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Tow Company Refunds Lincoln Park Ladies

Hell has not frozen over.

I know because I just checked.

But something has happened that would make you think the Devil and his minions were breaking out the ice skates.

Phillips Towing just refunded that group of ladies CBS 2 reported about who all had their cars towed from a parking lot next to Lincoln Park cafe.

Yuppie Moms Get Towed, Whining, Complaining Ensues

CBS 2 covers this gem of a story in Lincoln Park.

Seems there is a new spot in town that all the young mommies enjoy bringing their offspring.

Turns out, the parking lot they’ve been using to park their Audis, Mercedes, Saabs, and BMWs, is not to supposed to be parked in.

It seems that since the building next door to the cafe got torn down in June, all the moms began parking there–at least until last week when close to 20 of the mom’s cars got towed by Phillips Towing Company.

SpotHero Offers Towed Drivers Free Parking Spots

Getting towed sucks.

At least that’s what SpotHero founder Mark Lawrence thinks.

That’s why, on the eve of Chicago’s Winter Overnight Parking Ban, Lawrence is offering any unfortunate drivers who get towed on the first night of the ban free parking at one of the hundreds of ¬†spots they list for any event, time and place over the next year,

Lawrence feels its a way for his company to lessen the pain of being towed.

“Because we’ve been towed ourselves and getting towed ¬†sucks, it’s our way of giving back because we understand the pain and aggravation,” explains Lawrence. “It’s so we can make parking in Chicago a little better.”

Signs Changed In Edgewater Get Drivers Towed


Someone wrote the wrong dates on some temporary tow signs in Edgewater and then…altered them later. In the meantime, some drivers got towed due to the confusion according to the Edgeville Buzz.

Towing Snafu Delays Under ‘L Parking Expansion Along Blue Line In Wicker Park

CTA Blue Line tracks offer lots of parking for Wicker Park residents

Cars have parked beneath the CTA Blue Line elevated tracks along Milwaukee Avenue in the Wicker Park neighborhood without hindrance for as long as anyone can remember.

But that neighborhood tradition was abruptly stopped the last week of August when tow signs discreetly appeared hung just below the tracks, and a few fliers promoting under-L parking found their way onto vehicle windshields and many drivers got surprised when they came back to find their car had mysteriously disappeared.

Even though the property underneath CTA elevated train tracks is private property, and drivers parking beneath the tracks have always risked being towed, in this area of the city, no parking/no trespassing restrictions were never enforced–until now.

That’s because Central Parking System (CPS) planned to expand the CTA’s under ‘L parking program along this two block stretch of the Blue Line the beginning of September. Looking to find ways to generate new revenue, a few years ago the CTA contracted CPS to manage their regular parking lots and spearhead the under ‘L parking program.

Back-To-Back Night Games At Wrigley Start Monday

The Philadelphia Phillies kick off a three game stand beginning tonight with a pair of back-to-back night games against the Cubs.

The games start at 7:05 PM, but parking restrictions on residential streets are in effect as of 5 PM.

Don’t even think about parking on any side street in Lakeview without a proper residential parking permit or legit RPP guest pass.

Otherwise, it’s a ticket and a tow for you.

Just avoid driving in Lakeview the next two days.

Cubs Night Game Tonight, Restrictions Begin At 5

The All-Star Break is over, and the Cubs start off the second half of the season with a night game against the Florida Marlins.

First pitch is at 7:05 PM, but parking restrictions begins at 5 PM.

If you don’t have a proper residential parking permit or RPP guest pass and parked on a side street in Lakeview–you’re going to be ticketed and possibly towed.

We say…stay the heck out of Lakeview if you’re driving.

CBS 2 Catches Lincoln Towing Overcharging

Does anyone really like Lincoln Towing?

The infamous towing company isn’t a popular company to deal with. Mainly because they’ve just hauled off your car from most likely a place you were not supposed to park.

This time around, CBS 2 catches Lincoln Towing (and a few other towing companies) not towing illegally, but overcharging for the tows.

Film Shoot Gets Cars Towed Near Wicker Park

Read. The. Signs.

This is what happens when car owners don’t read and heed the signs–your vehicle is going to get towed.

These cars on Evergreen St. between Wicker Park (the actual park not the neighborhood) and Milwaukee Ave. were relocated courtesy of a friendly Streets & Sanitation tow truck driver.

Cubs Host Back-To-Back Night Games Tues., Wed.

The San Francisco Giants are in town for a four game stand starting with a double-header this afternoon.

The second game of the double-header starts at 7:05 this evening.

Of course this means Wrigley Field night game restrictions will kick in starting at 5 PM.

Drivers attempting to park on side streets without the proper residential permit parking passes or RPP guest passes face a ticket and a tow.