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Physicist Uses Mathematics To Beat $400 Traffic Ticket

Remember when you were back in school and questioned how the math you were learning would help you in the “real world”?

Well, one physicist from the University of California-San Diego, used his mathematics and science background to convince a judge that the police had erred when they issued him a $400 ticket for failing to make a complete stop at a stop sign.

According to the Physics Buzz Blog, Dmitri Krioukov, after receiving a traffic ticket for allegedly blowing the stop sign, he wrote a four page paper outlining the three physical phenomena which misled the cops to “believe” he had broken the law.

Here’s how Physics Buzz breaks it down.

To Avoid Ticket, Driver Tries To Rundown Cops

Running over a policeman is never a good idea.

Even if it’s to avoid receiving a traffic ticket.

Ironically, an employee for Allstate Insurance was arrested for striking a police officer after she was pulled over in her Corvette on North Michigan Ave. Saturday after pulling a U-turn while observed talking on her cell phone according to the Chicago Tribune. Before police officers on bikes could issue her traffic citations, she backed into one officer and left the scene.