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Parking 101: How To Keep Tow Trucks From Towing Your Car

Photo credit: Tony Marengo/YouTube via DNA Info.

Photo credit: Tony Marengo/YouTube via DNA Info.

That video portraying the daring getaway of a Jeep owner escaping the hook and thwarting a tow truck’s attempt to tow it away has been all over the news the past week or so.

Which makes it a good excuse to discuss tips on preventing your vehicle from being towed.

First, don’t be stupid.

What we mean is, don’t park in places where there’s the possibility of being towed.

City Tows 11 Tow Trucks In Investigation Of Illegal Seizures

The entrance to the heavily barricaded tow yard for Rendered Services 3601 S. Iron St. Photo credit: Casey Cora/DNA Info.

The entrance to the heavily barricaded tow yard for Rendered Services 3601 S. Iron St. Photo credit: Casey Cora/DNA Info.

A privately operated tow truck towed a car off a city street and now faces an investigation according to CBS 2.

The story starts on the far south side outside the Pullman Porter Museum, where a driver allegedly parked in a tow zone.

A manager for the museum claims her car was in a spot reserved for buses and called Rendered Services to remove the car.

The driver had to pay $216 to get her vehicle released.

The problem is, private tow companies cannot tow off the public way.

Parents Complain About Predatory Towing Outside Private School

A driver argues with a tow truck driver near the British School. Photo credit: DNA Info.

A driver argues with a tow truck driver near the British School. Photo credit: DNA Info.

Parents from an expensive Lincoln Park private school are livid after tow trucks hauled off 15 cars from a private parking lot near the school one recent morning.

According to DNA Info, parents who parked for just a few minutes in a nearby private lot to drop off their children at school, came back to find their car had disappeared.

The lot was being patrolled by tow trucks from Rendered Services who moved very swiftly to haul way the trespassing vehicles according to the report.

Tow Trucks Get Big Haul On First Night Of Winter Parking Ban

A tow truck is set to tow a car off Milwaukee Avenue early Sunday morning on the first day of the city's annual Winter Overnight Parking Ban.

They came by car, by taxi and some by foot.

Drivers who had cars towed on the first night of the city’s annual Winter Overnight Parking Ban arrived at City Auto Pound #6 at 701 N. Sacramento Ave., angry, frustrated and tired early Sunday morning to retrieve their cars.

Aurora Ramierez and her husband traveled to the pound by taxi with their two young children, ages 2 and 7 in tow, both still dressed in their pajamas underneath winter coats.

“It was at 6:10 in the morning, we heard four knocks on the door but by the time we went outside the car was gone,” said Ramierez who lives on West Division Street. “The sign says if there’s 2 inches of snow…they could be more specific.”

It was an expensive mistake for towed drivers who were hit with a $150 tow fee, $20 per day in storage fees and a $60 parking ticket.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Police Wake Residents To Move Cars At 1 AM For TV Shoot

Crews for TV show "Sirens" setup on North Elk Grove Monday morning. Photo credit: Alisa Hauser/DNA Info

Police on bullhorns and sirens woke residents on a side street adjacent to Wicker Park early Monday morning for a dire emergency.

Film crews shooting the TV show “Sirens” had to move their trucks and crews onto North Elk Grove early Monday morning to shoot a scene. So residents were asked, via loud speakers at around 1:40 AM to move their cars off the street or face being towed according to DNA Info.

About a dozen car owners complied and ultimately, no one’s vehicle had to be towed.

Israeli Woman Gets Justice After Being Unjustly Towed

Hila Ben-Baruch couldn’t believe it.

The Israeli student came back to where she parked her car on a Tel Aviv street and it was gone. Not only that, the space where her car was parked was now a handicapped space–but it wasn’t one when she originally parked.

Ben-Baruch tracked her car down. It turns out it was ticketed and towed. The fine was nearly $300.

Now she was really mad.

Chicago Woman Files Lawsuit Against Lincoln Towing

The “Lincoln Park Pirates” may be at it again according to CBS 2 News.

Recently, a woman who parked her vehicle in a lot near Halsted and Grand, came back to find it was gone–towed by Lincoln Towing.

The problem is, the woman had a sticker that allowed her to park there.

Dude, Where’s My Car Happens About 17,000 Times A Year

Chicago relocates a lot of parked cars.

That’s the gist of an article on the front page of Tuesday’s Chicago Tribune.

The Trib’s research finds that the city towed and relocated over 17,000 vehicles in the past year. Many times the city needs to tow street parked vehicles that are where some sort of construction or utility work needs to be done. Most of the time cars were relocated to adjacent streets within a few blocks but sometimes farther away.

Signs are usually posted a day or two in advance of the construction project or other event, but often drivers don’t move their cars in time, or in the event of an emergency, vehicles may need to be removed without warning.

While having a car relocated is a pain in the butt, there’s normally no ticket or fee when this happens, unlike being towed to one of Chicago’s infamous auto pounds which will cost a driver $160 to free their vehicle.

Tow Company Refunds Lincoln Park Ladies

Hell has not frozen over.

I know because I just checked.

But something has happened that would make you think the Devil and his minions were breaking out the ice skates.

Phillips Towing just refunded that group of ladies CBS 2 reported about who all had their cars towed from a parking lot next to Lincoln Park cafe.

Yuppie Moms Get Towed, Whining, Complaining Ensues

CBS 2 covers this gem of a story in Lincoln Park.

Seems there is a new spot in town that all the young mommies enjoy bringing their offspring.

Turns out, the parking lot they’ve been using to park their Audis, Mercedes, Saabs, and BMWs, is not to supposed to be parked in.

It seems that since the building next door to the cafe got torn down in June, all the moms began parking there–at least until last week when close to 20 of the mom’s cars got towed by Phillips Towing Company.