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Slip Sliding Away In Arkansas

You see, it doesn’t snow much in Little Rock, Arkansas.

A little bit of snow falls there and drivers don’t know how to handle it.

Frightening Video Of A Jackknifing Semi


Lindsay Lohan Has A New Problem: Parking Tickets

Lindsay Lohan has a lot of serious problems: drinking, drugs, DUI, jail, a Hollywood career in freefall.

But now she’s really in trouble.

She’s got a terrible parking ticket problem.

The Answer Is Parking Tickets

Bruceabeal, the creator of this YouTube video asks and answers the question, “What happens when you park in a Chicago alley illegally?”

The answer is pretty clear–and painful.

Parking Meter Meltdown Caught On Camera

Writing parking tickets can be a stressful job.

Would anyone even volunteer for such a job?

Red Light Camera Rant

In celebration of National Stop on Red Week, we present local blogger Jenny Milk.

Lucy The ‘Meter Maid’

Lucille Ball, a ticket book and an expired meter?

Get ready for parking ticket hilarity.

Video courtesy of our friends over at MeTV.

Holy Parking Ticket! Batman & Robin Say ‘Feed Your Meter’

“No policeman is going to give the Batmobile a ticket,” exclaims Robin the Boy Wonder to Batman, moments after parking the Batmobile to go kick some super villain butt.

Maybe not a cop, but don’t put it past one of Chicago’s hard nosed Parking Enforcement Aides.

‘Parking Ticket Fight’ Video

A humorous video from those the silly boys from the Cook County Social Club.

The improv group has a regular slot over at IO (formerly Improv Olympics) on Tuesdays at 8 PM.

Thanks to our pals over at Huffington Post Chicago and Chicagoist for the tip.

Oregon Parking Meter Samaritan Acquitted

Everyone can take off their “Free Ben Bonds” T-shirts now…