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City Council Bans Limos From Residential Street Parking


Chicago’s message to limousine owners?

Don’t park on our residential streets.

The Chicago City Council passed a law prohibiting limousines from parking on residential streets on Wednesday according to the Chicago Tribune.

Limos join the list of other vehicles banned from parking on most streets including taxis, trucks, buses, motor homes, vans, RVs (longer than 22 feet), and semis.

Mayor Looks To Squeeze Motorists More In 2015 Budget

Self Park signWith 2015 budget hearings getting underway, early indications seem that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is looking to squeeze more money out of motorists.

Emanuel’s proposed budget is looking to raise parking garage taxes by 2% next year from 20 to 22% during the week and from18 to 20% on weekends according to the Sun-Times.

The mayor hopes to raise an additional $10 million by the tax bump and then use the proceeds to hire 80 new employees to make up 18 crews to fill potholes on Chicago’s streets. This past winter was the worse on record with an expected million plus potholes being filled by the end of the year and a record breaking number of pothole related vehicle damage claims filed as well.

CBS 2 Busts CDOT Workers Parking Illegally

What happens when city workers park a city owned vehicle illegally?

In general they won’t get a parking ticket, but they could be subjected to unwanted attention from CBS 2′s Mike Parker.

NerdWallet.com Names Chicago Worst Place To Park A Car

#1 foam fingerGet that big foam #1 finger out of storage Chicago–because NerdWallet.com says its the worst place in America to park a car.

The financial advise website used data from a handful of variables to come up with their rankings. The main factors were the average cost of daily parking and the rate of auto theft in each city.

According to NerdWallet.com, Chicago drivers pay an average $35 a day to park in a lot or garage and the motor vehicle theft per capita is 33% above the national average. When you factor in the city’s dubious distinction of having the highest downtown meter rates in the U.S., Chicago picks up the gold medal for worst place to park a car.

Implausibly, Chicago somehow beat out cities like Oakland, San Francisco, New York and Boston for title of worst of the worst.

West Loop ‘Day Tripper’ Parking Restrictions Come Under Fire

West Loop MapIt’s not working.

A pilot program to discourage non-residents or “day trippers” from parking on West Loop streets and then taking public transit to their jobs or to shop downtown is coming under fire from local business groups and some residents according to Gazette Chicago.

The city has put up signs restricting parking on many area streets from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM which are now causing problems and complaints.

Business owners say the ban is hurting businesses.

Neighborhood residents complain it’s making it hard for them to park there cars for long periods near their homes.

Man Shot Over Parking Spot In The Gold Coast

Parking is at a premium in Chicago’s Gold Coast.

The high density residential area is chock full of high rises and is also home to many bars, nightclubs and restaurants which makes things even more frustrating for drivers trying to find a decent, legal parking space–especially on weekends.

We’ll this past Friday night (early Saturday morning), two drivers got into an altercation over what must have been one helluva parking space. Because one of the drivers pulled out a gun and shot the other driver in the stomach on Chestnut near State Street about 4 AM Saturday morning according to the CBS Chicago website.

Chicago’s Worst Parking Spot

An unfortunate car is covered with bird poop in Lakeview. Photo credit: Serena Dai/DNA Info

Parking spots on the streets of Lakeview are hard to come by.

So local residents have to consider if this spot is worth taking if its open when they drive up.

That’s because your car will be covered with bird poop by the next morning if you make the decision to park there–lots of bird poop according to DNA Info. It’s been happening for years according to residents.

Parking Vigilante Rips Out Reserved Handicapped Parking Sign

Someone decided to take matters into their own hands.

A parking vigilante seemingly got fed up with waiting months and months for the city to remove signs designating a reserved parking spot for a handicapped resident who had moved in April, and ripped the sign out of the ground according to CBS 2 News.

Divvy Bike Stations Eating Up Plenty Of Parking Spaces

A Divvy bike station at Damen and Pierce. Photo credit: Alisa Hauser/DNA Info Chicago.

37 of the new 117 Divvy bike stations have been installed on streets where parking for motor vehicles used to be according to DNA Info.

Most of the bike rental stations for the recently launched city bike share program are on sidewalks. But approximately 30% have eaten up precious parking spots. Some of the parking spots were free, while others were loading zones and metered parking. Each of the 37 Divvy stations take up two parking spots, or approximately 74 parking spaces according to Chicago Department of Transportation spokesperson Scott Kubly.

According to the DNA story,  Kubly also says the metered spots taken up by Divvy stations are replaced by other metered spots somewhere else.

CBC Radio Documentary Spotlights…Parking!

Serendipity struck the Parking Ticket Geek in the head late Wednesday night while listening to WBEZ 91.5 FM.

Literally stumbling upon a CBC Radio program called “Ideas with Paul Kennedy” which devoted it’s entire hour to the topic of parking.

Did you know cars spend 95% of the time parked and parking constitutes the largest chunk of land use in the United States?

Geek that I am, I sat captivated and fascinated by this intelligent radio documentary that included stories about demand based parking, new parking technologies and parking policy making with interviews with parking “celebrities” like John Van Horn, the editor of Parking Today and UCLA professor Donald Shoup the author of the seminal book The High Cost of Free Parking.

For people interested in urban planning and how parking affects traffic, congestion and municipal policy, this is an hour well spent.