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Group, Lawmaker Demand Vote On Bill To Ban Red Light Cameras

Ken DunkinCitizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras and Illinois State Representative Ken Dunkin demanded a floor vote on his bill for a statewide ban on red light and speed cameras at a press conference on the South Side on Sunday.

Their demand comes in the wake of a recent guilty verdict given to John Bills, the former manager of the city’s red light cameras for accepting nearly $2 million in cash and gifts for helping Redflex Traffic Systems obtain and hold onto the lucrative contract to operate Chicago’s red light camera system. The company raked in over $150 million over the 11 years they held the contract for the nation’s largest RLC program.

Dunkin introduced the bill (HB 141) in Springfield nearly 13 months ago, where it’s sat in the rules committee since.

Jurors, U.S. Attorney Speak Out On Redflex Bribery Trial

WGN TV reporter Julian Crews reports from outside the Dirksen Federal Building on the guilty verdict handed down Tuesday at the trial of former manager of Chicago’s red light camera program for accepting bribes from Redflex Traffic Systems.

Bills faces up to 20 years in prison. Sentencing for Bills is scheduled for May 5th.

Crews ends his report saying, “Ironically, for a few painful moments cornered by news cameras the 54-year old can’t cross Jackson Blvd as he waits for the red light to turn green.”


Gavel LawbookThe man who created and ran the nation’s largest red light camera program has been found guilty of bribery.

John Bills, the Chicago Department of Transportation manager who accepted $2 million dollars in cash and gifts to insure Redflex Traffic Systems won, grew and retained the $100 million contract to operate the nation’s largest red light camera program, was found guilty today in federal court.

The jury came back with the bad news for Bills after less than a day in deliberation according to the Sun-Times.

Federal prosecutors wove together a damning narrative of evidence and testimony connecting the bribes he received with coded e-mail communications requesting cash and corroborating witnesses intimately involved with the scandal themselves.

Redflex Bribery Scandal Testimony Spotlights Chicago’s Camera Enforcement Programs Based On Greed, Not Safety

Redflex logoWith a $2000 per camera kickback as an incentive, John Bills pushed the city to greatly expand its red light camera program in 2008 by 120 cameras according to federal prosecutors.

Bills, the former Chicago Department of Transportation deputy commissioner is accused of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and gifts as bribes to award Redflex Traffic Systems Chicago’s red light camera contract, then help retain and grow sales for the Arizona-based company.

In the second week of the trial, the Chicago Tribune reports prosecutors played tapes of phone calls recorded by former Redflex salesperson Aaron Rosenberg talking with Bills, where the CDOT manRedflex salesman testifies his role was ‘to keep John Bills happy’ager boasted of adding 120 new red light cameras in one year.

Chicago Red Light Camera Bribery Trial Starts Monday

money-grabberChicago’s red light camera program has brought in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue since 2003.

But the nation’s largest red light camera program was  created from a bribery scheme.

On Monday, the key figure in the bribery scandal will finally face trial in federal court according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Former Chicago Department of Transportation manager John Bills is accused of accepting over a million dollars in gifts, cars, property and cash in return for insuring Redflex Traffic Systems won and retained the contract for the city’s red light camera program.

Judge Limits Testimony In Chicago Redflex Bribery Trial

Redflex-LogoBy The Newspaper.com

US District Judge Virginia M. Kendall said what government prosecutors wanted to hear on Tuesday. Former Chicago, Illinois Deputy Transportation Commissioner John Bills is on trial for receiving hundreds of thousands in cash and benefits from Redflex Traffic Systems in return for his help in securing the massive $100 million photo ticketing contract, and he will have a harder time defending himself.

Judge Kendall essentially granted all of the government’s motions designed to limit the scope of the trial to ensure that it does not get bogged down by discussions of irrelevant side issues, such as Redflex bribery efforts in Louisiana that have not yet resulted in any criminal charges. Representing Bills, attorney Nishay K. Sanan explained the relevance of what Redflex did in the Pelican State.

VIDEO: ATS Recaps 2015′s Worst Red Light Running Crashes

American Traffic Solutions presents a bitter tasting end to 2015 with their new video “2015′s Worst Red Light Runners,” which shows, of course, videos of some pretty horrible looking crashes caused by a driver running a red light.

While drivers should never run a red light, the implication from ATS, a major provider of automated traffic enforcement camera technology, is that red light cameras are solely about improving safety.

But if you look at the video, in every case the crash is not occurring just after the light changed to red. In all cases the red light has been on a few seconds before the red light running driver went through the light.

Were they drunk? Or on drugs? On their cell phone or sending a text message?

Federal Judge Tosses Red Light Camera Class Action Lawsuit

red_light_cameraA class action lawsuit filed in federal court against the City of Chicago, Redflex Traffic Systems and other vendors for the city’s red light camera program was tossed out of federal court last week according to Cook County Record.

The lawsuit, filed by Matthew Falkner, claimed red light camera fines were collected improperly by the city and vendors Redflex, Xerox and IBM because the program itself was illegal.

The basis of the suit’s argument was that Redflex was accused of using bribery to win the contract to establish and run the city’s lucrative red light camera program. The lawsuit was amended to maintain that outsourcing the enforcement of traffic violations to Redflex, Xerox (the current vendor) and IBM, was at odds with the state’s constitution.

Prosecutors Give Public A Taste Of Redflex Bribery Case

$100By The Newspaper

US District Judge Virginia M. Kendall on Thursday held a hearing to prepare for January’s red light camera corruption trial of John Bills. Government prosecutors took the opportunity to provide Judge Kendall with a sample of the evidence they plan to use to show a conspiracy between Redflex Traffic Systems of Australia and Bills, who used to be in charge of the Windy City’s red light camera program.

Bills stands accused of being the prime beneficiary of $2 million in Redflex bribes that were funneled through his lobbyist friend, Martin O’Malley, and Redflex Executive Vice President Aaron M. Rosenberg. Rosenberg, O’Malley and Karen Finley, the head of US operations for Redflex, have already admitted guilt.

According to the newly cited evidence, the bribes started in 2003, when Bills and Rosenberg began meeting to discuss the original Chicago camera contract. Rosenberg operated out of the Redflex office in Culver City, California, so when Bills mentioned that he was passing through Los Angeles, Rosenberg asked if there was anything he could do while he was out there. Bills said he wanted a hotel room, so Rosenberg bought him a room on the Redflex expense account. The hospitality effort paid off, as Rosenberg explained in a February 6, 2003 email to Finley.

“My contact [Bills] has already told me that he primed Mayor Daley that Redflex has the best system in the market — bar none,” Rosenberg wrote.

RLC Roundup: Drivers Aim Lawsuit At Tinley Park Red Light Cameras

red_light_cameraIf you’re politically connected in Tinley Park, you don’t have to pay your red light ticket violations.

At least that’s what a new lawsuit filed against the Village of Tinley Park alleges.

According to the Daily Southtown, a pair of plaintiffs claim that the town setup a system that would help village employees, local politicians and friends of the politically connected have their red light connections thrown out.

The newspaper quotes the lawsuit, which says: