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Lawmaker Wants To Expand Speed Camera Enforcement Statewide

A sign warns drivers of speed camera enforcement ahead.

A sign warns drivers of speed camera enforcement ahead.

In Illinois, there’s only one municipality in the state where speed camera enforcement is allowed–Chicago.

But if a downstate lawmaker gets his way, this invasive species may expand to the entire state of Illinois.

State Sen. John Sullivan, D-Rushville has proposed legislation to allow speed cameras in any school zone within the state according to the State Journal-Register.

State Reps Call For Halt To Chicago’s Red Light Camera Program

noredlightcams-thumb-195x195-19024Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras, two Illinois State Representatives and a candidate vying to replace Speaker of the House, Michael Madigan (IL-22) called for an immediate court injunction to halt Chicago’s red light and speed camera program Friday night.

The grass roots group is an activist organization opposed to the city’s automated traffic camera enforcement programs.

Illinois State Representative Ken Dunkin (IL-5) and La Shawn Ford (IL-8), along with Jason Gonzalez, a candidate opposing Speaker Madigan in the primary, asked for the injunction after the recent ruling of Circuit Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy, who in a recent ruling found drivers were denied due process by how the City of Chicago’s managed official notices it issues to drivers ticketed for red light or speed camera violations.

CBS 2 News Coverage On Red Light, Speed Camera Court Ruling

CBS 2′s Mike Parker delves into the recent court ruling allowing a class action lawsuit against the city’s red light and speed camera programs to move forward.

The lawsuit alleges the city ignored Chicago municipal law by refusing to mail a second notice for each speed or RLC violation which also gave vehicle owners an additional 14 days to contest or pay the ticket. The suit also alleges the city doubled the fines of unpaid cam tickets at 21 days when city code calls for this to occur at 25 days.

The judge in the case, in dismissing the city’s motion to dismiss the case, said in the decision there seems to be a violation of the due process rights of motorists.

A judgment in this case could force the city to payback affected drivers the millions of dollars in fines they paid toward these tickets.
The case now moves toward class certification.

Collection Agency Chases Driver Over Paid Speed Cam Ticket

Warning periods for two more speed camera spots begin this week.

Despite having a cancelled check to prove payment, a local writer is still fending off a city collection agency over a speed camera ticket the city erroneously recorded as unpaid.

Local writer Don DeBat chronicled his drama over a speed camera violation over at Loop North News recently.

DeBat got caught by a speed cam back in May and paid the $35 fine by check within a week.

But in August, he received a letter from the Chicago Department of Finance telling him his ticket was still unpaid and now he owed $70 since the original fine had doubled.

More Speed Cams Begin Issuing Tickets Just In Time For Holidays

A sign warns drivers of speed camera enforcement ahead.

A sign warns drivers of speed camera enforcement ahead.

Two days before Christmas the city has announced an expensive gift for Chicago motorists–more speed cameras!

Speed cams near two parks began issuing tickets on Wednesday, December 23rd according to the Chicago Department of Transportation.

Speed cameras near Mulberry Park in the 3200 block of south Archer Ave. and adjacent to Keystone Park in the 4000 block of west North Ave and the 1700 block of north Pulaski Avenue just completed the 30-day warning period. Cameras at the two sites went live in November.

Only after a month-long period of issuing warnings for exceeding the speed limit do the cameras begin issuing tickets with monetary fines.

Without Sign Drivers Can Beat Speed Camera Tickets

Here’s One Strategy For Beating A Speed Cam Violation

A school zone speed limit sign lays on the pavement near a school on the city's north side.
A school zone speed limit sign lays on the pavement near a school on the city’s north side.

No sign, no ticket.
At least that’s the way it should be for drivers caught in the tendrils of Chicago’s speed camera program.

For the uninitiated, Chicago’s speed camera enforcement system is a city revenue enhancement program that utilizes close to two hundred automated cameras to ticket motorists who are exceeding the speed limit in locations near schools and parks.

But Illinois state law and the city’s municipal code requires proper signs to be posted to alert drivers of the impending speed enforcement.

If the signs are not there, not posted or are obscured or damaged or lying on the ground, the violation is not technically valid.

See Cars Go Fast

In an effort to diminish some of the criticism of recent Tribune reporting on how poorly the city manages its speed camera program, the city’s speed cam vendor released a video showing, to the utter shock of no one, that sometimes cars (and motorcycles) break the speed limit.

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) put together this propaganda video just before the Trib’s stories broke showing some cars and motorcycles driving at unconscionably dangerous speeds including a few at, or over 100 mph.

Of course, no rational people believe driving that fast is a good idea. In fact, most people think it’s stupid, dangerous and maybe even insane.

But rational people also know that Chicago’s speed cameras have little to do with traffic safety and a lot to do with generating income.

Mayor Under Fire Over Speed Camera Debacle

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is not happy.

That’s because one of his pet revenue projects, the city’s speed camera program, has been proven to have issued hundreds of thousands of improperly issued violations by the Chicago Tribune.

The Tribune estimates the city has issued nearly $2.5 million in erroneous ticket fines.

The Tribune discovered problems with nearly every aspect of speed camera enforcement. In some cases signs were not installed properly, tickets were issued around schools when school was out, or were issued after parks closed or when parks were under construction.

Tribune Exposes Thousands Of Erroneous Speed Camera Tickets

Tribune speed cam coverIn an effort to make himself the most hated person on the 6th floor of City Hall, reporter David Kidwell dropped another blow to Chicago’s automated traffic enforcement industry in Wednesday’s Chicago Tribune.

The Trib story provides overwhelming evidence the city’s speed camera program has been issuing tens of thousands of erroneous violations costing unsuspecting drivers millions of dollars in fines.

Among the findings, the Tribune discovered more than 22,000 speed cam tickets were issued around parks which were closed for construction, over 11,000 speeding tickets were issued around parks past the parks posted hours, and 28,000 tickets were issued at locations where warning signs were either not posted or obscured.

Not only that, a random review of 1,500 tickets around school zones found a third had no children present in the video or photographs. And 62,000 school zone speeding tickets were issued during the summer–when school was out.

Residents Angry About New Speed Cameras On Southwest Side

A new speed camera went live Monday on Chicago’s Southwest side and it’s already drawing fire from residents according to Fox Chicago News.

In fact, a protest spearheaded by Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras, took place Monday to vent the frustration of locals–including Ald. George Cardenas.

Cardenas and his constituents point out the location selected by the Chicago Department of Transportation is not protecting any children due to the lack of said juveniles in this heavily industrial stretch of Archer Avenue. Sure, there’s a playlot nearby, but well out of view and far from the camera.