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Ring In The New Year With…2016 RPP Guest Passes

RPP guest pass 2016You know those daily pink residential permit guest parking passes you’ve been using all year?

They won’t work starting January 1st.

If you’re a Chicagoan who lives on a street with residential permit parking, you’re familiar with the RPP temporary guest passes you need to give to friends and relatives so their car won’t be ticketed when they come to visit you.

The City Clerk’s office is warning drivers the pink colored ones from 2015 expire on December 31st, so you’ll need to get the new blue 2016 passes for your guests sooner than later. Using guest passes from 2015 risks a $60 parking ticket.

Uptown Group Pushes For Permit Parking Due To State Workers

Building at 5050 N. Broadway. Photo credit: Adeshina Emmanuel/DNA Info.

Building at 5050 N. Broadway. Photo credit: Adeshina Emmanuel/DNA Info.

When the State of Illinois took over three floors of an Uptown office building recently, no one predicted state workers would cause such a parking headache for local residents.

400 or so state workers are now working at the building located at 5050 N. Broadway and causing parking problems for area residents according to DNA Info.

Now area residents are circulating a petition to bring residential permit parking to the neighborhood. The residents will need to get the signatures of 65% of the 4,400 residents in the area according to DNA Info.

Former Alderman Pulls Fast One With RPP Zone

Eugene Schulter was alderman of the 47th Ward for a long time. 35 years to be exact.

The key word being “was.”

You see, Schulter lost his seat on the Chicago city council last February when newcomer Ameya Pawar came in and defeated him for the post.

But Schulter had gave himself one last present of clout before he left office–a brand new Residential Permit Parking zone for his block according to the Chicago Tribune.

ALERT!: Cubs Night Game Tonight, Tomorrow

The Colorado Rockies come to town to play a three game series at Wrigley Field.

The first two nights, tonight and tomorrow are night games.

Of course this means lots of ticketing and towing for vehicles without proper RPP city stickers or guest passes in LV2 and 383 zones.

Restrictions kick in at 5 PM and last until 10 PM.

First pitch scheduled for 7:05.

Try to avoid Lakeview this evening if you can.

Here’s the full Cubs’ night game schedule for 2011 and other news you can use on Wrigleyville parking.

San Francisco Considers Parking Permits For Nannies?

Only in San Francisco.

It seems a bunch of “well organized” mothers in the city by the bay think they need special residential parking permits for their nannies according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

San Francisco has an RPP program similar to Chicago’s, which restricts parking on certain streets to residents with city stickers with the proper permit. But San Francisco’s program doesn’t extend the resident’s parking privileges to people employed by the household.

The mommies think it’s important that their child’s caregiver have easy access to their car so they can take their precious Johnny or Janie to their weekly squash lesson or the country club. Without the special parking pass, nannies with car have to move their vehicle every two hours or face a $65 ticket.

Aldermen To Tackle Residential Permit Parking

Residential permit parking has become a major headache for Chicago.

Especially in the more parking challenged wards in the city.

Ald. Tom Tunney (44th) and Ald. Vi Daley (43rd) are looking to do something about RPP and today proposed creating a Residential Parking Permit Zone Task Force to address these and other related parking issues.

“The proliferation of the permit parking areas has caused more strain on the already scares commodity of available on-street parking , and, as a result, many businesses near the restricted parking zones have seen a negative impact on their businesses by a decrease in customers and business…” states the resolution the two signed today.

Tunney and Daley’s adjacent wards represent the brunt of Lakeview and Lincoln Park, easily two of the most vehicle congested areas of the city, and account for a good portion of the individual residential parking permits issued each year.

ALERT!: Cubs Night Games Monday & Tuesday

The only thing keeping the Chicago Cubs out of the cellar in the NL Central is the lowly Pittsburgh Pirates.

And those under performing Pirates come to Chicago and open up a three game stand against the Cubs with two back to back night games.

First pitch is at 7:05 both Monday and Tuesday evening.

This deep in the season, Chicago drivers should know the drill by now: stay the heck out of Wrigleyville/Lakeview if you don’t have the proper residential permit parking stickers, guest passes or private parking.

ALERT!: Cubs Night Game Parking Restrictions Monday, Tuesday

Two back to back night games at Wrigley Field kick off a three game series against the San Diego Padres Monday and Tuesday night.

The first pitch is at 7:05 PM, but parking restrictions start at 5 PM.

Of course, if you are parked on the street in the Wrigleyville/Lakeview neighborhood and don’t have the proper residential parking permit or guest pass you will be ticketed ($60) and could be towed ($120.00).

A memory lapse on game night could be an expensive mistake.

ALERT!: Cubs Night Games Tuesday & Wednesday

The Cubs return to Wrigley Field for a home stand today, by kicking off a three game stand against the Los Angeles Dodgers with two back to back night games.

Both games get started at 7:05 PM.

But drivers without proper passes, stickers or private parking should get the heck out of Wrigleyville no later than 5 PM.

Well, unless you like being ticketed and towed to the auto pound, which is always a hilarious time.

Sell A Guest Parking Pass On Gameday, Spend A Night In Jail

With spring training well under way and Chicago baseball fans starting to get excited about the upcoming city, the city is getting ready for baseball season as well.

Because Chicago may be cracking down on people illegally selling guest parking passes to Cubs or Sox fans looking for parking to catch a ballgame in Chicago.