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IDOT Snow Plow Stops Wrong Way Driver In Express Lanes

Wrong Way signAn Illinois Department of Transportation snow plow driver helped stop a motorist driving the wrong way on the Kennedy Expressway’s reversible express lanes early Saturday morning according to CBS 2 News.

An IDOT supervisor saw a white van enter the reversible lanes at Ohio Street going outbound even though the express lanes were set for inbound traffic.

The supervisor radioed the snowplow driver who blocked and slowed down traffic behind him and was able to stop the wrong way motorist before a crash occurred. The van took out six of the gates barring vehicles from driving the wrong way which damaged the front of the vehicle according to the Associated Press.

Suburban Driver Sentenced To 13 Years After 8th DUI

Timothy Morrow has had eight DUIs in 27 years.

But this time, Morrow won’t be back behind the wheel of a car or having a drink for 13 years.

The Round Lake Beach man was sentenced to 13 years in prison for the eighth time he was caught intoxicated while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle according to the Chicago Tribune.

Our advice? Don’t drink and drive.

Here’s the Chicago Tribune’s full story, “‘Grim Reaper’ sentenced to 13 years for eighth DUI

Is Driving While Stoned The New Driving Drunk?

With medical marijuana already legal in 15 states in the U.S., the number of drivers killed in traffic accidents with THC in their bloodstream have increased 18% between 2005 and 2011 according to the Associated Press.

MADD Awards Illinois 5 Star Rating For Decreasing Drunk Driving

Illinois takes drunk driving seriously.

At least that’s what Mothers Against Drunk Driving thinks.

In its fifth anniversary Report to the Nation connected to the group’s Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving, the state of Illinois have been awarded the report’s top, 5-star rating for its efforts in reducing drunk driving.

“IDOT is very pleased with the award as the state has demonstrated it is on the right track in our fight against impaired driving,” says IDOT spokesperson Josh Kauffman. “However, we must remain committed to effective implementation of our effective strategies to continue to see fewer fatalities and injuries on our roadways. IDOT has a proven track record of safety initiatives across the state and is working diligently to continue a decrease in impaired driving statewide.”

MADD’s Report to the Nation has high praise for the state saying in the report: