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New Jersey Considers Ticketing Texting Pedestrians

First there was  the movement to stop distracted driver. Now there’s a new push to stop distracting walking.

You know drivers can’t text while driving–at least in most states.

But in New Jersey, a new bill aims to prohibit pedestrians from texting while crossing the street.

The recently introduced bill, according to the Washington Post, would treat distracted walkers like jaywalkers and could face a $50 fine and possible jail time for violating this potential law.

Driving Tips For A Safe New Year’s Eve

The best advice for drivers on New Year’s Eve?

Don’t drive!

Go ahead and pop that champagne cork tonight, but perhaps the best strategy to make sure you get home safely is to leave the car at home this evening.

New Year’s Eve is notoriously one of the most dangerous nights to drive, for obvious reasons. In addition, anytime you mix alcohol and driving, motorists are at risk for DUI.

Last year the Illinois Department of Transportation says ten people were killed and 856 injured in motor vehicle crashes over the New Year’s Eve holiday.

People residing in the city proper have many alternatives to driving themselves.

State Promises Stepped Up Enforcement For New Year’s Eve

illinoisstatepoliceDon’t drink and drive this New Year’s holiday.

That’s because law enforcement will be working overtime to catch driver’s who’ve over celebrated while ringing in the new year.

IDOT is working with the Illinois State Police and over 200 local law enforcement agencies with stepped up enforcement via additional roadside safety checks, seat belt enforcement zones and additional patrols.

IDOT officials say that fatalities have been on the rise in Illinois in 2015 and New Year’s Eve makes roads particularly more dangerous. Currently, the state has 999 fatalities (an 8.5% increase over 2014 statistics) on the books and will most likely surpass the 1,000 fatality threshold for the first time in years.

VIDEO: ATS Recaps 2015′s Worst Red Light Running Crashes

American Traffic Solutions presents a bitter tasting end to 2015 with their new video “2015′s Worst Red Light Runners,” which shows, of course, videos of some pretty horrible looking crashes caused by a driver running a red light.

While drivers should never run a red light, the implication from ATS, a major provider of automated traffic enforcement camera technology, is that red light cameras are solely about improving safety.

But if you look at the video, in every case the crash is not occurring just after the light changed to red. In all cases the red light has been on a few seconds before the red light running driver went through the light.

Were they drunk? Or on drugs? On their cell phone or sending a text message?

Sign A Gentle Reminder To Drive Safely

A sign in a Blue Island alley holds some good advice for drivers.

A sign in a Blue Island alley holds some good advice for drivers.

While somewhat lost,  (intentionally so) driving around suburban Blue Island two weekends ago, I turned down an alley to find my way back to the town’s main drag–Western Avenue.

As I plodded and bounced around, I came across a sign along a chain-link fence reading “Drive Like Your Kids Play Here.”

Impressed with the profound message, I hit the breaks and took a few photos.

A nice gentleman came out of the house and we spoke for a few moments about the problem of drivers speeding down alleys and the danger to kids who often play there.

State Announces Increased Enforcement On Illinois Roads

Click It or TicketDrive safe and sober this holiday–or get pulled over.

State transportation and law enforcement officials are warning drivers to “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” and “Click It or Ticket”.

The Illinois Department of Transportation and the Illinois State Police are teaming up with 170 other police and sheriff’s departments in an enforcement effort to keep drunk drivers off Illinois roads this holiday season. Through the first weekend of 2016, just after the New Year holiday, law enforcement will be increasing enforcement efforts, conducting roadside safety checks and safety belt enforcement zones.

“Driving under the influence remains a significant factor in fatal traffic crashes,” said Illinois State Police Colonel Tad Williams. “The ISP will be doing our part to help keep the roadways safe this holiday season by conducting extra patrols with an emphasis on removing impaired drivers.”

IDOT says recently released National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show that fatalities from drunk driving have plateaued in Illinois–neither rising or declining.

IDOT Debuts Winter Weather Driving Tips Video

The Illinois Department of Transportation just released a video, just ahead of winter, to remind drivers on how best to deal with challenging seasonal road conditions.

Good tips and perhaps a reminder to all those motorists who completely forgot how to drive on snow and ice over the past few months.

260 Trucks & Snow Plows Battle Early Season Snowstorm

A city snow plow travels down Milwaukee Avenue Monday afternoon.

A city snow plow travels down Milwaukee Avenue .

260 city trucks hit the streets to begin tackling the season’s first snowstorm late Friday night.

The Department of Streets and Sanitation says 70 trucks were deployed at 9 PM, and another 190 began snow removal and salting on the city’s major thoroughfares at 10 PM.

An early season snowstorm threatened the area with between two to 10 inches of snow between Friday and Saturday night according to weather forecasts.

Street Justice? Judge Fines Biker Who Banged On Cop’s Car

Cyclist James Liu sits on the street handcuffed after he slapped a police officer's personal vehicle back in October. Photo credit: Ben Raines.

Cyclist James Liu sits on the street handcuffed after he slapped a police officer’s personal vehicle back in October. Photo credit: Ben Raines.

Bam! Bam!

Bicyclist James Liu says he’s was just trying to make sure the driver of an SUV knew he was partially blocking a bike lane when he twice hit the vehicle with his fist back in October.

A few moments later Liu was handcuffed and sitting on the pavement waiting to be arrested.

You see, the car he hit with his fist was being driven by an off-duty police officer on his way to work.

Liu was in court Thursday to fight his disorderly conduct citation. Unfortunately for Liu, the judge upheld the charge and fined him $290 according to DNA Info.

Liu contended he did hit the car because it was drifting in and out of the bike lane.

Halloween Safety Tips For Drivers, Trick Or Treaters

Halloween--Deadliest Day GraphicHalloween may be the most dangerous night of the year for kids.

And not because of all the stomach aches that occur from consuming an overabundance of candy.

No, there are multiple studies that indicate more children are hit by vehicles on October 31st than any other 24 hour period of the year.

So, here are a few tips when you’re out driving on Halloween to make sure everyone gets home safe and sound Wednesday evening.

1-Slow Down

This is the one day or night out of the year that you should drive well below the speed limit–especially in residential neighborhoods where the majority of trick or treating is done.

Look out for kids darting across the street from between parked cars.

2-Be Careful Passing Stopped Vehicles

Before you assume some bonehead is pulled over just to aggravate you, remember, it may be a parent dropping off a bunch of costumed kids. Be extra careful that one doesn’t run in front of your vehicle while passing.

3-Use Your Hazard Lights

If you’re the mom or dad dropping off the kids somewhere, when you pull over to let them out, throw on your hazard lights so other drivers see you pulled over and will hopefully slow down and drive more carefully.

4-Be Extra Vigilant When You See Kids

Look, kids do stupid things. They can’t help it. They don’t look both ways, they dart into the street without looking, they’re easily distracted and tonight, they’re all tweaked from excitement and from all the sugar they’ve ingested. Plus, if the kid has a mask on, they’re vision is impaired as well.