind Of Attorney General Loretta Lynch, As Investigators Didn’t Even Bother To Meet With Former CPD Superintendent Garry McCarthy - Chicago Sun-TimesDNA Chicago; DOJ Witch Hunt Will Only Accelerate Police Officers Retiring/Leaving CPD; City Legal Bill Hits $3.8M - Crain’s Chicago Business; New Trump Attorney General Sessions Will Not Likely Continue Efforts To Micro-Manage CPD - New Orleans Advocate

Illinois Law Expanded To Protect Stranded Motorists - Illinois News Network

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, January 12th 2016.

Oak Brook Sends Message About Corruption — And A Not So Subtle ‘Screw You’ To Neighboring Oak Brook Terrace — With Ordinance Banning Red Light Cameras - Chicago Tribune

Editorial: Your Chance To Weigh In On Tolled Lanes On The Eisenhower - Chicago Daily Herald

City Deploys Salt Spreaders As Forecasters Warn Of Freezing Rain - Chicago Sun-Times; Slick Roads Across The Area Thursday Morning - Chicago Tribune,  Chicago Daily Herald; CTA Trains Delayed By Freezing Rain - DNA Chicago; South Shore Line Suspends Service Because Of Ice - The Times Of Northwest Indiana; Indiana Toll Road Reopens After Icy Road Conditions In Gary - Chicago Sun-Times; Inclement Weather Causes Delays At O’Hare, Midway Airports - CBS 2 Chicago; ‘Blizzard ’67′: Imagine The Snow Begins To Fall And Doesn’t Stop - Chicago Tribune

If Rahm Is Looking For Federal Funds For More Controversial, Auto-Hostile Bus Rapid Transit Boondoggles, He May Run Into A Brick Wall From Trump’s BRT-Busting Pals – The Koch Brothers - Salon

Rahm Wants $1 Billion From Trump For Union Station - Crain’s Chicago Business; Maybe Trump Will Go Along, If Rahm Agrees To Rename It ‘TRUMP STATION’; Hashtag #ELECTIONSHAVECONSEQUENCES

Change In State Bike Rules Tribute To Rider - Chicago Tribune

S. Loop Residents Oppose Bike Lanes, Over Danger To Pedestrians From Bicyclists Who Ignore Traffic Lights And Fail To Give Pedestrians The Right Of Way - National Law Review

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, January 11th 2016.

After Giving Chicago Its Crooked Mayor, And Giving That Crooked Mayor A $1.1 Billion Campaign Contribution, Obama Gives Chicago Drivers One Final Parting Gift — One Of Those PM Rush Hour Traffic Nightmares That He Causes With Every Hometown Visit - ABC 7 Chicago

In An Apparent Diss To His Protege, Lame Duck Obama Fails To Mention Rahm In His Swan Song Speech - Crain’s Chicago Business

Red Light Cameras Make 4 Mile Stretch Of Harlem In W. Burbs A Lucrative Shakedown For Drivers - Oak Park News; From A Safety Perspective, Having Drivers Brake Suddenly To Avoid Red Light Cameras Would Only Lead To More Rear End Crashes On A Busy Road Like Harlem Avenue

The Right Way To Combat Drunken Driving - Chicago Tribune

CDOT Strikes Again: Delays On North Lake Shore Drive After Broken Crane Blocks 2 Lanes - DNA Chicago

Water Main Breaks, Flooding Bucktown Street For 2nd Time in 3 Days - DNA Chicago