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City Clerk Debuts Online Residential Permit Parking Map

A screen shot of the City Clerk's new RPP zone map.

A screen shot of the City Clerk’s new RPP zone map.

Chicago drivers now have a new data resource to help them navigate city streets and avoid parking tickets–an online map of the city’s residential permit parking (RPP) zones.

Thursday, at the 1871 technology incubator located within the Merchandise Mart, City Clerk Susana Mendoza announced the launch of the map of all 1,429 residential permit parking zones located within the city limits. RPP zones cover 20% of all residential streets and more than 200,000 RPP permits were issued to vehicles this past year according to the Clerk’s office.

Mendoza explained Chicago residents were always asking for a map listing all the permit zones, but the data changed so frequently and quickly any published book would become obsolete almost immediately. She also recognized that motorists sought the data to try to avoid a $75 parking ticket if they parked on the wrong block.

Cook County Owes City $41,000 In Parking, Red Light Tickets

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle.

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle.


That’s the total amount owed the City of Chicago for 773 parking and red light amassed by Cook County vehicles over the past 10 years according to the Chicago Tribune.

The Cook County Board is considering paying the entire amount to the city in one lump some, while also trying to collect the past due fines from the county employees who was driving the vehicle at the time of the violation.

However, since the tickets go back so far and county record keeping may not be that exact, it may be impossible to track down all the drivers. It is county employment policy to hold the employee driving the vehicle responsible for any infractions while operating the vehicle.

Illinois Senate Passes Veto Override Of 70 MPH Bill

70 MPH signOn Thursday in Springfield, the Illinois State Senate overwhelmingly 44-5-1 to override Governor Pat Quinn’s veto of a bill that will raise the speed limit on Illinois Tollways to 70 mph.

The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Jim Oberweis (R-Sugar Grove), has been trying to raise the speed limit on Illinois expressways for the past two years with some success.

“The Governor is fond of saying ‘Let the will of the people be the law of the land,’ yet he was quick to veto legislation that was sponsored by 36 Senators representing Chicago, suburban and downstate areas of Illinois,” Oberweis said Thursday. “And today, a majority of my colleagues in the Senate joined me in overriding the Governor’s veto.”

A bill signed by Quinn in 2013 was supposed to increase the speed limit on all expressways–including the tollway and Chicago area expressways–at least according to Oberweis who authored the bill.

Parking Enforcement Aide Suspended For ‘Discourteous’ E-Mail


A group of Parking Enforcement Aides get some training and instruction in Lakeview.

A dust up between members of the Chicago Police Department and a pair of city Parking Enforcement Aides resulted in a suspension for one PEA according to according to a recent report from the Office of the Inspector General.

The more recent IG report says a PEA received a 29-day suspension for sending an e-mail to a CPD District office threatening retaliation in the form of parking tickets issued to the personal vehicles of police officers.

Election Day Parking Advice: Vote But Don’t Get Towed

Election Day No Parking SignToday is election day and the tow trucks are out.

Polls open at 6 AM and are open until 7 PM.

Get out and vote!

In most cases, your polling place should be within walking distance.

But remember, parking restrictions to accommodate the disabled will be in place around polling places. So if you have to drive, just be careful where you park.
- See more at: http://theexpiredmeter.com/tag/election-day/#sthash.rCv3fE8p.dpuf

City tow trucks have been observed cruising near polling locations looking for scofflaws to hook up and tow away.

Parking Meter Vigilante Case Goes To NH Supreme Court

Those kooky kids from Keene, NH–they call themselves Robin Hooders–are in the news again.

And this time it involves a legal case which takes the issue of their parking meter vigilantism to the New Hampshire Supreme Court according to Fox News.

The Robin Hooders is a band of do-gooders who follow the town’s three parking attends around and plunk coins into expired meters to save drivers from being hit with outrageously expensive $5 parking tickets.

The enforcement staff doesn’t like the group’s antics and have claimed they’re being harassed while doing their jobs. In some cases, lawyers for the city claim, group members verbally attack the ticket writers saying things like “you should be ashamed of yourself” and the like.

IG Report Slams Red Light Camera Program For Poor Management

A sign on Irving Park Road warns drivers of the red light camera at at Kedzie.

A sign on Irving Park Road warns drivers of the red light camera at at Kedzie.

A newly released report from Chicago’s Inspector General’s Office slams the city’s management of its red light camera program and its oversight of the program’s former vendor, Redflex Traffic Systems.

The report, released Friday morning, is the result of an OIG investigation into a series of mysterious spikes in red light camera tickets at a handful of intersections uncovered by the Chicago Tribune this past summer. The story spotlighted 12 intersections where ticketing would jump dramatically for a short period of time, then subside just as suddenly, resulting in nearly 16,000 questionable violations.

After the Tribune story broke, members of the City Council’s Progressive Caucus wrote a letter to Inspector General Joseph Ferguson asking him to investigate these issues.

What the OIG investigation revealed was the Chicago Department of Transportation poorly managed the city’s red light camera program while Redflex was the vendor, allowing Redflex to avoid its contractual duties to report enforcement anomalies over the 11 years the company held the contract.

Redflex was banned from bidding on the new contract when an alleged bribery scandal came to light which implicated company management and a former CDOT manager who oversaw the program.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

The Geek Guests On WGN Radio 720 AM Thursday Night

Mike Stephen sits atop his nemesis--the fire hydrant.

Mike Stephen sits atop his parking ticket nemesis–the fire hydrant.

Big news.

Mike Stephen, the handsome and affable host of Outside the Loop Radio is moving the show to WGN Radio 720 AM starting Saturday October 4th. His show will run from 6 AM to 7 AM.

But on Thursday night, Stephen is filling in for Pete McMurray and he’s asked that goof the Parking Ticket Geek to stop by the studio to say hello and talk parking and driving in Chicago.

Tune in to WGN Radio 720 AM or stream it here.

Circle Interchange Renamed For Former Mayor Jane Byrne

Former mayor Jane Byrne holds a sign for her now namesake interchange. Photo credit: Ted Cox/DNA Info.

Former mayor Jane Byrne holds a sign for her now namesake interchange. Photo credit: Ted Cox/DNA Info.

With family and friends at her side, former Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne was honored by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn renaming the Circle Interchange after the city’s only female mayor on Friday.

DNA Info reports the ceremony was held at the University of Illinois at Chicago Student Center East. UIC used to be called the “Circle Campus” due to its proximity to the interchange.

The now Jane Byrne Interchange, one of the most congested sections of roadways in the nation, is where the Dan Ryan (I-94), Kennedy (I-90) and Eisenhower (I-290) expressways meet at Congress Parkway.

Here’s the full story, “‘Spaghetti Bowl’ Circle Interchange Renamed for Jane Byrne.”

Geek Joins Nick D On WGN Radio Saturday Night

Nick D. on the airHey! What are you doing tonight?

If you’re not out on the town, hanging out in a VIP lounge at some hot nightclub sipping champagne, tune in WGN Radio That parking ticket savant The Parking Ticket Geek makes an appearance on WGN Radio 720 AM tonight.

The Geek joins the always hilarious Nick Digilio at 9:30 PM.

Tune in to AM 720 or stream it live here.