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James Bond Inspired Device Gets NYC Trucker In Hot Water

EZ Pass logoThis is what happens when you watch too many James Bond films.

It seems, according to NY Port Authority Police via Yahoo News, a truck driver used a device inspired by 007 to avoid paying a $95 toll to get across the George Washington Bridge and enter New York City.

The truck was outfitted with a switch, that when triggered would flip the back license plate so the EZPass toll readers couldn’t read it–saving nearly $100.

Unfortunately for the truck driver, a police officer saw the plate prank in action and arrested the driver.

The driver confessed to purchasing a $2,500 kit to make the plate flipping device.

Here’s the full story, “NYC trucker accused of avoiding toll with device inspired by James Bond.”

H/T to Jeff for the story.

Tollway Testing Apps To Let Drivers Pay Tolls, Get Travel Info

Illinois_Tollway_logoThe Illinois Tollway is testing two new apps that they hope will let users pay tolls and get travel info via their phone according to the Chicago Tribune.

One app called SafeTrip would send users traffic alerts to users phones and also give updates on current tollway road conditions.

The Tribune reports drivers would receive the alerts over the phone’s speaker so the motorist is obeying the state’s ban on using handheld devices while driving. This app is currently being tested by just 30 tollway employees, but will be expanded to 100 users in late January.

Another app works similar to the I-Pass transponder but it’s designed to allow non-I-Pass users or infrequent tollway users to pay for tolls via their phone while on the tollway–instead of having to wait in the long lines at tollway booths to pay cash.

Here’s the Tribune’s full story, “Tollway testing apps to give travel info, pay tolls by phone.”

Tollway Agencies Warn Against E-Z Pass Phishing Scam

Some internet users are receiving fake e-mail messages allegedly from E-Z PASS  looking for unpaid tolls.

Some internet users are receiving fake e-mail messages allegedly from E-Z PASS looking for unpaid tolls

Get any weird e-mails from E-ZPass lately?

Advocates For 70 MPH Speed Limits Hope To Convince Tollway To Increase Posted Speeds At December Board Meeting

Tollway Board Room

The Illinois Tollway Board Room from last month’s meeting. Photo credit: Steve Dorner.

Motorists interested in weighing in on speed limits on Illinois Tollways will have one last chance to address the Tollway’s Board of Directors at a meeting Thursday morning.

Advocates of raising the speed limit on the tollway system are viewing the meeting as one last chance to convince the board to allow speed limits to go up to 70 mph on most of the system.

A bill sponsored by Illinois State Senator Jim Oberweis to increase the speed limit on all state expressways passed overwhelmingly in both houses of the Illinois General Assembly and was signed by Governor Pat Quinn in August.

A Vintage TV Commercial Touts The Illinois Tollway

The year is 1959.

The Illinois Tollway system, then consisting of just three tollways–the Tri-State, Northwest and East-West, decides it needs to promote drivers to use the 187 miles of roadway.

So some advertising genius creates Mary MacToll!


Hat tip to WBEZ architecture writer, Lee Bey for the heads up on this gem.

Illinois Tollway Announces New Smart Phone App

The Illinois Tollway unveiled Monday a new mobile application for I-PASS users to access their account info using the browser on their smartphone.

“More than 81 percent of our customers manage their I-PASS accounts online, so we’ve made enhancing access to our website one of our top priorities,” said Illinois Tollway Executive Director Kristi Lafleur via press release. “Now, our customers can easily check on their I-PASS balance and update their account information with a few taps on their mobile device.”

This new mobile option is not a downloadable app, but rather an optimized mobile website that allows users running a mobile web browser to use it on any smartphone platform including Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

After accessing the main site, users need to click on the Mobile I-PASS Management icon and log in from there.

Illinois Tollway Fines Family $27,000 For $210 In Missed Tolls

If you think loan sharks are bad, try the Illinois Tollway Authority.

According to a CBS 2 Investigation, the Illinois Tollway Authority assessed $27,000 in fines for $210 in missed tolls.

Illinois Tollway Looks To Hire 50 Toll Collectors

Do you like money?

$20 bills? $100 bills? Quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies even?

If you enjoy getting your hands on lots and lots of cash, then perhaps the Illinois Tollway Authority has a job for you.

The Illinois Tollway is looking to fill 50 seasonal toll collector positions.

The job runs from May 15, 2013 through October 31, 2013, essentially the busiest travel period of the year, and pays $10 per hour.

“Seasonal toll collector is one of our most popular positions and our goal is to get job applicants that represent the diverse communities the Tollway serves,” said Illinois Tollway Executive Director Kristi Lafleur. “We are continually expanding our efforts to reach out to various and diverse communities in order to make sure everyone has equal access to employment opportunities at the Tollway.”

But if you want the job, you’d better move fast. Applications are due by Wednesday, December 19th.

Here’s all the information.

Illinois Tollway Goes To Court To Collect Unpaid Tolls

The Illinois Tollway Authority is not playing around anymore.

If drivers using the tollway don’t pay unpaid tolls and fines, they could end up in court soon.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Tollway Authority filed lawsuits in DuPage and Cook County in an attempt to collect on very large, unpaid tolls totally $1.8 million.

This includes, according to the report, a trucking company which owes more than $150,000, a day care center with a $19,000 bill and a plumbing company which owes around $60,000.

And while most of the larger outstanding debts are owed by businesses with fleets of vehicles, the Tribune reports at least one individual living in the suburbs owes the tollway a jaw dropping $100,000.

But the $1.8 million from the 43 initial lawsuits is just a drop in the bucket. The Tollway Authority says it’s owed $300 million in unpaid tolls and fines going back to 2001.

Here’s the Tribune’s full story, “Tollway takes top toll violators to court.”

Tips, Tricks & Alternative Routes To Avoid Illinois Tollway Rate Increases

Is the Illinois Tollway’s brand new, nearly doubled rate increases punishing your wallet?

Can’t afford to use your I-PASS anymore?

Both the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald offer insight into alternative travel routes to help drivers to save some money by avoiding the tollway.

In most cases, these routes extend travel times–often increasing driving times significantly.

One Herald reader explains while one alternative route saves him on tolls, the extra expense on gas and wear and tear on his vehicle aren’t worth it, so he’s stuck with paying the more expensive tolls.